Michelle Obama: U.S. Has Improved 'by Almost Every Economic Measure'

October 4, 2014

In a speech in Boston, First Lady Michelle Obama left behind talk of exercise and school lunches, exchanging it all for bald politics by claiming that under her husband the US economy is now better off “by almost every economic measure.” The First Lady appeared at the Strand Theater Friday to stump for Martha Coakley’s campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. Coakley needs help badly, as even in blue, blue Massachusetts, the race between Democrat Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker is essentially a toss up. In her remarks, Obama pushed the President’s newest campaign line that he has saved the economy based on reports that unemployment is at an all-time low since he took office—as well as his purported “longest streak” of jobs created. “We were in full-blown crisis mode,” Obama told her appreciative audience. “Our economy was literally on the brink of collapse: Wall Street banks were folding; businesses were losing 800,000 jobs a month–800,000 jobs a month; folks on TV–all the pundits were panicking about whether we were headed for another Great Depression. And that wasn’t just talk, that was actually a real possibility.” “This is just some of what Barack walked into on day

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  • David in MA says:

    How can people live in a country like America with all it’s positive side and yet lie in the attempt to make the country like all the failed socialist countries, they are living in the truth, yet they destroy it with lies… NOW, tell me they are not mentally ill.

  • pFeather says:

    Moochelle lies just like her husband. How does she explain more people on food stamps in our history, 92 million American’s not working, a labor participation rate at a 36 year low and that 80% of the jobs created last quarter were minimum wage or low wage jobs? She and her corrupt husband know that the real unemployment rate is 12% but they lie to the low info voter and they eat it up. 2017 can’t come fast enough.

    1. Concerned says:

      In addition, the Federal Reserve report says that the percentage of
      U.S. families with an ownership stake in small business fell from 13.3% to
      11.7% from 2010 to 2013!! This is disastrous for the U.S. economic future. President Obama claims to have created over 9.5M jobs so far in his administration (although this is inconsistent with the USBLS) why has the number of civilians in the labor force only increased by 1.147M in the last 57 months (154.72M to 155.86M) and 9.97M moved to “Not in the Labor Force” in the same 57 month period? In September 2014, 314,000 people were moved to “Not in Labor Force,” while only 248,000 new jobs were created — please explain how this is good — 62.73% participation!!

      1. pFeather says:

        The real numbers don’t lie but the Obama’s do lie.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Just one question if the numbers are created the same for both democratic and republican administrations why are they false for the democrats and true for the republicans?

      2. bobnstuff says:

        240,000 people turn 65 each month, do you think that they my be leaving the work force? New jobs need new skills do you think people getting job training might have any thing to do with those numbers. Now that you can get insurance on your own and don’t have to work at some dead end job frees people to leave their jobs? Oh and by the way only 120,000 are turning 21 per month, the labor force is shrinking, check all the numbers. Do you remember the big thing a few years back about how the baby boomers where creating a problem that less and less people in the work force to pay for more and more people on SS.

        1. Concerned says:

          We won’t dwell on all of the issues, but you have a number of incorrect numbers: Typically many trends in population numbers do not change dramatically. In the six year of 4Q07 to 4Q13, 5.5M people over 61 retired (about 910K/yr not the 2.8M that you imply), so this 61+ age group is more than just the 65+ age group. The labor force is not shrinking as you imply. As of 2009, there were 4,131,019 births for a 13.8 per 1000 birth-rate (per year). In addition, we have about 1 Million “legal” immigrants each year. However, I do agree that the ratio of workers to retirees is progressively becoming worse and will get to a 2.6 ratio by 2020 and 2.2 by 2030. This can be somewhat mitigated by raising the retirement age by 2 or 3 years. The number of disabled people has risen much too fast and is now nearly 9M (23% rise in 6 years). We always have new jobs requiring new skills and people going to school normally stays in a relatively constant % of population range, but has increased by 19% in the last 6 years due to lack of quality jobs. As the baby boomers retire, we should automatically see a significant percentage of permanent jobs open up for people who are un-employed. Unfortunately most new jobs are part-time.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Ok. Good post. Were did you find those numbers? I spent an hour looking for them and you saw the best I could come up with. There is a skill gap In my area. Good paying jobs but no one to take them. The jobs of my fathers time are long gone. You will never see $40 per hour to watch an assembly line again. Another problem we have is the fact that no one wants to start at the bottom. Everyone thinks the should be the boss right from the start.

          2. Concerned says:

            There are limited good paying jobs forcing people to learn new skills to be able to participate, but our politicians have also made a number of decisions that has significantly reduced our options:
            A. They deliberately forced many jobs off-shore.
            B. This has made the U.S. a “service” economy.
            C. The 40% business tax, when other countries are at 20%, clearly is the wrong U.S. job incentive.
            D. We have not maximized our energy production.
            Tracking the employment information started about 5 years ago when some of the labor data did not make sense. What I found was that the Google key word search took me to sites that promoted a certain political slant when I am looking for unbiased information. In some cases I had to go to the 4th or 5th pages of the Google summary to find unbiased information. One such location is:
            Much of the Google referenced data was “accurate”, but misleading. As an example, your data said that 240,000 people per month were turning 65, which is accurate and “implies” total retirements. However, this includes men & women and some dependents. Women (or men) who worked at home and maintained the home are already in the “not in Labor Force” numbers (which they do not tell you). The 8.9 million disabled people are already in the numbers prior to them turning 65. The 6 million people who retired before 61 are already in the numbers when they turn 65. Therefore, the only new “retirement” numbers that should be added to “Not in Labor Force” should be people who were working and then retired after they turn 65. There are a fair number who never retire (I am currently 69 and working full-time).

          3. bobnstuff says:

            My problem with how the government deals with business is the unevenness, Some people pay 40% some pay 0% and some get money on top of 0%. The use of tax incentives has gotten out of hand. As far as jobs leaving the country I have been noticing that some are coming back. I just bought some socks at Walmart that were made in the USA. It turns out that there are 14 sock manufactures in the US. Dewalt is now building some of their tools at home again. One of the reasons for job loss in manufacturing is automation. The biggest brewer in Pittsburgh moved to a new location. They once needed 350 people to run the old plant now they can do it with 7 people. We manufacture almost as much as China, we are number 2 in the world. We do it with 1/6 the work force.

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