Paul Ryan On Stopping A President Trump’s Muslim Ban: We’ll Sue Him!

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made clear he doesn’t agree with a proposal put forward by Donald Trump — whom Ryan has endorsed — to ban Muslim immigration into the United States, but in an interview with the Huffington Post Thursday, Ryan floated taking a President Trump to court if he tried to implement such a ban or some of his other controversial proposals unilaterally.

“I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump’s claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional approval.

Ryan said he wasn’t sure of the “legal question” of whether Trump could institute a Muslim ban on his own as president.

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  • Margie says:

    Ryan every job Hillary has had people
    Die on her watch pressure comes
    And she goes to bed Clinton and
    Hillary ran around with Trump and his first wife this is why Trump knows
    She not capable be President he knew
    That he care our country that why
    Trump is running because screw it
    Up every job she has every had outside
    She brags about being she screwed
    That job they were happy for her to leave and the young she tries because
    They don’t know her background
    Bernie spends all his money he doesn’t
    Want her destroying our country Obama. And Hillary went to college
    Together and went to class together
    And talked in other how to bring country down Obama speech was
    The worst he should go to bringing
    Our country to military spend the
    Money like going out style brought
    Gay man as his wife in White what
    Do you think about that he is a real
    Joke but you notice they don’t
    Want come here and know way
    For Hillary she is lesbian

  • Margie says:

    I think Trump is doing best he can to
    Run for President . Better than most
    Would do on having Obama in the background telling Ryan what to
    Do see I think that who is running
    Should be able to run without telling
    Ryan what to do to Trump there
    Is something wrong with picture
    Obama shouldn’t turning Ryan against
    trump. The people wanted Trump
    The people that are adults being up fed
    Up with Their noses with Hillary
    Everyone wants Trump and Hillary
    Never been a loser if we have enemy
    Coming on our shores she will go
    To bed she can’t handle pressure
    Any kind and American people
    Suffer from her decisions if we get
    People on here she will freak out
    She will Jo fly away and let the
    People for her decisions Obama
    Knows she can’t do job every job
    She fucked it royal and Obama
    It doesn’t like American people

    1. Margie says:

      Why can’t the Republicans
      Why can’t the people fire
      Ryan and Trump should
      Be able to elect someone
      He can work with this is not
      Democracy this is Obama
      Rules and threatens anyone
      Who votes against. Remember
      Men in a Congress didn’t like
      A ruler so he got them out
      Congress and hired all young
      Kids that he could manipulate

  • Margie says:

    I don ‘t want thousand Muslims in
    Our country you are purposely
    Trying to destroy our America you
    Don’t care this isn’t your country
    Because you lied that born here
    If you were you would be protecting
    Our country from the people you
    Want to destroy you are worst
    president and you are destroying
    Our children but God will let you
    Go so far and he will destroy you
    For others to see Obama you are
    Evil man to bring people in to tape our children and your child but guess
    What when they are here you can’t
    Jump in plane and run because
    God or however your God will destroy
    You because your really evil person

  • cutterguy says:

    we need a leader willing to no longer be pc and go after our enemies. All non-Christians who are not mooslim better take heed. They are losing their freedoms along with Christians, but blaming Christians for their loses.

  • claws67639 says:

    There are very few true conservative republicans leaving, those that are Rino’s they know their days are numbered being able to rip the taxpayer, The reason, gravy train on both parties will hopefully end, Trump could not be as bad as both parties now or they would not be fighting him!

  • Smart Southerner says:

    Hey Ryan, you fool, watch this:

  • Smart Southerner says:

    Paul Ryan said that if Trump asked him to step down as Convention Chairman that he would.

    I think it’s time for Mr. Trump to ask that Democrat, Paul Ryan, to step down. He is hurting our chance to keep another Communist Democrat, Hillary Rotten Clinton, OUT of the WH. He is also hurting and maybe destroying the Republican Party.

    And with statements like Ryan is making in this article he is probably destroying his own political career.

    I don’t ever recall Republicans working for the enemy, the Communist Democrat Party. Is George Soros or the Saudis paying these guys off?

  • Ken says says:

    Ryan – why don’t you go back to Wisconsin – Oh!! I forgot – they don’t want you either. Stop ‘fronting” for the Establishment – your’e embarrassing the USA

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Yep he is a closet liberal. He isn’t brave enough to come out.

      1. Ken says says:

        He is a long term RINO Establishment Puppet – TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Yes it’s been time to clean house for a decade or two. I hope and pray people wake up and stop putting these left wing extremist and lifer GOP in office. Their destroying this country and it’s time to stop them. It’s time to start making the media be honest and not politically correct and out and out lying to the public. These freaking propaganda machines play a huge part in this mess. They take advantage of people not spending time looking for the truth so they make it to fit their agenda. I thought the media wasn’t supposed to have an agenda , maybe that’s why they get away with lies.

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