GOP braces for rules fight that could decide 2016 nomination

April 12, 2016

One key committee at the 2016 Republican National Convention will determine whether Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters or the GOP leadership has the advantage in choosing the next nominee.

The rules committee’s makeup and decisions have shaped the presidential race before, but play an even bigger role at a contested convention in Cleveland, GOP observers said.

Republican National Committee member Morton Blackwell, who has attended rules meetings at every convention since 1972, said he believes the outcome of the last contested convention in 1976 hung in the balance of the rules committee.

According to Blackwell, Ronald Reagan’s delegates in the rules committee sought to force President Gerald Ford to name a vice presidential pick before the men delivered nomination speeches.

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  • sonniell says:

    Mr. Trump CAN beat Hillary…..the Party has to back the Nominee with a high percentile…..or they won’t stand a chance against her!!

  • brokebill says:

    We know how this will go. I have not seen the Republican Party do anything except repetitive & constant assaults on Donald Trump since he entered the race. Some resources applied against HRC might have been better placed.
    Now, Trump is a man who wants to help the country and it’s people from the demise that has taken us down for the past decade in spite of winning control of both Houses of Congress. Instead of embracing the positive growth for the party for the first time in decades, they have spent enormous amounts of money & resources on an unrelenting effort to stop Trump. The party heads do not even try to hide they are doing it. It has evolved into the “Anti-Trump” vs the “Democrats”. The Republican Party has lost it’s value to many of us. What is the point if they are simply going to select who they want by using any number of techniques? My view is they are now a second liberal party with the same goals as the Democratic Party in a lot of people eyes. It really shows their loyalty is not to their voters and supporters as we have learned it is a private club that can govern itself any way it chooses. It can change the rules one day before the convention. There is an under current (publicly stated by many) that they would rather see HRC elected than Trump.

    Well that was all I needed to hear to shut the door on this party. If they do not have my back and prefer to support the election enemy than listen to their voters and new supporters, I am done with them. I will support Trump with his party affiliation but the Republican Party is not interested in solving problems affecting my family. Their entire effort is all about stopping the one candidate that is interested in helping my family.

    If it were not so serious, it would be a joke how immature things have been handled. So I agree with what Trump has said, “Our country is run by stupid people”.

    I hope they will wise up before it is too late because this is an election like none they have ever seen before. This time middle income Americans are broke and voting with their disgusted pocketbooks. And the party has done nothing to help them other than rubber stamp more destructive legislation.

    ONLY TRUMP! is the theme for Trump supporters. And there are millions!

  • Anthony says:

    I registered as a conservative the last time I renewed my drivers license, but I am having second thoughts and can see a third party in the making and wouldn’t blame the Trump train for jumping the track and make this election a peoples vote. Tired of the gridlock and Republican promises to the people that I and others like me trusted them with our vote, which is why it is time for an independent party so we and create our own rules. Then the Republican party can stick their rules up their A$$ and give them another Clinton. Hey, Republican party, smarten up before you will have your little nest egg of party goers and will rue the day you lose the millions of people that won’t vote for your candidate you want to choose because of your ever changing rules that are a fixed process. You just don’t get it, we want someone to fix the country and not the silver lining in your pockets. How many times have you robbed our social security fund and most recently since it’s Obama’s last fling want to give ex presidents an 18% raise. I had a Jewish boss one time and asked him for a raise after 6 months of working for him and he said take that cart of castings downstairs and load the truck and come back and see me. I said OK and after finishing the task, I went back and he said to me did you take those castings down the elevator and I said yes, he said well did you come back up the elevator with the cart, yes, then he said that was your raise. Mr. Obama, I say to you it’s time for you to go write a book or whatever else you need to make money in your life after your term. I think you and your family have been living off of our dime for a long time golfing, vacationing and traveling around the world. I say NO to your raise. Please leave so we can elect a leader that will sit behind our White House desk and get the job done. Give Trump the pleasure to say Mr. President, YOUR FIRED!

  • amigo says:

    Look GOP why not make it simple have a Dem running and separate lines for Trump, Cruz, Carson, Rubio and the rest

  • CBUJAN says:

    With the politicians bending the rules so they can pick who they want as the nominee that is the reason for the delegates. Voting rules should be changed. The candidate with the most votes by the people should be the nominee

  • green thumb says:

    While I am appalled at the shenanigans of the RNC, I am also appalled at the lack of ability to write a decent sentence and to make a reasonable effort to spell things right on the part of contributors. I am not above an occasional typo, but some of this stuff is REALLY bad. If we are to fight the good fight, we need to sound intelligent.

  • Todd Alfonsi says:


  • TS says:

    at this point.. the game is about PUBLICITY!!! THOSE THAT ROAR LOUDEST GET HEARD TO THE FAR ENDS…

  • hawkeyejim says:

    Dump Trump!

  • Charlie says:

    If the RNC alters the rules at this late date to thwart the will of registered Republicans, they can kiss the White House goodbye and also will have destroyed the Republican party. Republicans have the opportunity to show that this country will no longer be run by crony capitalists (both major parties are guilty) and return to a being a Republic. There is actually more at stake in this election. Crony capitalists masquerading as progressives, AKA socialists, are trying to place an admitted criminal named Clinton in the White House. If this happens we will be exactly like Cuba and other tyrannical countries.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I have been a member of RNC for years, this year I have sent their request for money, back with a note, saying I am discusted with their attempts to block the choice of ” THE PEOPLE”

  • Mynickelsworth says:

    That Committee is of no worth except as an excuse to disobey the Constitution and call it legal. The Government is ‘by the people and for the people’ and the committee does its best to take that away from the people and give it to a batch of Crooks in the GOP National Committee who, by their actions demonstrate that they care little for the Country and care greatly about their POWER to feather their own nest at the expense of taxpayers.
    I will leave the party IF the nominee is not one of the two LEGAL contenders: Either Trump or Cruz. NO one else is LEGALLY eligible for the job.

  • Icemancold says:

    WELL: They will do anything they can and want to get their man in and TRUMP is not that man because he is not a CAREER PROFESSIONAL LYING POLITICIAN LIKE CRUZ, KASICH, RUBIO,SO WE THE PEOPLE ARE SCREWED WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF KY JELLY.!!

  • Bald Eagle says:

    The remaining GOP delegate votes are 1.237…
    So look at it this way. Here are the percentages of what each candidate needs to pull this off…
    125% for Kasich
    88% for Cruz
    59% for Trump

    And NY and CA are the two most heavily numbered delegate states to really gain for the nominee momentum and win.
    And if I were Trump, I would have both, Cruz and Kasich in my administration.

  • Bay0Wulf says:

    Between Them, the GOP/RNC and the DNC Will DO ANYTHING to Block Trump from Gaining the White House.

    The RNC/GOP/RINO/Establishment Republicans AND the
    DNC/Progressive/Socialistic/Establishment Democrats Are … and HAVE BEEN One and the Same for DECADES.

    They each have pretended that They were going to do All Sorts of Things … Made All Sorts of Promises BUT …
    They NEVER Intended to DO Any of Them …
    They Simply Wanted to Get Onto the Permanent Taxpayer PayRoll …

    It is time to dispose of those who wear the label of POLITICIAN.

    Our Government wasn’t created with them in mind and They have done nothing since They Created THEMSELVES Unless it was in THEIR Own BEST Interest … (to heck with the constituents … they’re all idiots anyway)

  • mary says:

    What are they all afraid of? Let the people decide! Eliminate the electoral college. If there is no electoral college then the majority of votes count not like when obama got elected and the majority lost!

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      They are afraid of losing all the money they take in from BIG corps. Both take in Millions, as do lobbiest, in return they promise to promote their causes, Sanders is right on that score, BIG MONEY is running the country and care less about us, That’s the only thing I agree with Sanders on. We need to go back to the neighborhood banks, and businesses that big Money has forced out of the country, anyone remember DanRiver, they had the best sheets and yard goods, also Canon towels and sheets. I sew and material today is not straight and quality is poor compared to what was mfg. in USA., sheets and towels are not as nice either.

  • gypsy314 says:

    I call for a trump and cruz ticket NOW cut out the crooks NOW join forces and change America back to Gods country and Americans are first and anyone does not like it leave while you can.

    1. VanceJ says:

      Not a bad idea, but wont happen.

      1. gypsy314 says:

        I know but America could use both there talents NOW. I say everyone call both cruz and trump and say enough unite fix America together. Or either a bloody revolution could and maybe our last hope.

        1. Leo Klaudi says:

          I wouldn’t rule that out either. The founding fathers sort of predicted we have to revold again in some 225-250 years from the time the constitution was approved. That’s why the second ammendment is there and from they way things are shaping up that might become the necessary evil not without clear and present dangers from the outside and within. Obama is looking for an excuse to declare martial law and cancel out the election or postpone it or something even more devious. We all need to pay very close attention to what plays out in the next 8 months. They may become the most critical on our country’s history!

    2. louann says:

      Interesting! I agree because its more important to take the corrupt white house. If people don’t unite Hillary will win. Will the white house take both votes away?when people go against each other there doing what our government wants us to do. We better get it together or it will be to late.i dont want another 4 to 8 years of this.

  • Caulfieldgirl says:

    I am one of those people who are watching the Republican candidates and
    haven’t made up my mind yet. I feel I am not alone in my thinking and if
    there is proven that the GOP is involved with trying to keep a
    candidate from getting the votes to be the candidate for President and
    the GOP gets their brokered conventions or their choice for the
    Presidential Candidate I will be one of those that doesn’t vote for
    President nor will I vote for any republican Senator or Representative
    for my State and that includes Governor, State Legislators, or any
    republican in my State and I have family members and friends in other
    States that feel the same. They may win the Presidency, but they will
    lose everywhere else. I am angry at the way certain people push what the
    people don’t want. It is still ” government of the people, by the
    people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” In my

    1. Deborah Smith says:

      The only thing I don’t agree with you on is: Not Voting. That is the only right we have to make our voices heard. If this country is going to have a positive change it will take everyone of us Voting Republican or else the Dems will finish this nation off. Please rethink what the loss of your vote and those of your family will have. Voting is the only way your voices will be heard…..We MUST VOTE!!!! Too many died for that right and it is our responsibility to use it for the good of this nation!!

      1. Caulfieldgirl says:

        Deborah please read my comment above. I am not giving up my right to vote, bit to chose an HONORABLE PERSON who deserves it.

      2. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

        You are right we need to vote BUT the People Rule not the Establishment or Special interest

    2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Why would you even consider voluntarily giving up your right to vote. This is not some game in a sandbox, where you can get mad, then take your ball and go home.
      We can not let the democrats have the Rain Bow House. If we can get it back this November, then we have about two years to run non RINOs against the incumbents, we also have the opportunity to put pressure on the G O P, if we give even that little bit up, then we will give up everything, and your government by the people etc.. will perish

      1. Caulfieldgirl says:

        I am not giving up my right to vote! I would be choosing another candidate other than republican or democrat. There are libertarians, green party or write ins and independents among some. If the democrats or republicans are not putting the American People and the Country FIRST or the CONSTITUTION then they do not belong in OUR GOVERNMENT PERIOD! It is suppose to as President Abe Lincoln said…. “It is rather for us the living, we here be dedicated to the great task
        remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased
        devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of
        devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have
        died in vain, that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and
        that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not
        perish from the earth”. I hope the People of this Great Nation remembers what OUR ANCESTORS and families have fought and died for when we VOTE IN NOV. 2016………

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Choosing another fringe party at this time in history is not the wisest thing to do. I understand your anger, and frustration, so, try and just hang in there, then later throw everything at those RINOs who are betraying us.

          1. David Fowler says:

            If the nominee is not one of the Republican candidates that are currently running, the election is already lost and I will write a name in. If it isn’t Trump or Cruz I will probably do this. I don’t think that Kasich has a chance anyway.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Kasich is only there as the “spoiler”

          3. David Fowler says:

            That’s pretty obvious since he’s already said that he will be no one’s VP. That was the only possible chance that he had.

      2. Marie Andrews says:

        We CAN NOT afford to let the liberal dems put possibly the next three of the Supreme court judges on the bench. Every votes count.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


    3. Debbie Allen says:

      Cruz won Utah and Colorado. 0 went to Trump. I read on one of the forums Trump had 56% of the vote, although I did not research that number, in CO but received nothing. Also in Ut they brought in an election system backed by Soros that is been know to have serious issues regarding the outcome of a race. (Verified)

      WI the GOP added a nondescript selection in the Presidential Candidate column. If a voter selected this option their vote was null and void leaving the choice of candidate for the GOP to decide.

  • Alice Steinbacher says:

    Say goodbye to the once great Republican Party. They strayed over to the left and we left….We are watching their tricks and won’t let them defeat WE THE PEOPLE.

  • pianobill says:

    TRUMP 2016

  • H D Bush says:

    if they try to rig this at the convention every Cruz supporter and every Trump supporter should vote a straight Democrat ticket on all State and Federal elections.

    1. AmericanBelle1 says:

      Can’t do that! As angry as you might be, can you imagine Hillary choosing the next Supreme Court!!! There will be four seats to fill during the next presidential term, and we can not have another Sotomayer or Kagan!

      If they rig the convention, Trump will go third party. Go that route…PLEASE!

    2. Bay0Wulf says:

      What would that prove?
      Not for Nothing but Personally I COULD NOT Force MY Hand to Vote for HildaBeast … OR Bernable
      MOST Dems are a total Horrorshow … although I have seen a lot of “New Dems” that seem like they are looking at Our Government more like TEA Party Candidates than typical Dems …

    3. Deborah Smith says:

      Don’t know where you came up with that stinker of a plan!!! In the end it is up to us to change this mess because those in control will not!


    tea party…and American Minute Men Again

  • annarose13 says:

    I’m THROUGH w/ the RNC. What they are planning is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! They are changing laws that should NEVER be touched, stupid idiot fools SHAME!!!

    1. VanceJ says:

      BS, not the least unconstitutional.

  • Marine68 says:

    Bring on the Fight, the Ballot box is no longer a valid option.

  • Brabado says:

    Let’s pray that, as usual, the GOP Old Establishment Guard, “does not screw up” our changes to win the White House, from the Corrupt Socialist Liberal Democrats.

    If they do, Bye, Bye, GOP… as millions of Voters, will be leaving the party.!


    Semper Fi.

    1. Chris Robinette says:

      That sums up my and my family feelings about the GOP.

  • Rosemarie Saccardi says:

    Bob is right the GOP is going to loose they can blame themselves as for Sue it has nothing to do with TRUMP it has to do with all the people who waited on line Voted for the FIRST time PEOPLE WHO CROSS OVER TO BOTE TRUMP AND HIS IDEAS HIS WAYS THIS COUNTRY TO MAKE America GREAT Again GOR JOBS FOR GUTURE GENERATIONS TO KEEP US SAFE Like Dr Carson said THE GOP IS ON THE WAY OUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO EITH CRUZ RUBIO POLISHED POLITICATIONS WHO THINK IT IS THERE TIME

    1. VanceJ says:

      Geez, quit using caps.

      1. Rosemarie Saccardi says:


        1. David Fowler says:

          Because it is hard on my eyes. I seldom read posts that are in all caps. It is sort of like having someone yelling in your ear and is considered rude.

          1. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

            Sorry but all this nick picking has nothing to do with the issue
            It is Our Country it our Democracy it your vote does not count if you get what is going on they are buying the nomination

          2. David Fowler says:

            You may consider it to be nit picking, but many people, including me, feel like they are being stabbed in the eyes by all caps. You are free to do what you want, but you will get your ideas accross easier if you type in a manner that everyone will read. I forced myself to read your post and I do agree with it generally. When I see an all caps post I usually skip over it to the next one. I feel that it’s fine to type a word or sentence in caps for emphasis, but doing a whole post that way is considered shouting.

        2. VanceJ says:

          Because it is ignorant, not needed to make your point .

          1. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

            It Iis about America not picking on the little stuff like Dr Carson said we will lose our Country for now and future generations
            People have got to look at the fact your votes DONOT matter

    2. Marie Andrews says:

      You are dead on. All the politicians on both sides are so afraid of Trump, because he stands for the will of the people and not the status quo that has ruined this country. We are not the US anymore we are the league of nations. We have no American symbols anymore. We don’t pledge Allegiance or pray anymore. We bow down to every foreign illegal nationality and condemn our citizens for saying anything about them.They supposedly stopped slavery long ago, but the hard working citizens of this country that abide by the laws, pay their taxes and try to raise their children the right way with honor and respect are the slaves of the politicians that have failed us miserably.

  • sonniell says:

    SueJer……Geez, I guess we can tell you don’t care for Trump…..and that’s okay – by all means……HOWEVER, isn’t it also concerning how the RNC is handling Trump and Cruz as possible nominees? I understand that the RNC doesn’t care for either candidate, and people may not like the tactics and maneuvers of the candidates; but, it is what it is…….and what? If the RNC doesn’t like the way the “Popular Vote” is going; then they’ll just “adjust” the rules to their favor and to hell with what the Majority of America wants???
    Are we to lose that God given Privilege as well? How far do we let all of this go? To what extent to we finally stop and say enough is enough? Don’t you think that’s exactly what the American People are doing right now??? It may not be according to plan; but, the RNC really needs to get it right…..they thought the whole Trump fiasco was nothing but entertaining and they let it go; rather than take everything seriously from the get go!! You can say whatever you want about Trump (or anyone else) but the bottom line??? Where was the RNC when this whole mess started??? Now they want to change things?? I don’t care who’s running for office….should thee RNC decide to play games at the time of the Convention and manipulate the entire campaign structure; mark my words, all Hell will break loose and it won’t be pretty!!!!

    1. VanceJ says:

      Hey, we keep electing the elite, so who should the blame fall on ? US !!!!!!

    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      They better think twice, if they change rules now, many will leave GOP and form another party, thisn will come back to bite them in the a$$, when it comes to trust in the future, Remember it’s Government of the people and BY THE PEOPLE, not by REPs, or DEMs..

    3. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

      I think you misunderstood me I am all for Trump if it was not for him we the people would still be sleeping GOP is discussing for trying to stop the People’s Choice where has our Democracy gone Trump is our last chance to Make America Great Again we need to burn the candle from both ends by that I mean the People need to put pressure on GOP for trying to stop Trump love me Dr Carson it is not about Trump his ways personality or what ever it is about America it is about our constitutional right to vote and make it count
      It is about pray Merry Christmas it is about taking our country back
      We the people Rule Washington has forgotten not this time We stand with Trump

  • SueJer says:

    Just because “cry baby” trump is whining when he doesn’t get his way, doesn’t mean the rules…which have existed…should be changed to fit a narcissistic loud mouth, who apparently gets his way, by hook or crook, most of the time.

    1. AmericanBelle1 says:

      Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. And while you’re pondering that, let me clue you in on reality! Trump is a businessman so he’s not going to act like a politician because the two are different breeds. And that what makes Trump so likeable…he’s not part of the establishment.

      Let’s face it…the Democrats and Obama have destroyed our nation. Our Constitution has been shredded, our rights stripped, our sovereignty lost, and our soul thrown out with the bath water. This was done because we all felt so racially shameful and felt the need to vote for the first black president…someone who would transform America…which he did…and the entire nation is the loser. Obama never even ran a lemonade stand, never wrote a single paper, professional or otherwise, hell…Bill Ayers wrote his “biography”! Hillary is no better…she got thrown off the Watergate Commission and she’s been lying and cheating ever since. She personally has waged a war on women having absolutely nothing to do with any Republican plank, since she personally started the war to protect her sexually abusive husband…a predator she wants to bring into the White House again!

      Then we have Bernie Sanders…the socialist. I know you don’t care, but my college major was US/Soviet Relations whereby I had to understand the psyche of the Soviet to understand the political underpinnings of that nation…in a word, I had to study and fully understand socialism. This is not something we want in this country…not now, not ever! If you’re comfortable being a national who’s equally miserable with her countrymen, then I suggest you leave the U.S.!

      What experience has Cruz got? Reading Cat in the Hat on tv is it! We gave the GOP governorships and legislatures nationwide, we made the House a GOP majority, and then we made the Senate a GOP majority…because the GOP was going to make a difference…stop Obama in his path of destruction and turn our country around and back on track. They did shit…nothing…and Cruz was part of that. They agreed to EVERYTHING Obama asked for…and more.

      So please excuse us all if a businessman doesn’t totally understand the crooked rules of politics and politics. Donald Trump is a man who loves his country more than anyone else on the ticket on either side! But there’s so much more to this man….he made the rank of Captain in military school, and then moved on to get a degree in ECONOMICS (capitalized for emphasis, since this country is in economic distress and turmoil, about to explode into devastation!) from Wharton Business School…the most prestigious business school in the world. He took a million dollar loan from his father at age 27 (and paid it back) to build not just a huge conglomerate, but a SUCCESSFUL multi-billion dollar worldwide business of more than 500 companies. Yes, he did file bankruptcies four times, for four companies/casinos in Atlantic City when AC completely toppled and is now deserted because of the opening of the Indian casinos Moghegan Sun and Foxwoods. He had owned 15 casinos, so 4 bankruptcies of 15 casinos and 500 companies is hardly anything to even mention, let alone try ti disparage him for having the gall and audacity of reorganizing!

      His resume is the best one on the table. The only one that supports fixing our economy and making America great again! He’s the only one who can do it, because the others don’t want to…they are happy with the status quo and the rules their establishment parties provide them. Which is exactly why they tremble at the thought of Trump being elected, because he will run this nation as a company, not according to the kowtowing politicians enjoy with lobbyists!

      To be as successful as Trump, he will do for this country what he did for business…he will surround himself, hire people with expertise in various subjects, to guide him to success in his mission. And yes, this is his mission to get this country back on its feet again. He knows business, he’s been succesful in business, and if he can succesfully and profitably manage 500 companies, he sure as hell can manage 50 states!

      To be so successful, one has to be arrogant, so I’m sorry your feelings are hurt when Trump tells it like it is. This article tells you right here and now that the GOP is out to block him and they are going to change the rules to make that happen. Do you honestly believe that’s fair. I’d holler like a stuck pig myself if they tried to pull that shit on me.

      Perhaps you should find yourself a room on a college campus somewhere…close to the other wussies who fall apart if they see chalkings of Trump’s name! The only crybaby I see here is you. Grow a backbone, woman!

      1. Evan says:

        Great post! If Trump does not get in the White House,
        you can say good bye to America! Trump is our only
        chance to undo what that loser obama has done to our
        great nation! Obama should never have been allowed
        in this country and as much hatred as he has for America;
        should never have been on the ballot! Obama is a fraud!
        Only someone with half a brain would vote for someone
        like him! He is Un-American as you can get! Kick his a**
        to the curb! If we had a Congress worth a crap, he would
        have been gone long ago!

        1. Caulfieldgirl says:

          Obama isn’t the only one to blame. Let’s add the Senate and the House since 2007.They have lined their pockets with taxpayer money and given more power to Obama, given NSA, FBI and CIA unlimited powers to spy and take freedoms away from the American People. The People of America need to do a major house cleaning in 2016…….

          1. Bay0Wulf says:

            Not to disagree … completely BUT …
            Many of those who were elected based on TEA Party criteria HAVE been “Doing the Job” they have simply been Too Few and Too “Junior”.

            So while I Agree … MOSTLY … I simply point out that We don’t want to throw out the Good (however few they are) with the Bad.

          2. Caulfieldgirl says:

            That is what I meant the RINOS. The good ones stay. Only wish there were more of them than what they are in Congress currently……..

      2. Bay0Wulf says:

        Wellll … I had to log on just to respond to the post (good post … even though a bit long)

        As to this; ” He’s the only one who can do it, because the others don’t want to…they are happy with the status quo …”

        The truth here is that they are absolutely DESPERATE that he should not win Because they are Scared Witless that They will Lose Their Grip on the Never Ending Money Funnel that They Have Created for Themselves.

        The RNC/GOP/RINO/Establishment Republicans AND the DNC/Progressive/Socialistic/Democrats Are … and HAVE BEEN One and the Same for DECADES. They each have pretended that They were going to do All Sorts of Things … Made All Sorts of Promises BUT … They NEVER Intended to DO Any of Them … They Simply Wanted to Get Onto the Permanent Taxpayer PayRoll …

        Professional Politicians Were NEVER Supposed to Exist and were NOT Written into Our Government System. Its time to Dispose of Them …

      3. VanceJ says:

        I agree with most of what you say, but Trump knew the rules or should have, no one changed them ( YET ) he has not been very good on selecting his people to get him elected, would this reflect is his picks if he was elected ?. His constant name calling is disgusting, like a little kid in grade school. needless to say, I have very serious reservation’s about this guy.!!!!!!

      4. gf says:

        I love you! You are awesome! You know, when some one has a high I.Q., and you have it.

      5. Marie Andrews says:

        And now HiLIARy is preaching that she protects the women’s rights, when she was paying off the woman abused by her husband. Gee I wonder how she will feel (IF SHE GETS ELECTED) sitting in the chair her husband got BJ’s in. If you have been keeping track of the Emails that she turned over, even her staff has mentioned that she gets very confused about everything and to make sure that “you make everything very perfectly clear to her because she gets very confused”. Ever since her accident, even her doctor stated that she has times that she can’t remember things. That was the problem the night of her debate when she disappeared for seven minutes and then said she was in the bathroom. She has a trail of garbage that has followed her since Ark. and still is going on with her foundation. She has it set up in Canada because by law no one has to declare their name or amount donated. It’s pretty pathetic when you call the people that lost member of their families in Benghazi that when they told their stories that they were all liars. She is a sicko.

    2. pianobill says:

      You are sick! I guess you are voting for Hillary.

    3. Caulfieldgirl says:

      SueJerk: I guess that you have not been keeping up to date with what has really going on. Look at Colorado they changed the rules Aug.2015. They were the same in 2008 and 2012, then changes in 2015 to keep 1.2 million republicans from voting…. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid it is poisonous and will make you a low information voter…….

    4. louann says:

      Cry baby? Do you think Cruz will win? White house does not want him. What you going to do when people vote for him and our told we choose someone else. Dont cry. Millions of Americans were told just that.i live in Colorado . Votes were 50% and higher for trump. They kicked off delegates that wanted trump. So Cruz won by 8 or nine people.? What a win.. You don’t know trump . He is a good man. He does care. Dont judge if you really don’t know. Watch black pastors speech on trump VIDEO. That’s the truth.

  • bobs33hotrod says:

    I think the RNC is on the brink of destruction. Talk about , cut off your nose to spite your face. What a bunch of DUMB ASS TRAITORS.
    BOBBY ~!~

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