Rubio Warns Democrats Angling for Single Payer Healthcare: ‘Obamacare on Steroids’

by MATTHEW BOYLE, Breitbart
March 13, 2014

In an exclusive phone interview on Tuesday afternoon with, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned that Democrats in Congress appear to be angling to move toward a single payer healthcare type system as the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare continues to march on.

“Secretly and not so secretly, it’s a desire many on the left have had for a very long time,” Rubio said, noting that liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), chairman of a key Senate subcommittee, just held a hearing laying out the case for single payer Tuesday.

“I believe single payer is always the goal that they wanted. In fact, I think Obamacare was designed to eventually lead us to that point. What I think you’re going to see now is as Obamacare begins to fail, instead of recognizing it as a failure, we need to back and embrace free market principles. I think you’re going to find the left increasingly saying that Obamacare’s failure proves we need a single payer system, so I’m not surprised by it at all,” he added.

Recent history is replete with signs that top Democrats dearly desire a single payer system. President Obama vigorously backed it until around 2003 – and said that’s how he’d design the system “from scratch” in the 2008 campaign. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in October, said she “would’ve preferred single payer or public option” to the “compromise” that was Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last summer infamously said Obamacare was “absolutely” a step toward single payer.

But Rubio warned the consequences would be dramatic. “Single payer,” he said, “is Obamacare on steroids.”

“Single payer basically is the government takes over healthcare, becomes the only insurance company in America and as a result it controls everything from who gets care to what kind of care you get,” Rubio said, adding, ““it would completely eviscerate the quality of our healthcare.”

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  • I Seigel says:

    What kind of “free market principles” does Rubio want us to embrace? Thousands of dollars a month for your heart medication? Not qualifying for insurance coverage because someone in your family has a history of breast cancer or diabetes? Being at the whims of your insurance company to decide whether they’re going to cover your operation or medicines? Losing your coverage when your work hours are reduced, or you’re laid off?

    Unless you can afford the “Platinum Plan”, and then you really don’t have to care, do you.? For the rest of us, it’s a Big Deal.

  • floramae says:


  • MARYANN33 says:

    We have to rid the country of Obama as well as his Obamacare…He is such a crook. It should be easy to remove Obamacare that was pushed down our throats without a single Republican vote….It was passed by all kinds of illegal deals…Get rid of both of them….It hurts the seniors most….

    1. awegweiser says:

      Please tell me, MARYANN33, about how much you think the ACA is hurting seniors and where? At 80 I think it is just fine, just in need of some adjustment, instead of dumping the whole thing that the GOP is howling about. I am also glad for it proving a for a lot of people who would die for lack of insurance, young people, those denied because of pre-existing conditions, stopping insurance companies from cutting off coverage because “you got too sick” and more.

      1. MARYANN33 says:

        When they kick an old lady out of the hospital as they did me. I went in by ambulance because I could not move my leg without fainting…They sent me out in the sheet I came in on to cover my nightgown and I was not able to get into the car without fainting…I think that is reason enough….I had the same pain as I went in with, and a pinched nerve. They did nothing to help the pain so I could walk out of ER…..

        1. awegweiser says:

          MARYANN33 – I fail to see how this sad story has anything to do with the ACA. You were treated badly but much more detail and information is needed to make this true and not another Koch/Rove fairy tale.
          Did you have any insurance at all – even the garbage policies that the ACA is doing away with?

          1. MARYANN33 says:

            I have medicare and blue cross,,,wait util it is your ignorant turn. obama lover.

          2. awegweiser says:

            Of course, no answer to my civil question except for flinging an epithet – “My ignorant turn” – In fact, I too have Medicare (socialized medicine, dontchaknow?) and Blue Cross (fine Capitalist outfit that is well run).
            I just came off of a week in hospital with total charges approaching SIX figures (including $4875 for room and food + $1490 for the ER).
            Total out of pocket for me = ZERO/NADA/GOURNISHT. If your terrible tale is true, you got shafted, screwed – or more accurately, a word I dare not use on these family pages – and probably without KY Jelly. Whatever it was, I doubt it had anything to do with your hated ACA. But you appear to decline from elaborating on that allegation.
            As for your parting shot: I love my close relatives and some female friends. I do not love Obama but I do like him. Hard not to to after living thru a Reagan and a pair of Bushes. Nevertheless, I hope you get your situation fairly resolved. Stay in touch.

          3. MARYANN33 says:

            Do not reply to me again…You have no brain matter whatsoever…total idiot….

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