Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that he thinks there are about 58 senators who will vote to defund Planned Parenthood on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Rand said “I’m horrified by these videos and and everybody is. When i think of ultrasound, I think of the pictures of my kids before they were born and the happiness we had. To imagine that doctors are using ultrasound to manipulate the body around, turn the body around to take body parts from a baby, it just — it sickens me. And so, I’ve been fighting to defund Planned Parenthood. I don’t think they should get any taxpayer dollars. And we got good news today, we are going to get a vote on this. The Senate will vote on defunding Planned Parenthood before we leave in August.”

Rand stated of the vote, “there’s at least three or four Democrats that we think we have a chance of getting. That gets us close. We’re up to about 58 then. So, we’re going to work very hard. I think there are some pro-choice Democrats, there are many pro-choice Americans who are horrified by this. Because they don’t think of abortion as turning the baby around and harvesting baby hearts, and showing kidneys and livers and lungs and hearts that are then being resold. The gruesomeness of this cannot be overstated. And I think we may well get some Democrats who are going to say, ‘Enough’s enough, we can’t keep funding a group that does this.”

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  • Michel says:


    1. ilr1950 says:

      Anyone intelligent enough to use a dictionary knows abortion is not murder and knows why its not murder. Anyone with any integrity tells the truth about it. So are you admitting to ignorance or to dishonesty?

      1. Michel says:

        I would rather say you are the dishonest and ignorant one stating that taking the life of an unborn baby is NOT MURDER! Guess it’s a good thing you weren’t around when murder became “legal” and you were deemed an inconvenience…. You just might not be here.

        Leave me alone! You’re a LEFTIST…so according to your limited mental capacity, you can’t tolerate ANYONE who disagrees with you…so go away and bs your own kind.

        1. ilr1950 says:

          Michelmoron there is no baby and abortion is not murder. Those are facts, not opinion. Trying to pretend that pregnancy and birth are merely ‘inconvenient’ is an example of how stupid some people really are. Im not responsible for your cold storage locker room IQ or your 4th grade short bus education.

          1. Michel says:

            What part of go away did your murdering leftist brain not comprehend. I don’t care how you ridicule me to try to defend killing babies.

          2. ilr1950 says:

            Michelmoron you apparently arent bright enough to understand this medium. Abortion is not murder. No one is killing babies. And you are impotent in either the decision to end or continue a pregnancy, or me continuing to post

  • Mae says:

    This is not a political issue. PP does not offer one ‘service’ women can’t get elsewhere. Not one Congressman should vote to continue funding PP and not one American should vote again for any who do. The freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness does not include murdering, mutilating and selling pieces of babies to the highest bidder. I sincerely pray that all who applaud this practice are awakened by nightly nightmares of drowning in the blood of these babies until they are begging for it to stop.

    1. ilr1950 says:

      You are inexcusably uninformed. PP provides health care to poor women. Braying they can get the care ‘elsewhere’ is bs. In too many cases there is no where else to go. And 90% of the women who go to PP dont have a thing to do with abortion. The majority of them go for help preventing pregnancy. PP isnt selling anything. And there are no ‘babies’ involved. Your hysterical melodramatic idiocy underscores your lack of any intelligent argument.

      1. Michel says:

        Yeah poor women who can’t keep their legs closed, can’t afford their children and expect TAX PAYERS to pay their way in the world.

        1. ilr1950 says:

          So we are back to the imbeciles argument that sex is only for reproduction – and since contraceptives and abortion prevents women from having children, and PP helps women not have children they do not want, you truly are looking like an idiot right now

          1. Mae says:

            You earlier claimed the majority of women go to PP for help ‘preventing pregnancy’. All of those thousands of health care centers, thousands of primary care physicians, and female health care specialists provide contraceptive information and contraceptives that the ACA requires insurance companies to pay for, as does Medicaid – in case you want to argue they are too poor to pay for the contraceptives.

            Let me guess. Your next argument is that these pregnancies are caused by rape and incest when less than 1% of pregnancies are the result of rape or incest.

            Or maybe you will claim that women will die giving birth. Some do – according to the CDC about 650 per year in the U.S. – in comparison to 730,322 babies who die at the hands of abortionists, also according to CDC.

            It is a medically known fact according to experts who testified to Congress that these infants you claim are ‘no babies’ feel pain as early as 8 weeks into the pregnancy – and excruciating pain during abortion.

            Get informed, lady. You’re advocating the murder of babies.

          2. ilr1950 says:

            Mae since there are no babies involved and abortion is not murder youre looking incredibly ignorant right now. If you were intelligent enough to look at the yearly report from Planned Parenthood you’d know I wasnt making a claim. I was stating a fact, a fact any educated individual would already know. Youre also apparently too illiterate to grasp that PP takes insurance just like any other health care provider so gibbering and drooling about other clinics is meaningless and worthless. I advocate education, intelligence, and honesty. You advocate ignorance, stupidity and lies.

          3. Mae says:

            Babies are obviously involved – according to medical experts. ‘Tissue’ or whatever you prefer to call it would feel no pain – yet medical experts testified to Congress that babies in the womb feel pain as early as 8 weeks – and excruciating pain when being aborted. Live with that if you can. It’s your choice, but do not think for a moment that you can convince me that abortion is anything less than the slaughter of babies because the mother doesn’t want to take responsibility for the choice she made to get pregnant – and encouraged by PP for the opportunity to make a profit from the bodies of dead babies. They have to raise the money, you know, to pay Cecile Richards blood money of over half a million per year.

            Look at Planned Parenthood’s yearly report, after listening to PP administrators discuss line items and how to get around reporting exactly what they are doing? That is ignorant. As one of the PP ghouls says, they have their attorneys advising them on how to cover up their illegal activities. Whether you like it or not, they have admitted to illegal activities. I will not respond to any more of your willful ignorance.

      2. Mae says:

        I so incredibly regret that I missed your post until now. Even though it has been days since you brayed your bs in support of murdering babies, I will still answer you. In the real world, outside of PP propaganda, there are thousands of health care centers available to women across the country. There are also thousands of primary care physicians providing women’s health care, in addition to specialists in women’s health issues. The ONLY thing PP provides that they do not are abortions, the wholesale slaughter of infants, and the lucrative marketing by PP of bits and pieces of infant’s dead bodies. Lady, you are worse than inexcusably uninformed. You are knowingly singing praise for the vile practice of murdering babies for profit.

        1. ilr1950 says:

          Anyone intelligent enough and educated enough to use a dictionary knows that abortion is not murder and knows why its not murder. Anyone with any integrity tells the truth about it. So you are either admitting to a lack of intelligence or a lack of integrity. Braying about other health care providers is meaningless worthless idiocy. And in case youre too stupid to have figured it out on your own, other health care providers perform abortions too. There are no infants involved, there is no slaughter, there are no babies, but on the anti choice side there is a whole lot of stupidity, ignorance, illiteracy and lies.

          1. Mae says:

            Perhaps you should get your information from medical experts instead of from a dictionary – though the dictionary might enlighten you a bit on the meaning of integrity although it does take a bit of intelligence to understand. Abortion is murder, infanticide, genocide. Look those words up in your dictionary, too.

            The fact that there are other health care providers, which you appear to know exist, is a very good reason why taxpayers should not be funding Planned Parenthood.

  • VirgoVince says:


    1. ilr1950 says:

      Id rather make stupidity illegal …. unless they have access to computers in prison we wouldnt be hearing anything more from most Reich wing lunatics

      1. Richard Harold Weatherfield says:

        If we made stupidity illegal you’d be first inline for the electric chair.

        1. ilr1950 says:

          RichardTheLightweight obviously you’d be bbq’d long before most other individuals would even be arrested

          1. Richard Harold Weatherfield says:

            Well, I’d rather die than live in an America that fully embraces Leftist bullshit anyway, so it’d be a win for me.

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