George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton

Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party’s presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a member of another famous political family, the Kennedys.

Bush, 92, had intended to stay silent on the White House race between Clinton and Donald Trump, a sign in and of itself of his distaste for the GOP nominee. But his preference for the wife of his own successor, President Bill Clinton, nonetheless became known to a wider audience thanks to Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat.

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  • Bob says:

    First off, people believe what Kathleen Kennedy Townsend says to be true??? I live in MD where she was LT Gov and got beat, handily, when she ran for Gov. like most Kennedy’s, yo can tell she is lying when her lips are moving. This being said, I believe that GHW Bush would no more vote for a Clinton than he would vote for Tojo.

  • Sigrid Egan says:

    Unless and until I hear this out of the mouth of George H.W. Bush, I don’t believe it. There is so much junk on the Net, a lot of it turns out to be fake. The news item said at the end, that George Bush will vote in privacy. That the Bushes are no fan of Donald Trump is known and clear. “Poor” Jeb lost in the Primaries. Also, THEY are part of the GOP establishment, along with John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, and do not want “the boat rocked”.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    I am really not surprised. Some are saying that the Republican Party is dead, Well;
    The RINOs are exposed, Bush 1, and his new world order, and don’t forget what he has been quoted as saying, “if they knew what we were doing, they would hang us”. Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, and now the Hilda-Beast all seem to be on the same page with this New World Order garbage. Along comes Trump, and this stuff begins to get real exposure. Trump is the wrench in their wheel. So is this the end of the Republican party, no it is not. The Republican Party is now on the operating table, the cancer that has infected this body is about to be removed, those cancer cells are a tough lot, and it is going to take a lot off cutting and laser burning to make that body healthy again. This cancer will fight Trump the surgeon, and all other medical staff, who are the American people, right down the line. This cancer will be defeated.

  • dennis w says:

    does ” READ MY LIPS ” ring a bell……………………???????
    did anyone here really expect a different outcome………???????
    his worthless baby boy lost to the DONALD… he’s going to get revenge…
    AS IF ANYBODY CARES……….%$#(*))&*&^^$$##@………….
    VOTE…….DONALD J TRUMP…./….MIKE PENCE………2016 / 2020

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    Ever since George W. Bush refused to hold accountable the Clintonistas that vandalized some of The People’s property upon exiting the White House, as well as the Clintons stealing from the White House, I’ve grown increasingly distrustful of the Bushes. George W. gave the Democraps about 80% of what they wanted, and his father broke his pledge about taxes, and he also signed a ban on the importation of certain semi-auto firearms. This is why I call them “The Bush Leagues”. They’re almost as bad as the Kennedys.

  • Smitch says:

    Good for you George! I myself will vote for Trump! That washes your vote out!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Pappa RINO shy!ts on the GOP base, the people!

    Trump has all the “RIGHT” enemies now to make American patriots supporters!

  • justinwachin says:

    Oh well! George Bush was the beneficiary of Ronald Reagan’s popularity. He was much more moderate in 1980 than he was in the 1988 campaign. Once he became president it soon became clear that he wasn’t Ronald Reagan. The act lasted long enough for him to get elected but not long enough to win re-election.

    Over the year’s I have read that he was friends with the Clintons and in some ways treated Bill like another son. This doesn’t surprise me much.

    I’m not a Donald Trump fan. He isn’t perfect by any stretch. In this race he is more likely to be a good president than Hillary will. Even if Trump’s only contribution is to fill the judicial system with constitutional conservatives he will still be better than Hillary will be.

  • Howard A. Forschler says:

    I can’t believe this is true but if it is he must be getting senile.

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      The Bush’s are all e/GOP RINO globalist NWO traitors!

  • delbert chaudoin says:

    But look at his presidency!!! At least, people were still smart enough to make him a “One Hit Wonder”. People are too dumbed down now to make that happen. And that’s what the Democrats are counting on! That people are too dumbed down to learn from their past errors.

  • Daniel Hebert says:

    The Bushes’ aren’t voting for Trump because of what he did to Jeb – sorry I ever voted for them – bunch of crybabies. Trump is the better candidate and it is time all of us to do something about it.

  • Don says:

    the bushes are proving what a bunch of POSes they really are, and to think that we supported them beyond reason and now that no one wants worthless jeb well they will now show their colors and vote the way they probably always have!!!

  • bob says:

    He’s another in the long line of GOP “LOSERS “, who when President spoke those famous words “READ MY LIPS,NO NEW TAXES ” & like the other LOSERS who stood on stage, & said they would back the GOP nominee & signed a pledge, & now backed out of their pledge, the Bush family is a thing of the past.
    G. H. W. Bush SAID something, then re-nigged on his word after falling for the old Democrats bullshit of ” we promise to CUT spending if you sign our bill to RAISE taxes”. He DID, they DIDN’T & became a ONE TERM President.
    If after being in politics as long as he was,& falling for a Democrats PROMISE,
    your to f**king stupid to be President.

  • Allan Scott says:

    Just look at this old geezer. At 92, he lost his mind years ago.
    Besides,, who in the hell cares about who he or the rest of the Bushy’s votes for.

  • Philip Allen says:

    The Bushes need to join the Democratic Party and get completely out of the Republican Party. The Bushes are has been. The Bushes are traitors and RINOS Just because little Jeb bush didn’t get nominated for President. If Jeb had been nominated then the bushes would be all in favor of supporting the Republican Party. Good thing Jeb was not nominated for President now everyone can see the true identity and what the Bush clan really stands for.

    1. Ken says says:

      You don’t get it – the Establishment has lost control of the nominations (for the first time in 28 years) for both GOP and DEM Parties and are panicked that they are about to lose control of OUR Government and their Cash Cow. The plan was Hillary and JEB in 2016 with Hillary winning and the JEB would be the POTUS in 2024. The nerve of uneducated, deplorable peons questioning the Elite Establishment and their selected Liberal RINO and DEM Puppets……How could we be so stupid?

  • Dwight Sorrell says:

    The Bush donors sunk a hundred million dollars into Crybaby Jebby’s campaign and Trump made a fool of him just like Bill Clinton made a fool of Jeb’s father. Anybody that is old enough to remember, can reflect on the debate that Clinton had with the elder Bush when George was looking at his watch, couldn’t wait for it to end. The Bush dynasty is done.

    1. Evafpritt1 says:

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    2. dennis w says:

      the BUSH ‘dynasty’ (?) ….REALLY NEVER ‘WAS’………….

      1. Ken says says:

        “Never was” ?? Try researching HW Bush and FDR elevating Bush into power in the 1930s – the same power brokers fund the Federal Reserve and Council on Foreign Relations – the Council on Foreign Relations created the plans for the European Union and recently the North American Union (Canada, USA and Central America without borders). Heidi Cruz was on the CFR committee that wrote the plans for the North American Union.

        Before you make bold proclamations a little history, research and fact finding would lend some credibility to you.

  • noah2006 says:

    Now we’ve got a former Republican President apparently crossing the aisle and planning to vote for Hillary. What is it with some people who just don’t get it that she will just follow the same path as Obama: supporting liberal judges on the Supreme Court, try to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, failing to secure our borders from terrorists and raise taxes! And that would mean keeping the tax rates at 36% which will further inhibit small businesses from expanding and keeping American manufacturing abroad. What a bunch of boggle heads!
    Jim – Myrtle Beach

  • Lindy says:

    That’s too bad ! Is it his age or his selfishness that he would actually cast a vote for a criminal like Hillary?

    1. Don says:

      maybe he will die before election day!!!

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        I would rather read about his suicide AFTER the election.

    2. Ken says says:

      The old saying – Birds of a feather flock together – Like the Birds the Establishment supports their own as well as their Puppets.

  • onefour says:

    Is this really true or is Kennedy stirring things up. I don’t believe anything a Democrat says. I know he’s said he wouldn’t vote for Trump but will he for someone else that is running other than Cllinton

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    His one term says, “Who cares about his opinion?”.

  • Robert4709 says:

    Nobody cares about the bush’s. At best old man bush is a RINO. Not one person in America is going to be influenced by what any bush has to say. His roots are in the National Socialist Party otherwise known as the NAZI Party of the Third Reich.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Yup, great Grandpa Bush, Joe Kennedy, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, who had a medal pinned on him by Hitler for bringing the assembly line to Germany, and a slew of other American politicians, British, French, and Canadian politicians, all thought Hitler was the greatest thing since sliced bread. There was a Nazi rally at Madison Sq. Gardens, it was filled to capacity.
      It is not communism, Marxism, fascism, etc.. that we need to worry about. The New World Order is about Nazi Style Socialism. Simply look at who is behind all this garbage. For example on U S soil we have George Soros, who was a Nazi collaborator, made billions, and has always espoused to Nazi ideology.

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