Nikki Haley Opposes SC Transgender Bill

April 8, 2016

A bill filed in the South Carolina Senate that would restrict transgender people’s access to restrooms and changing rooms could bring business problems that have plagued other states that have enacted similar legislation, experts say.

Senate Bill 1203, filed by Sen. Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg, would bar local governments and school boards from passing laws or enacting policies allowing people to use multiple occupancy restrooms and changing facilities that correspond with the gender with which they identify. It would also mandate that state-run parks, museums and other facilities only allow people to use the restrooms and changing facilities that correspond with their biological sex at birth.

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce came out against the bill Thursday, saying it does not promote economic inclusion, growth or competitiveness.

“This legislation simply opens a contentious debate on a problem we do not have here in our state,” said Carlos Phillips, the chamber’s president and CEO.

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  • elda says:

    We are a dead horse that is just falling.

  • elda says:

    If Transgender people, in other words people with normal bodies and broken minds, insist on using the facilities restricted for safely reason to keep WOMEN safe, then just build one for them. We had to do it to facilitate wheelchairs, we can do it for men that want to hang around other men that dress like women. That way DNA verified women do not give up their safety. Why should one protected group have president over another? Just build an anything goes bathroom.

  • Robert Jones says:

    I’m just an old Marine that thinks -if you are queer ? You are queer , but if I
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    catch you trying to go in restroom with . Give your heart to GOD because the rest of you is MINE.

  • mike says:

    They are trying to turn America into a muslim world.Musims don’t use a mens room or a womens room and I think because of all the refugees coming here it is to please them and the hell with us

  • AmericanBelle1 says:

    If a woman’s constitutional right to privacy is the lynchpin for her getting an abortion, then where is that same right protecting girls, young ladies and women from perversions and sexual attacks in lavatories, bathrooms, showers or locker rooms?

    I’ll answer that. Because the unborn child, according to the left and spoken by Hillary Clinton, have no constitutional rights and cannot speak out against their murder.

    And in the case of privacy in baths, the concocted rights of the pervert override all constitutional rights of the public at large, from privacy, to religion, to free speech.

    We are just as much silenced by the left as are the innocent unborn.

  • gf says:

    Nikki Haley, keeps digging her political grave, deeper, and deeper. Politically, she is toast!

  • Pam says:

    Here’s an idea (sarc). Keep multiple occupancy restrooms/changing rooms the way they are and then add a single occupancy rest/change with a “?” on the door and a note, (Don’t know what you are? Don’t like the way you were born? Confused? “Questioning”? You go here!)

  • joseph kosior says:

    Ever notice that it’s never a woman that wants to use the men’s bathroom? It’s a freaky male that wants to use the ladies bathroom. I used to think Nikki Haley had a good head on her shoulders but it turns out she is no different than any other politician that panders to special interest groups. I will say this, I have young nieces, and if I ever saw some freak try to occupy a public restroom when they’re in there, goodbye freak.
    Haley will find out why politicians become targets to people who have had enough and can no longer just sit back and do nothing.

    1. Pam says:

      You constantly hear and see jokes made about “how women can’t seem to go to the restroom alone in public places”. This is because our mothers warned us that “perverts” will hang out near the “lady’s room”.
      Now our out of control PC government is trying to legislate actually “giving the fox PERMISSION to enter the hen house”!
      No truer words were ever spoken than “You can’t fix stupid”!

    2. elda says:

      It is all about political power….MONEY!

  • Dick says:

    It’s your call. You desired to change your God given makeup. So why don’t you folks have porta potties dropped of at the locations you will be inhabiting.

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