GOP lawmakers want answers on deleted State Department briefing video

June 4, 2016

Top Republican lawmakers are demanding answers after the State Department admitted an official intentionally deleted several minutes of footage from a press briefing dealing with sensitive questions on the Iran nuclear deal.

The department has not identified who actually ordered the deletion; one spokesman said their internal inquiry has hit a “dead end.”

But the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has asked the State Department for more information — and the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has asked the State Department inspector general to investigate.

“In tampering with this video, the Bureau of Public Affairs has undermined its mission to ‘communicate timely and accurate information with the goal of furthering U.S. foreign policy,’” Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said in a letter to Inspector General Steve Linick. “This is all the more troubling given that the video in question dealt with hugely consequential nuclear negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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  • gf says:

    The Clinton’s and Obama’s, make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. Nixon was a better POTUS, than both. Watergate, was stupid for sure. I still do not understand what, the purpose was. What was there to gain? Nixon won in a landslide, over McGovern, so what was the point. As a side note, I was only 13, when we stayed in the Howard Johnson, in June 17, 1972, across the street from the Watergate. G. Gordon Liddy and crew a.k.a “The White House Plumbers”, set up a Command Post, in the HoJo. Anyway, how can the Clinton’s get away with all of their shit, and Nixon’s basically nothing, and he gets burned? Oh, that’s right, the Clinton’s are Dems, and Nixon was GOP.

  • Warren says:

    All News reports have to be censored, altered & approved by the White House (Mosque)

  • ONTIME says:

    That info may still be intact but the people responsible will never give it up or reveal where it might be..they do not have the ethic or integrity to oblige the law……..

  • IMJSBNME says:

    The list of likely suspects can’t be that long, or that hard to draw up. Who had access, who had authority….?

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Lying to Congress and aiding Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism is TREASON.

    Impeach the entire Obama Muslim Brotherhood administration you skulking cowards!

  • SDofAZ says:

    Editing what they want the congress and the people to know. Sic em!

  • Bob says:

    Obama has a “Transparent” administration is opaque. Clinton’s “Most Open and Honest” administration led to the second Impeachment in the history of the country, not to mention the attacks on any who dared to support the proceedings. And we are to believe that the woman who assassinated the character of the women who accused her husband of these acts (later admitted to in court), the woman with no idea of the truth, a woman who believes the rules/laws do not apply to her and her family, will be a good bet for the next President?

    1. WRBuchanan says:

      Bob: do you remember when Clinton said if you don’t like what I’m doing Vote me out? Knowing full well this is next to impossible to do.
      The Political Tool that is used is we do what we want and if you don’t like it,,, SUE us. Which they know will take years to accomplish.
      In other words they don’t give a shit what you think, they are going to do what they want because it is best for you,,, Errr, them?.

      We are seeing the same thing here in CA with a Legislature that is totally controlled by the left. They were trying to Ram thru a bunch of Gun Control Bills last Friday before they went on summer break which was illegal as it didn’t allow time for public comment.

      They don’t care!
      They know that if they get it signed into law it will take a big effort and several years to unravel if it can be unraveled at all and They are counting on this.

      My suggestion is that Trump does the same thing to set things right and then Signs Legislation that prevents anyone in the future from circumventing the law ever again.

      The Constitutional Reinforcement Act!

      States shouldn’t be allowed to pass legislation that in any way modifies Bill of Rights Law. IE Gun Control, Immigration Law, Failure to comply with Federal Law or outright ignoring it etc. States are part of the USA and their ability to govern themselves should not extend to possible Constitutional Issues like Gun Control, Free Speech or outright Ignoring of Federal Law.

      NO state should have the right to regulate what firearms you can own beyond Federal Law. And once Federal Law is restored in in this context (GCA 1968) it needs to be Bullet Proof so that it takes a 3/4 Majority to overturn or modify it. IE it would take a 3/4 Majority in both houses and the Presidency to change it.

      This would insure Stable and Universal Gun Laws as well as permanent definitions of gun types for this whole country as opposed to the pockets of insanity like CA and NY that exist now, and stop the chipping away at the 2nd A once and for all.

      If they ever got a 3/4 majority, our country would be so far gone it wouldn’t matter any more because nobody would pay attention to any laws and the republic would fall into anarchy. you can bet our enemies would be right there to sweep up the mess to.

      Right now they are trying to pass a law preventing anyone from Openly Denying Climate Change! I shit you not!

      The left wing insanity has to stop! By whatever means necessary!!!.

      1. Bob says:

        Well stated. Unfortunately, with 85-90% of the people who are on this site are “like minded” we are preaching to the converted. (The trolls who like to rile the rest of us could care less about the country as long as they remain in power)

  • randy jackson says:

    Now we know what the definition of “The most transparent Administration” means. It means that the Ovomit Administration will obliterate their stupid mistakes and lawless activities, so that when anyone tries to uncover something it’s not there. Nothingness is transparent alright. It’s also illegal. We pray to see Ohole in an orange jump suit! He’ll like prison life, free sex forever. Up your A$$ Barry.

  • Francisco Machado says:

    Obama administration: “O.K., we’re lying to you. So what. It’s what we do.” Remember this? “We won. You lost.” We just didn’t know then how badly we’d lost, how much we’d lost. Now, with the AGW dispute, we’ll even prosecute you for disagreeing with us. If that intimidation works, what’s the next target? The Obama administration wants to increase the RFS percentage “for the environment. To fight Global Warming.” – When even the government environmental researchers say it’s worse than gasoline on both counts. But it’s good for the corn lobby – even if it raises the cost of your food.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      BO is interviewing via his warped agenda to turn the US over to the UN control for his next position in the UN. He thinks we are gonna let him get away with it. NOT! And when he joins the UN in whatever position, boot the whole organization out of this country. Let em settle in the middle eastern mediterranean maybe in Saudia Arabia and take BO with em there.

      1. rc says:

        Hillary has privately promised BOs appointment on the Supreme Court…of course only in return for no indictment for her fat ass.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    They can SH in one hand and cover it up with the other because their not gonna get anything! They’ve bowed and kissed ever hair on every butt in this pathetic administration for so long, that’s it’s just a big game! NOBODY pays for anything unless you’re a cattle rancher exercising your Constitutional rights, then you’re murdered!

  • Terry T says:

    Who is behind the deception? Valerie Jarrett

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