San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for Deportation

May 8, 2011


San Francisco, one of the first sanctuary cities in the nation, plans to end its cooperation with federal immigration officials and start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for minor offenses before they can be picked up for deportation.

The city’s decision is the latest development in a tug of war between several communities and the federal government over its controversial national program that automatically checks the immigration status of arrestees.

Officials in jurisdictions including Providence, R.I., and Chicago have also challenged the program, which they say undermines trust that it has taken local law enforcement years to build in immigrant communities.

California and Illinois lawmakers are considering measures to let communities retreat from the so-called
“Secure Communities” program, which links up the FBI’s criminal database and the Department of Homeland Security’s records so that every time someone is arrested their immigration status is automatically, electronically checked.

Washington state has deferred to local governments on whether they want to join program overseen by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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  • fretsward says:

    The current, dangerous policy of conciliation and rapprochement towards the Reconquista brigade in this country has been advanced by key appointments to the last few administrations. Prominent among these are individuals who have long records of
    advocating appeasement, entitlement, deceit, one-sided diplomacy and endorsement of the with Hispanic/Latino agenda, and the illegitimate Hispanic vote constantly pushed and threatened, while opposing condemnation of the corrupt meddling Mexican government,
    coercive diplomacy, and arrogant blatant disrespect for our laws by millions upon millions of illegal aliens who feign earning citizenship in the US is as simple as scaling a fence in the middle of the night.

    There’s a philosophical vehemence about this fraud that’s almost pious in its intensity, because let’s be clear, this is an illegal aliens entitlement rights grab fest by any other name. Nobody gives a damn how offended Americans are at having our country, language and culture overrun by an arrogant aggressive illegal alien totalitarianism and being told we are racist if we stand against it.

    Immoral liberal college-think San Franciscans have a reputation for tolerance and open-mindedness – the very qualities of stupidity many would argue got us into this mess in the first place.

    So we’re a bit further down the road of declination than many countries, but it’s a road we’re now all traveling in the US. And if we stay on it, we’ll all arrive at the same cataclysmic intersection in another La Raza sponsored deception claiming rights to steal from us.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    Fear of free speech is the symptom of a profoundly neurotic and dishonest society, which is what we’ve got on our plates.

    Just look to the California State Assembly, read the Hispanic surnames of some of the most vile racists in this country whose interests represent their community solely, and the quest for Reconquista is worn as a badge of honor.

    The pro-amnesty champion racist subversive organization has managed to slip one of it’s own into the Obama staff at the White House. Cecilia Munoz, Senior Vice President of La Raza has been appointed to the Director of Inter-Governmental Affairs position in the Executive Branch. And who’s affairs is she directing?

    This is on top of the recent appointment of pro-amnesty for illegal aliens Bill Richardson as the Commerce Secretary, Hilda Solis Secretary of Labor, and liberal, pro-choice pro-illegal aliens amnesty racist Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

    Anyone who didn’t see all these pro-Mexican pro-amnesty subversives (over 60) being appointed into the Obama administration simply has not been paying attention.

    Anyone who isn’t angry and ashamed that invasion is taking place doesn’t deserve to live in a free society.

    The multitudes of Hispanic racists rallying against American values and American citizens has already left as dark a stain on our associations equal to what McCarthyism has left our history, and its going to get worse.

    This arrogant fraud and colonization has to be stopped. As the late Radio Talk Show Host Terry Anderson used to say: “There is no practice America.”

    Our birthright is being deliberately sold from under us by people who don’t have the right of ownership. And we are now on the verge of bequeathing our children and grandchildren the kind of society that we wouldn’t want to be born into…

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