Judge bans Christian cross from Los Angeles County seal

by AFP
April 9, 2016

Los Angeles (AFP) – A federal judge in California has ruled that including a small Christian cross on the official seal of Los Angeles County is unconstitutional, siding with civil liberties advocates.

Thursday’s decision, following a two-year legal battle, was handed down by US District Judge Christina Snyder, who said that including the religious emblem in the government symbol “places the county’s power, prestige and purse behind a single religion, Christianity.”

The case erupted in 2014 when the county had the cross drawn on top of the San Gabriel Mission which appears in the logo.

The move reversed a decision by officials a decade earlier to remove the cross from the seal, amid threats of legal action by various groups opposing the inclusion of the crucifix on the county symbol.

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  • Observant_One says:

    This jerk of a judge needs to be removed from office. Another politically correct jerk imposing his ignorant view of the law on the populace

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This is Unconstitutional, but this is coming from a state that has absolutely no morals, and thinks more of queers than anything else! There is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about the separation of Church and State! But is just another dream come true for Obama!

  • Whitemanfromtown says:

    Bringing back “Tar and Feathering” would work well these days. So many government losers need it.

  • Connie Tomas says:

    not to worry this joker will one day meet his maker !!!

  • Roy Thomas says:

    And so Ayotolla Mohamed Obama and his followers win another small battle. Nearly eight years of this radical muslim and all the democraps can count on is Hellary or Sanders. The Republicans (Kasich I hope) are our only answer – truly our last chance. This is what happens when 45% of the people are on government handouts and 25% of the top successful people are saddled with 90% of the taxes – something the liberal press will never note. If you want to view how prolific the debt is – doubling under Mohamed Obama. just visit http://www.USDEBTCLOCK.org Than – THINK and plan to VOTE.

  • ItsJo says:

    Maybe she will AGREE to put “A Picture of Allah on the Seal…making Obama and his Crooked DOJ/etal. happy!

    1. Roy Thomas says:

      Next will be a change in our worthless (anyway) currency eliminating IN GOD WE TRUST. I wonder where we waste more paper -printing money backed by nothing or food stamp vouchers for the low life.

  • PC Bob says:

    There are simply TOO MANY activist judges today! Thier job is NOT to interpret the law and the Constitution. Their job is simply to ENFORCE the laws that are ALREADY on the books. I suspect that many judges are now using Shariah as their main source of legal reference! We don’t NEED this kind of judges, here in America!

  • Vietvet1968 says:

    The judge is an idiot!

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

    Well, what would one expect from a leftist, atheist judge?

  • Sir David Haddon says:


    1. Roy Thomas says:

      Probably another Democratic appointee educated in a leftist liberal university.

  • ddaWell, if you haven’t noticed, California is slowly slipping in the sea, with sand sinkholes swallowing up whole communities, fires raging their forests and either heavy rains or droughts, DO NOT BELIEVE THESE ARE COINCIDENCES, I don’t believe in them! Earthquakes alarming people, these are signs that unless the do not have a little chat with God and repent, things will only get worse. I am in no way a VERY religious person, raised as an Orthodox Jew, but have been for many many years a Messianic Jew, but while I always believed, I had a “Respiratory Failure,” and remember the EMS slowing down and putting my arms on my chest, but when we got to the ER, that is when they really went to work. Electric paddles, injections straight into my heart. The first thing I asked the doctor was if they had given me something to see and smell. They told me I was going right away to have a brain scan done, for people who have flat lined for over 3 minutes are usually brain functionally deficit. No, nothing wrong with my heart or brain. When the doctor came into the ER after the test he was alone anand that d asked what had happened. I told him that I saw orange as if I was looking through orange cellophane, then the smell of someone lighting a matchbox and then (I have been diagnosed with severe depression–that is how I got my disability) so I well know what major depression feels like and this was so many light years beyond despair that one cannot define it. The doctor told me at that point that I had flat lined for 23 minutes! And he has never seen anything like me. I told me that doctors have the ability to RESUSCITATE, but not to RESURRECT and that I was CLINICALLY DEAD but not BIOLOGICALLY dead. I told him I could see exactly what was happening around me, just I was somewhere that I NEVER want to go. So, if only 1% of the Life of Jesus and the Bible is true and 99% untrue, I would never make that bet. It is like an insurance policy. Without it, you will go to where I was.. NOT a place I intend to go back to and also because of my Jewish grounding and Baptist leanings, I at least have a moral compass on how to lead my life. I hope that if this has reached at least one person, who is a state of rebellion, please reconsider. God is trying his best to warn Californians before it is too late for all of you, and by the by please choose any other state than TEXAS to go to because here, we do not want any kind of Liberalism infecting our children or the national sins of gay marriage and abortion on our heads.

    1. Roy Thomas says:

      So, what’s your point here or are you just talking to yourself?

  • Sara says:

    What’s do they find so insidious about a cross? But they can put demonic statues of baphamet on the street? Or the coat of arms? And the Masonic symbols? And paintings of dead children in an apocolyotic painting with scary men in gas masks at the Denver airport? Yea, makes a whole lotta sense to me.

  • Ken says says:

    The Religion Industry is losing ground and money – and it is money that concerns them most.

    1. Roy Thomas says:

      What you should really be concerned about is your loss, if you had any at all, of common sense.

      1. Ken says says:

        Hmmm – When in doubt say nothing – very smart.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Are U one of the Cal. atheist, or one of their bed post lovers!

          1. Ken says says:

            Sorry Rod – U R wrong on both counts. I’m just a Conservative and a Christian that is tired of having Religious Zealots give Christians and Conservatives a bad name because they can’t have a Theocracy.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I apologize friend, I guess we’re all a little pissed at everything, but we’ve fallen into Obama’s trap of division and chaos that killing this country! But it’s tough not to feel angry at times and things are going to get worse before it gets better, but good always prevail!

          3. Ken says says:

            Thanks Rod – U R right – Hope the rest of this week is better for both of us.

    2. CCblogging says:

      The Abortion Industry is killing babies and making money – and it is money that concerns them most.

      1. Ken says says:

        That is the purpose of all businesses and industries including the Religion Industry.

  • Luke says:

    The hate group of civil liberties activist represent no religion yet they say the cross violates their widdle feelings of other religions. What a steaming pile of liberal.
    This hate group’s only objective is removing any and all semblance of God from our country turning it over to the Devil they worship unknowingly, how duped these buffoons really are..

    1. Ken says says:

      In the Constitution that is called a Citizens freedom of Religious choice. If you find that not desirable – propose a Constitution Amendment and do away with it.

      1. Luke says:

        That’s right, we have freedom of religion, the gov’t doesn’t endorse a particular one.
        If this hate group wants a symbol of their hate on the seal let them pose a constitutional amendment, we have what should be on the seal and it hurts no one, just the perverted haters of all decent things and God..

        1. Ken says says:

          Talk about hate – a very noisy but small group of Religious Zealot/Bigots are in the news most days of the week – speaking hate – denying Citizens Rights and acting like they are God appointed to decide who gets Rights. They care nothing about the Constitution

          1. Luke says:

            That’s a lie, no one is denying anyone anything or speaking hate, the hate is coming from the bigots, the Christian bigots are the ones trying to change things about this country it was founded on andhas stood the past 240 years and if they don’t like it let them try to change the constitution or leave this country for one where you can be evil..

          2. Ken says says:

            I think we agree but your post is confusing. Where does “that’s a lie” come into this?

          3. Luke says:

            Christians do not speak hate or deny anyone their rights…Pointing out the facts is not hate or denying, it is informative..

          4. Ken says says:

            The small group of noisy Religious Zealots /Bigots give Christians and Conservatives a bad name.

          5. Roy Thomas says:

            Sounds like to need to be in another country yourself – try Russia.

          6. Luke says:

            Tell me why, the truth bothers you I guess..

        2. Rodney Steward says:

          The Bible does speak of it!

  • Terry T says:

    The Constitution prohibits Congress from making a law that establishes religion. Is a flag law? Did Congress have anything to do with the design of the Flag. Why is this judge making up her own Constitutional requirements?

    If we want this Constitutional restriction to apply to more than Congress (i.e state and local government) and expand it to include more than law (i.e symbols, ceremonies, etc), then we should amend the Constitution, not rely on judicial activism..

    1. Webb says:

      And so good bye to more of our history and what this country was founded on. Where and by whom did this downhill slide begin. It really is time for us to take back our country!

      1. PC Bob says:

        It started in earnest ack in the early 50’s! Joe McCarthy should have been allowed to complete his work! He wasn’t and the Communist’s continued with THEIR work, and here we are!

      2. ItsJo says:

        True Webb, as it’s “Been Obama’s Dream to do so, as he DID say: “This is NOT a Christian nation, blah, blah blah…I guess he DOES want it to become a Muslim One-since That’s WHO he is protecting.

    2. Pam says:

      Very well said! On top of which, this “judge” doesn’t even realize that “Christianity” is NOT a SINGLE religion but a term that encompasses everything from Greek and Russian Orthodox Catholics to the “Holiness” Snake Handlers!
      The pity of it, though is that these activists are so stupid they are unaware that all they are doing is feeding into the rewriting of our history by denying cities, counties, etc. from honoring their founding as Christian Missions set up in the “wilderness”.

      1. Anthony says:

        Pam well said you’re 100% right

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        And this is why one day there will be blood shed!

    3. Ken says says:

      If it were a Star of David or sign of the Devil – would you be satisfied with that instead?

    4. Observant_One says:

      He should be removed from the bench, or perhaps the bench should inserted into where he sits.

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