Pro-Life Leaders Send Urgent Request to Iowa Caucusgoers About Donald Trump

by Kate Scanlon
January 28, 2016

A coalition of pro-life leaders are urging Iowans to support “anyone but Trump” in the upcoming caucus.

The female pro-life leaders of both Iowa-based and national pro-life organizations sent a letter to Iowans Tuesday to tell them that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is an “unacceptable” option for president due to his ambivalence about their cause and comments he has made that “impugned the dignity of women.”

Trump has recently faced scrutiny from pro-life activists for his claim that he no longer supports abortion.

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  • James Allen Wyatt says:


  • Dee says:

    At this time I stick with ABC ….. any thing but CLINTON ! At the end of time each of us will answer for our actions. If a person can elect to follow through on this, not sure they would ever be a Mom !

  • Debbie says:

    well I’m Pro-life and a woman and I support Trump so I would really like them to clarify who they are.

    1. Robert Early says:

      Thanks Debbie. I’m a pro-life man. This is a wild election year; and the leftist media is anxious to report anything negative about anyone.
      For example, if you wish a moment of fame, all you have to do is say something really seedy about Trump or Cruz, and two reporters will likely show up at your door.

  • Amwakeup says:

    With all the pills on the market nowadays ,excluding rape ,or sickness ,There really should be very little need for any abortions.

  • Seedman says:

    The Bible states that life begins in the womb, not at first breath, as progressive unconstitutional immoral Democrats deceitfully state. That so many politicians of this persuasion are in public office underscores the need America has for national repentance before a holy God to whom all will give account.

    1. I Seigel says:

      What does the Bible say about death? When does death begin? What does the Bible say about going against God’s will by prolonging life? If man isn’t capable of affecting the Earth’s climate – only God is capable of that – then how is it possible that man can keep someone alive on a respirator, or drugs, or bring a malformed fetus into the world and prolong its life by unnatural means?

  • Ben Latham says:

    Glen Beck is a tool! Its great Trump changed his position. Im voting Gary Johnson, so I dont have a dog in this fight… But these distortions are EXACTLY why I cant trust the Canadian

  • Patriot47 says:

    Let’s see, where do I stand – in matters of conscience and morals the gubmint gots no bidness meddlin’.
    Anyone who lets gubmint think for them DESERVES what we’ve got now.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Nice to see you consider yourself pro-choice, then.

      1. Patriot47 says:

        Unable to find that in my comment.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well then, let me point it out. You said that the government shouldn’t meddle in morals or conscience. You also said that people should think for themselves and not let the government tell them what to think or do. Is that right? That’s a very libertarian view, I believe, which isn’t a criticism or a value judgement, it’s just an observation.

          So, if that’s your feeling, then decisions about morals or conscience shouldn’t be legislated and handed down from government, right? People should make those types of decisions for themselves, right? To me, that sure sounds like pro-choice.

          1. Patriot47 says:

            Still unable to find that in my comment.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Can’t help you any further. I tried.

  • leithel1 says:

    Give Trump the benefit of the doubt. I was once Pro Choice until I realized that it is the approval of murder. Self defense maybe, I have never knowing advocated murder.

    1. withinsigthbutblind says:

      I am still pro-choice because that means it is up to the individual (or preferably up the TWO individuals) responsible for the pregnancy. I have absolutely no voice or say in someone else’s lives nor they in mine. Think about the ambiguities between pro-choice and pro-life? Pro-life is pretty definitive, but pro-choice is not. It is taken to mean you are pro abortion. WRONG! It means what it says… CHOICE. And who’s choice is it? Yours? I don’t think so! No I know so, it is not your choice, PERIOD! Keep your shit to yourself and let everybody run their own lives.
      What we can do and should do is keep GOVERNMENT out of their lives as well. So I am for everyone making their own choices and PAYING for them as well! No, absolutely no government money is to be spent on abortion with the exceptions of RAPE, INCEST and the life of the mother.
      I therefore want to see abortion remain legal, but abortion on demand a thing of the past. And it would be when they find they have to pay for it themselves. But making it illegal turns back the clock to all sorts of horrors from the past. We should be civilized enough to forgo that torture again.
      One more ponder. Think about all the RAPE currently being done to German women and young girls. Do you think that all the woman that experience a pregnancy due to those savage PIGS should be forced to go to term with a baby of ISIS?

  • Pam says:

    Over the years, I have decided that I am neither pro-choice nor pro-life. What I AM is pro self responsibility. First, if you don’t want to be pregnant, KEEP YOUR DAD-BURNED PANTS ON. Second, if you cannot abstain, ALWAYS double up on your protection!
    Aside from that, reading the full article, I notice that some of the women listed in this group are “femi-nazis” and a large part of their gripe with Trump seems to be his “treatment of women”. This has bothered me no end ever since Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug raised their voices back in the 60’s. All of a sudden it was supposed to be okay for a woman to make her own choices, BUT if they chose to disagree with the “womens’ lib” movement, then somehow that made them stupid and beneath contempt and a target for harassment. Men who tried to treat women with respect (say by opening a door) were pilloried and called neanderthals, but the moment they tried to put women on an equal footing and treat them (in business, for instance) the same way they treated a man, then they were being UNFAIR, BULLIES, AND HARASSERS.
    I am convinced that the origins of this “movement”, along with the “black power movement” and the “freedom FROM religion movement”, plus all the rest are nothing but tools in the long game of bringing down America. Perfect example (however off topic) is that when it looked like we were beginning to ignore race, everything was DE-segregated and “racial quotas” no longer were needed, now all of a sudden we have to give “safe spaces” and RE-segregate. It’s just all part of the plan to create anarchy and DESTROY US AS A NATION.

    1. azsequaya says:

      YEP,!!! Barry Soetoro`s plan (along with the global elite) !!!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Pam, I’m surprised to find myself in agreement with a lot of what you said. Up til the point where you go off on conspiracy theories. You’ve made some very good observations and analogies about feminism and segregation. But I don’t think it’s part of a 50-year old plot to destroy America.

      You raised the subject of political correctness (sort of), and I think Trump has brought that subject fully into the spotlight during this campaign, which I think is a positive thing. I’m kind of appalled, for example, at the trend at universities currently to have unisex bathrooms to accommodate transgender students. I also have some major issues with the ADA – the Americans with Disabilities Act – but that’s for another discussion.

      Back to the subject of this thread: I agree with you that self-responsibility should be the main thing. BUT, kids (and grownups) make mistakes. God forbid if you had a couple of beers and felt a bit frisky! So, then what? Humans make mistakes, and self-responsibility isn’t always a 24/7 thing. What happens then?

      1. Pam says:

        The alcohol goes right back to self responsibility. Don’t over indulge and be aware at all times. If you are out somewhere or even in a smaller group and you walk away from your “drink” DO NOT PICK IT BACK UP, THROW IT OUT!
        I have pretty much always been called a prude, but a friend of mine used to go “clubbing” and her mother always told her to only get drinks with replaceable lids and never set them down anywhere. Also, at the first twinge of “uncomfortable-ness”, leave.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well, I agree with all that. BUT, everyone is different, everyone has their own limits – or doesn’t know what they are – and everyone at some point makes mistakes. Which brings me back to my question: THEN WHAT? You can’t tell a 15-year-old, or a 35-year-old, “Oh you made a mistake last night. It will affect the rest of your life, you probably won’t be able to go to college or save for retirement, you’ve basically just completely f**cked yourself.” Do you want to be giving that message to kids? I’m sorry to say I have 2 step-nieces in South Carolina that are experiencing the exact same thing right now. One had a full scholarship to college and now is with a one-year-old with no job prospects (the dad, too), the other is still in high school, father MIA. Sad.

  • reagangs says:

    Gee … Trump sounds like Hillary, Bush, Rubio and Christi when it comes to changing one’s minds about serious political consequences. Hillary is toast, Sanders is a hard core socialist (remember Karl Marx, V Lenin, J Stalin, Mao, Ho, Pol Pot, Sal Alinsky, Obummers family and friends, Obummers handlers V Jarrett, and others). Are we ready for the final conversion to the USSA ???? I’m not. The commies have been trying to take over the USA ever since the 1880s. Then there was the former USSR commie spies of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. JFK was murdered after he purged them from the fed bureaucracy. And now, the commies are at it, again. Will there be another American Revolution ???? Maybe. All we can do is vote them out at the voting booth and/or get ready at home with our new citizen militias.


    SUPPORT DA TRUMP ! everyone has a right to do as they see fit with his or her own body….it is theirs not yours…. you are pushing your views onto people who may not want you to do so,,,,you are also trying to change laws that effect everyone and that is not fair by any means…this is a free country last time I checked…and each person has a right to believe as they see it even if you disagree. you go your way I’ll go mine that is what makes America the Great. you have the freedom to choose as you see fit and don’t give me that GOD trip, there is more killing of young and old in the bible as HE saw fit as HE directed HIS people to carry out…..I believe in PRO CHOICE and it should always be the law,,,it should be a constitutional amendment…period end of story!

    1. thetruthreignsforever says:

      They don’t have the right to kill another- that life belongs to the baby. This is what it comes down to, you can be pro-choice until you become pregnant, after that, there are two lives that matter.

  • JASCHAM says:

    Bernie Lounds: Please read the first sentence again. It says “support anyone BUT Trump” because he has supported abortion in the past. The other republican candidates are all pro-life.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Sounds to me like this means all the rest of the Republican runners are going to vote for abortions and should not be on the republican ticket anyways.They should be running as democrats.

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