House Republicans derail impeachment effort against IRS commissioner

Republican leaders managed to derail impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on Tuesday, forcing the debate back to a committee for more study, where it will die when Congress adjourns at the end of this year.

It was a quiet end to a saga that had bedeviled GOP leaders for more than a year, dating back to revelations that Mr. Koskinen misled a congressional investigation looking into the tea party-targeting scandal and former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner’s lost emails.

Conservatives had been agitating for impeachment, saying Mr. Koskinen should be punished for defying a subpoena and providing inaccurate information.

Some Republicans sought a lesser penalty, such as censure, while Democrats said the entire impeachment drive was misdirected. Those two sides joined forces Tuesday in a 342-72 vote that sent the debate back to the Judiciary Committee.

“Members have different opinions about what to do,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the committee, as he asked lawmakers to give him a chance to sort things out.

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  • justinwachin says:

    President Trump should fire this guy and all others who participated in this agency’s abuses during the Obama administration. While that doesn’t give this guy the impeachment he deserves it at least will get him off the government payroll and out of the IRS.

  • maxx says:

    House Republican leaders (aka GOP Rino;s like Paul Ryan) are already playing the betrayal game that cost them the W.H. to the outsider Donald Trump. The anti-GOP movement had better start working now to rid he Republican party of Rino’s or get rid of the Republican Party of traitors altogether.

  • Netencho says:

    And you wonder why the people don’t trust the government, they all cover their asses, with a bunch of Sewer Crap, and bullshit. This bullshit if over… nothing will be done, Republicans still full of swamp trash,
    Obama’s buddies, just glad I only have five to six more year in this life, than I will laughing my ass off from above… seeing all this ass holes families get raped and asses busted by the Islamist.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      HA, HA, HA……………………., GREAT, I LUV IT, HA, HA, ……………………

    2. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

      But we the people again voted for the pieces of s$$t n again they do what they want. I hope Trump has the power to fire the irs garbage.

      1. Netencho says:

        What do you mean WE…. you have a mouse in you pocket?? I put the word out as much as I could…but…seems we still have some that keep on voting for the same sewer crap, hoping things will change. Some people just never learn, they stay dumb, cause they don’t want change.
        The power is there…. the want and will is there, but it takes US the PEOPLE…. to make the change, pressure, emails, phone calls, letters, to our governors, senators, and yes the President too, his only human, and puts his pants on… the same as everyone else…. one leg at a time.
        Mr. Trump is smart…he will make the change, but still he needs our support to accomplish such. For sure… something a lot of people don’t know…. he is not….like any other president…. and will be fighting the whole world, not just here, but from what I’ve seen… the whole world is behind him. Election day and night… we had the whole world in prayer… Europe, Israel, India, China, Korea, really the whole universe for him to win.
        Me… I already knew he would… and kept on telling the people on my post…to Keep Faith and the True God, and His Son, Christ Jesus, AMEN!

        1. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

          I have faith the good Lord gave us a man that loves America as much as I and we do. God bless and a very Merry Christmas

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The party of one up to their tricks again! This POS has probably cut most all these politicians a lot of slack!

    1. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

      They should put all their names out there so we can see again how we were stupid to vote again for the pieces of do nothing ass kissers or they r afraid not getting their big tax breaks. All pos.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I don’t believe half of these so called above the law B-TARDS pay any taxes!! Our Gov. is what’s wrong with our country, and it’s called GREED!!

  • Ron Long says:

    I had hoped that Congress had found some balls during this last election. Apparently not. Support the Convention of States to amend the Constitution with term limits. It is the only way to get rid of these do nothing assholes.

    1. maxx says:

      The people most afraid of an Article V Convention of States, corrupt politicians, are the ones using the “scare tactics” and lies about such a convention. The Founders were well aware of the affinity of politicians to become corrupt. That is why they created the Article V as an action of last resort that allows “we the people” to rein in a rogue government. Now that Trump will be president they are assuming the people will forget about what they tried to pull. People, please push your state legislators to demand a Convention of States. If they refuse, and many will, they need to be un-elected. That is the only way “term limits” will ever become a reality.

  • Ron says:

    Proof the “Good Ole Boy” system is still alive and well in Washington…pray Mr Trump can clean this up!!

  • Carol Butler says:


  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Exactly the sort of betrayal we’ve come to expect from Paul Ryan. He’s got to go. As for the demoncrats, they’d sell their own mother if they thought they could personally gain from it.

    1. maxx says:

      Sadly, the people of Wisconsin in his district are just plain “stupid” when it comes to Ryan. He has been a leading Rino his entire career so I must assume all the democrats vote to keep him in office.

  • teaman says:

    RINO’s at it again!!!!! This guy is crooked!!

  • Ken says says:

    Don’t waste millions on impeachment and millions more keeping him at a 5star prison. He can be fired next month if he is not smart enough to resign before 1/20/17 – he can get on Obozo’s back with the rest of the ilk and ride off into the sunset with a rainbow created from all of their tears.

    1. ABO says:

      You’ve certainly made a valid point there Ken says. Thanks for your input.

    2. maxx says:

      Lois Lerner was also just an appointed employee as you seem to be intimating about Koskenin. Why couldn’t or didn’t Congress fire her? She walked away with a full pension and benefits despite lying to Congress repeatedly and taking the fifth, which can be legally defined as admitting guilt.

  • Helga miller says:

    Just as expected by these gutless wonders! This swamp needs to be drained!

  • parthenon1 says:

    WRONG MOVE ! This skin-headed arrogant slime ball should be in prison not government . . . .but I believe after inauguration he will be looking for another job. . . hopefully in another country !

    1. gvette says:

      Now you know why we’ll never see term limits on the rubble in congress.

      1. parthenon1 says:

        I believe we will see term limits too many Americans are beginning to see the cost of career federal elected officials. are you aware of the on going effort to get a Constitutional convention set in the not too distant future so far more than half of the states have ratified it we only need I think 60% to force the effort.

        1. gvette says:

          Yes I am aware. That’s what it would take, to make the change.

        2. Ron Long says:

          It is a Convention of States, not a Constitutional Convention.

          1. parthenon1 says:

            Well yes, for you younger folks but when we first started to work on this it was called a Constitutional Convention because it takes a majority of the states to ratify the effort and it would require an amendment to the Constitution. What ever it is called at any time it is what is needed to square away the elected officials especially McConnell to allow it to go through congress and the rest of the elected officials to be afraid enough of the people to move it along.

      2. parthenon1 says:

        Also to continue this man is appointed and can be fired he is not elected.

        1. gvette says:

          I know he’s not elected, but the assholes in congress are!

          1. parthenon1 says:

            We the people arent elected and in spite of all elected fed office holders think we are the boss and they can be removed from their positions in government other than senator or congress by other senators and house members if they feel the heat of the fire from the people !

          2. gvette says:

            I guess you haven’t caught on yet. Once they are elected, they don’t much care about you, or me.

          3. parthenon1 says:

            I guess i’m not being clear, the senators and house members are not (easily) removed except at election time but the department heads who are appointed or hired can be if the elected individual has enough heat put on them and today social media is a very easy to apply heat!

          4. gvette says:

            I’m one of those that still picks up the phone, and calls!

          5. Genevievehkinlaw says:

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    2. maxx says:

      This is Paul Ryan and the Rino’s already showing their colors. They will continue to betray conservatives until they are all removed from Congress.

  • RedStateRightie2017 says:

    RINO Quislings, all of you!

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