Holt faces criticism over how he moderated first presidential debate

by FOXNews.com
September 27, 2016

Republicans and some celebrities weren’t pleased with NBC’s Lester Holt after the first presidential debate Monday, criticizing him of letting Hillary Clinton off the hook, while pressing Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign wasn’t particularly happy with Holt as the moderator, tweeting after the debate was over that he didn’t ask Clinton on Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or her emails.

Brent Bozell, president of the conservative media watchdogs Media Research Center tweeted his displeasure with Holt.

“Lester Holt clearly heard cries of his colleagues in the liberal media to be tough on Trump and ease up on Hillary loud and clear,” Bozell said.

Holt also received some negative reviews on Twitter about letting Trump and Clinton go punch-for-punch.

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  • Bob says:

    And here I thought the debate was between 2 candidates and not 3 candidates and a surrogate for one. But, after they way the debates have gone for at least the last 5 cycles, what else could you expect? All you can say is he was better than Gwen Ifill.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    I tried to warn Trump that Hillary would be given the sugar-coated questions and he would get the hard questions. And sure enough I watched that very thing take place during the”Debate”.

  • Tiger says:

    I vaguely remember the GOP saying no more liberal moderators who take our candidates down the road like they did Romney. So what do they do the same ole same ole. Even go so far as to put that ole liberal Chris Wallace to represent the only so called conservative. That is like replacing a Rabbi with Hitler.

    Trump better get it in one bucket and fast. Cut the agreeing with this witch, stop with the head bobbing at what she says, she stole how many talking points form Trump? Hit her and hit her hard. Hit her in the gut until she bends over and falls out. No woman card, Margaret Thatcher never played one, Queen Elizabeth darn sure doesn’t play one and no great woman in history played it. Get off it America, get over it, any woman playing with the boys ought to be treated the same.

    When I was growing-up I played hardball with the boys. I took a lot of gaff until I proved I was better than they were. I get called filthy names on the net. You think any of those people care if I am a woman and I am playing hardball again and don’t expect any “Special Treatment.”

    Slam that witch up aside her wobbly head Trump.

    1. Janis Love says:

      Loved everything you said. Your good.

      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you I have a memory like an elephant men don’t like that. LOLOL

      2. Tiger says:

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  • Karll says:

    We knew the “moderator” would try biased tricks, and I thought Trump shut down holt pretty well.
    Trump was genuine, while the sow was a robot with a “pleasant”
    expression plastered on her face as she lied incessantly.

  • Kevin Leclerc says:

    See, I Thought It Was Just Me, I didn’t want to be biased but I Thought Lester Played The Heavy on Trump !!! I watched it again and I Still came to the Same Conclusion. Lester went way, way too Easy on Clinton !!! The Corporate Media Insists on Doing it Their Way… The George Soros way !!! Which is The Satanic Way !!!………………. REAL NEWS FLASH : ” THERE ARE NO PILLOWS IN HELL MY FRIENDS ” !!!

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