James Comey says Hillary Clinton not ‘sophisticated enough’ to understand classified markings

by Stephan Dinan
July 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton wasn’t “sophisticated enough” to know she was risking national security when she sent and received classified information, so it was impossible to make a criminal case against her, FBI Director James B. Comey told Congress on Thursday.

He said Mrs. Clinton, the former State Department secretary and now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was briefed on the State Department’s policies but broke them, sending or receiving more than 100 messages that contained information that was confidential at the time she handled it. He also confirmed that she misled voters in her public explanations, and he insisted that she would have faced discipline, including potentially losing her right to see secret information, if she were still a government employee.

But he said his investigators couldn’t find any evidence that Mrs. Clinton intended to break the law, which he said means they couldn’t recommend that she be prosecuted.

“Certainly, she should have known not to send classified information,” Mr. Comey told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “I think she was extremely careless. I think she was negligent. That, I could establish. What we can’t establish is that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.”

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  • joe katona says:


  • gpenglase says:

    If she’s stupid enough to not be aware she was breaking national secrets act then she shouldn’t be in politics of any kind. However, we all know this is bogus and that she is just part of the elite political class for whom there are no legal consequences to their unlawful acts, sponsored and supported at the highest levels to ensure that the country is run the way those in power wish it to be run.

  • John Wirts says:

    If she’s not sophiscated enough to understand document classifications, she’s nowhere sophisticated enough to be president, She is a presiedential candidate and some senators are recommending she be barred form classified briefings! If they do that it is imperative that se be barred from running for president!

  • Gail Soldato says:

    If she wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand classified markings. Then why was she allowed the to read, received and send e-mail? She should not of been selected for the position if she couldn’t or didn’t have the requirements needed to process any type of computer knowledge. Speaks of Odumbo expecting to get paybacks from gun sales to ?????? Kiss ass to get her out of the way so Bill could invite Odumbo to fly on to the Clinton orgies?????? Wonder how Killory handles her grandchildren or if she is allowed to. This woman is insane for power. Is she stable enough for president? According to her people she sometimes gets confused dementia, Alzheimer or mentally unstable? Do you really that in our Presidential Office? We’re finally getting to the end of a 8 yr. cycle with one power hungry narcissist. Do you want to find out what that would be like? She will continue to allow illegal’s into our country and support them on taxpayer backs. She will continue on with most of things that Odumbo started. ObamaCare, can’t call it Affordable Care, it’s not. Our military has more ass kissing commanders that the just agree with any thing he says. He forced the ones to retire out if they disagreed with him. He’s cut the defense budget so much it’s a wonder we have any military at all. She’ll carry on with it. Only we’ll really learn about her toilet mouth and violent temper. Wonder if she’ll get to push the button or turn the key???

  • Gregg Jensen says:

    ” James Comey says Hillary Clinton not ‘sophisticated enough’ to understand classified markings “.

    Impressive!!! Not only is he director of the FIB, he’s a judge, jury, and mind reader. Does he charge extra?

  • Elaine says:

    What?? Not “sophisticated enough to understand classified markings”??? It wasn’t too long ago that she was declared by her worshipers as “The Smartest Woman In The World”. But then, I suppose it could be confusing, coming across a Capital “C” in parentheses at the head of a document … I mean, why would it even occur to her that it stood for “Classified”? I’ll bet she thought it meant “Coffee break”.

  • Ron says:

    Hey Jim. And you are not honest enough to be the director of the FBI.

  • onefour says:

    If she was that unsophisticated why did Congress approve her appointment as Sec of State. Comey is playing us like we are a bunch of idiots. She certainly was sophisticated enough to know that all calls into the WH are recorded and wanted a separate line to go directly into their private area so calls couldn’t be traced.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Clinton knew exactly what she was doing. I’m not the most sophisticated person in the world, but I’m sure I could have figured it out after all the orientation they would have given her on classified material markings. What was her excuse for Bengazi then. That didn’t have anything to do with classified markings, and they established that she was part of negligence there too, all for the sake of politics and an election that was coming up. She let an ambassador die being negligent. Those transcripts should be coming from Congress soon. Hillary Clinton should never have access to national security. In fact, she should be disqualified from being President.

  • jerry young says:

    So I have just one question, if hillary isn’t sophisticated enough to understand classified markings what makes her qualified to be president? I just thought of another question, why would anyone vote for someone who doesn’t posses enough understanding of a simple word like classified?

  • Wilbor Gavin says:

    The FBI director, say’s the smartes woman in the world is to backwoods, stupid and not eleagible to be taught how to handle, secret email, totally untachble.

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    What a hoot. He thinks she’s a typical dumb liberal idiot (the kind that Hillary panders to) and meanwhile she’s a slick lying corrupt lawyer from Chicago.

    He’s just a typical liberal “man” treating women like dumb little idiots and talking them down.

    How funny

  • dmttbt says:

    That is the most stinky load of BS I have ever heard. It must be great though it is coming from highly trained highly educated public servants. I am laughing right now.

  • justinwachin says:

    There’s a lot of people sitting in prison who may have committed a crime without any criminal intent. Are we going to let them go free? It sounds to me like we have a double standard.

    It seems like someone would have had a basic orientation session for the new hires regarding things such as how to handle classified information. If Hillary wasn’t smart enough to understand the classification markings maybe she is too dumb to be president. Hillary was placed in a position of trust and showed that she is not trustworthy. Anyone who would vote for this woman is totally stupid.

  • Holy Joe says:

    And 50% of the current population of the U.S.A. want to put this officially pronounced simpleton women totally in Charge of the entire country ? Her supporters must be the stupidest and dumbest people on earth. She is a self aggrandizing evil knave even on her best behavior, and she will be in charge of the entire U.S. Armed Forces ? A superb liar and prevaricator, there are no terms low enough to describe this woman unless sinking to her own levels of invective.

  • outlawdealer says:

    So ignorance of the law is not an excuse but stupidity is? Only for the Teflon trash I guess.

  • Elizabeth Valentino says:


  • Phil Esposito says:

    Fuck you Comey. What the fuck was she doing in that job if she can’t handle secret docs? And you people want this incompetent bitch to be POTUS? You idiots are brain dead.

  • Sal Belardo says:

    She has been in government for about 30 years! She either really stupid or does not care about following the law! Which one is it?

  • Jose says:

    Maybe hrc should come to Dallas if elected, make it in November as we have nice weather and a very warm welcome for her, P.S. Bring huma and obama so it can be a threesome.

  • sue lenhart says:

    If she’s sophisticated enough to go to college, pass a bar exam, become a lawyer, and practice law, then she is sophisticated enough. Hogwash!

  • carpkiller says:

    Huma is a muslim brotherhood and clinton was never qualified for the job. Hum, who gave them these jobs?Oh thats right, the muslim terrorist in the whitehouse.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    “ignorance is no excuse of the Law” She is too ignorant, narcissistic, evil, mean,money grubbing, uncaring and not sophisticated enough to be Commander in Chief! Her intent was there-to go around Federal Policy, to combine the business with the personal, the foreign donations with the political, she was looking out for herself only. She laughed and partied around the world, drinking, dancing and giving embassies Chevy Volts BUT if they really needed better security they were hung out to be murdered and raped!

  • mort_f says:

    What a total ‘crock of b………t’.

    Multiple private servers Intentionally’ established, with a cast of IT ‘ experts’. All to avoid the paper trail of official channels.

    ” I did not know the gun was loaded, and I am so sorry that I killed you my friend”.

    1. dmttbt says:

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Chuck says:

    Wait. This so called woman has been touted as the “smartest woman on the planet” for many years. Now he is saying she is too stupid to understand marking that even the lowest government employee, and members of the military, know by heart. Then if logic follows, she is too stupid to be President and those that vote for her are too stupid to know why.

    1. dmttbt says:

      The fact that Hillary and supposedly her attorney went through and deleted 52% of the e-mails involved and then had the server scrubbed should be classified as destruction of evidence. Who gets to destroy evidence including scrubbing the server and does not be considered committing a criminal act? Then she went around saying that she had turned over every e-mail they requested, when she still had not turned over all the e-mails. Not even the ones she considered personal e-mails. With that many private e-mails she must have spent most of her time sending and receiving personal e-mails. She is not programed to tell the truth. Did you see where she was giving a speech and read sigh rather than doing a sigh.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Ever since I was old enough to understand I was told that ignorance of the law is no excuse. If I broke a law and did not know that a law against my activities was broken I still broke the law and was liable for punishment.

    According to this a-hole, if I try to pierce a politicians ears with an ’06 and I miss hitting the politician in the forehead I cannot be held responsible cause I did not “INTEND” to kill the same.

    Line up the politicians I’ll bet I can miss the ear lobes 999 out of a thousand tries.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Hog wash. This is a blatant lie. But just in case anyone believes that she did not KNOW she was trying to use equipment for the SOLE purpose of hiding it from the American people and from the Government archives, I have news for you.
    She is NOT smart enough to be president. Maybe a dictator with all of us as slaves. But NOT POTUS.
    NOW you can say CONSPIRACY. Soooooo much to indicate just how many people are working for her. Bill meeting Lynch. Comey declaring there was “NO CRIMINAL INTENT” (try using that argument for ANY other law of the land. You can’t even use that for a traffic violation. IGNORANCE is NO DEFENSE, unless you are CORRUPT)

    So who is next. Maybe Paul Ryan has been promised to be VP? Of maybe just so many are being threatened with DEATH of selves or family that they fall in line and obey the BILDERBERGS.

    I will now say it. How many SECULAR JEWS are going to be part of the ANTICHRIST? Yes, Israel is God’s chosen people. But certainly NOT ALL OF THEM are going to be saved in the last battle. The greed and lust for power by such secular Jews as Rahm Immanuel, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Schultz, the Rothchilds and a hose of other JEWS who have been working against America and FOR their ONE WORLD ORDER, AKA ANTICHRIST, is too great to ignore.
    Who to support? Support the Jews who live in Israel who are hated by these secular Jews, whose lives mean nothing to them, in their quest for CONTROL
    II Chronicles 7:14..

  • GrizzMann says:

    But she is a good Secretary of State. With no intent to obstruct or deceive the FBI or the people of the United States. This is an example of George Orwell’s NEWSPEAK.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Clinton not sophisticated to understand markings? Even grade school students could understand that. Therefore, Hillary Clinton is the most stupid, ignorant, and incompetent liar to handle anything except money. If she is too STUPID to handle those email of hers, how can she handle the complex jobs of a US president? If she is grossly incompetent to handle the jobs of clerks and low level employees, yet she is still too ambitious to be promoted to the Oval Office. She is grossly incompetent, grossly unfit to do any sensitive matters for our national security, willful intent to lie, corrupt, for the sake of fulfilling her ambitions for power and control. America, do you want STUPID INCOMETEPENT LEADER TO RUN OVER YOUR HEADS? That is Hillary Clinton, the crooked habitual LIAR!

    1. Pete Julian says:

      Hell, my neutered cat has more sense than that.

  • annie.o75 says:

    My question. Why is she and Obama. Still alive???? Where are the protests??? Where’s the outrage?????

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      Where’s the frog march out of office/impeachment/trial/conviction and then PUBLIC EXECUTION for their TREASONOUS behaviors, not their incompetence/arrogance/negligence/unsophisticated.
      Where are our military leaders and officers that should be removing these low life aHoles that are domestic enemies and traitors to our Republic, those who wipe their rears with our Constitution and Bill of Rights?
      BO couldn’t have removed them all.

      1. dmttbt says:

        No just the major ones. hen the rest are sitting back quivering under the chain of command. Sometimes those chains are the ones that hold you prisoner.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

          His rules of engagement get them targeted and killed. There has to be a general somewhere that can act on our behalf or even only on the behalf of the Constitution and Republic.
          BO & Hillary need to be reminded that they SERVE US, not rule over us. Congress needs to be reminded they are supposed to represent US, not the lobbyist or their pocketbook.
          None of them are above the Law and Nasty P needs a good swift set of spikes heels in her arse or head when even traffic laws are irrelevant to her.

          Term Limits are a good start to reign in this out of control government!

    2. Anouk says:

      This a good question annie. I was also wondering WHY. We the People are angry, frustrated and betrayed by these liars but what to do to stop this corruption.
      Yes, what should we do?

      1. annie.o75 says:

        Maybe it is time. to get the bikers in Washington wit a few million of. US the voters..and. Tell the world this poisonous person belongs in prison..TIME to clean this witch out. NO MORE CLINTONC. Ever

        1. Anouk says:

          You are so right indeed.

  • annie.o75 says:

    Good news…then WE ALL can do it..and not get charged????? Dumbest thing I ever heard….if she can.e classify e mails…she should be kicked out of the campaign..?.plain and simple….good move. Dems…getting a dumb stupid person running for president…shows how low and stupid the dems. ARE. !!! I BLAME ALL. THE DEMS For this display of ignorance. !! NEVER VOTE. DEMOCRAT. Insane. !!

    1. dmttbt says:

      You can’t say much for the republicans who have let all these crooks do whatever they wanted. Checks and balances is considered if you write a big enough check they will balance out the problems.

  • Son Shine says:

    Colmey has laid out Trump’s plan to fight against HILLARY: LIER, unqualified, Putting our national Security at risk, by using cell phone all over world, all the reasons HILLARY should not be president, but he doesn’t realize she knows exactly what she is doing to keep from being put in jail.
    At first I was furious with his decision, but now I look at it differently. Colmey has proved she is a LIER, not qualified, untrustworthy, Benghazi was prof she lied, skeemed with Obama and got 4 Americans dead. Now Trump and Republican have prof of their dishonesty. If Comey had suggested she be charged, Democrats would have said it was partisan.
    Now Republican thank the two investigations they have proved what we all knew and take this Silver Plater and run with it.
    TRUMP go!!!!!!!!

    1. Holy Joe says:

      James Comey, the neo-Intrepid Director of the Modern FBI – makes us yearn to return to the days of FBI Director Hoover when he controlled all the Politicians with his private and secret personnel/personal files on all the criminal peccadillos and illegal financial crimes of all Congressmen and Senators. Perhaps he was the wisest in those days when everyone believed in the presumed honesty of our always corrupted Government. Now we have an FBI Director who is just simply afraid of losing his salary and pension should he stand up and speak the truth of which he is obviously aware & hinting. The times ? – they have changed for the worst..

  • John Siemens says:

    Not only is she not sophisticated enough to be president, how in the world did the background investigators even grant her the security clearance in the first place? Once again some FBI bureaucrat makes a stupid decision that results in catastrophic results just like Orlando and San Bernardino.

  • Anouk says:

    Hillary Clinton has no right to be president of the United States of America.
    She is very dangerous. We have to stop her now.

    1. Holy Joe says:

      She is beginning to make Obama look honest and competent. and that is a real stretch of the imagination.

  • nancyleecole says:

    If she is not “sophisticated enough” to handle her emails, then she is not “sophisticated enough” to be our President!!!!

    1. annie.o75 says:

      Now they ar also looking into. HUMA…is she a Saudi. Spy???? A terrorist link ??? Looks. like she is and has been…… Trouble for. The USA.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Now you are catching on. Obama has had instructions from the Muslim leaders in the form of valerie Jarrett.
        Clinton will have Huma.
        And for sure, everyone in DC has the Bilderbergs pulling their strings. Why do you suppose that Cruz dropped out when you could have STILL stopped Trump from getting the nomination on the first ballot? For sure, the ELITE wanted to make sure that the FIRST ballot was to be the only ballot.
        The only fly in their ointment is Soros and his plans to totally disrupt the Conventions and prevent ANY nominations at all.

        1. dmttbt says:

          I don’t follow what you are talking about on most of your statement but I do say that trump is the only choice we have. my God can’t people see what is right in front of their face?

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Yes, we see. We see that the situation has been like this for decades. We never really had a choice. Both candidates in all elections since the 50’s with the possible exception of Reagan, were controlled by the elite. TOTALLY
            And what is going on now is the expression of our realization that it is happening again.
            You WILL get it. If Trump does win, the first sign that you have made a horrible mistake will be his nominee to the SCOTUS.
            You had a POOR chance with Ted Cruz. He had a record and they sabotagued him with lies you still believe. HE was the only one who went to DC and kept his promises. He fought the RINOs and the Establishment.
            And who did millons decide to “believe in”. A foul mouthed, 1%er who has never cared for anyone but himself, who mainly supported the most radical liberals who are the very ones who caused the problems we now face.
            And Americans believe that he, having changed from also being FOR abortion, FOR amnesty and FOR using illegal CHEAP labor suddenly became conservative;.

            What we see is this. Yes Clinton is horrible. She will be worse than Trump. BUT NOT MUCH WORSE. And then you have a congress full of puppets who do what the Bilderbergs tell them. See the last budget that Paul Ryan put through. Not a single cut in spending. Gave Obama MORE than he asked for. Want to explain that?
            One hope. And it is not Trump. II Chronicles 7:14.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            UN combat vehicles on our roads. 40,000 protestors with permits who have declared that their intent is to PREVENT either party from making a nominee. Super spending, designed to destroy the dollar and our economy. And what does it take to trigger HYPERINFLATION? Just one thing. The CEOs of all those corportations, most of whom are BILDERBERGS, declaring that they will no longer “believe” in the dollar as being worth ANYTHING.
            It is CONFIDENCE in the dollar that has prevented the inflation. And WHEN they are ready, they will PULL THE PLUG.

          3. Ron says:

            Yes they do but the liberals (anti-Americans) simply do not care. If Satan appeared and announced he was a liberal democrat, the liberal democrats would vote for him, declaring all the while that he is not Satan, even though he said he was Satan. That is what obama did when he announced he was of Muslim faith (3 times). Along comes Bill O’Reilly and says that he believes obama is a Christian, not a devout Christian but a Christian. AND WE HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS.

      2. Pete Julian says:

        Worse. Iranian.

        1. Ron says:

          obama’s right hand girl Friday (adviser).

      3. dmttbt says:

        Now what took them so long to look into her and the rest of his Muslim appointees?

      4. Ron says:

        Wow. A lot of have known that she was for quite some time.

  • Dan says:

    Do we need an unsophisticated commander-in-chief in the White House? Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be President as the evidence is clear. If you’re concerned about your safety and national security, she is not the right person for the job.

    1. Susan Kinslow says:

      <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq212p:….,…

    2. Dolores Adams says:

      Absolutely not.

    3. Anouk says:

      I agree 100%.

    4. ltlolady says:

      I agree to I am sure she could not be trusted at all for any business if she is that unsophisticated!!! I know that for sure.

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