Third Party Threatens GOP Senate Dreams

August 4, 2014

With Obama’s poll numbers worse today than they were in 2010, Republicans seemed poised for an historic sweep in November’s midterm elections. A switch of just 6 seats in the Senate, where Democrats are defending almost twice as many seats, would give the GOP control of the upper chamber. This, however, would require the best Republican performance in Senate races in more than three decades. In a number of races, Republicans could fall short due to third party, especially Libertarian, challengers.  Republicans have proven adept at picking up open Senate seats, where a Democrat incumbent has retired, but have a very mixed record in the last three decades on defeating incumbents. In the 1980 Reagan wave election, the GOP defeated 9 Democrat senators. Since then, the party hasn’t defeated more than 2 sitting Democrat senators in any election cycle.  Even in the 1994 wave election, when the GOP regained control of the chamber, Republican victories were built on winning open seats. The party defeated just 2 Democrat senators running for reelection.  This year, the pattern is repeating itself as the Republicans hold significant advantages in three states where Democrat incumbents are retiring; Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. The party

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  • Jim Bensfield says:

    Huey Long & Richard J. Daley would be proud of the way Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, John “The Keating 5” McCain and the rest of the Good Old Boys of the GOP are trying to steal the Election from Chris McDaniel in Mississippi! John Boehner is a fool if he does not realize that the reason he is the Speaker of the House is because of the Grass Roots Work of the Tea Party.

  • Golf4me says:

    The third party folks better get behind the Republican candidates in Sept. or they won’t ever have to worry about running in the future, the Dems will control this country from then on. Also the Republicans better get together as one party, and vote for whom ever gets picked, as this Sept. is a do or die election.
    If ever people needed to go to the polls it will be in Sept. We must get these corrupt Democrats out of office. Harry and Nancy have done enough damage to the USA.

  • USCBIKER says:

    Why is it only Republicans can get hurt by useless 3rd party tools? I guess the robotic Dems have unity and we don’t. But the biggest problem is idiot GOP voters who wanna “teach the GOP a lesson” and all that other nonsense. That stupidity put Obama back in the WH for 4 more yrs. All this summer we’ve been hearing how the GOP base has learned its lesson and is backing the most electable, like Tillis and Clawson (in FL). If that’s the case, gadfly a$$holes like that pizza clown in NC will be left dangling in the breeze and free to resume their irrelevant existences. The way to make the GOP more conservative is gradual and includes hounding the newly elected once they get in. Look how fast Rubio walked back his Gang of 8 idiocy.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Mitch and the boys of the GOP, may rest in peace this election.
    “I will crush the Tea Party”…..Mitch McConnell 2014
    Good luck there Mitch your gang of arrogant know it all’s will see a change this election, along with the communist’s on the other side of the aisle.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Why do the Right Wing always miss us words like communist. I guess it’s because they are followers of the uneducated Shock Jocks who’s only goal is to scare people and get ratings.

      1. ijohnc1 says:

        I am no right winger, just someone who reads and makes my own decision’s based on the information.
        I must of hit your nerve endings with the communist comparison, at one time I was a democrat, left them after Lyndon Johnson and the great society, the republicans lost me after squandering an opportunity to right the boat in the 90’s.
        Then when Clinton was impeached for lying it just solidified my convictions on how low the democrats had sank into the power and socialistic movement started by Woodrow Wilson.
        I don’t believe either party gives a damn about the people that keeps stoking the furnace, and that is small business’s
        The only difference in the two is the brand, just like cattle different brand same animal.
        As for your comments about shock jocks, it strikes me you are more interested in sport stats than the country we live in, not being able to see the socialism taking place in our once great country, also not surprising you support the guy in the whitehouse as he destroys the constitution.
        Scare is not the word, people who pay taxes, unlike you are damn tired of carrying those that don’t, you zombies will do just fine until they tax payers collapse, so stick around and when your messiah goes down, he will take our country with him, even hiding in your mom’s basement won’t help you.
        God Bless America!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I’m not a left winger but words have meanings, at most the democrats are socialist. I used to work at the radio station Rush started at. I’ve worked with these fools. They say what is needed to get ratings. That’s their paycheck. People are sheep and will believe what ever they are told. I could care less about sports. I care about words. I also care about the truth. There are more lies on AM radio the I can stand. Now you don’t know me or anything about me .You have no problem making up things about me. I have owned four small business’s and run two others. I pay taxes. I have been an elected official in the Republican party. You believe that Obama is destroying the constitution, did you say the same thing about Bush? he did worse. The only reason Obama is president is the Tea Party and there over lords. McCain might have stood a chance had they not put Sarah the bimbo from the north on the ticket. Romney was a joke and then add Lying Ryan. It’s almost like they wanted to lose. I’m no fool. Unlike you. Go get some facts and come back. PRIME SORCES.

          1. ijohnc1 says:

            I learned a long time never wrestle with a pig you both will get dirty….Good Luck you will need it.

    2. Golf4me says:

      Mitch had better learn he needs to go along with the TP, they are trying to tell the Republicans that they have drifted to far to the left, and its time to get back on the conservative band wagon

  • jdmurchie says:

    Raymond – if you truly believe that you are numbered among the Democrat useful idiots incapable of critical thinking . you are symptomatic of the ignorance on the left.

    1. Peter Locke says:

      AND Right !!!

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    Anything that derails the Teapublican Party can not be bad.

    1. disqus_xLn56CDAGb says:

      Back to Mexico, immigrant.

    2. Peter Locke says:

      A Teapartyer and proud of it ! How about voting for the ‘best’ candidate?

      1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

        Really Peter? First of all there is no organized Tea Party we both know that. Second pride in being among a pack of ignorant fools such xLn56CDAGb above? What an intelligent retort one you must be proud of since you claim to be both a member of the same group as the idiots on here and proud of being so? I have no probe with you having different opinions form mine.. I have no problem with you expressing them. While it may well be true I will never agree with you I will always say you have a right to them while your “friends” in the “Tea Party” think their opinions are the only opinions that may be expressed. I pity them and I pity you as there is a simple truth. You are judged by the company you keep.

        1. Peter Locke says:

          I agree with your “simple truth”. As far as Tea Partyers thinking that only their opinions may be expressed (?), makes me wonder what your stand is on Political Correctness: because it seems you see the Tea Party (true, not really a “Party”) as very politically incorrect.

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