GOP senator: Trump budget ‘dead on arrival’

by SYLVAN LANE - The Hill
February 28, 2017

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Tuesday that President Trump’s first budget was “dead on arrival” and wouldn’t make it through Congress.

“It’s not going to happen,” said Graham, according to NBC News. “It would be a disaster.”

Graham, a frequent Trump critic, expressed concerns with Trump’s proposed cuts to the State Department budget, especially the targeting of foreign aid.

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  • Loony tune says:

    McCain and Graham a couple of useless senators haven’t accomplished anything in the past 10 years, so pack up and go home. You’ve got your good health care and fat retirement. Since your both useless zip your lips.

  • roboteq says:

    Well, the GOP may not be any more supportive of progress than the so called Democrat Progressives. Good to know that no matter what party those We the People put into office belong to, the party line is more important to them than We the People are.

  • justinwachin says:

    Every presidential budget is dead on arrival. President Trump isn’t getting treated any differently than his predecessors. I think we need to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire. The Republicans control Capitol Hill. Now is the time for them to deliver the balanced budget they have promised for years.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Graham must go. What’s wrong with his state!

  • barbarakelly says:

    When is this garbage up for re-election.??? I want to see him gone. He is no Republican, And guess what bummer Trump is correct in what he is doing–YOUR NOT– so shut up. We don’t need to hear from a commi.

  • Janis Love says:

    They better get with the program or they’ll be watching from the sidelines.

  • Tiger says:

    These RINO best to watch out. Saw today that McCain has an organization that took millions from Saudi Arabia and he has ties to Russia. Graham is most likely same thing. They are only going to remain in office when midterms come around if they back Trump’s agenda and they ought to know Trump will call them out, tell the people who is stopping his progress.

    That goes for Ryan and all of these RINO.

    1. Harry J Schaubel says:

      My only concern is will there be another Republican to vote on in place of them? If the only choice is them or another Establishment Democrat, what do we do? Kind of like giving me a choice: Do I want to die by Electric Chair or Firing Squad? Either is painful and both would be bad

      1. Tiger says:

        Harry this is what I am thinking. There are many Republican Governors now that are following Trump’s example related to what America is and how to get the Global Elites out of our infrastructure. We have to stay vigilant and I also believe the midterms will see the likes of Pelosi and Shcumer, Booker, Cummings and many others into situations by the Democrat voters when they see the improvements that Trump has made, for ALL Americans.

        I think we have a chance to make it. Through the works of Trump and others who back him already so much turned right. We are thrilled in Florida that Trump caught O’s EO that took our water rights away from us, told us we couldn’t have ponds on our land tried to take the water. Trump reversed it.

        He has given Sovereignty back to the states and they are going to take care of the transgender bathroom nonsense. They are taking care of Sanctuary Cities and stopping the refugee programs. He has the Pipeline going, we will save billions on oil, he has the coal miners back at work the new EPA leader, said no more will they be writing legislative law, enforcing it and punishing those who don’t follow it, he caught the money O had put aside for illegals and he created VOICE giving that money and a voice to those families victims of crime. The wall will be built, he has 15,000 new agents. Our police and border guards are thrilled and doing their jobs. Our immigration laws back on the books, he stopped the 221 million O tried to give to Gaza, he has made strong ties with Israel who is in coalition with our allies in the ME. The raid in Yemen gave us important documents a drone strike just the other day took out a high level al Qaeda leader, he is rounding up illegal criminals, a Mexican concrete company just yesterday offered to donate all the cement needed to build the wall, on and on.

        There are many great men/women in this country and all they needed was the chains taken off them that O put on them and was strangling the life out of us all.

        1. Harry J Schaubel says:

          :] Well said.

          1. Tiger says:

            Thank you.

      2. Tiger says:

        Also he is also cutting down the size of ALL government entities, he is slicing and dicing the fat off and going to have a lean, mean, fighting machine called America.

  • noah2006 says:

    I voted for Lindsey Grahm but I’m not sure he’s got the right mind in countermanding the efforts of Pres. Trump. He should get on the “right” side of things and bolster his support for the changes we need in this country. The next election could be his last…I’m just sayin’!

    1. Harry J Schaubel says:

      Maybe get on the phone to him and let him know he had your vote “This Time” but he’d better get it straight b4 Next Time gets here,

  • Stephen Howe says:

    Graham should be DOA.

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