Trump calls Cruz non-endorsement ‘no big deal,’ senator defends decision

July 21, 2016

CLEVELAND – Donald Trump mostly brushed off the furor over Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech Wednesday night, calling the snub “no big deal” even as the senator himself doubled down – though the Republican standard-bearer used the dispute to warn voters that if Democrats win in November, their justices “will destroy us all.”

Trump blasted out a pair of tweets responding to the Cruz speech backlash.

Cruz, meanwhile, defended his remarks Thursday morning at a breakfast with Texas delegates, during which he was pushed to admit he still held a grudge against Trump for “maligning” his wife and father.

Even as some in the audience Thursday morning chanted “Trump, Trump,” Cruz doubled down, saying he still doesn’t plan to endorse. He also said Trump never asked him to do so when he invited him to speak, and the campaign knew what he was going to say.

The Texas senator faced a mixed reaction from the crowd, at a gathering down the street from the convention arena where his remarks caused a commotion the night before. Some cheered, while others challenged him on whether he’d endorse. Cruz, amid some contentious exchanges with delegates, suggested endorsing Trump would have been the easy option.

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  • Iamacitizen2 says:

    Apparently crusty cruz signed the agreement with the RNC stating that he would endorse the RNC nominee…just like all of the SIXTEEN other contestants signed.

    Like Gov. Huckabee said: if any of the failed contestants don’t endorse Mr. Trump they are NOT honorable. Another thing he recently said about crusty cruz was: he walked in a tall man and left a little man from the RNC Convention.

    Many others have also said that cruz just destroyed his political career…and I pray so because he is NOT a man of his word has no honor and besides that his personal choices during his life of numerous illicit affairs are totally disgusting. This man that I use to like to me is lower than a snakes belly and that’s pretty darn low.

  • Vangie Martinez says:

    The “Easy Solution” No it would of been the right thing to do seeing how he “Promised” and gave his “Word” that he would sign the Pledge. Another thing is, why should Trump ask Cruz to Endorse him? Cruz already knows if he wanted what was best for The People and to bring Unity to the Republican Party Trump shouldn’t have to “Ask” him to “Endorse” Trump. I’m glad Cruz’s true face came out. Now we know what a real loser he is and thank the LORD showing us why he did not allow Cruz to win. We would of been in trouble having him as our Nomination. Cruz is such a schmuck.

    1. DJTX says:

      He stood by his family. He asked people not to stay home, but to vote their consciences (many GOP voters seriously considered voting 3rd party or not voting, but he begged them not to). If you vote your conscience, you can’t vote for Hillary, so by default, he told them to vote for Trump, in spite of all Trump did to his family. So, that’s worse than all of Trump’s temper tantrums and baseless attacks on his opponents? If Trump had wanted unity, he would have apologized for falsely attacking the Cruz family, and he would have saved his name-calling for the real enemy in November. Trump was divisive from day 1. You can’t expect people to be slandered and then turn around and praise the person who slandered them. The best you can hope for is what Sen. Cruz did, to encourage everyone to continue on and to vote for the only hope left, and that’s Donald Trump.

      1. Vangie Martinez says:

        What did Cruz do to Trump’s Wife Melanie? Did you forget about that? Let me refresh you Memory. Cruz knew about a Photo of Trump’s wife and did nothing to stop it. He allowed it. You know things of trash don’t go through with out the Candidate Approving it. What was the Picture? A Nude Photo of Trumps Wife. Now let me see. Look at the Scales of Justice here. Trumps Nude Wife Photo or Comment’s of Cruz’s wife or Cruz’s Father. Cut the BS. As far as Cruz telling people to vote their conscience is a bunch of Crap and Cruz knows it. He is a Christian so he say’s a Spirit Filled Christian at that. Where was his “Conscience” when he allowed that Picture of Trump’s wife to go through or him giving his Word, Promise, a Pledge and signed a document saying that he Pledged to Endorse the Next Presidential Nominee? What it show’s is that Cruz is a Fraud, a Phony, a Hypocrite and he just crashed and burned his Political Career. No wonder why they hate him in the Government. It’s not because he is a Stand Up Guy. It’s because he is a Snake in the Grass. If he did all that being just a Senator think of how he would be or act as a President.

        1. DJTX says:

          The PAC that sent out the picture was not affiliated with the Cruz campaign. Candidates CAN’T control what separate PACs do – it’s a violation of the campaign finance laws. It would be like they had been given more money than allowed by law if they can control how the PACs spend the money. If you had made a promise to tell the world what a great guy your boss was on a television ad, but then he publicly ridiculed and lied about your husband or child, making their lives extremely difficult, would you still feel obligated to keep that promise? How would your family feel if you did keep the promise? Do you betray your family, or the man who destroyed your reputation with a nickname?

    2. Brenda Stephens says:

      <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be87p:….,..

  • ADRoberts says:

    Integrity seems to be lacking in so many who call themselves Republicans.
    But what do you expect when people go to “situational ethics” and have NO PRINCIPLES.

  • justinwachin says:

    Ted Cruz was largely responsible for the government shutdown as Obamacare was being rolled out. Fortunately Mitch McConnell had enough sense to end the shutdown so the failed Obamacare rollout would be able to get the full attention of the media.

    Ted isn’t the best person when it comes to creating a workable strategy. If he would have been allowed to prevail on the government shutdown the flaws of Obamacare and the faulty website would have not received the attention it deserved.

    I have no desire to see the Republicans lose this election so Ted Cruz will have a shot at the presidency in 2020. I don’t want to give Hillary the chance to put four or five people on the Supreme Court. Once Hillary packs the Court we will not have a chance to get a Constitutional ruling for several decades. Our constitutional rights will be gone. We all need to come together and elect Donald Trump as president.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      You rationalize. so what is new. Cruz has integrity. YOu don’t.

      1. myfordtruck says:

        you got that backwards

        1. ADRoberts says:

          NO. I get it from the speech and from your own words. Cruz did not attack or document in his speech that he has asked for an apology that Trump, in vanity is simply not able to give.
          To Trump it is a matter of showing power and contempt for all who he wishes to dominate.
          And you are so sorry a person that you back Trump. God have mercy on you.
          “They not only do what is wrong. They approve of those who do wrong.”

          1. myfordtruck says:

            you know that I do not make habit of calling people any kind of names here I am talking about the people who make comments that is because if I cannot say it to your face I am not going to say it and also I live with God in My Heart and hate no one I do not approve of a lot of peoples life choices like the anger in you the pictures and comments about these ladies I have not seen or read because I choose not to open stuff like that .Now as far as between Cruz and Trump I checked to see where there parents were from Trumps was here Cruz could not find all I could not find where his Mother was born and that his Father was cuban and then canadian and that was where Cruz was born so that in my reading of the Constitution that made both him and Rubio ineligible to hold office of President of the United States of America and before you say any thing the Constitution says your parents have to be naturalized citizens of the USA and Rubio’s parents at the time of birth were Cuban citizens and will not as a resident of Florida will not vote for him as senator that’s all I will respond to you and May God Bless You many times over as he has me

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Argue with the Federal Judge. The case is closed.

      2. Vangie Martinez says:

        What part of integrity does Cruz have? He lied about Mr. Carson leaving the race early. He lied about his Pledge to Endorse the Presidential Nominee, he lied and did not keep it. He was involved with the DC Madam. He allowed pictures of Mrs. Trump from her past from GQ magazine that showed her nude to be put out. Pictures from her past of her done when she was a much sought after Model. Cruz is a snake in the grass and he give’s True Blue Believing Christians a bad name. All this is just the tip of the iceberg of Cruz he has no Integrity or good Character. If he had even done the right thing and kept his Promise and Word which obviously means nothing he would of done what he promised to do with Endorsing Trump. This just goes to show what he would do or how he would handle things here in America or in doing or keeping his word with the American People. No what he has done is shown who he really is Thank the LORD for that. Now we know the Truth about him. What was it all for? He ruined his Political Career. I won’t even vote for him in 2020. I doubt that he will even make it that far. He could of been the next Supreme Court Justice. What a shame if Scalia was here I think he would tell Cruz you screwed up Bigly. For what Principle? I doubt it. He didn’t do it for his Wife or his Father. He did it because of his Pride and Stupidity.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          No, someone lied about Carson leaving the race. No one that I have heard of KNOWS who actually put that out. But you, in your “wisdom” declare it to be Cruz. BOGUS.

          1. Vangie Martinez says:

            AD is has nothing to do with wisdom it has to do with watching the debate with Cruz, Rubio. Carson and Trump on the matter. It has to do with them bringing Cruz out to be a liar about it just like he lied about Rubio in regards to his comment about the Bible. Watch the Debates all of them and you will see that they exposed Cruz for what he did. It was him and his Campaign that did it. Go to Youtube and start from the Beginning to the End of All the Debates you will start seeing a Pattern with Cruz. Then you will know and understand why he is hated on the Hill. It’s not because he supposedly fights for the American People. He is self serving and a liar. He is what he is a Snake in the Grass, in it for himself just like Hillary Clinton.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Now a challenge for the man who critricized the most conservative man who ever was in the race. Cruz at 97%.
            What lie. To be a lie, you have to prove that the person who said it KNEW that what they were saying was false. That would apply Trump and all of his pronouncements against ALL of his oppositinn.
            Now bright boy. If he was in it for himself, he would have gladly compromised with all of those leaders of the Senate, (Cornyn with a rating of 44% and McConnell with 42%) and got along really well.
            So why is his rating 97% when YOU claim to be a conservative. You have been deceived.
            And if anyone should be called SNAKE, it would be YOU.
            But then, you already know you have lost the discussion because you resorted to name calling.

          3. Vangie Martinez says:

            BLAH BLAH BLAH. Get over it already and move on.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          I have yet to see any proof that he was involved in a “madam”. Do you have proof? I doubt it.
          And that “allowed” bit. How does that work. Did he SAY he had no objections. Or was it he said NOTHING. Want to document what you claim?
          Of course not.

          1. Vangie Martinez says:

            OMG. You have eyes don’t you read? Google it or go to Youtube. Just type in Was Cruz involved with the DC Madam? He was involved with her. After she died her Attorney had her Black Book Cruz’s name was in that book. He was involved with her. Now whether he was involved with her after he was Married he say’s he wasn’t, but, that information has not come out yet to be true or false to my understanding. But in regards to his involvement with her, Yes he was involved with her.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Such a bright boy. And I bet you believe in global warming too. And since it says so on Google and Youtube, we must now have a cure for Alzheimers.
            Not take a lesson. it is NOT what you think you know that matters. It is WHO you believe. Just about ALL of what you think is true, came from someone else.
            Beleive in Jim Jones and die in the jungle of poison.
            Believe in David Koresh and burn to death in Waco.
            Believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and NOT TRUMP, and you might have eternity. That is, if you get past Matthew 7:21.
            According to YOUR UNDERSTANDING, I am confident that just like so many in this world, you jump up and down with joy when you find someone who walks the talk is accused of wrong doing.
            Now argue with this. Cruz’s conservative rating is 97%. Trump; does not have a rating of his actions. Just a lot of words. And many of them have been proven to be lies.

          3. Vangie Martinez says:

            Is there something wrong with your eye’s or your brain AD? First of all Vangie is a girls name you know like Angie, but, a V in front of it, it’s short for my full name which is too long to type out. Any way you also know and I am not ashamed to say it that I am Jewish and a Born Again Believer in JESUS ie HIS Hebrew Name is YESHUA. I Worship and Believe in HIM and HIM Alone, but, I know when GOD has HIS Anointing on someone and is going to use someone for HIS Purpose and Glory in CHRIST JESUS. Stop being a baby and see the writing on the Wall if GOD wanted Cruz in there HE would of made it happen for a Reason, just, like HE allowed obama to be in there for a Reason, but, this time and finally THE PEOPLE Are Waking Up and are Realizing we are in trouble. So that is one of the Reasons why GOD is allowing for Trump to be the Presidential Nominee, because, HE is hearing the Voices of THE PEOPLE. HE sees us fighting for America and Israel. Sorry Cruz will not do it. Be blind and deaf if you must, but, really he doesn’t even qualify for Running for the Presidency nor will he stand and fight like a TRUE American. He does not have what it takes to stop the madness. He is a Light Weight whether you want to admit it or not. One way or another the Special Interest will get a hold of him and he will not Listen to us. So get over it already it’s done.

        3. ADRoberts says:

          Now you called him a snake in the grass. Yet you have given only smears and slander that you have not and cannot prove. We know the foul mouth of Trump. And you have no objection. We know his brag about seducing married women. And you don’t say a word. See. Your bigotry and prejudice are showing. LOL.

        4. ADRoberts says:

          Yes, “Cruz kept his word when it mattered a lot more. He went to DC and fought against the very Republicans who now support Trump. Do you get the irony? Of course not. You are blind by intent.
          Now about endorsing Trump. All Trump had to do was apologize for his vile behavior to Cruz’s wife and father. And if YOU don’t agree that Trump was vile, you are part of he problem.
          So just how many votes do you suppose it cost Trump by his refusal to apologize. I know. You want to lay this on Cruz. You can’t accept any responsibility, just like Trump. How many votes would Trump have gained.
          Now you are at a loss. If you say, ANY, you are giving Cruz influence. If you say none, then the immediate queston is WHY ARE YOU MAKING A BIG DEAL OF IT. gotcha.

        5. ADRoberts says:

          Your bogus “thank the Lord” is just that. You have nothing to do with God or you would be aware of the CONDEMNATION you pray for yourself every time you say the LORD’S PRAYER. “….and forgive us our debts AS we forgive our debtors.” So you hang onto that hate for Cruz. And when you stand before God, he will say, “so you can’t forgive Cruz?”

        6. ADRoberts says:

          And then you show more hypocrisy by claiming that Cruz could have been a SCOTUS. Hillarious. Here you claim to have documented all of the bad stuff that have basically disproven, and you want to backhand him with claims of what he LOST.
          No, I guess yo have never met a man of principles or you would appreciate them. Too bad. Now you will have your way and regret it for a very long time.

  • allanholtz says:

    This GOP convention is a Trump show, plain and simple. By speaking there and NOT endorsing Trump, Cruz only hurt himself. Time will show how badly.

  • Son Shine says:

    Just shows TRUMP is the one over CRUZ. We chose the best.

    1. DJTX says:

      You chose a man willing to stoop to anything to win, someone so focused on winning he was willing to put out false stories on his opponents and even their families. Sen. Cruz has character and principles that he’s willing to stand by regardless of the consequences. He stood by his family when they were maliciously attacked, refusing to abandon them for political ambition. I’ll be voting for Trump, and praying he will actually stand by his SCOTUS list, but Cruz was the better man. He has gone to the mat for our country many times in the Senate, but the media spins it to sound like he’s just grandstanding when he was fighting against the corruption and liberalism that’s taking over our government.

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