GOP wins first Obamacare fight in Senate budget vote

Republicans won the first skirmish in the Obamacare repeal fight Wednesday, voting to begin debate on fast-track procedures that would allow them to kill the 2010 health law without having to face a Democratic filibuster in the Senate.

Deep divisions were exposed by the 51-48 vote, which saw every Democrat vote against it — and also Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican who has expressed concerns about how Republicans are going about the repeal fight.

Wednesday’s vote, to begin debating a 2017 budget, is the first in what will need to be a long series, stretching out over the coming months. The budget will have to get final approval in the Senate, then in the House. Then several committees will have to come up with specific legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that legislation will have to come back to the floors of both chambers for final votes.

And that doesn’t account for the GOP’s plans to replace the embattled law with a health insurance reform of their own.

“Repeal is just the first step,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “It will take time to undo the damage of this law.”

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  • justinwachin says:

    Any journey begins with the first step. The Republicans have taken the first step in the effort to end the disastrous Obamacare.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • bobnstuff says:

    It will be interesting to see how the Republicans can get rid of the ACA without hurting 23 million people and not increasing the debt. Repealing the law without a replacement ready to go will do both. Trump in the past has supported universal health care. He also has supported the mandate not to long ago. The Million dollar question is can the Republicans fix the healthcare problem in our country or are they going to just say don’t get sick?

    1. gvette says:

      Well, you’re a fan of socialism. Why don’t you move to Canada.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m a fan of things that work. We have a Federal government to handle just this type of thing. Our government is full of programs that one could describe as socialist. Our schools, our police, our highways, our ports, most mass transit system, our airports, our military and social security among other things are all socialist. The whole reason for our government is to promote general welfare and provide for the common good. If those are not socialist ideas then I have never heard of one. I’m a good capitalist, I have spent my life in business but there are some things government can do better then private enterprise. Why do you think we are the only country with our type of health care system? Sooner or later we will end up with a joint private, public healthcare system, sooner would be better. Oh and if you think governments involvement in private enterprises isn’t the standard in our country look at agriculture and energy, both are heavily funded by the government.

        1. gvette says:

          Well Bob , I owned a business for 32 years, and my father before me owned three. The toughest thing about it, government regulations. Government can’t do much, and do it right. They’ve got you fooled.
          You, like most liberals like pissing away other people’s money. Here are some facts.

          Obamacare will be responsible for $273.6 billion in new administrative costs between now and 2022 according to a new report released by Health Affairs Blog. As the researchers note, this means Obamacare overhead accounts for an average of $1,375 per newly insured person per year.

          The report notes that overhead of government programs accounts for $101.4 billion while private insurance overhead accounts for the remaining $172.2 billion.

          According to co-author Steffie Woolhander, the exorbitant amounts of money spent on administrative overhead in Obamacare undermines the stated goal of the law to provide affordable coverage to uninsured Americans. In fact, 22 percent of federal spending on Obamacare is being consumed by bureaucracy.

          This is not the first time Obamacare has left the American people on the hook for billions of dollars in unneccesary costs.

          Since 2011, $5.4 billion in taxpayer money has gone to the states to set up healthcare exchanges. This money was given away with zero oversight and no strings attached and so it should not be surprising to hear that numerous states have wasted billions in taxpayer money on unworkable Obamacare websites.

          While exchanges for Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, New Mexico, and Nevada have all been spectacular failures, the poster child for Obamacare waste is undoubtedly Oregon, which spent $305 million on its exchange only to later return to the federally run at an additional cost of $41 million. Since then, former Oregon Governor Kitzhaber has come under investigation over accusations he scrapped the exchange in order to help his 2014 reelection campaign, rather than making decisions based on the workability of the website.

          Already, Obamacare has cost taxpayers billions of dollars. With this latest news of out-of-control administrative costs, Congress must do more to ensure stronger oversight and accountability over the law.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            So, the republicans did just what to try and fix the problems. Much of the trouble with the bill were things the republicans insisted had to be there and then didn’t vote for the bill. Any major piece of legislation has problems in the beginning that need fixed. The ACA was no exception how ever the republicans wanted it to fail so instead of working with the democrats they blocked everything. In other words the whole program was submarined by the republicans.

            Do you remember what was going on before the ACA was passed in the insurance industry. Cost were going up every year and you were at the mercy of the insurance companies. The insurance companies among other things were selling feel good policies that made people feel like they had insurance till they went to use it and found out it covered nothing. My daughter had one of those. Nothing was ever covered. The insurance industry has a long history of ripping people off, I guess you don’t remember those days. It costs 9% to administrate Medicare, the private companies take 20% to do the same job. The only reason it’s only 20% is because they had limits put on them by the ACA, it was more before the law went into place. Insurance companies are not our friends.

            I have owned four businesses and have never run into problems with government regulations. Yes there has been some paperwork but nothing outrages. Regulations are put in place because there was some problem and in many cases people got hurt. When placing a regulation the government gets input from the industry, they hold hearings and once the regulation is written get comments before passing it into use. Not all the regulations are well written and they make mistakes, I remember one part of a regulation when I was in the bicycle business that if you followed it you would weaken the front fork. They did go back and fix the regulation once it was pointed out. The reason for that regulation was children had gotten hurt and the CPSC decided then needed to do something. Had the industry been disposable in the first place the government would have never gotten involved.

            Let me ask you a question. Who takes care of the roads you drive on. Last night it snowed here and this morning I was awakened by the sound of a snowplow driving down my road. My taxes paid for that snowplow, it showed up and cleared my road. In the summer they come out and fix my road and do a pretty good job of it. If I have a problem I can call up and talk to a real person. I don’t live on a main road but it still gets taken care of. I have own businesses with parking lots. I have had to hire people to maintain those parking lots, remove snow and fix the pavement. It costs my local government a lot less to take care of my road per square foot then my cost of maintaining my parking lot. There are just some things government does better.

          2. gvette says:

            Comparing snowplowing roads, to tn ACA. Good one. Apples to oranges, If you read the news, real news, the ACA is doing exactly what it was expected to do. Implode.You say the republicans are making it fail.
            I’ll add, no where in the constitution does it say the government can force you to buy something you may not want. That’s a DemonRAT thing. Kind of like me, having to fund Planned “abortion” Parebthood

    2. Mort Leith says:

      OdumboCare has ALREADY hurt Millions of people ! !
      My insurance has TRIPLED because of this bullshiit socialism…

      1. bobnstuff says:

        If it tripled then you should have looked for a different company. My insurance went down and in looking around I found even better coverage for less money. I guess you must have had one of the policy that covered nothing.

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