Senate bill targets companies that move overseas

July 23, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate voted Wednesday to advance an election-year bill limiting tax breaks for U.S. companies that move operations…

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  • bobnstuff says:

    Let the companies go over seas. The only thing I don’t want my tax money being spent with them. All government contracts end, All government subsidy ends. No low interest loans. At a effective tax rate of 15% after deductions they really have it bad. They are greedy and have no use for our government so let them leave.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Now, if you could also prevent them from selling their products in this country, or at least charge them an extra duty, you’d be on to something here

    2. ed28 says:

      Don’t let the companies go overseas, fix the problems with over regulation, the highest corporate taxes in the world, a fascist EPA, and other hostilities towards corporations. Instead of letting the corporations go, exile the damn politicians, who created the conditions which motivate them to leave, to Syria.

      But if they want to go, they can whenever and to where ever they want.

      Dummercraps need to change from “the fiscal beating will continue until corporate moral improves”.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Regulations aren’t the problem, the country’s they are going to have regulations plus they aren’t moving there operations just their headquarters. This is all about taxes, the rich don’t want to pay them. Most company’s don’t pay the 35% tax anyway. it averages out to about 15% after tax breaks. Some of the big ones pay no tax. Its hard to provide services companies want with out taxing them.

        1. ed28 says:

          Regulation is not the problem, but it is half the problem. Most (probably all) countries these companies are moving to have regulations far less stringent that the U.S. So, there is an immediate improvement to bottom line. Second, labor is generally cheaper that in the US. Business insurance is cheaper than in the US.

          This is not about taxes for the “rich”. This is corporate taxes and about all the shareholders, all the Moms and Pops, who have retirement investments with these assets. They want to see the profitability of these companies improve.

          Once again, the dumpercraps have written this business hostile tax code. It is no wonder these corporations hire leagues of tax accountants just to not pay tax, LEGALLY.

          I don’t get it. A company figures out how to be successful and instead of fixing the broken system discovered an exploited by these companies, you want to punish them. Go figure!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            As I said they aren’t moving production, just the headquarters. the manufacturing jobs left years ago. They still have to deal with the regulations. The tax code needs to be fixed. it won’t be. The special interests will never let it happen. The tax code didn’t just happen. It took years to get thing this screwed up There have been very few changes in the tax code under Obama, most just letting the changes Bush put in expire. The tax code is the result of years of payoffs to different interest groups. The right say they want to reform it but really they just want to lower it for their friends. There is a lot of talk from the right but no real action.
            Most corporations are not run to benefit the small share holders, but the big guys. Corporate taxes are paid on money the company holds onto. not the money paid to the share holders.
            The regulations for the most part are there in response to a problem like air and water pollution. They hurt the bottom line but protect people and the environment. We deregulated the banking industry and see what it got us. We deregulated the oil industry and got $3.50 per gal. gas. Do you really want to go back to the fifties when the air was so bad in places people died from breathing it. Do you want rivers to catch fire. These thing happened before regulations.

  • hosss says:

    Why do Democrats hate business…. Because they can not control business. They can only control the people on food stamps and who work in government. Hence: They are on the Democrats reservation.

  • ed28 says:

    They do this instad of fixing why they want to move overseas, the Democrats completely miss the point AGAIN!

    1. Hotnike says:

      My thought exactly. You got ahead of me!

    2. I Seigel says:

      They want to move overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Do you support that? Do you believe it’s fair for companies to conduct business here, benefitting from laws governing quotas, quality control, trade, and benefitting from our highways and harbors and trains, and not have to pay any US taxes? Do you believe it’s fair or improper for Amazon to refuse to pay taxes where they have warehouses or distribution centers?

      1. ijohnc1 says:

        Sure do! Der Seigel

        1. I Seigel says:

          Excellent! Now we are beginning to see the real meaning of the word “patriot”, which I assume you claim to be.

          A patriot is someone who believes in freedom – freedom to take, freedom to live in a society but not to have a responsibility to those you share the society with, freedom to use what society – your neighbors – work to share with you, but you don’t feel any obligation to return the favor.

          I’ll be very interested to see which of your favorite candidates this fall and in 2016 will have the courage to admit that they, too, share your beliefs.

          America – Love It or Take It!

          1. ed28 says:

            That is not the definition of a patriot. That sounds more like a communist or a socialist. Which are you?

          2. I Seigel says:

            Well then, tell us what YOUR idea of patriotism is. For example, I am inspired by Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” What or who inspires you? Ted Nugent? Ayn Rand? Does Mitch McConnell’s “patriotism” inspire you when he said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” ? Does that show a true love of country and concern for your fellow citizen, especially if you remember that he said it when the economy was falling apart, the banking system was in jeopardy, and people were losing their homes by the millions?

          3. ed28 says:

            I too am inspired by Kennedy’s words,. However, the current government has forgotten them. As far as I am concerned, I wanted Obama to lose to McCain. That would have protected America from the Fund Raiser, Golfer, Vacationer, MIA, Detatched, Distractor In Chief. That was a truly Patriotic wish.

            Mitch McConnell was right. He would have protected us from Obama’s overspending, overreaching and running the country with his pen and phone because he does not know how to negotiate. Obama is a serial bully and is not capable of negotiation.

            McConnell would have saved all Americans from having to witness an American President getting his ass kicked, repeatedly by Putin. A far stretch from JFK’s handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

            McConnell’s actions would have prevented the deaths in Benghazi, but if not, we would have seen heads role long before now, and without the farce of these A-holes being given U.S. citizens rights.

            McConnell’s efforts would have prevented the withdrawal of the missile defense system from Poland which many speculate would have prevented the current expansion of the old Soviet Union.

            So you tell me how it is patriotic to support someone who has single handedly taken the world view of the U.S. and thrown it in the dumper.

            Obama may have been a good Community Organizer, but the global neighborhood doesn’t seem to appreciate him, not will they ever. By most international standards, he is a joke.

            And then there is the Nobel Prize for his future works in world peace. Now look at the middle east. It is on fire and foreign policy in the sh@tter. And then he throws gas and matches on Israel. Then there is that old “Al-Qaeda is on the run”. How’ld that work out, eh?

            It is completely rude of you to equate my differing political opinions with being un-patriotic. That elitist, condescending, narcissistic attitude is exactly what is wrong with America today. Shame on you for being so bloody intolerant.

          4. ijohnc1 says:

            You are correct Ed, Siegel suffers from latte and texting fatigue so prevalent of the secular progressives that live at home in moms basement.

          5. ed28 says:

            “latte and texting fatigue” – who’ld a thunk it! Here I am running under the opinion that it is just plain old ignorance. The Ronald Reagan statement “it’s not that they are ignorant, it is just that so much of what they know is just wrong.” seems to be applicable.

            And I forgot an important early Obama failure, his APOLOGY TOUR, where he bowed to our enemies and farted in the face of our allies at the same time. Funny how so many progressive people want to forget the truth, just like the progressive MSM not wanting to report it.

            The only good thing Obama has done is make “progressive” a bad word, but like the roaches they are, they will find their way out of the cracks and ooze their way back onto society. Kinda like transcendental, idealogical diarrhea.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I’m not sure of your meaning here at all. McConnell (and Boehner, et al) have been VERY effective at having Obama “fail”. There’s been zero negotiation between Congress and the WH for 2 years at least, after Obama tried very hard to come to a budget agreement, among other things. So, all in all, I think McConnell, Boehner and Rush have accomplished what they set out to do – EXCEPT they weren’t able to make O a one-term president.

            That being said, McConnell et al have done all they could to prevent spending, help the unemployed, reach an immigration agreement, reach a “grand bargain” on the budget and taxes, shut down government over a bogus “debt ceiling crisis”, and many others. How did McConnell fail to prevent Benghazi? There was no missile defense system going into Poland at the time, but how could he have gotten it deployed?

            And please spare me your fake indignant rant about your hurt feelings that I called you un-patriotic. I simply asked you what your definition was, after I wrote a definition that seemed to embody what you were preaching.

          7. ed28 says:

            If you aren’t sure of my meaning, I suggest you pay attention to current events. Obama has been very effective at forcing McConnell and Boehner into a dug-in position. No one, including these guys can count on Obama not to unilaterally change any law. They can’t count on his “not one smidgen of corruption” nor that will he not bypass democratic debate with his “PEN AND PHONE”.

            So you get it, when Obama starts acting like a leader, he will get treated like one and not one second sooner.

            McConnell, did prevent spending all they could. And in spite of their effort, Obama has still driven the debt to astronomical proportions, saddling the next several generations with this debt. Obama, truly the model of Spend More, Get Less.

            There was, and is nothing “faux about my indignation. You apparently are just too insensitive, indifferent, pompous, and arrogant to understand what I feel. So stop assuming you can think for me. You look foolish.

          8. I Seigel says:

            I’m not sure of your meaning because of your fuzzy thinking and lousy memory.

            The debt is currently far lower as a percentage of GDP than it was during Reagan’s terms. The deficit is and has been declining a lot. Where do you get your bogus information? And please explain to me, in simple terms for my “insensitive, pompous” mind, what the big deal is about the debt and deficit in the first place?? It’s NOT A BIG DEAL!!! When are you going to realize that!!!??!! It’s just another way for Rove et al to get you to worry about “shrinking the government”, a goal of theirs for the past 40 years or more.

            And in case you have a short-term memory, let’s review a simple fact: it was Boehner, McConnell et al who forced Obama into issuing executive orders – FAR FEWER, by the way, than the Bushes, Reagan, Eisenhower, Coolidge, etc. It was the Republicans that snubbed him at every turn, starting with their declaration that they wanted him to fail. Even Boehner was close to making a budget deal with him 2 years ago, and the Tea Party threatened a revolt. Where is Obama’s quote that he refused to work with Republicans. Show me or continue to look foolish with your ideological prattle.

          9. ed28 says:

            So, you start with a personal attack with an insult and I end with eff-off.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Waaa, did I hurt ed28’s feelings? How? First you call me a communist or socialist, then you call me narcissistic, elitist and condescending, then you call me insensitive, indifferent, pompous and arrogant. And for what? Because I asked questions about your definition of “patriot” and I retorted that I did not understand your post because of what I called your fuzzy thinking? And what names did I call you? Other than the one I’m about to call you, which is “hypocrite”?

          11. ed28 says:

            Nope, no hurt as much as you would like that. You just aren’t worth my bother.

            Good bye!

          12. ijohnc1 says:

            One thing you can be sure of it won’t be a demo-communist.
            Your definition fits those that control the senate to a T
            they are all takers from us that work and people like you that don’t, you must suffer from latte fatigue and texting, really grinds on you I bet.

      2. ed28 says:

        They are able to move their business enterprise to where ever they want for whatever reason they want. PERIOD! Just as they have for the last 40 years.

        Again, “They do this instead of fixing why they want to move overseas, the Democrats completely miss the point AGAIN!”

        Not only do they miss the point, they don’t understand just how easy it is for an enterprise to pick up and go. And as hostile to business as is this current administration is, we will be lucky if we have any business here in another 2 years.

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