Paul Ryan: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Talking About Visa Caps’

February 16, 2016

In a remarkable interview with popular Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) declined multiple times to answer whether he would, as Speaker of the House, allow legislation to proceed curbing the rapid growth of America’s foreign-born population.

Ninety-two percent of GOP voters want immigration frozen or slashed, according to Pew polling data.

Ryan eventually admitted the he would not bring up legislation desired by the overwhelming majority of his Party: “We’re not going to be talking about visa caps in our agenda,” Ryan declared.

As Breitbart News has previously documented, Ryan has devoted much of his career to preserving and expanding mass migration into the United States— a key part of the GOP establishment policy platform.

Ryan’s admission is significant as it means that the leader of the Republican Party in Congress has all but announced that the will of GOP voters on the signature issue of 2016 will not be part of the Republican agenda.

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  • Murph68 says:

    Sell out, fraud & coward are the words that best describe Ryan. The Republicans no longer represent conservatives in this country and are, as evidenced by their actions (or inaction, if you will), in many ways, just as bad as the Demorats. All of this points to the need for a 3rd party….one that truly believes in freedom, limited government and personal responsibility…and demonstrates a commitment to those founding principles by their actions.

  • faxxmaxx says:

    Any Wisconsinites out there? Time to take out this piece of trash

  • gf says:

    When Boehner, announced that he was resigning, I was surprised, and all for it. Now look, at the replacement. What a disappointment! Well Ryan, how about, that we send all the illegal immigrants, and others, to the WI-1. Then this clown, will be voted out of office. Just another clueless, RINO!

  • Grim Reaper says:

    Ryan is an Obama stooge. He is owned by the Dems he is a poodle.

  • cherokeeman says:

    Ryan is another POS!!! And a RINO!!!!

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    The reason our country is growing so you say is this! Its because of all the worthless charity cases youre letting into our country. We can reuse the same rope we have for Obama & Hitler-y for your worthless neck Ryan.

  • N.McDaniel says:

    RINO RYAN says it all. Fire him!!!

  • JOE says:

    the MF’ERS that put this pussy in charge need to be retired!

    1. faxxmaxx says:

      Yes, I’ve stopped reading anything from FreedomWorks because they trapsed around the Freedom Caucus guys last year who said they were the new good guys in town, and six months later voted for Ryan. There are no good guys in politics.

  • Unicorn71 says:

    If he were smart (big if), any visa reform like immigration reform must start with entry/exit controls. Furthermore, to counter the proliferation of birth visas, a waiver form indicating that should the visa applicant be pregnant or become pregnant during the visit the birthed child will not be eligible under any circumstances for automatic US citizenship. The child must obtain a passport from the country of parent(s) origin for return which is mandatory. Failure to sign the waiver means denial of a visa.

  • sue lenhart says:

    Mr. Ryan, if you will not listen to the will of 92% of your constituents, then it is safe to say that you no longer represent the American citizens who voted you in and trusted you to lead responsibly. You no longer have any reason to be in office. I will pray that the American voters find the will to be educated on your decisions and to vote you out of office.

  • josebear5 says:

    Ryan need to be gotten out of their. Where are the Republican ? Are they all on the payroll.

  • michael friend says:

    Ryan is a sell-out of the worst kind. He is just as bad as Boehner. The sooner that he is removed as speaker the better. I keep getting -mails to contribute for him, I just delete them. I even received mail from him, and I just throw them in the garbage. Ever since he turned his back on the GOP I have lost any respect for him.

  • Gunflint Roseberg says:

    Ryan is worse than Bohnnnner. Wait till he starts slashing Social Security.

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