State Department claims processing Clinton records request would take 75 years

June 8, 2016

The State Department has told a federal court that processing a Republican National Committee demand for documents relating to Hillary Clinton and her aides would take as long as 75 years – and would stretch “generations.”

The department made the argument in a bid to fight the request, just one of several legal battles still unfolding over the former secretary of state’s personal email use.

The RNC had sued the department back in March for the records. The party is seeking years’ worth of emails for top Clinton aides including former chief of staff Cheryl Mills, adviser Jacob Sullivan and Bryan Pagliano, an IT specialist who helped set up Clinton’s server and struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department in the ongoing FBI probe.

A court filing last Wednesday before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia estimated that — not counting the Pagliano request – processing the records would take 75 years, considering the time it takes to review what would be hundreds of thousands of pages.

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  • dmttbt says:

    I can see that if it is items that took place over a few years that it would take a short time but not 75 years. That is a perfect example of how attorneys can screw the public. If over the period of a year the paperwork I created should take very little time to simply turn over.
    How long did it take Hillary to destroy 52% of the e-mails and scrub her server. Is Hillary a computer scholar, that would know how to scrub her server? Why did she find it necessary to do that?
    Why do they have to go over the items, just turn them over. Since when did a person accused of a crime get to pick and choose which items and when they would be turn in.

  • John Burtis says:

    Imagine, too, all the dough and the paper trail from the Laureate Education caper where “Dollar” Bill Clinton served as it’s honorary Chancellor. This for profit “university” was able to set up campuses in countries where such goings are strictly ‘off the cobb’, to coin an old Arkansas saw, like Turkey, where Bill Clinton’s pictures adorned every overhead walkway; our sleeping beggar to the south, Mexico, where the Laureate campuses featured leering tamper proof posters of Bill on the walls opposite the mirrors in the necessary rooms so that every student could see the pater familias over their shoulders while washing their manos; and Chile. It seems, in the Laureate Education deal, that the poor were purposefully targeted and fleeced with promises of the eventual receipt of vast wealth in exchange for escalating cash tuition all done under Bill Clinton’s beaming countenance. What could possibly go wrong?

    This is as sad a story of pocket lining courtesy of the poor as the Clinton’s and their pals cheating Haiti out of one of the few lines of foreign exchange available to that benighted country when Fusion Telecommunications—run by former Democratic Party Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen with Joseph P. Kennedy II with influential Democrats on the board like Mac McClarty—had their special arrangement in Haiti during the Clinton years by cheating Haiti Teleco out of this pitiful foreign currency stream. An explanation of this particular quid pro quo would be enjoyable, given how the tough talking law and order Bill Clinton inexplicably tolerated Mr. Aristide’s disturbing spiral into despotism even after the U.S. had restored him to power in 1994.

  • jimamrhein says:


  • Warren says:

    If they are that bad at their Job’s clean house & start over with no rehires

  • robmanwiller says:

    Translation: Get use to the ‘business-as-usual’ cover-ups of the past, present and future (more to come) from the people who run our lives, lie about everything and expect us not to give a damn. Come try to take our guns and see who the last men standing are, you f*cking arrogant poser politicians!

  • SueJer says:

    It’s all butt covering from the state dept. and the attorney general.

  • Dutch6 says:

    This is an exercise in futility. The State dept is complicit in this disgusting demonstration of how corrupted the system has become. Behind the bureaucrat erected wall there is a carefully choreographed plan to thwart any effort to bring accountability and responsibility into play. The faceless crowd that responds is snickering at the efforts of citizens to get facts! This,more than any single issue demonstrates how the Federal government has evolved a double standard. The Constitution is a relic that citizens can see on exhibition but it has little relevance in the daily operations in what is now the moral equivalent of a cesspool on the Potomac

  • Janis says:

    Well, better get amovin’ then. 75 years? Are they kidding? Who is in charge of all this? Fred, Barney, Wilma & Betty (as in Flintstone and Rubble)?

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    The State Department broke its single-day record Monday, admitting 253 Syrian invaders.
    No wonder they don’t have time to investigate Hilldog. They’re too busy importing other leeches.

  • Chester Eberhard says:

    As a kid I did at time did run a fertilizer spreader But if I ran it for all of my life I couldn’t beat that line.

  • USNavyPatriot says:

    75 years? Oh, well then, just forget it. We’ll just move along now…. NOT!

    At age 67, I find it really hard to believe our government has become so corrupt and lawless, and it’s in both political parties. Sure, we have some good people in government, but the effective result is a shameful pity. We’re in a downward spiral and I don’t see America being able to regain a moral compass that leads us to world respectability, ever.

    This is why I voted for and continue to support Donald Trump as our next president. If the Clintons get control of our White House, we’ll have a 3rd Obama term or worse. This is why I hope and pray Trump wins in November 2016!

  • Tutu says:

    Justice requires the truth. This is another stall just like all the others. The judge needs to demand they begin and give a deadline. Put some of them in jail, if deadlines are missed. They will find a way to comply with the court order. We cannot accept flaunting the law.

  • Put them in prison and let them do it there. I’ll bet they get it done in less than 75 years!

  • Robert M Stach Sr says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    They could do their job the right way and place her in front of a firing squad and blow her away in just 10 minutes, problem solved, justice served, and the correct punishment!!

  • Cleverfun says:

    If it were me or any of you guys, we would already be serving our time in the pokey!

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired says:

    I have a solution! Give the State (static) Department 30 days to produce the information or face imprisonment. I believe the refusal to produce the requested information would constitute contempt of Congress which can result in jail time. It is amazing what the prospect of peering through iron bars can do to get results. It is way past time to stop pandering to this corrupt administration. Congress, either take action to lead this Nation or get the hell out of the way and let someone who will take up your seat.

    1. Tutu says:

      Amen! You are right on. I hope FBI Director lives up to his reputation. A lot rest on him enforcing the law. No one should be above it.

  • All_Right says:

    75 years to process 4 years worth of lies and cover-ups? Really? OK, simply hire 1800 temps, and the job is done in two weeks. Problem solved. (Or just starting for Cankles…) Of course, there is already enough stuff in the public domain that the witch should be in Leavenworth, in solitary.

  • SDofAZ says:

    And in this age when if any of us does a thing out of place the feds will nail you immediately. Yup, we believe the state department.

  • calhar says:

    I got an idea.Why not bury them along with her?????????

  • Smitch says:

    Well get started!

  • Francisco Machado says:

    Illustrative of the efficiency with which the State Department processes anything they’d prefer not to surrender to investigators. Did they include the follow up comment “So we’re not going to start on it”? Or on their prompt response to the six hundred requests for added security at the Benghazi annex. Which may belatedly be supplied when they finish processing the necessary documents. Did Hillary say they have fifty thousand employees at the State Department (whose salary you’re paying)? No wonder things take so long. Maybe there’s only one copy of each document and they all have to read it, which explains why it takes so much longer than it took to create the documents. Efficiency and government are words not ever belonging within the same document.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      LOL, more waste in any Gov’t. agency, than in an entire neighborhood of average Americans. This has been going on since WWII, and keeps getting worse, solution was to build more federal offices, I am still waiting for Obama’s promise to do full audit of ALL FEDERAL Agencies.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Why doesn’t the State Department just come out and say, “We’re totally inefficient, so your request isn’t practical”?

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    That’s because it takes a lot of time to hide all the ugly/ corrupt things she has done.

    1. dmttbt says:


  • John E Strom Jr. says:

    SEVENTY FIVE YEARS! My but she was a busy little bee. All of those backdoor deals she was making through her buddy, Sid Blumenthal take time. Has HE ever been subpoenaed to testify about their dealings? The Clinton-Blumenthal Crime Family. Astonishing how openly corrupt our politicians have become.

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