Fort Hood Shooting Has Harry Reid Talking Gun Control Again

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the Wednesday shooting at Fort Hood made him wish that Congress would pass expanded background checks for gun purchases.

“As I was told today, this young man bought this gun a day or two before he killed these people,” Reid said. “Couldn’t we at least have background checks so that people who are ill mentally or felons shouldn’t be able to buy a gun? Even [National Rifle Association] members, the majority of them, support that.”

Reid could bring such a bill back to the floor this year.

“I would like to bring it back up; we need some more votes,” he said.

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  • Parfie says:

    The issue I see here is… “They” have all the power, right? Let’s say, you and your mate had a huge argument in front of the latest XBOX (which I am serious here, in stating it has a camera in it, look it up), and someone from an alphabet agency happened to be “watching”… With me so far? Then said workerbee hears you or your mate say a “phrase” that’s on some list of ‘predetermined list of, this is how a mentally ill person would say it” (no heat of the moment is ‘allotted” for…. You two get married, and decide.. Hey, I want to protect my family, discuss it with your mate and you both go do the purchase a gun. You both take your safety classes, etc…but you get denied!? 1) How would you fight it, if you disagreed with “their” diagnosis? 2) your mate can’t try to purchase it in their name, because you got married and according to some gov perv, you are mentally ill, and a weapon can’t be in the house with a mentally ill person. 3) what if you had a medical condition that you were “fine” 99.9% of the time but you had an incident ONCE where your electrolytes (very important in your blood), were off and you had to take some potassium to return them to “normal”. When a persons potassium is off, people hallucinate, EVERYBODY in the world does..My point? What if you went to a counselor to discuss difficulty coping with a parent that had Alzheimer’s, and in passing the therapist put in their notes “co-dependence needs to be ruled out”. Do you understand what I mean? How EASY it is to get a “label” today? Please remember, “THEIR GOAL” is to get firearms out of as many hands of “law abiding citizens” as they can, because CRIMINALS don’t register their guns, or take safety classes…they buy them off the street…so to many many people, this is one VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE that could go bad quick. The intention is understood by those against this idea, but I’m not sure that the “amount of items that could cause people to be excluded” is understood by the advocates for this law.

  • awegweiser says:

    What’s the problem with keeping guns from felons or the mentally deficient?
    I see no 2nd Amendment conflict here but understandably not wanted by felons or the mentally deficient who already own guns or yearn for some.

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