Muslim advocacy group to announce class action suit against FBI

February 23, 2011

(CNN) — The California chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the ACLU say they will announce a federal class action lawsuit Wednesday against the FBI for “illegal surveillance of the Muslim community.”

The council’s San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento offices began documenting FBI surveillance practices last year.

“In recent months, there has been a notable increase in complaints by community members of FBI visits,” the offices said in July.

It said that Muslims of varying ethnic and geographic background have reported visits by FBI agents.

“We have seen a special emphasis on individuals who have ties to, or have visited Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen,” it said.

The California chapters said it was conducting the project, in conjunction with the ACLU and the Asian Law Caucus, to identify pattens of “overly intrusive conduct.”

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  • Verus Langham says:

    ONE FINAL NOTE: What kind of sandbox were these fellas playing in in whatever country they chose to leave to come here and begin tearing down our sandcastles. Let me get this straight, these foreign nationals want to move to THIS country and have THEIR country rules to live by…. have I got this straight! One can only bet that the only reason their country rulers did not conduct the very same tactics to observe possible terrorist activity is because they would not invest in the the technology necessary to do so. But then, who hasn’t heard of those agencies of secret police that seem not to notice these are human beings after all and have certain unalienable rights….. oops that’s here not there; and their civil rights are ALWAYS primary when confronted by those baddies…. they KNOW there will be no repercussion from government if government’s agendas are furthered and those guys have a free hand in whatever torture and death tactics they choose to get the information they are seeking. BUT in America they can play their games of revolution, espionage, et al unfettered if they but play the “Muslim Card” (Oh somebody is targeting us because we are Muslims) – much like the “Race Card” some use whenever the heat is turned up their alley. Unfortunately for them they all do become persons of interest in an ongoing investigation into terrorist activity and they should be intelligent enough to realize that fact before jumping into our sandbox which has rules and laws and try to exploit our sandbox to limits we do not approve of. Seems to me they are much like younger and uneducated children who just don’t get it; a civilized world will continue in spite of their ineptness, their belief that they somehow can act like children in a man’s world and get away with whatever they want to do. The world’s trend is now practicing what is known as “political correctness” – unfortunate for some of the European countries who allowed accommodation of the Muslims in their societal circles and tiptoed out once the balance of power seemed to shift in the ever-increasing power of a Muslim influence that did not accommodate the host countries in return for their hospitality. Let’s wake up to the grand scheme of things, fellow patriots….. we will lose America to THAT entity if we do not support our intelligence gathering community – quit dismantling the CIA and stripping it of its power and now this shrew attack upon yet another, the FBI. Who next, the NSA?

  • Verus Langham says:

    Just take a look at the “third provision” and tell me if THAT isn’t the final word, else there is soon to become a battleground between the courts and Obama. In plain language he has extended the FBI’s mandate to include those very individuals bringing suit.

    Sat, Feb 26 2011

    Obama signs temporary extension of Patriot Act

    The Associated Press

    The law extends two areas of the 2001 act. One provision allows law enforcement officials to set roving wiretaps to monitor multiple communication devices. The other allows them to ask a special court for access to business and library records that could be relevant to a terrorist threat.

    A third provision gives the FBI court-approved rights for surveillance of non-American “lone wolf” suspects – those not known to be tied to specific terrorist groups.

    Obama signed the three-month extension of the provisions Friday. They were to expire Monday.

    Lawmakers will soon start debating a multiple-year extension of the provisions, which have drawn fire from defenders of privacy rights

  • Verus M Langham says:

    This is a no-brainer: just imagine the Communist Party of the 50s and the 60s filing suit against one of our forerunner security agencies because they were looking into their affairs – this mind you was in the midst of the Cold War…. I seem to recall they actually routed out some spy cells and a husband-wife team who were ultimately tried for crimes against our beloved America. Operatives of mother Russia they undoubtedly were responsible for delivering a good many national secrets to their sponsor over there in the Balkans.
    Now comes another group (and, I cannot believe this) who actually are teaming up with that ultra liberal agency which is a bulldog at the throat of every genre of agency of our government and our system of laws. Shame on you ACLU! Go find your own country, Mr. and Mrs. Muslim – a place that allows you to move about at totally liberty without a thought that your actions might actually be called upon for accounting by that country… by its arm of national security – that group of people dedicated to keeping that county as the country its inhabitants set it up to be. Or perhaps you should return to whatever place you came from and carry on any and all activity without being watched. I am a 100% American who has had the privilege of growing up under a Constitution’s protection of equal rights under the law… today I am – by virtue of the nature of subversive activity running amok in America – also under surveillance, just as we all most probably are, and if freedom continues to ring across this land because of the honest efforts of people dedicated to one law enforcement agency or another (say the FBI – which conducted a background investigation into my entire life while I was serving my country many years ago…. I was rewarded by receiving a clearance I will not reveal to you… suffice it say it was then I first began learning the negativity of those entrenched in plotting against my country). SO GO HOME AND CRY TO SOMEONE ELSE’S HAND. MAYBE THEY WILL LISTEN – under the rule of law, as Obama’s lawyers are wont to use as a defense on his issues, proper standing is foremost in such a frivolous suit as you are attempting to make against a favorite LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, THE Federal Bureau of Investigation is primarily under the mandate to guard the national security within its borders.

  • I submit to you, if my daughter were raped and mudered and the only witness to the crime described the assaillant as some one that looked exactly like myself, I would expect the police to examine me first and foremost. I’ll never understand people that have an issue with surveillance. If one is not guilty, and they are in the public, have I not the right to look at that person as another free citizen.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I believe if it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, if it smells like a duck, if it waddles like a duck, ya know what? It might be a duck. DDDUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!! Enuf said?

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