Pelosi’s ObamaCare tweet gets unintended response

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) tweeted out a question late on Monday about people’s experiences with Obamacare but did not get the response she was looking for.

Last week Republicans released their new health care plan intended to replaced the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have been gearing up to fight back against the new plan and plan to make health care a 2018 mid-term election issue.

Pelosi tweeted out a link to the White House website, asking her followers to share their experience with the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Climax says:

    Ya’ll remember when she said, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.” Well, that just proves she is clueless and does not do her job as it is her job that she was elected to do to read and analeyeze (ya spelled right for her) so she knows what she is voting on. She failed miserably in her job and should be fired for forcing this Obamanation on all Americans.

  • justinwachin says:

    I followed the link. I’m glad to see real Americans shared the real truth about problems with Obamacare. I bet Nancy Pelosi will not change her support now that she has heard about the flaws of her health care reform act.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I wish this sick POS would pull her bottom lip over her head and swallow, and just think, some poor soul has to call this Bi their mother!

    1. the whistler says:

      Rodney if you look closer at the picture I believe that is exactly what she has done….OOOPS! My Bad….that’s just her regular face !!!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        LOL, she does pretty well look the same from every angle, BUTT UGLY!!

  • hankrbradley says:

    Roflmao, this woman is bat shiz crazy!

  • Webb says:

    Pelosi…People’s Experience With Obamacare.
    GoAmericaent Interference, A MANDATE Forcing One To Purchase A Product, Higher Insurance Cost, Higher Deductiables, Higher Copays, Loss of Doctor, Loss of Hospital…
    We are still counting the ways…
    Pelosi…God may forgive you for your lies but America Never Will*

    1. the whistler says:

      Well said….NOT BAD FOR A 70 year young philosopher!!!

  • Janis says:

    Since Congress opted not to be covered under Obamacare and continued with the Federal Health Benefits for Federal Employees, I hope Ms Pelosi was smart enough to have opted for a plan that gives great mental health coverage. (I know everyone, She is not smart enough.)

    1. the whistler says:

      Sad fact is she thinks we are the ones that are ‘Un-Hinged’!!!

  • Stephen Howe says:

    Pelosi, Fauxcahontas…and that wizened negress (whoever she is) are all still suffering from election shock, and I can’t say that I blame them. Just search youtube for “meltdown” and see how…even on ELECTION NIGHT, that EVERY SINGLE MASS MEDIA OUTLET was incessantly hammering THE UNDENIABLE FACT that Trump could not possibly win.

    “Do the math, all you stupid redneck Klansmen!”

    As I have said many times, Trump’s landslide Electoral College victory over that mental & moral trainwreck in her pink pantsuit made me more proud to be an American than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. The system worked! The votes actually ARE counted.

    I now look forward to laughing my head off when millions of sniveling, wailing snowflakes watch as Obama, Pizzagate Podesta, Hillary, and the rest of the DNC mafia (along with dozens of “famous” media pundits) are led off in cuffs to their new home FOR LIFE in Gitmo! The GOP could sell tickets to that glorious spectacle and erase the national debt!

    1. Webb says:

      On election night…I know and understand your feelings…As an old 70 years it was one of the Best Times of my Life!
      Watching Liberal pundits and several Liberal MSM channels…CRY! IT was Great!

    2. SickoftheBS says:

      I would pay to see that especially if Hillary was cuffed to Obozo the Muslim clown!

  • Dee says:

    My goodness that woman is brain dead !

    1. the whistler says:

      Yes! This just goes to show you that in her case if she were a guest star in the “Walking Dead” instead of a blow to the head they would most likely have to give her an enema to put her out of her misery!!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Let Negan get a hold of her, the Bi won’t ave a head!! 🙂

  • Don L Harned says:

    One more face lift and she will need to start shaving.

  • the whistler says:

    If the Elitist ,Leftist, ‘Better than thou’ , dizzy, nitwit, who actually had the gall to say’ We need to pass it to find out what’s in it’…didn’t exempt themselves from having to live with their ‘Affordable???? ‘ health care she wouldn’t have to ask such an ignorant question in the first place!!! Typical Democrat …want all kinds of Anti-American rules and illegal aliens …so long as none of the rules apply to them and they can stay isolated from the illegals….I remember Newt and Her on the beach….I HATE them all and for once I would love to see the lying scum suffer horrible public humiliation and disgrace!!! I hope there are future plans for making these traitors face justice for all the evil they have done to the people of this country.

  • champion2211 says:

    I guess if she had a brain that worked normally, for one if so she wouldn’t be a Democrat. But just being so far on the left she will fall off real soon and for the Democrats to keep choosing a phoney liberal to lead it is no wonder they are ready to fall. It is just plain stupid and you know what the repair for stupid is? Sorry but there isn’t one.

  • Jim Strong says:

    What a A hole.Get her to a mental hospital.

    1. the whistler says:

      Most likely a lobotomy would provide her with a benefit …she already has no personality or intellect…so it isn’t like it would negatively impact these areas .

      1. Ericacjohnson says:

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  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Drunk again, eh, Nancy?

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