Message To Left: Be Careful Of What You Wish For!

by Rick Amato
January 18, 2017

If history is any indication- and it usually is- then Democrats better be careful of what they wish for because they just might get it.  I’m referring to the latest strategy on the Left which has democrat operatives and their allies in the media gloating and indeed embracing what are expected to be massive Inauguration Day protests and sporadic cases of civil disobedience.

At a time when most Americans still feel profoundly proud of their nation, Democrats are doing all they can to try and make sure this year that feeling is erased.  For starters you have the Left’s narrative of branding President Elect Trump as an “illegitimate” president.  This has long been their political strategy from day one when Trump emerged from the GOP primary to face Hillary in the general election.  But now instead of taking the high road, as they always claim, Democrat politicians are doubling down on claims of an illegitimate presidency.  Ironically, leaked email revealed that it was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign which conspired together to “rig” the democrat primary to defeat Bernie Sanders. Talk about illegitimate.  All of this of course is being orchestrated against the backdrop of tens of thousands off planned protestors anticipated to descend upon our nation’s capitol on Inauguration Day.

To help one stay informed and up to date with their protesting options, this past week the Washington Post published an article titled, ‘Your Guide To Inauguration Day Demonstrations, Marches and Protests’.  Protests are expected to range from everything including the ‘Women’s March’ featuring Hollywood celebrities such as Cher, Amy Schumer and Katy Perry, groups protesting Trump on the basis of racism, LGBT rights, income inequality, nuclear proliferation and so on and so forth.  Meanwhile a growing number of Democrat lawmakers have announced they are boycotting Inauguration Day because of Trump’s taking exception to Congressman John Lewis calling him “illegitimate”.  While Democrats may not be directly calling for protests outright they are doing all they can to fan the flames and undermine the credibility of the institution.

Unfortunately for our nation- and for the Democrat party itself- the Left has a history when it comes to such things.  In the mid- 60’s with the tremendously unpopular Viet Nam war raging on, anarchists and violent protestors took to the nation’s streets and college campuses to condemn U.S. involvement.  Flag burnings, molotav cocktails and rocks hurled at police officers became common visions broadcast into American living rooms on a nightly basis.

While the majority of Americans disagreed with the Viet Nam War they rejected the trashing of their nation and its’ institutions by extreme protestors even more so.  Seeking an alternative to the violent, anti-American messaging voters in 1968 elected Republican Richard Nixon as their president.  In 1972 despite the war still dragging on and with protests and anti-American messages getting even uglier voters re-elected Richard Nixon to a second term.  He won 49 states.  The point is most Americans quietly go about their lives.  Most are center, left-of-center or right-of-center in their political views and most reject the trashing of our nation and its institutions.  Something the Left fails to comprehend.

In more recent years we have seen violent nationwide protests organized by the Black Lives Matter movement,  the demonization of our nations police officers and an American president who questions the existence of American exceptionalism.  In that seven year period Democrat politicians have paid a heavy price at the voting booth as they have lost a staggering 1,042 seats at the Senate, Congress, Governor and state legislature levels.  It’s something they can’t blame that on the Russians.

Obviously there is plenty of unknown when it comes to the upcoming Trump presidency given that he has never previously held political office, but he appears to have the support of the American people.  When you remove California from the equation he won the majority vote.  He won the electoral college by a large margin.  American voters want their presidents to be successful and are willing to be patient.  That is why so many U.S. Presidents get re-elected to second terms despite lackluster first terms.  What they won’t tolerate are individuals and groups whose extreme actions undermine the nation, its’ institutions and leader.  Something which Democrats are now once again engaging in at their own peril.

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  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Trump has not a thing to do with the past. Trump is the best thing to happen far us. People didn’t act like fools when Obama was sworn in now So get off your wild horse and act like you have some sense. Your’er showing the whole world how little babies you are.

  • Stikit says:

    Take out the oppression commie state of Cali-fornication…and the hag got trampled in the election. The rest of America see what division and worldwide mess the Obuma administration brought to our country, and will take note of the Demon-Rat anarchist come elections in 2018…we’re taking our country back…like it not!

  • dmttbt says:

    I really am amused that the women’s movement is blaming Trump for unequal pay for women and all the other things they are claiming. He is not even in office yet. Wait till he gets into office and then blame him. Those things they are protesting about occurred over many years and the democrats are most likely more responsible than a man who hasn’t been sworn in. If they want something to complain about they should study the things that obama is and has done.
    **** The united states government should do something about all the prisoners being released. The lame duck president should have absolutely no power after the election is held. He should also have no power to release prisoners who have been determined guilty.

    1. David Wheelock says:

      They should be at home washing dishes

  • Bob says:

    The left of today is much more anarchist than the left of the 60’s. Those today would rather see the country burn that be united. They refuse to allow for a differing opinion form any one. If, for example, a person of color dares to support Trump, they are called all sorts of names, including traitor. The left can not even allow an artist the honor of performing at the Inaugural with out massive backlash. They are mostly childish idiots who would prefer to tear down the country and people to get their way rather than allow the country to heal. Nor can they get it through their increasingly thickening skulls that they lost, not because of the Russians or any dirty trick, but because they had an inferior candidate. Case in point is this dust up with Mr. Lewis. He calls the President Elect ““illegitimate” and acts all butt hurt when he is responded to. The Democrats and the Media (redundant) then blame it all on the President Elect, treating Mr. Lewis like he is a hero (which he was) instead of a political hack and a tool (which he has become).

    1. David Wheelock says:

      I see that too there insane

  • texexpatriate says:

    The author of the article above remarks that most Americans still feel profoundly proud of their nation. My love and pride for America is profound, but it does not include love and pride of or for the United States. As I’ve grown older to near eighty years my disappointment in a union of states has grown. It seems absolutely clear that there never will be a union of states. Abraham Lincoln launched a war to preserve a union, and all he accomplished was to kill 750,000 Americans and crush the Confederation of States in the south. Afterward a miraculous transformation occurred that saw former Republicans become Democrats and former Democrats becoming Republicans. What that was in fact was an expression of an incurable division among political people in the several states. I don’t believe any person or political party can ever restore a union of states. A separation of states through secession is the only cure.

    1. Phoeff says:

      I’m afraid you’ve become soft-headed. I have great respect for the elderly (I am getting there fast myself) but that does not mean that I don’t recognize the fatigue of clear thinking that sets in.

  • Don Wright says:

    Jeff Sessions, our new Attorney General … will follow the law as it is written and allow and unleash the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to do their job … for “all” Americans … the violent offenders … of all stripes will find cozy cells waiting for them.

    1. Wayne_63 says:


      1. Glendajisom says:

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      2. Don Wright says:

        I want to see every person who assaulted a Trump supporter, punched a teenager, attacked and beat Trump supporters, threw eggs on and slapped a young woman, burned cars … all of their faces were shown. I want them all to serve time in jail … and be labeled a “felon” with the associated “criminal” record. It is okay to protest … peacefully … however, the left always leaves … “have FUN as a last comment” when they organize these demonstrations … read between the lines … “be violent” … the DNC was caught actually paying for and encouraging these violent thugs. If they choose to employ these tactics at the Inauguration tomorrow … too many veterans there, bikers, blue collar every day working Americans … Americans who just choose to celebrate the “peaceful” transfer of power from one President to another. We will not be an easy mark. Let us hope that the police, National Guard and security services do their job and the Inauguration proceeds without incident.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Democrats are a bunch of cry babies and result to violence when they don’t get their way.

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