Health Care Overhaul Bill Is ‘Hanging by a Thread’: Dodd

January 13, 2010

Health care reform is “hanging on by a thread,” and one or two votes could determine the outcome of the heavily-debated bill, Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd told CNBC Monday.

“Everyone feels, I guess, to some degree who have been for this, that they would have liked something different, and that’s not uncommon when you’re considering an issue of this magnitude,” Dodd said.

Some progressives, for example, are disappointed that the Senate bill, unlike the House version, does not include a public option, he said. Senators Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas are two people who voted for the bill in its original form and are now carefully watching what changes are being made.

President Obama’s administration has come under fire lately for putting too much emphasis on health care reform, causing many to question whether Democrats will retain their majority control come November. But Dodd, who is retiring this year, said it’s an issue that needed to be dealt with — otherwise it would “strangle our economy,” he said.

“If this is all about surviving politically, then we’re missing the whole purpose of what we’re supposed to be doing,” he said.

Last week, Dodd, 65, announced that he would not run for reelection in November. His announcement was seen by many as a concession that he and the Democratic party are facing an uphill battle. But Republicans have said that as a result of his retirement, Democrats have a much better chance of holding onto his seat.

As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Dodd said he is also moving forward with the financial reform bill, and that the committee is closer to answering fundamental questions, such as too big to fail.

He hopes the legislation will more strictly regulate derivatives and consolidate the number of financial regulators, and he hopes to mark the bill up in the committee by the end of the month.

He said the committee is in agreement that there should be an independent agency to protect consumers, but there is still debate over which form it will take.

Dodd also said he thinks it would be a “travesty” not to confirm Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s nomination, and that in the absence of taxpayer money, the government should have no say in banks’ compensation practices.

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  • patriot37 says:

    three years ago sounded as if it were yesterday!

  • patriot37 says:

    All a lots of BS. Repeal and return to previous health care insurance with State provided Emergency or long term care. as needed… Medicaid covers most low/no income CITIZENS . America can not afford or encourage illegal immigrants to receive long term medical care. Emergency care only. PERIOD! I know cruel and inhumane, where does it end?

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    this nation, cannot afford any new programs. when we, can’t even afford the ones we have.
    let alone to add the expense, of any new unaffordable programs.
    the federal reserve, has got to be the stupidest bank with the stupidest people in the whole world. how many other banks, would give loans to businesses or individuals $19 trillion in the red?
    and if anyone considers themselves, as too big to fail it is the failing us government still headed toward bankruptcy.
    a gallon of bottled water, is already worth more than the us dollar.
    the federal reserve insane mental magic loans to the us government, is the reason why $32 and an ounce of gold are no longer equal. the main cause, of inflation.
    applying the insane borrowing practices, of the us government to banks. only resulted in the mortgage banks, failure. giving insane loans, to those who could not afford housing.

  • Wambli525 says:

    Best news in the article above is Chris Dodd wont run for re election. Chris Dodd id the son of former congressman Thomas J. Dodd who gave us the 1968 gun control legislation modeled after Germanys pre WWII gun control laws. Like Barney Frank, it goo to see this liberal democrat go away.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The 0webomb euthanasia /genocide plan should not be amended or overhauled it should be totally repealed and permit the individual to purchase his/her own health care with the covedrage they deem needed.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:


    Vote in November




  • wiseone2 says:

    It’s a “travesty” Barney & Dodd aren’t serving time at Alcatraz!!!

  • tarbella says:

    Let me reassure every one, no one on this planet is going to getaway with anything. While we may feel the effects of evil, those that do wrong are still going to have to stand before God and will be judged for the good and the bad. God has two books, one has our names in it and the other has our actions and attitude in it…right from the time we were children. We may not see God, but believe me He is there and watching it all. He gave man free will for a reason…to see who loves him and obeys him and who doesn’t and would rather listen to Satan’s whispers.

  • G.Frazier says:

    Healthcare reform never happened! Obamacare didn’t change a thing; it just added a bunch of lazy people, who are too lazy to work, onto the welfare roles.
    In II Thessalonians 3:10, the Holy Spirit had the Apostle Paul write, “If a man won’t work, neither should he eat.” For America to continue to put food on the tables of able bodied men and women, who are just too lazy to get a job, is wrong!
    It also keep SOCIALISTIC ways running America because the government takes from those, who work, and gives that money to those, who could but refuse to work.
    I know of a severely retarded man, who works six hour days in a shop, where he is trained to do things for his bosses. I’ve also met people, who could work, but thought they would rather sit at home, watching television and allowing Uncle Sam to support them.
    The man, who works six hour days, does what he can, while the others are just loafing around their houses because they’re lazy.

    This is one area, where the U.S. government has screwed up, miserably!

  • lou says:

    Isn’t Dodd one of the guys who is responsible for the housing crash ?

  • Dave N. says:

    I don’t want the ACA saved or modified, I want it gone and the government out of health care and my personal life forever. That’s what the Republicans ran on and were voted majorities in the house and senate for. Do what we voted you in for or expect to be replaced. All the Democrats in both houses can retire and republicans too for that matter, the public on both sides of the isle has made our position clear, no one wants the government in our health care. All they have done is make things worse. Talk about socialism, 67% of the public opposed the ACA when it passed in a totally Democrat controlled house and Senate. We don’t want it period, government makes a mess out of everything it touches, stay in your lane and out of ours.

  • reagangs says:

    Well, well, well, another one bites the dust. Old Chrisi, a progressive demowit from Connecticut, and along with pervert Frank, created a “too big to fail” list with tax payers money. How this IDIOT can even be related to any bank dealing is beyond any of the rest of us. They need to go to prison, but they will “retire” $$$millionaires, instead on hard earned American tax payers $$$. We need term limits before the USA dives into the cesspool. Oooppss, I’m late, as usual.

  • The redhawk says:

    Chris DUD!!! the Freaking Moron who along with BAWNEY Frank helped Cause the 2007 Banking ( Freddie and Fannie) Disaster ( 2005-6-7)by Proclaiming that those two (D) staffed Thieving agencies were SOUND and SAFE… and “SOLD” ODUMBOCARE…This AZZHOLE IS A CROOK who took “SPECIAL” loans from Country wide Mortgage rates and a”FREE” Cottage in IRELAND…

  • Bob2002 says:

    I thought Chris Dodd had retired from the Senate in 2011. What is going on here?

    1. unique says:

      That was Barney Frank that retired in 2011, he should
      have retired sooner like 2000.

    2. richardjf says:

      This is at least 5 years old news. lol I was wondering the same last night. I guess better late than never, lol

  • prm2012 says:

    Get rid of O’s Admin. and fix the health care that is hanging by a thread, that will
    make a big difference. Put Obama and company out of the white house, Government all together. Put someone in charge that has we the people in mind and not BIG Government. Also get rid of all those liffers in office, nothing but liars, lie to get elected and make excuses blame the other party. Just get rid of all of them and start a new, and don’t let it get to this point again.
    Term limits for all politicans, and supreme court justice’s have term limits as well
    no reason to put them for life.

    1. unique says:

      The Secret Service has been trying, to get rid of the Obamas.

      1. prm2012 says:

        Soon I hope, we sure don’t need him, we could loch Biden in a cage until new election.

      2. Bob2002 says:

        First I heard of this. Oh, by the way, Barney Frank retired from the House of Representatives at the end of 2012, Chris Dodd retired from the Senate on January 2nd, 2011 (last day he could draw his salary).

        1. richardjf says:

          Now he get his retirement pension which I believe is 100% as a Senator. No doubt he gets S.S. plus other pension for other no show jobs he had.

  • Robert Pescatore says:

    Dodd is just another liar like Democrats before him.

    1. Randall Villar says:

      If it was so great in the “original form” and was votes yes to then why didn’t they READ it first instead of passing it on the word of a California politician who said “we have to pass it to see whats in it” all 2500 pages I think?

    2. Blas Taon says:

      Lying become more honorable than to tell the simple truth. O’ you king who hearken lies, you
      make your people become who you are. Open the eyes of your heart and repent and believe
      that there is more supreme that who we are.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      and after getting “favorable loans” from Coutrywide and a Cottage in Ireland he now works in HOLLYWEIRD land!

  • greyhound44 says:

    Save the USA: CLOSE Harvard and Yale Law Schools!!

    1. anglelou says:

      I watched “Water’s World” when he interviewed Harvard Students who all thought America was the cause of ISIS! Many don’t even have a fundamental understanding of our Constitution, laws, founding fathers much less Patriotism. Its so sad.

    2. The Redhawk says:


  • greyhound44 says:

    If you believe this idiot, you are crazier than Insane Hussein and her entire ship of fools!!!

  • edgineer says:

    Dodd and Frank should go to prison for what they did to the economy in 2008.

    1. anglelou says:

      Obviously if you are a politicians you escape ALL responsibility and penalties…i.e. Dirty Harry, Pelosi, Sen Feinstein (Both she and Pelosi gave Govn’t contracts to husbands,Hitlery Clinton and Slick Willie (Vince Foster and 56 other deaths of bodyguards and associates) -Eric Holder (non justice and Fast and Furious), Benghazie, the IRS = the list is ltoo list.

      1. ydonya says:

        Good post.

      2. MIKE BOCCA says:

        You hit that one on the head, but don’t forget the Furer Obama

    2. Wynn D'rais says:

      It’s hard to imagine how those two chuckleheads, Todd/Frank got elected in the first place. Ron White was right you can’t fix stupid.

    3. The redhawk says:

      They would look so GOOD IN ORANGE SUITS and Becoming someone’s “MARY”

      1. edgineer says:

        They already are “Mary”. To really punish them they should be confined in a women’s prison.

        1. The redhawk says:

          WOW… YOU are SO right!! It will drive them to be TRANNIES…. Confused… Even More Deranged and Begging for “BUBBA”

      2. richardjf says:

        They don’t go to our kind of prison theirs is a resort with visitation an menus at every meal.. The list goes on sad to say.
        Your point is well taken.

    4. richardjf says:

      Barney would love prison but where these congressman go is a resort compared to prison.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        But in his case he’ll be made to “SERVICE” a DYKE…..It would be JUSTICE

        1. richardjf says:

          yes that would. lol

          1. The Redhawk says:

            well I can think of two off the bat… SHIL-LIER-RY and Huma or may be ever Valerie?

  • james urban says:

    but he voted along with all the DEMOCRAPS/DEMOCROOKS fot the healthcare bill.

  • james urban says:

    here is another piece of crap that headed with BARNEY HOMO FRANKS the housing debacle that none of these guys have gone to jail over. He was the primary reason for the housing crash and became wealthy because of it

    1. Steven Webster says:

      James, absolutely more than any other.

    2. The redhawk says:

      Not a “PIECE” of Crap… he is the FULL LOAF of CRAP!

    3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

      Are you referring to the honorable bawny fwank and cwissy dood who had a call boy service in his basement?

  • edgineer says:

    He should be retiring to a prison cell.

    1. dick1935 says:

      Just like Barry Soetoro and his live in queer of a Wife. Barry is a Fornicator actually the fornicator in charge along with all his cohorts in crime.

      1. edgineer says:

        Joan Rivers revealed the truth a few weeks before she died. She stated on camera that all of Hollywood knew that BO was homosexual and Michelle was transgender. I saw the video, and totally believe her statement.

        1. Bob2002 says:

          Perhaps, BHO or his friends are responsible for Joan Rivers’ death. Maybe an investigation is in order.

          1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

            Why investigate? with this corrupt government (both D’generates and Rinos) you will never get an honest answer. They have been investiging obvious violations by the TRAMP for 6 years and in the end she will skate. They haqve her lying on video and she denies the lies the media and Hillary Supporters = Clueless Imbeciles = Her Adoring Little Butt Gerbils refuse to admit that she has done anything wrong.
            .As long as the gerbils can get thier “free stuff” the TRAMP can walk on water.

          2. Bob2002 says:

            I can not agree with you more. Just today, the FBI Director caved to Obama, the crooked Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton and dismissed all charges against this lying, crooked, and incompetent, witch. This speaks very low for the FBI and how can we have confidence that they will conduct investigations without bias? Comey should resign immediately and let someone else try to get the FBI to where the American public can have trust in them again. This was a fixed case from the beginning. The answer is to elect Donald Trump this year so he can begin to get the confidence back in our government.

    2. Kent2012 says:

      a better location would be “Peaceful Acres Cemetery”

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