by Pam Key | Breitbart
July 11, 2015

Friday at a press conference about the sanctuary city procedures some say are responsible in the shooting death of Kathryn Steinle allegedly by five-time deportee and convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, San Francisco Co. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi laid the blame squarely on federal immigration officials for not having a warrant on Lopez-Sanchez.

Sheriff Mirkarimi told reporters, “I find it incredibly sad and incomprehensible that this tragedy is being used as a platform for political gain. We want to set the record straight.”

He continued, “When a bench warrant is confirmed and requested a full and arranged transportation for San Francisco so that Lopez Sanchez could appear before the San Francisco court. Although this bench warrant existed in the system for 20 years and Lopez Sanchez was in federal custody three types since 1995, this is the only time we have record that the federal authorities sought to clear the 1995 felony warrant for possession, for sale, of marijuana. possession and for sale of marijuana. Federal authorities could have repeated their earlier process as they had done numerous times before and deported him without responding to the 1995 warrants. San Francisco rarely if ever prosecutes for marijuana anyway. On March 26th Lopez Sanchez is transported to San Francisco county jail on a felony warrant. On March 20th. 2015, Lopez Sanchez appears in court with his defense counsel and deputy district attorney. The DA moves to dismiss the charges and the charges are dismissed by the San Francisco court.”

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  • elda says:

    Everybody is going to point the finger at someone else but they should all point the finger at Obama. Truth is everyone from Obama down to the leaders of SF have the blood of Kathryn and everyone else murdered, molested, raped, kidnapped, robbed, beaten, and every other crime committed by illegals on their hands. ALL ILLEGALS ARE CRIMINALS!

  • Robert Griffith says:

    I blame you Sheriff. You’re one of those people that like to
    pretend that you can stop criminals from getting their hands on a gun if the
    civilian use of firearms is tightly controlled. Not only was this illegal
    immigrant felon allowed to get his hands on a gun, the gun was originally
    stolen from a Federal agent. Control the guns in the hands of law enforcement
    and stop worrying about civilians that own guns.

  • Wolfman says:

    Sheriff you are gutless and derelict in your duties of protecting the public. I hope you never get another night of sound sleep for your cowardice.

  • Stolie Lamole says:

    Where is Nancy P….she almost always has something stupid to say…..is she getting more plastic surgery?

  • Stolie Lamole says:

    OK, a convicted felon, the elected Sheriff of SF, says he and his department are not at fault! With all this finger pointing, the sheriff should smell hi finger…I think it must stink to high heaven with SHIT!

  • Seedman says:

    Five times back and forth across the border. Those “poor illegals” travel more than most Americans; many of whom save all year for a two week vacation. Wake up America!

  • Fedup says:

    Naturally he is going to blame someone else, it’s the democratic way. This sheriff, and I use the term loosely, should be removed from this position. He is evidently a political appointee and knows nothing about the law or is intentionally breaking the law to keep his bosses happy.

  • Snoopy says:

    The entire political/law system in this country is screwed up! “PC” is killing us and NO one wants to do anything about it. The minorities are running the country because they scream the loudest. I am so DAMNED sick and tired of hearing about “Gay Rights”, Black Rights”, Latino Rights”… what’s next, “Martian Rights”?. The Damn-O-Craps have turned us upside down to the point that NOTHING is as it was originally intended when our “Founding Fathers” put this once-great country together! Our Utopia has gone to hell in a hang basket and the politicians are pulling on the ropes!
    Damn it people, learn to get along!!!!

  • TexRancher says:

    The Sanctuary types are are now running like rats from the mess THEY CREATED! Spare us the lies about where you stand! Will you be doing your job from this point on? Or will you continue to protect the INVADERS who are occupying this country?

  • KentS says:


    Man up and resign you pathetic wretch!

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