Planned Parenthood sets ‘abortion quotas,’ former employees say

Planned Parenthood sets ambitious goals for the number of abortions it wants each clinic to perform, former employees at the nation’s largest abortion provider say, providing incentives for clinics that reach their goals and taking corrective measures against those that underperform.

In a video released Tuesday by Live Action, Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, says even clinics that did not perform abortions had to refer a certain number of patients to other clinics for abortions.

“Every center had a goal for how many abortions were done,” Ms. Thayer said in the video. “And centers that didn’t do abortions, like mine, that were family planning clinics had a goal for abortion referrals. And it was on this big grid, and if we hit our goal, then our line was green. If it was 5 percent under, we were yellow. If it was 10 percent under, it was red. That’s when we needed to have a corrective action plan — why we didn’t hit the goal, what we were going to do differently next time.”

She also said employees were trained to manipulate women into choosing to abort their children by bringing up the costs associated with raising a family.

“We would say things like, ‘Your pregnancy test, your visit today is X number of dollars, how much are you going to be able to pay toward that?’” Ms. Thayer said. “If they say, ‘I’m not able to pay today,’ then we would say something like, ‘Well, if you can’t pay $10 today, how are you going to take care of a baby? Have you priced diapers? Do you know how much it costs to buy a car seat?’”

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  • jrchambers says:

    Killing developing babies does not solve problems. It creates them. This controversy will not be going away soon. Ending human life is not an issue that can/may/should be ignored. Does the infant want to live? Yes. As it grows, moves, eats, and develops in the womb, it is declaring: “I want to live.” I also want to add: The developing child has his/her own body, just like we have our own bodies. However, we are older. We are older because we were given a chance to live.

  • justinwachin says:

    Planned Parenthood is a disgrace to our nation. This organization profits off the blood of innocent babies.

    I think more Americans are realizing that abortion is a nice way of saying baby slaughter. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers is our version of Nazi concentration camps. Those who work in these baby slaughterhouses are just as guilty of crimes against humanity as the Nazis were.

  • Highwayman says:

    What a bunch of really lowlifes these people are. They deliveredly first innocent women who may have really wanted that baby into a boarding and destroying it all for money. I am a man who has seen directly what can happen to a woman or a young female that is talked into destroying her child inside her womb. I have seen what can happen after that to a woman. It’s not pretty at all. The story should be told about what happens to women sometimes who destroy their babies. I have seen at least two almost go completely crazy.
    I know what one female who was talked into an abortion by her husband and she did it she said out of love for him and he divorced her after that so he would not have to pay child support. He left her to deal with horror of knowing that she murdered her own child. It was something that she could not handle and she said even now years past that she really wanted the baby and guess where she went to have it done you’re right Planned Parenthood. That girl now years and years later actually has a grave for that baby where the headstone on it. She walks to the Grave and sit by it and cries every time over the loss of her baby. She is so guilt-ridden even psychologist that she goes to has labeled her borderline insane. I know I’m a young female 17 years old I got pregnant by a young man and she was talked into getting an abortion. I told them both that they didn’t know what they were really doing. I actually offered to take the child and rear it until the mother was capable of knowing what she wanted and she’s still had the abortion and would you like to know where she had it at you would be right if you said Planned Parenthood. It was a little boy and she had waited almost too long and they still perform the abortion. That girl lost all self-esteem for herself all respect and she hated herself and it drove her equally insane. When I saw her last it hurt me so much that I told her to come see me anytime she wanted to. I have not heard any more from her. Her life became a miserable life for any female to live. I have seen this stuff face-to-face and it first-hand. Planned Parenthood as an enemy to just about any average female especially young females who are just starting and don’t know much about pregnancy and things like that. You don’t walk into the devil’s office and expect for him to be considerate of your real needs. Everytime I see Planned Parenthood anywhere they are a bunch of people that should not be in business and this article that I have just read only affirms what I have known for many years. Until you see first hand what the damage is done a lot of times buy female destroying her child that is in her womb, I don’t think you can tell me anything about Planned Parenthood. What makes it really worse that people who run Planned Parenthood know exactly the damage they do to women and they are liars if they say they don’t. That way I look at this thing abortion. It is not bad enough that you kill the child but you also May kill the mother and not even care that you’ve done both. I’m not trying to preach but I have seen what a relationship can be between an unborn child and its mother and I don’t care what woman says, when you carry something inside you and you start feeling the kick around it’s his way of saying hello to its mama and there’s a Bond somehow form between the two and when that baby dies I’m telling you the ones I have seen so far the women’s lives are destroyed just like the babies life from years and years to come. Abortion is a evil disease placated upon innocent women who are now fed this kind of crap you read in this article. It’s not just a sin isn’t evil disease perpetrated by the servants of evil themselves. They need to be completely defunded and some of the organization needs to rise that really does help women with their needs. These people need to be shut down completely and maybe even criminal charges against them file if possible.

  • J Wayne Watson says:

    May this nation turn to life and away from the devil’s desire of death! Abortion stops a human heart and is murder in no uncertain terms. Let us all do our part in promoting life.

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