How many people have died under suspicious circumstances while working for the Clintons?

Controversy has surrounded the Clinton family for decades now. Whether its sex scandals, war crimes or financial shadiness, the family seems generally corrupt by all accounts.

But perhaps the eeriest realization surrounding the Clintons is the staggering amount of those who have worked closely with them dying under mysterious — even suspicious — circumstances. Much like holistic health doctors who threatened to expose Big Pharma, there are too many red flags to discredit these untimely deaths as mere coincidences.

Starting in the early 1990s, many people who could potentially unveil secrets about the family have wound up dead. From James McDougal, Hillary’s convicted partner at Whitewater, to Suzanne Coleman, the pregnant woman who was rumored to have had an affair with Bill, many people who cross the Clintons or do anything that could potentially ruin their reputations end up dying in peculiar ways.

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  • joe katona says:

    47 from whitewater and 2 more now .1 in hosp.. the other in jail..but they r clintons they can get away with murder…gay obamas tranny is divorcing him because bi hillery and gay obama took a plane ride for ovr an hour in A.F.1…cost –$206k..of taxpayers money..they werent playing bingo..they r lovers..

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    If any average American who wasn’t a Democrap, tried to get away with 1/100th of what the Clintongs or their cronies have gotten away with, their sentence would be 200 lifetimes.

  • Gail Soldato says:

    Odumbo has a kill list also so……………………….

  • Wayne Thorson says:

    I would hope that the Clinton’s have enough evidence now to sue for defamation of character. How can some people make such terrible accusations and there is no evidence to back it up. Ever since Bill was accused of murdering that Foster back in the 90’s the Republicans have fabricated so many allegations and gotten by with it.

  • Jose says:

    Only those that are so blind not to see the forest for the trees will vote for hrc.

  • snowyriver says:

    Need a head count ?? Simple just google this – – “Clinton dead pool-nachumlist”
    It is a real eye opener.

  • survivor33 says:

    Should be a printed list of everyone who has worked for the Clintons OR/AND had an affair with slick willy OR/AND who he has raped and all the women Hitler-y has threatened or paid off and then mark off the ones that have died under suspicious circumstances. I’m guessing about half.

  • champion2211 says:

    They don’t have a decent reputation. It all surrounds it self with death. They might not have done the murders them selves but have paid to have those removed. You get to close and die. You talk about criminal? It is them for sure. Even the young girls that want to talk about Bill raping them is when Hillary steps in to threaten them, ruin them or possibly something else. Now watch it with the murderer that they contracted would stand up a crime family would bite the dust and save America a lot of sorrow. Even though if they gave him immunity it would still be a loss of yet another crime family. We the people of America needs this to happen to help America heal.

  • LaRae Bailey says:

    That bitch will finish the destruction Obama has been working so hard at for the last seven years, and the American people are so ignorant they are going to help her do it. There should be an intelligence test before you can vote. ..

    1. plum82 says:

      AMEN to that……….IF elected you can take it to the bank…….

  • ADRoberts says:

    I printed out a list of over 160 dead, with names, dates and locations and details who died. And all of them were suspicious. Apparently, this corrupt couple have sufficient fear of those who “brown shirt” for them that they can get away with anything, including hiding their corrupt fund raising for their Clinton Foundation by using an unsecured email that the government did not have a claim to for “government records”.

    1. plum82 says:

      Where? I want to see it…..

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Look it up. My copy is in a stack or box since I moved about 8 months ago and haven’t recovered yet.
        You don’t believe me, do you. Fine. Some day, I will find it and type the names. Then you can deny it again.

        1. plum82 says:

          Oh I believe you…….I just would like to read it……………

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Wish I could find it. Can’t even find all my tools yet. And it has been 8 months. What you get when you move after 42 years in one place.

  • Ron says:

    The Clinton’s have had more people killed than some terrorists. We need to ban the Clintons.

  • 7Faithful1 says:

    The only people that can conceivably vote for a Clinton would have to be so crooked themselves that they see nothing wrong with dishonesty. I know people who would quickly return a dollar that was given in error; but there are those who would keep the dollar and say “Finally someone has made a mistake in MY favor.” Only the latter would vote for Hillary.

    1. SomewhereInMT says:

      Actually the peeps who vote for HRC are braindead, brainwashed useful idiots, voting like zombies with an inability to connect the dots.

      1. 7Faithful1 says:

        I can believe that.

      2. Elessar says:

        Sadly, that describes a few of my “relatives” perfectly.

        1. plum82 says:

          hahahaha really?

          1. Elessar says:

            An Aunt especially, she’s decided to shun us even though her sister (my mother) has a serious medical condition! My family has helped her in many ways because she is disabled, but we usually only get an earful of negativity in return, she’s a typical Liberal!

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    Vote for Hillary so she can trash you why while she digs for more gold.

  • justinwachin says:

    There are no coincidences with the Clintons. Their “coincidences” are nothing more than efforts to con the gullible.

  • climate3 says:

    You people are psychotic. The Clinton death list? That’s sooo 1990s. lol

    1. democrat CockRoach says:

      It was going on then too.

    2. Papa Bear says:

      Was going on WAY before the Clintons with LBJ being at the top of that class by a long shot.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    now there are those who want to add the death of a country to their list.
    what is wrong with these ignorant ,feeble minded morons who clap with her.
    I don’t get it .it boggles my mind.

    1. plum82 says:

      BOGGLES mine toooooo. un-be-live-able……..

  • Sal Belardo says:

    By my estimation the body count was 10-15 people that committed suicide or died under mysterious circumstances! That is scary! But I still believe that Hillary is the Lying Scumbag of America! I have been saying that since she murdered 4 Americans in Benghaze!

    1. What's Up? says:

      One of the suicides was a 14 year old boy who got too close to Mena. He stabbed himself in the back.

    2. Papa Bear says:

      As cunning as the Clinton’s have been, they are still no match for the at least 35-40 that LBJ had “taken care of” on his way to the White House including John Kennedy. The Kennedy’s may have been less than honest about what they got involved in but didn’t go around killing off people just to cover their asses or for political gain. Keep in mind that there is no statute of limitations on murder so one could hope that someday the truth about a lot of those murders may still come to light and perhaps, just perhaps the actual perpetrators and masterminds behind them will still be around to pay the price for their deeds. One comforting thought is that all of the perpetrators and masterminds either already have or will someday have to answer to their Maker for what they did regardless of their reasoning behind their actions.

  • dumbvet says:

    If I had to be around Hillbilly I would kill myself!

    1. William Duncan says:

      Now that would be a waste of a good person……………..

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    The bigger question is, who is doing this “service” for the Clintons, how do they get their “contracts” who are the “bag men”
    Is this happening through some organization that either works for the Clintons, is controlled by the Clintons, or in fact is in control of the Clintons?
    Is George Soros the guy who is really running the show, or is it some foreign government of Islamic origin? or would that just be a bit player?
    Perhaps it is Soros who is the “Mafia Don” and the Clintons are just captains in this “Mafia Family” Questions, nothing but Questions?????????

    1. Dan says:

      They use an elaborate team of “buffers” to keep them far enough away from the facts, and those committing the dirty deeds, thus appearing that they’re innocent and they know nothing.

      1. pappy450 says:

        Kind of sounds like OSCUMBAG. “I didn’t know ANYTHING ABOUT IT UNTIL I READ IT IN THE PAPER” (or saw it on the news) Standard LIBERAL dodge.

      2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        “buffers, or right, he’s got a lot of buffers,” that’s a line from the God Father movie.

      3. plum82 says:

        ABSOLUTELY………..scum bags, crooks, thieves…..OHH I forgot LIARS……..

    2. dmttbt says:

      It would make no difference. One is as guilty as the other. They don’t have to hire people to do things, they say do it and it better be done. Bill has been allegedly running drugs into Arkansas for many years.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        I have heard about that drug thing too, interesting that he gets away with it.

        1. bert shaw says:

          OBOZZO is a coke whore, go back and watch all his speeches, you’ll notice some times his lips are blue, hes on coke. That was told by one of his old collage friends who used to do coke with him

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            He may have been a coke freak back then, but that is not why his lips turn blue now.
            When a person dies, their lips turn blue. So, Obama is really a Zombie, and Michelle, or, Michael is really a voodoo priestess, or priest.

          2. plum82 says:

            hahahaHA LMAO………

      2. What's Up? says:

        His own brother said Bill has a nose like a vacuum. That is probably why he would never release his medical records.

        1. plum82 says:

          NO DOUBT…………

    3. plum82 says:

      George Soros…….for one I gather…….PLUS a lot of other POS out there…..I wonder if they WANT to live the muslim way? Sheria, NO PIGS, their way or instead of the highway, the guillotine……OFF WITH YOUR HEAD………

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        I think it’s Soros too.

  • FAITH47 says:


  • Gary Smith says:

    If you tell the truth about them something happens to you

    1. William Duncan says:

      Yea, it is best you keep your mouth shut for your own good…………

    2. What's Up? says:

      I wonder if the poor guy they arrested for “the video” is still in jail.

    3. plum82 says:

      OH OH……….look out What’s Up………….

  • Dan says:

    It’s relatively easy to identify character in an individual. The Clintons give off an aura that reeks of dishonesty, deceit and hate. Pay attention when they speak, how could anyone believe these people?

    1. Cleverfun says:

      Hey Dan, like the new avatar… check mine out!

    2. What's Up? says:

      Can you imagine Bill prowling the halls looking for interns>

      1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

        The kennedy’s were nearly as bad

        1. plum82 says:

          OMG John Kennedy was a real womanizer AND had a real prudish wife (I think)….anyway too bad about John Jr……..that was unbelievable…….

          1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

            John Jr was taken by the Kennedy arrogance. Mans Laws do not apply to the Kennedys, John Jr’s mistake was he tried to apply that axiom to the laws of nature and the laws of nature do not yield to the Kennedy afluency.

          2. plum82 says:

            NO LAWS apply to the scummy Clinton POS………

          3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

            jackie kennedy prudish? are you talking about the same woman who turned her head when mm and other hollywood celebs stayed overnight in the WHite house and had nude pool parties? The same jackie kennedy sold her ass to Onasis when she signed a limited (not a no beddy time) bedding pre nup with Onasis. in return for millions when he kicked off.

          4. plum82 says:

            OOPS…………wellllllll maybe I meant she just APPEARED that way………………you’re right about the onasis business…..she sold her ass, I agree…

  • rockcut says:

    Pure nonsense and muckraking journalism at its best !!!!

    1. Coldcowboy says:

      Don’t be an AH, open your eyes!

      1. rockcut says:

        My eyes are wide open and I guess I got your open too LOL.,

    2. Freedom Rules says:
      Watch This New Movie Trailer, Coming Out July 2016
      Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party.
      Finally The Truth Exposed !!

      1. rockcut says:

        I did not have to read it for I have researched who make it and here take a taste:

        Oh, for the days when Dinesh D’Souza was just a self-righteous neoconservative scribe. In recent years, he has re-branded himself as a documentary filmmaker, and in the process he has become something even more outlandish: a right-wing conspiracy wingnut, the kind of “thinker” who takes off from Barack Obama birther theories and just keeps going, spinning out a web of comic-book liberal evil. D’Souza’s new film, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” might be described as propaganda that shades off into paranoia. It asserts that the Democratic Party was single-handedly responsible for slavery, the genocidal killing of Native Americans, the Ku Klux Klan, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. And D’Souza is just getting started. By the time he reaches Hillary Clinton, his twisted psychoanalysis — Hillary welcomed Bill’s womanizing because it allowed her to control him! — begins to sound like the ravings of a cult believer. The disquieting thing is that in 2016, “Hillary’s America” could turn out to be just seething and ahistorical enough to be another preaching-to-the-pitchfork-choir D’Souza hit.

    3. plum82 says:

      dream on pal……..dream on…………kinda stupid aren’t ya’?

      1. rockcut says:

        you are far more likely being one that may be stupid if you defend this muckraking journalism. It is like the pot calling the kettle black. I like to stay in reality.

        1. plum82 says:

          Well dude…IF that POS hitlery gets elected, I hope you are delighted to see this country go down the dumper AND I hope you love sharia law for the females you love……….

          1. rockcut says:

            First, I suggest you see a doctor, your post shows you are in some form of unreal panic attack lashing out with claims that are unreal and don’t come close to facts. Our country, that I love and served with honor for 22 years is not going into the dumper no matter who becomes president. Also, sharia law is not and never will be the law of the USA. Take a few breaths, and calm down !

          2. plum82 says:

            First, I love this country as much as you do…my husband gave up FIVE years of his life fighting for this country in WW2…he slept in a fox hole in the snow w/his army buddy…He received a Silver Star for demining a mine field…so don’t lecture me on anything concerning this country…I’ve been around A LONG time AND have seen things that I would NEVER EVER would have believed would happen BUT they have…there is more skullduggery going on in this country (george soros)….WHY do you think the scum bag Clintons have gotten where they are? They stole from OUR White House when they left, billy boy got a blow job under the presidential desk, hitlery is a mean miserable POS…ask some of the secret service men that guard the bitch…..wise up…don’t be so sure nothing bad will happen….first, we’ll see if the morons vote that POS in office……Trump may not be perfect but I bet he won’t steal anything when & if he leaves the W.H… on it…how many muslim enclaves do you think are already ensconsed in this country? Those basturds move in, take over AND want YOU to leave them alone…….get your head out of your ass……..

          3. rockcut says:

            Well, let me tell you something. I served this country for 22 years in the military including one war. Enough said …I do not feel compelled to address your other points. They are meaningless ranting.

          4. plum82 says:

            yadda yadda yadda fuck you ……………

          5. rockcut says:

            Your reply shows me I put your in your place !!!!!!

          6. plum82 says:

            Nice sentence…….shows your mentality

          7. rockcut says:

            Is that all You got?? Game over ! You lose.

          8. plum82 says:

            Woooooooooo you’re UGLY to boot………………

          9. rockcut says:

            Your comment show how desperate you are and I am laughing my ass off since once again I know how small you are with your’er personal insults. Game over, over LOL,

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Does this surprise anyone? They may be tricky enough to get away with this, but they’ll never escape God’s wrath.

    1. plum82 says:

      Absolutely BUT not soon enuff…………

  • plum82 says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm some of us kno what a POS she is……liar, thief, crook, BUT there are stupid ignorant people out there that would vote for hitler were he alive and running for president…….FOOLS, they will be sorry if they put her in office……..

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      My brother is one of those. I believe that if she stood and admitted to guilt in every instance and ended with, “vote for me” he would still vote for her. He is truly a dyed in the wool Democrat. (He is still blaming Bush and even Regan for the muzzie’s failures!)

      1. dmttbt says:

        That shows that those who are staunch democrat or republican are also ignorant of almost everything that makes sense. We work we pay taxes. The govt spends more money than the tax payers will ever be able to pay. What part of that makes sense??

      2. actor44 says:

        The marker found on the D.N.A. of the Progressive,Socialist,Liberal, ect. has been determined to be a defect. Birth Defect ! This would explain the rejection of facts,reason ,ect. Their boasts of ‘ shining jewel ‘ for the world to wounder at of Liberal achievement ,and I remember these words well., is Detroit ! They slaughtered 260 million people in a 70 years span of the 20th. century and never change their facial expression when confronted with this absolute fact .

      3. plum82 says:

        HARD to believe ain’t it ? my my my…… almost everyone a moron? Don’t they care that she STOLE from the Whiote House?

        1. Duke-Jinx says:

          Part of what She stole… The china… Belongs To Us, The American People !!

          Now is that LOW or what ??

          1. What's Up? says:

            The silver and the gifts that were supposed to stay at the WH. Then they sabotaged the computers.

          2. Duke-Jinx says:

            Rite !! And when questioned about them Hillary said “Nope, we got those before we moved here” Easily proved to be a 12 cent Lie.

            “After they were criticized for taking $190,000 worth of china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts with them when they left, the Clintons announced last week that they would pay for $86,000 worth of gifts, or nearly half the amount.”

            “Their latest decision to send back $28,000 in gifts brings to $114,000 the value of items the Clintons have either decided to pay for or return.”

          3. What's Up? says:

            They are worse than disgusting. Hillary says she is for women while she destroys every woman that accuses Bill of sexual misconduct

      4. Tor293 says:

        Terry, so was I. But since the days of the draft dodging coward “Willie the Weasel” I have not and will not on any level vote for a Democrat again. It’s time your brother wakes up and smells the bullshit these useless parasites are throwing at us for the last 16 out of 24 years!!

    2. dmttbt says:

      The way you keep people from voting for socialist communist candidates is, remind them they will have to stand in line for the hand outs. They hate standing in lines.

    3. Robo-pro says:

      Don’t fool yourself. The idiots that’s gonna vote for her want the country destroyed. It’s their purpose for existing. TRUMP-PENCE,, BUILD THAT FENCE. 2016

      1. plum82 says:

        TRUE TRUE & TRUE……..

        1. Joann Wright says:

          <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be197p:….,….

    4. Joan Freda says:

      No darling….we will ALL be sorry!

      1. plum82 says:

        YES, ALL and VERY SORRY at that…………goodbye USA.

    5. ADRoberts says:

      1. Vested interest.
      2. Fear for their lives.

      Very similar to those who back and cover for muslims.

    6. Tor293 says:

      Plum, your 100% right! They don’t have enough brains not to vote for her, but they will regret it when it’s too late. The other problem that more than likely received their orders from Obama and the Clinton’s ten minutes after she announced she was running is the Electoral Collage. They have the last say as to who won the election, so just like the last two that put the Anti American Muslim in office she’ll be the next “most disastrous history making mistake” in the history of America and we’ll just sit back, let it happen and suffer the consequences!!

      1. plum82 says:

        TOR we are on the same page…what you just said I would have said…I’m OLD & it won’t make too much difference to me BUT I greatly fear for my family & yours….MAYBE IF Trump were to be president AND w/his cabinet, things might change…t’will be INTERESTING to see don’t ‘ya think?…BTW, I live in a suburb of Cleveland….WHEEEE that should be interesting……grew up in Cleveland, worked for Brinks, Inc for years, met my husband there…he picked up & dispersed the money BUT never brought any home…DAMN…….Brinks is located right in the middle of the coming mess altho it appears they have a hold on it, barricades, etc…I sincerely hope everything goes smoothly ~~~~~~I hate those slimy muslims w/a passion….Megan Kelly has a couple of good ones on occasionally and the ones that DO NOT want to change us to their way of life are ok BUT sharia & black garbed nit wits……..FORGET THAT BULLSHIT ~~~~~~~

        1. Tor293 says:

          Plum, are we both from the “silent generation”? A generation who would have never let this happen in our day. I hope you and your family do not have any problems in your area, be safe. All the racial problems we are having now are thanks to the instigation’s from obama, sharpton, jackson and the rest of these slime, who have destroyed everything MLK gave his life for. If the people just stopped to think that none of this will help them escape what’s happening to Our Country right now and “God Help Us” when Hil-LIAR-ry buys her way in.
          P.S. good thing hubby never brought any xtra cash home huh, LOL.

          1. plum82 says:

            Do these democratic voters NOT KNO anything about the Clintons & their shenanigans? Blow jobs under the presidential desk, thievery from the White House, etc etc etc, I could go on & on PLUS mysterious deaths…I was convinced Vince Foster was murdered BUT I read an article that made me question that….supposedly he was in a good mood going home AND who shoots themselves in the head & then throws the gun down the hill….I googled quite a bit on hitlery & oblamo……well it will really be interesting to see what goes on in Cleveland….they put up new barriers after the latest tragedy…… daughter lives in upper New York state & my 2 sons live & work out here sooooo no worry UNLESS one of those slimeballs venture out this way………nice talking to you……have a good one & possibly we’ll talk again after OR during the NRC……

          2. SickoftheBS says:

            They have to know, they just don’t care. As long as they get their handouts or payment for their vote. It has always been said we were in trouble when the people on welfare outnumbered the people that work, I think we are there or at least they outnumber the people that work and vote. I can only surmise that in past elections the GOP did not go out of their way to offer a good candidate and we ended up with people like McCain and Romney. This time the people gave the GOP the candidate and told them what would happen if they did not support the Conservative Candidate of the People.
            This time we have a chance.

          3. Tor293 says:

            Plum, it was a pleasure chattin with you, look forward to it again. If you can see my e-mail in the header and would like to send an E by all means do so. Take care.

    7. Ray Saxe says:

      wont happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. plum82 says:

        You sure ?????????? I’m NOT……..

    8. PKAYE says:

      Problem is when stupid, uninformed people vote for Obama / OLiar and Crooked, Lying Hillary is that the rest of us suffer under their “rule”. Also because stupid Repubs stay home and don’t go vote against them because they don’t like who the Repub candidate is !! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN. It is not smart. The soul and core of America is in the balance. Get over your issues with Trump and get to the polls and vote for him. If you stay home and don’t vote, you are handing the votes and Presidency to Comrade Hillary and giving up your country.

      1. plum82 says:

        A LOT out there unfortunately………PLUS appears there’s a LOT of skullduggery behind the scenes….way too many factors involved to contemplate……….crooked polls, etc etc etc……..they need a more secure way to make sure it’s YOU & not some POS…….finger print maybe ? There always has been and always will be crooks & thieves out there……I never knew that ilk was in the White House……

      2. Miriam Farnum says:

        I could slap people who say they will just stay home or write in Mickey Mouse. They can’t get it thru their thick skull they are handing the vote to someone else. The other thing that infuriates me are the people who say, “They get what they vote for…..” B*LL SH*T…. we get what THEY vote for too. Hear it all the time when someone says we got what we voted for with obama. I never voted for him. I would pee on him if he was on fire. And just because I hate his guts does not mean I’m racist because I hate his white side even more than he does himself. I’d have voted for a black if there had been a ‘decent’ one running. I still would.

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