Obama sets a record for red tape in 2016

On the last business day of the year, President Obama set a record Friday with a total of 97,110 pages of new rules and regulations published in 2016 in the Federal Register.

The administration added regulations at a rate of 18 for every new law passed this year, according to an analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Congress passed just 211 laws, but the administration issued 3,853 new regulations to implement those laws — 43 more than last year.

That’s the highest number of regulations since 2005, when the administration of Republican George W. Bush issued 3,975 new rules.

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  • Warren says:

    Only one 8″piece of Red Tape was needed for 2016 & that would be over the Muslim Mutt’s Mouth

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Bottom line is Obama is a TRAITOR and the ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES. On his last days, he let loose all those criminals and terrorists on the streets to fight and terrorize the administration of President Trump. He emboldened Muslim to destroy Israel and the Christians in Jerusalem. Facts, Christians and Jews own Jerusalem.

    1. Evelyndcraft says:

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  • Larry says:

    sick Hate Master still at work and all his cronies follow him with their noses where the sun don’t shine

  • randy jackson says:


  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Obama, you don’t get it, do you. Your executive orders at this stage are virtually meaningless. You may end up with writer’s cramp for nothing. All your garbage can easily be done away with, and here is why. All your garbage is counter productive, and infringes on the sovereignty of this country, both politically and economically. Then too, as a little side bar, there comes into play the safety and security of American Citizens that you have thrown to the wayside, under the guise of teddy-bears and roses to suit your agenda, then along with that increased surveillance on and of American Citizens under the guise of safety and security. What a convoluted mess you have created.
    Obama, you have backed yourself into a coroner, you can not declare war on Russia, or any other country right now, the best you could do over the next 21 days is maybe cause a civil war in this country, but I think you know that is one you and you ilk would loose big time. You see, Obama, when you threw up your trial balloons about nationalizing every cop in the country, and you thought that you could do that by causing the “villianization” of the police, well that backfired, you alienated them to the point where you can not depend on them backing you. Then there is the military, you did pretty much the same thing to them. Oh sure, you have a few “YES” men in place, but you don’t know if their orders would be obeyed, and most likely their orders would not be carried out.
    Yup Obama quite the situation you have created for yourself. Everyday you manage to hammer another nail into the coffin of the democrat party, and the dnc as a whole.
    You have managed to have the following countries drop you like a hot potato; Alienated Allies: UK, Israel, Australia, Egypt, and Egypt even has an arrest warrant for you, and the Hilda-Beast.
    So, keep it up Obama, you are the best thing that could happen for ant-New world Order, the demise of the democrat party, George Soros and his kind, and of course the left-wit media, who manage to hang themselves a little more everyday by playing in your sand-box.

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