Michelle Obama Tells Graduates to ‘Shape the Revolutions’

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke today to graduates of Oberlin College. She encouraged the graduating class to “rise above the noise and shape the revolutions of your time.”

“[T]hink about how even with all the gridlock and polarization in Washington, we have made so much change these past six years: 12 million new jobs. Sixteen million people who finally have health insurance. Historic agreements to fight climate change. Epic increases in college financial aid. More progress on LGBT rights than any time in our history. And today, it is no longer remarkable to see two beautiful black girls walking their dogs on the South Lawn of the White House lawn. That’s just the way things are now,” Obama said to applause at the liberal arts college.

“See, graduates, this is what happens when you turn your attention outward and decide to brave the noise and engage yourself in the struggles of our time. And that’s why, in his remarks 50 years ago, Dr. King urged the class of ‘65 to “stand up” and “be a concerned generation.” And, graduates, that call to action applies just as much to all of you today.

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  • Oh, We’re going to shape a Revolution alright there Wookie, but I don’t think you’re going to like We, The People’s version of it……
    Oust the Bastich Usurper!!!

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Michelle the revolution is over. We won. It resulted in a great Constitution. Suggest that your skunk husband read it and abide by the oath he took before his Creator God to uphold it.

  • SueJer says:

    Anyone can become First Lady. All you have to do is marry a skinny guy with big ears, who is half black and use his half blackness to get the uninformed black society to believe that a vote for him will insure you freebies beyond your wildest dreams. Then sit back, once elected and allow yourself every luxury, constant vacations, excessive Air Force one travel, WH parties with celebrities, gushing media hype, create forced menus for school children they refuse to eat, and lastly be allowed to tell countless lies about accomplishments that DO NOT exist! Happy wife….happy life…except for Americans that must pay the tab!!!

  • SueJer says:

    Total crap and lies from the other power grabbing polical hack! The young, who have been taught by Saul alinsky professors, are dumb enough to believe her utopia nonsense. Lie enough and the idiots and morons will believe!

  • Dana Lind says:

    She has got to be the second biggest liar, her hubby is the first.. Yeah they have had it so rough, been slighted because she was asked to help an old lady. With her Ivy league educations, this is the best she can do? No wonder she’s not practicing law anymore.

  • Mike N says:

    I wonder if she could say all the accomplishments of her hubby’s administration with a straight face. Typical Obama touting their supposed accomplishments and not the students. I wonder if they had to pay to hear that garbage.

    1. Dana Lind says:

      Yep I wondered that too, if the Students Union had to pay to hear her lies. More than likely they did have to pay and I’m sure it wasn’t cheap.

  • Gerry Costa says:

    Always race or pretests with this witch isn’t it. She seems to be just as big a POS as her husband, holder or the weasel sharpton.

    1. tommie says:

      You make it sound like you are a racist, even if you’re not. You must not let the Clintons or Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosii, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Hell the list is damn near endless! Just say Politician, Lawyer, Bureaucrat. They’re all synonyms for LIAR!

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