Obama: I’ll act on my own on immigration

July 1, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conceding defeat on a top domestic priority, President Barack Obama blamed a Republican “year of obstruction” for the demise of…

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  • rickouellette says:

    The little dictator (like Nero) got on his soapbox and declared that he was moving assets from the interior to the border. He should have moved the military there 5 years ago. With this idiot we are always a day late and a dollar short. The only thing he does in a timely fashion is fund raising and golf. He wants comprehensive reform even though the border fence that was approved in 1986 has not yet been built. What he wants is to be able to grant amnesty to all illegals and future democrat voters. Ironically, the democrats in congress support what he is doing to the country. One Big Ass Mistake America !!
    It will take years to recover from the overall damage he has done to our country. Good Luck America !!!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The republicans had the white house for 16 years after the law was passed and the didn’t build it either. The wall is dumb. 30 ft. walls mean 32 ft. ladders. Regan was the first President to give amnesty and he was the one that should have built the wall. Bush the First didn’t build it nor did Bush the Second. This is a problem that has been years in the making. Big business doesn’t want it, they like their cheep labor. Since they own the government it won’t happen. Obama is putting on a big show but nothing is going to change. he can do very little.

      1. rickouellette says:

        Agree that there is enough blame to go around. The wall is a deterrent and with electronic devices now available it could allow an agent to cover a wide area and respond to activity where detected. The administration knew about the upcoming influx since Jan 2014 when they estimated some 65,000 children coming in. Now they want us to believe they are surprised that this happened. We need the border secured before we can deal with the illegals already here. Obama wants a comprehensive plan so he can grant amnesty which translates to buying democrat votes. The border is more porous than ever so action has to be taken and the president is the only one who can order the military to patrol the border for as long as it takes to beef up the border patrol. We have some 92 million working age people out of the work force in this country. How long can the working people continue to support those who are not employed ? Illegals take jobs that our citizens need because immigration laws now on the books are not enforced. We cannot afford to wait for the next president to take action. It has to happen now. Good Luck America!!!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Why are job going empty if indeed there that many people looking for work. The company I work for had 20,000 openings to fill this spring and could not fill them all. The workforce is at the highest number in history. I guess you don’t remember last year when they wouldn’t let illegal works pick crops in Alabama and they rotted in the fields.
          We need the laws changed so we can send these kids back right a way not in a year or two. We need a guest worker program so we can fill the seasonal jobs that americans don’t want. The adult influx of illegals is down to the lowest point in years.
          If the republican want the votes of the immigrant all the have to do is there job instead of being the party of no.

          1. rickouellette says:

            We already have laws on the books that allow us to send these kids back. The president has to direct that it be done. As for influx of adults, none of us know how many came in and where they came from originally as the border is porous and cannot be patrolled effectively. Don’t know where you are getting your numbers but unemployment is still very high and the economy shrank by 2.9% this past quarter. There are still 12 million (these are people who want work) unemployed and several million who do not bother looking for work anymore. Our welfare system is broken and able bodied people are milking the system rather than doing manual labor. We need to seal the border then start registering all illegals who are here and determine their fate. There is much work to be done but right now Harry Reid is not allowing much of anything to be debated or passed in the Senate so meaningful legislation is on the back burner. Nobody seems to want to pass legislation that their constituents may not like before the Nov. elections. Good Luck America !!!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry but the law that lets us turn around and send children back only covers Mexican and Canadians. All others must see a judge. Welfare works with case loads of 1000 per worker you will get some fraud. Most of the people on welfare are children and the elderly. Most of the people who get food stamps are the working poor. There are jobs going unfilled, I know because I having to live with short staffing every day. Have you noticed all the help wanted signs out there.

          3. rickouellette says:

            What do you think the reason is why people will not apply ? Lack of qualifications ? Lack of ambition ? As for food stamps, last count was some 47million. I am sure many of those are unemployed and would rather be working than on food stamps. You must be in one of the States where the economy is above par if you have that many job openings. Good :Luck America !!!

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Lack of pay and a lack of people. They start at $8 to $10 per hour with benefits after 90 days. Most of the people that were out of work around here are back at work. The pickings are getting slim. Of the 7 new hires in my department 3 left for better jobs in the first 6 weeks.

          5. rickouellette says:

            Americans will have to accept paying more for everything so that people can earn enough to raise their families. I can understand why someone would opt for a better paying job. Good Luck America ~!!!

          6. bobnstuff says:

            The EU just raised their minimum wage to $10.25 per hour France was already above that. What most people don’t seem to get that in most business payroll is between 5% and 10% so to give a 50% raise means raising prices by between 2.5% and 5%. Restaurants are a little tougher they would have to raise prices 12.5% That’s if all things stay the same. In Pittsburgh you need to make at least $16.50 per hour to afford a house, That’s one of the lowest in the country

      2. ijohnc1 says:

        Wrong on your facts, Carter was the first to grant blanket amnesty.
        Wrong on deporting illegals, Eisenhower deported more through the DOJ
        Per captia, Border patrol has about the same for population of illeal aliens coming into our country
        “Fences do work, look at the one around the white house”
        Charles Krauthammer

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It just goes to can’t trust everything you read on line. So has anyone since Eisenhower deported more? Eisenhower is why I’m a republican. He got things done and helped build the country unlike some of the republicans of late. I was right that Regan passed the immigration reform bill that was supposed to build the wall or was I mislead on that?

          1. ijohnc1 says:

            You are right, but Reagan also had a democratic congress led by tip O’Neal, so the democrats used the money for other purposes, they call it discretionary spending, their discretion was we don’t need a fence

  • defiant1 says:

    douber1, you are right on that evaluation, our little dictator is not used to being told NO and his tempestuousness is getting the best of him…..dictators do eventually fall……….

  • douber1 says:

    i hope the supreme court straightens out this MALADO on this subject
    a couple of more rejections and that should throw him right over the edge

    he is allready teetering

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