Navy Requires All Sailors to Undergo Transgender Education by July 2017

An all-Navy message sent out Tuesday says that all sailors will be required to undergo transgender behavioral education by July 2017.

Starting Nov. 1, the training will educate sailors about the Navy’s new transgender policy that allows transgenders to serve in the military, reported.

“This training will emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior,” the message states.

It is unclear what exactly is in these training sessions yet, but the Navy will soon send out messages with more information.

In the meantime, leadership is putting together a commander’s tool kit that will guide training, said Lt. Jessica Anderson, a spokeswoman for Naval Personnel Command, to

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  • Worried Vet says:

    I’m glad I’m no longer in the navy. This would make me get out anyway. This will make us the laughing stock of many countries that are our enemies, and some that are not. They have lost their freaking minds. I do know all this being forced on us by a very small group could backfire on them. Many Americans really don’t care about what the LGBT community does, but they don’t like being forced to do things. I’m one of them, I don’t care if you want to dress up like a woman, I just don’t want you in the bathroom with women and girls. Think about grown women being uncomfortable, let alone little girls, how is that any different than the feelings of the transgender person. It’s a huge mistake forcing this on people period.

  • Warren says:

    Trump will put the skids to that Bull$hit

  • Ken says says:

    I have confidence that our military men and women can handle any intrusion. The “ladies” that have pete and a pair hanging will probably be booted out with them in their pocket and a “man” that hasn’t had an addadictomy will probably celebrate the big bang party.

  • Chuck says:

    Please America, give us Trump. Surely he will stop this rush to liberal destruction or our Navy. Reminds me of Zumwalt and his liberalization policies which almost destroyed the Navy. The new destroyer class is named for him. Wow. Not surprised given the make up of the current military hierarchy.
    Hildabeast will carry on this madness and make it even worse. She would most likely retain Mabus, absolutely the worst Secretary in the history of the Navy, who named a ship after a flaming homosexual when MOH men go unrecognized. Thanks to these ultra liberal idiots we now have homosexuals, transsexuals, lesbians, and most likely pedophiles serving openly with the forceful approval of Bathhouse Barry and his homophilic useful idiots. I would hate to have to write the fitness report on one of these degenerates who is performing below standards, but would tell the truth. I would be fired and the degenerate promoted.
    The beginning of the fall was the introduction on women on ships and now submarines. Love the ladies, all kinds, but not at sea. I thank the Good Lord I am retired and do not have to witness and endure the continuing willful destruction of the once greatest Navy on earth.

  • theseer says:

    people with mental disorders arent generally allowed in the miltary….and shouldnt be….

    1. Ken says says:

      The birth certificate should prove it is not “gender discrimination”.

  • theseer says:

    they should have transgender training that’s real easy to learn…if you have a penis you are male and if you have a vagina you are female no matter what your demented mind tells you…since there are so frew tranny’s it wouldnt cost much…

  • theseer says:

    top psychologists at john hopkins clearly state transgenderism is a mental disorder…alike anorexics that think they are fat!!!!

  • theseer says:

    what a horrible waste of taxpayer’s money.
    i’d refuse to attend….

  • PBHayes says:

    Hopefully President Trump will put an end to this insanity. A real President will end the lefts love affair with homosexuals and others who chose to live an unnatural lifestyle.

    1. Ken says says:

      Don’t blame homosexuals – this is gender wannabees and the gays we know think this is pure BS and in no way way any affiliation.

      1. ShemSilber says:

        Shalom, Brother Ken. Even THAT won’t work, for the genetic code is written into every cell in the body. Besides which, when they come up in the resurrection, all that work will be undone and they’ll be back to the original gender that they were at first. The only fit thing to do is repent wholeheartedly before our Creator, the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), who has always been the messenger between our Abba (Father) Yahuwah and humanity, and He will forgive all who do and make them whole again.

        HalleluYAH for His great patience with us foolish mortals, omein.

        1. Ken says says:

          With over 400 recognized religions in the USA we test the resolve of many. Let’s just use the US Constitution and enjoy our freedom of religion + all the other Rights provided. Dressing in grag does not make a man a woman but getting pete and the pair wacked is the first step to being safe around women in their locker room or rest room.

          1. ShemSilber says:

            I think you mean it’s a step toward the women’s and children’s safety. The problem would be enforcement, because these perverts who have declared that they are female have the demons working in them to commit voyeurism and sexual molestation, and they clamor for and have government protection.

            The Scriptures tell us that the penalty for these sexually perverted behaviors is not dismemberment, but death, such as Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

            So the upshot of all this is that there is more lefty stupid concern for the perverts than for the safety of their victims. We are in the middle of a spinning maelstrom of evil in these Dark Ages and have no idea what to do about it.

            The only way these evils will be thoroughly wiped out will be by the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) coming to rule with a rod of iron. This world’s kingdoms will become the Kingdom of Yahuwah and of His Messiah, Revelation 11:15. He judges and makes war in righteousness, Revelation 19:11, and so brings about peace on earth.

            These evils will stop because the devil will be consigned to the pit where he belongs, and there will be remedy and recourse for all the evils that have been done that will more than compensate for the pains.

            Without the Master Yahushua to guide us through these Dark Ages and into His Kingdom, we are without remedy, but with Him, we have the ONLY remedy, omein.

          2. Ken says says:

            Enjoy your Religion along with your other Rights but don’t use it to usurp the Constitution and deny the other 400+ Religions their Right.

          3. ShemSilber says:

            Religion is of the satanic one who rebelled against his Creator. He has riddled all religion with errors and left enough truth to keep us confused, to keep us from seeing the truth of Yahuwah Almighty that He gives us through the Messiah, our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus).

            Torah, that is, the written loving instruction of the books of Moses that the Master Yahushua gave us through Moses for our benefit and not for a burden (1John 5:3), trumps religion by a long shot, but we don’t realize that as yet.

            When the Master Yahushua sets foot on the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14), He comes to sweep the earth clean of all evils: religion, politics, false education, and to consign the devil, alias Allah, to the pit where he belongs: Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire that was made for him and his fellow rebels against Yahuwah’s Torah.

            Finally, we will have peace on earth. HalleluYAH and omein!

          4. Ken says says:

            Get a grip – can you relate to anything that is not about your version of the Bible? The Founding Fathers were right when they Bundled King Richard and his Theocracy and shipped them back to England and they were even wiser when they assured future generations that a Theocracy could not grip the USA again – they made “Freedom of Religion” an individual Right of every Citizen.

          5. ShemSilber says:

            It is not one’s version of the Bible that one has to be concerned about. Due to human meddling, there are changes in the Scriptures that we have to learn about. We need the guidance of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) to understand His truth, for He is the One and ONLY Door to everlasting life.

            Human monarchy is no way theocracy. Every form of human government, religion, and education is under the overwhelming influence of the Azazel, the satanic one who rebelled against his Creator, but who is shortly to be expelled to the pit where he belongs, Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire that was made for him (Matthew 25:41), and we will have government by our Master Yahushua from His throne in Jerusalem, the only government that has ever really been FOR the people. Therein will dwell only righteousness, and Jerusalem, our eternal Capitol of the universe, will be called “Yahuwah Shama” (“Yahuwah is THERE”), in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein.

          6. Ken says says:

            Keep in mind that All Religions weigh in equally in the eyes of the Constitution. Every member of each religion has the same Rights as you and I and are due the same respect that you and I expect.

          7. ShemSilber says:

            As I have learned, every human government (1) is answerable to the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) and (2) has within itself the seeds of its own destruction, and those seeds destruction are or should be evident to those who are paying attention.

            For instance, while we had religions that were different but tolerated each other’s existence, freedom of religion didn’t seem to do much damage, but now that we have streaming into our country a particular religion and political ideology that seeks to submerge into oblivion all other belief, we must see the outcome. Islam is already using that “freedom of religion” to destroy all other religion.

            But then, religion is so permeated with the lies of the devil that it will be good to see it replaced instead with obedience to the loving instruction that the Master Yahushua has given us in the Scriptures.

            In the meantime, many people will suffer both for religion and for the truth, until the Master Yahushua has led us out of these Dark Ages and into His everlasting Kingdom, in which there will be only love and righteousness, peace and productivity for all the ages of the endless ages. May that time be soon and in our days, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          8. Ken says says:

            Radical Islam would be unConstitutional if it were to interfere with another Citizens Religious Rights and should be banned.

          9. ShemSilber says:

            So who pays attention to the Constitution any more, except to twist it out of shape and make it something our founding fathers saw coming and would like to have prevented? Certainly not the last few presidents, congresses, or SCOTUS, and less and less the American people, except for a few patriots, some of whom are about ready for another Revolutionary War!

            There is only one thing that Radical (actually, Fundamental) Islam understands, and that is overwhelming force of arms and utter defeat. It does not seem that will be dealt to it short of the return of our Messiah Yahushua, when He comes to judge and wage war in righteousness (Revelation 19:11) in order to make His enemies His footstool (Psalm 110). That is when Islam’s master, the devil, alias Allah, will be cast into Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire that was made specially for him and his fellow-demons, and he won’t be around to cause us any trouble. (The devil, by the way, is the author of freedom of religion, because in the heavens everyone was worshipping Yahuwah, but the devil wanted there to be freedom for himself to be worshipped.)

            Help us, Master Yahushua, to make it through these Dark Ages and into our Abba (Father) Yahuwah’s eternal habitations, omein!

          10. Ken says says:

            Strange how the Constitution is “twisted” when it does NOT fit someone’s agenda

          11. ShemSilber says:

            You said a mouthful there! There has been a good deal of unconstitutional twisting according to the leftist, or LGBT, or whatever anti-American bias that doesn’t suit those who want to bury it under lies and obfuscations. You probably well know that they do the same thing with the Bible, wanting to remove the parts that condemn homosexuality, for instance. But we will all have ample opportunity to obey our Creator, to “straighten up and fly RIGHT” so that we can live in His Kingdom rather than die the second death. That’s why our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) died and rose again, to empower us also to live forever, and so may we choose, omein.

          12. Ken says says:

            Sure am glad that your limited – I guess you could call it life doesn’t encompass a viable segment of the real World population. You can’t fart without finding a Biblical reference. Enjoy o=your life – in fact get a life and then try to enjoy it

          13. ShemSilber says:

            Thank you, but I already have a much better life than I ever could without guidance from the Master Yahushua, who formed each of us in our mothers’ wombs and who offers us a second birth as immortals. He already paid for our sins on the tree of execution, and rose again to assure us of everlasting life.

            If you are happy with a life without Scripture, without our Creator teaching His Way, which is far above ours and much more real than this mortal existence that we now have, so be it. You will miss it later, and maybe have a chance to catch up on it.

            If I were you, I’d choose everlasting life in the Master Yahushua while you may, rather than remain mortal and die the second death. That would be sad both for you and us.

            Blessed are all those who choose the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) as the captain of their lives, for they will indeed live forever, omein.

          14. Ken says says:

            Glad to hear that you are incapable of thinking. Enjoy your Constitutional Freedom

          15. ShemSilber says:

            Shalom, Brother Ken: IF you are willing, the Master Yahushua (whom the Christians call “Lord Jesus Christ”) will also lead you into thinking as He does. I’m not there yet, but I’m on the way, and a long way to go yet.

            But if you are NOT willing, then all I can say is, “Sayonara,” until you ARE willing. In the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein and omein.

          16. Ken says says:

            Brother??? Sorry Shem but I don’t have any brain dead brothers. Let’s let God do the Judging since you are not qualified in any way.

          17. ShemSilber says:

            You KNOW I’m not qualified, for I am a mere human. So what are you, superhuman, that you can declare (especially from such a distance) whose brain is alive and whose is not? Matthew 7:1-5 and Romans 2:1-11 apply, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein.

          18. Ken says says:

            God will do the judging and he has not appointed any helpers unless you have a version of the Bible that is different than most. Brain dead and AI are one in the same – you’re stuck in a repeat mode and need to go in and have a tuneup or reboot.

          19. ShemSilber says:

            If you will notice, I have not judged you at all, but I have pointed out from the Word, for instance, that the LGBT subculture will have to learn to “straighten up and fly RIGHT,” because they are going contrary to the purpose for which the Master Yahushua made us.

            Therefore I ask you, are your hackles up because you are part of the LGBT subculture? If so, you have a right to be there, because the Master Yahushua made you with freedom of choice. He also says that when we choose wrong, we have an inescapable responsibility to suffer the consequences of our wrong choices. No two ways about it. If that makes me “brain-dead” in your eyes, so be it. I’ll plead guilty and trust the Master Yahushua to save me from all evil, including the LGBT lying propaganda. When it ceases and desists and is no more, then we will sing a song of “good riddance to bloody rubbish,” for bloody it is, and bloody it will go down, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          20. Ken says says:

            You find it difficult to talk in your own words and keep paraphrasing your version of the Bible. Get a grip and stop judging other people. You try to muddy the US Constitution with parts of your Bible, The Constitution is for all Citizens and you are the last person that is qualified to determine who gets Rights and who Does Not. My partner and I have many Gay and Lesbian friends all over the World. You appear to be a Religious Zealot/Bigot and that is not Constitutional when you shove your Religion in another Citizens face because they have the same Right to freedom of Religion as you.

          21. ShemSilber says:

            I have judged NOBODY, but told you words from your Creator and mine, the one who formed both of us in our respective mothers’ wombs, the one who put those words in my mouth, namely the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus). He is the one who gave you all the rights you have, and He is the one who permitted us to have the Constitution, which is a pitiful imitation of the Torah that He gave Moses for our benefit, for a guide how to live and avoid the second death, and not for a burden, as they taught us in the churches.

            There is no bigotry or religion in what I say, nor am I yet anywhere near perfect, but I’ve been given a message to pass on, and only desire to save some, if possible, from having to explain themselves to the Master Yahushua come the Day of Judgment. What you do with the witness I have given you is NONE of my business, but it IS your Creator’s business, for He made us, we are His property, and He will do with us as He sees fit according to whether we put our trust in Him and what we did with these bodies and minds that He gave us.

            So, if you want to get over your guilty conscience, go to the Master Yahushua and ask Him please to help you “Straighten up and fly RIGHT.” If not, it’s your choice. As I said before, your choice what you do, and His choice, whether to save or to judge, is the response to your choice, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          22. Ken says says:

            Not judging? Ha ha ha – guilty conscience – that is a judgement based on your unending self proclaimed BS Your disdain for the Constitutions comes out here too – well babe – the Theocracy you want won’t happen in the USA so get over that folly. I still feel you are AI and need a reboot with fresh data. If housing a functional brain and not AI you are one fncked up dude.

          23. ShemSilber says:

            You tell all that to the Master Yahushua when you are before His judgment seat, when these Dark Ages are over and the kingdoms of this world (including the good old U.S. of A.) have become the Kingdom of Yahuwah and of His Messiah. It’s coming, and you will see it, whether from the inside or from the outside looking in is up to you. Good riddance to your folly, and may your blessing be on your own head until you wake up and smell the coffee, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          24. Ken says says:

            Yeah – AI running on repeat. Thank God there are 400+ Religions in the USA. If your “religion” were the only one available we would have a Country full of shmucks like you – unable to formulate a sentence without paraphrasing.

          25. ShemSilber says:

            P.S. The gender confusion is a large part of the satanic one’s influence that is being promoted in these Dark Ages and even in our military, thus effeminizing and weakening what are supposed to be our armed forces, and for which we will come under strong correction from our Master Yahushua, though he gives time to hear and heed the warnings of the need to turn from these evils and “straighten up and fly RIGHT.”

            When we understand our Creator’s purpose in making us male and female, then we will know why He declares the LGBT and whatever other sexual perversion an abomination–anything except between a husband and wife in covenant relation before Him, in Yahushua’s Name, omein.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      A real Prez. will end HIS LOVE AFFAIR for the queers!

  • Luke says:

    Our leaders should undergo Bible training to correct their heathen and cowardly requirements on decent Navy personnel

    1. Ken says says:

      Gender reassignment would be faster and more effective.

    2. Worried Vet says:

      Amen. That’s where we got lost. When we let these groups stop letting the Bible be in public. Our morals went out the window. Kids are forced to learn Islam and gender identity but can’t study Bible verses. I think it’s time to start filing lawsuits against any school district that forces kids to learn Islam or gender identity to let them have Bible study and say prayers. What’s good for one is good for all. They talk about discrimination, what is that called when we can’t worship where and when we want to. They even made sure in gitmo Muslim’s have prayer time and the right food and everything for them To worship. Where is our right to do the same? I’m tired of this one sided PC crap, it’s time to rise up and demand our rights or for the government to stop forcing crap down our throats. Being told to do what we say period or be punished is the same tactics Hitler and his Nazi’s did. I don’t see any difference.

  • ShemSilber says:

    If anyone doesn’t know it already, to “identify” one as of the gender with which they were not born does not make it so, any more than identifying as a eagle would render a person capable of flying off the roof of a skyscraper or a high cliff. How stupid can a person be, to lie to him- or herself and claim that they are really NOT the gender with which they were born? And how stupid are we to condescend to them and say, “Oh, yes, we accept your identity as you say”?

    The Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) formed every baby in its mother’s womb, and He assigned it a gender at conception. By misidentifying ourselves as the opposite gender, we put ourselves in jeopardy of charges of malingering, that is, damaging the mind and the body so as not to fulfill the given assignment. Are we smarter than our Creator, so that we can legitimately do so?

    If we don’t get over it and put it to bed, then it will overtake us and will literally be the eternal death of us.

    Praise Yahuwah who made us what we are, and may we all “straighten up and fly RIGHT!” in the Presence and in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein!

    1. Ken says says:

      Gender Identity – want to be a woman? #1 get rid of pete and the pair. If you want to be a man – get to your gyn and get an addadictomy.

  • Grim Reaper says:

    Total crap, and absolute B.S. The idiots that are busy destroying our country and military need to be the first ones rounded up after the election, and re-educated.
    All this garbage needs to be overturned once the new C.C. gets in place.

    1. 7papa7 says:

      Amen to that. It is time for these good men to start leaving the military before they really get their heads screwed up by all the propaganda they are forced to go through.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        This is what Obama is wanting, anything to degrade our military, just like he’s dividing our country, and it’s working! I’d stay in just to start trouble, because most of the commanders hate Obama anyway! Jut wait him out, then clean it out!

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I would agree on staying in and disrupting his perversity but that would only get you disciplined and probably discharged in other than honorable conditions.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Probably, but he;s cleaning out all the good anyway, and replacing them with yes men and queers!

          2. 7papa7 says:

            Just like himself.

        2. Dolores Adams says:

          obummer is a POS

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