Scalia accused of embracing ‘racist’ ideas for suggesting ‘lesser’ schools for blacks

by Stephen Dinan
December 12, 2015

Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday accused Justice Antonin Scalia of embracing “racist” ideas, joining in criticism from the Rev. Al Sharpton and other affirmative action supporters who said the Supreme Court jurist went too far when he questioned the push to recruit black students to prestigious universities.

The White House also weighed in, saying President Obama has “quite a different view” than Justice Scalia about the value of racial preferences — though spokesman Josh Earnest wouldn’t go as far as Mr. Reid, who kicked off the Senate session Thursday by saying Justice Scalia is an even bigger threat to public discourse than Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

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  • pFeather says:

    The reality is that Scalia is right, especially when you consider the deplorable conditions of public education in the inner cities. A majority of students, black and white, coming out of high schools today aren’t educated enough for college level work. There’s nothing racist about Scalia’s statements, it’s the truth and Reid is a moron.

    1. marshmil says:

      pFeather please don’t insult morons.

  • gavinwca says:

    Judge Scalie did not say Blacks should. Not attend elite collages, his point was that smart students would fair better attending collages, they are qualified to attend. The Judge stated they would be much happier attending a college they are qualified to attend, they would have, less pressure and more confidence attending a school that matches their intelligence and abilities.

    1. marshmil says:

      gavinwca you are thinking logically and correctly. But the racists in our culture want equal outcome.

  • James Gillies says:

    Joseph LeBard: didn’t your “ivy league” university teach you how to spell? it’s “and” not “an” DUH!

    1. MAX1950 says:

      another romper room spell checker, get a life

      1. marshmil says:

        Amen! Max.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          To call Gillie a potted plant might be an insult to POT

    2. The Redhawk says:

      DUH INDEED …It this ALL you got???

  • James Gillies says:

    Joseph LeBard: didn’t your “ivy league” university teach you how to spell? it;s “and” not “an” DUH!

    1. marshmil says:

      Have to admit this James Gillies…were he actually an “Ivy League” graduate he either did not do well in English class(es), or his spell-checker is malfunctioning. And incidentally YOUR grammar is lacking in your second post. You got it correct the first time with “it’s” but the second round you missed with “it;s.” 🙂
      Incidentally when I type “rag head” my spell checker frequently changes it to “facecloths.” 😐

      1. The Redhawk says:

        You just UNCOVERED Gillie as a TRUE IVY Graduate…another DUMBASS “passed through” for the Records of giving BS degrees in Stupid …..To “PAD” their Graduate Rates…

  • 1775concord says:

    Scalia’s statements have a fact-based article from Stanford to back him up. Let people in colleges on merit, not support for race.
    Note (nothing new, I and others have said this for years): Suppose the NBA had to have 80% white players on each team in the name of diversity and the number of whites in the general population?

    1. Brother says:

      We can’t do that… We must have a double standard. Let’s just have the whites perform so that they can support the remainder of the population later. After all, someone has to pay all the taxes.

      1. marshmil says:

        Brother you might be tongue-in-cheek correct but you are not politically correct. You will make the progressives mad as hell because you hinted the truth.

    2. marshmil says:

      If we did require that the racists would go ballistic. And maybe the number of winnings would go down.

  • Pam says:

    I’d like to pose a question.
    If lib/progs insist that schools lower their grading standards so that more “students of color” can graduate, then these self, same lib/progs insist that colleges and universities lower their admittance standards so that more “students of color” can attend, doesn’t that send the LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE THAT LIB/PROGS DO NOT BELIEVE THAT “STUDENTS OF COLOR” HAVE THE ABILITY TO COMPETE ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD??

    So, tell me, again who the REAL racists are!

    1. DOC says:

      White people use to say that about being a pitcher or a QB

      1. marshmil says:

        Thanks for trying DOC. Physical ability required for pitching, catching or batting/kicking a ball is not comparable with academic capacity to handle abstractions. Pam you get an A+.
        DOC you get a D…for at least trying. But please desist from trying to derail the discussion. 🙂

        1. DOC says:

          I used those because you people said black lack the ability to think as pitcher and QB we always new about the physical part of the game that we were better. I know dumb ass white and black people.

          1. marshmil says:

            I view Black guys as better athletes generally speaking. It is likely a genetic composition. Asians tend to score higher on mental ability tests than other “races.”
            I’m caucasian.

          2. DOC says:

            Be careful Jimmy the Greek lost his job for saying things like that. LOL

          3. marshmil says:

            Saying what things like that? Present the quote to a candid world.

          4. The Redhawk says:

            Unable to COPY/PASTE… Josh EARNEST cannot find it for him…

          5. marshmil says:

            OK. We then decide in favor of failure to present evidence. Case closed!

          6. The Redhawk says:

            Based on their PHILOSOPHY…that TRUTH is LIES and their LIES are TRUTH .. and Being only able to ACHIEVE FAILURE based on Historical FACTS….in their SICK minds FAILURE is SUCCESS…SO There WE ARE!!!

          7. marshmil says:

            Well summarized. Thank you Sir. Next case please…………..

          8. The Redhawk says:

            Anytime AMERICAN.. KEEP the Faith and go after progressives “DAISIES” at all time>>> Going to finishing BBQ a rib or two .. grand kids coming can;t wait to see ’em

          9. marshmil says:

            God Bless you and family at this wonderful Holiday Season and also we pray for Blessings upon our great nation and Israel, the greatest two on the planet…both are God’s People and Promised Lands.

          10. The Redhawk says:

            AMEN brother.. AMEN…have a Happy Holiday and let;s make 2017 the YEAR of REDEMPTION…I’ll see you Around!!

          11. marshmil says:

            Amen! Shalom.

          12. The Redhawk says:

            KEEP the FAITH….BTW I hear that BHO-ZO will FINALLY go to Talk with Miliary Folks at the Pentagon and I bet that as EINSTEIN predicted he’ll make another Speech like his last few Speeches to Prove that he is INSANE and Cause GUN and AMMO sales to SPIKE to Records HIGH!!! and PEOPLE to FALL ASLEEP as he Spreads more MANURE…as for me .. I’ll go decorate my CHRISTMAS TREE……SEMPER FI…

          13. marshmil says:

            Thanks for update. I’m a Veteran and I work with Veterans. I was USAF but I tip my Lance to all Honorable Active and Discharged Marines. Marines arrive the “firstest with the mostest” to dispatch evil people and break what they construct.
            Marines protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Flag and the Republic for which it stands. Semper Fi! —always.

          14. The Redhawk says:

            a MARINE—– HUU-RAAHHH back at you Bro!!

          15. marshmil says:

            I formally salute all of you.

          16. The Redhawk says:

            Well then let them receive degrees in legs and Arms Prioclivity… BUt a few like DR Carson really are the ones to be Emulated for having BRAINS…and DESERVE all the Degrees the EARN… and I am sure he EARNED his ADMISSION for BRAIN POWER…

          17. DOC says:

            So it back to the old thing Blacks just don’t cut the mustard no matter how good he does.

          18. The Redhawk says:

            NO…. They Can get GOOD by WORKING AT IT from the BEGINNING … NOt expecting to have it HANDED TO THEM by feeling ENTITLED whether they Know it or NOT…… GET IT ????

          19. DOC says:

            How about all the years you would not let black in that looks like being handed entitlement or did you forget that???? You had years of entitlement by law.

          20. pFeather says:

            Black people can do anything white people can do but liberal democrats have oppressed them and made them dependent on them and government. Many black athletes foolishly believe they will all make it as pro players and that is not reality. Also universities use and abuse athletes for money. Blacks can cut it but liberals can’t have an educated black population because they would see that liberals are not their friends.

          21. DOC says:

            So the liberal dem. make us dependent and the Rep only want enough for show. And you call it fair

        2. Pam says:

          Thanks, again.

        3. The Redhawk says:

          Do not Confuse this Other “POTTED PLANT”….Severe handicaps come as a result of Generaltional Inbreedings via the GREAT SOCIETY…

          1. marshmil says:

            Now now Redhawk. You are not being politically correct and will be labeled a racist. And so will I for this post. Pontius Pilate asked, “What is truth?” I’d tell him “Not being politically correct.” So Pilate chose to be politically correct. He gave a formal judgment then violated it. The rest is history.

          2. The Redhawk says:

            Well PC in my book translates to :
            and only Spineless Maggots buy into that!!!

          3. marshmil says:

            I’m with you on that comment. Only maggots infest progressive crap which might better be labeled PUTRID CRAP.

          4. The Redhawk says:


        4. DOC says:

          Don’t give me a D for what you as back in the day said about people

          1. marshmil says:

            What did I say about people? Present the quote to a candid world.

      2. The Redhawk says:

        You must be one of those COLLEE GRADUATES bith a BS DEGREES. in STUPID SCIENCE..

    2. marshmil says:

      Pam you are on the right track. Racists want to change everything to have “equal outcome.” The end result is that likely a “person of color” holding an “Ivy League” diploma will not be given credibility such a diploma granted several decades ago. Sorry folks. When you dilute something its quality drops…or do you not comprehend that? Hint: it’s common sense.

      1. Pam says:

        Exactly! Thanks!

    3. pFeather says:

      Pam, it isn’t Scalia or whitey. Liberals have been telling black American’s they can’t compete for years and unfortunately many have bought into the lie.

  • The Redhawk says:

    harry REID is DERAMGED… SCALIA JUST asked Questions on WHO SHOULD BE ADMITTED TO COLLEGES … SHOULD IT BE ABOUT QUALIFIED HS STUDENTS regardless of RACE or based on Stricltly RACIAL DIVERSITY????EVEN THOUGH some will never make it after past the FRESHMAN YEAR unless taking Inconsequential and NON job Creating subjects..and “PASSED ALONG” just to make GRADUATING FIGURES “JIVE”…..and go oN WELFARE soon after????……..

    1. marshmil says:

      We should all support EQUAL OPPORTUNITY…
      NOT equal outcome!

      1. The Redhawk says:

        and if FAILURE is the Goal… well just look at Kerry latest TWO declared ZEROS.. Iran and Climate change….THE IVY DEGREED IDIOT ‘ DONE IT AGIN”””………….Who “bought his degrees’????
        Is this PROOF that Ivies admit and GRADUATE MORONS????

        1. marshmil says:

          I have a question about John Kerry. Why does he occupy his current position when he gave aid and comfort to enemies of the USA? Nothing but progressive political correctness could override the US Constitutional provisions regarding treason. Come on January 3 and January 20, 2017. And may God Bless America with new, Constitutional leadership under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

          1. The Redhawk says:

            Well after the OBTUSE IDIOT Traitor to AMERICA that occupies the Oval Toilet with NO Back bone appointed the CLINTON SOW, not really bright and dumb enough to do his bidding that Ignited the Arab Spring and all that came with it. Who else would DUMB enough to be appointed to Finalize his agenda of ;SELLING THE USA TO IRAN and CLIMATE CHANGE, and make HIM look a tad better than a DUMBASS/// WHY a BIGGER DUMBASS!

            and a RAITOR MAGGOT from early DAYS???

  • Phyllis says:

    Leave the man alone, we still have free speech, for a little while. Also, why is Reid speaking out, I thought he said he was retiring.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      because nobody in the DUMBASS party wants anoyine else to be their DUNBASSED SPEAKER…Just wait for SCHMUCKIE SCHUMER to become their LEAD DUmBASS VOICE….

      1. Gnowark says:

        Hey, that’s my senator you’re talking about! So I couldn’t agree more, except “Snake-Oil” schumer wouldn’t want to do anything (except stay in front of any camera lens), especially if it might put him in a postion of being blamed for anything.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          Just never stay in front of SCHMUCKIE if a TV camera is in SIGHT… he;ll Run u over…to say NOTHING but just the same…………..and I hope that the Next Senator from your State is endowed with Ethics.. Intelligence.. and Honesty…Reid failed at all…

  • Rose Boltz says:

    Reid is the biggest threat, he needs to vacate.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      well his brains did vacate his empty cranium already…

  • Joseph Le Bard says:

    Gotta say if reid an sharpton are against this then it isn’t something that’s going to line there pocket’s I’m for it . I worked my a$$ off to attended an ivy league university why should people be able to walk in the front door an walk out the back door with a degree that’s not how America got to be exceptional it takes hard work an persistence .

    1. Diane Corr says:

      And that’s how the Commander-in-Chief achieved his – to be an exceptional liar and cheat.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        and become an EXCELLENT Speech giver by SAYING NOTHING BUT BOVINE DROPPINGS that that kind of “COLLEGE” GRADUATES UNDERSTOOD having been Brain washed to BELIEVE that THEY were EDUCATED…

    2. Jon Isaacson says:

      Did you take an English class at this “ivy league university”?

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