Trump, Freedom Caucus turn on each other

President Trump on Thursday used Twitter to rip into the conservative House Freedom Caucus, which quickly returned fire as Republicans turned on one another a week after the collapse of their ObamaCare repeal plan.

Trump threatened to back primary election challengers to the Freedom Caucus members who torpedoed the American Health Care Act, handing Trump a stinging legislative loss in his administration’s first 100 days.

Trump said the conservatives had “hurt the entire Republican agenda,” lumping them in with Democrats he pledged to “fight” in the 2018 midterms.

It’s not the first time Trump has criticized the caucus, which doesn’t publicly reveal its membership. But it was his most direct attack on the group yet, and the first time he’d pledged to go after them at the ballot box since the collapse of the repeal effort.

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  • Andy Palmer says:

    The attack on the Freedom Caucus is the dumbest thing Trump has done since being elected.

  • Terry says:

    I have long felt that the Freedom Caucus was either judging or trying every thing they could to “Control” the party including Trump as well as disrespect him along with so many on the left they may still be in bed with behind those closed doors “shielded in anonymity”. It you are all “Truly” on board with the rest of us, Please come out where we can “See You”, get to know you “On our Level” so that we can better determine if you “Truly” are on “Our Side” and not “Your Side”. If we are wrong, I am certain we will greet you and welcome you warmly, but no more secrecy and veils please. Way too many scary, covert groups behind big walls pulling the strings on the Left. Please prove you are not “Just like them”. I feel that God called and saw to it that Trump would win the election, and all of the Prophecies I’ve been listening to for many years now before he even began to run are coming true up to this point concerning “Exposing Evil, Lies, Fighting and Overcoming evil on every front. Abortion, Evil against the Jews, Gender Confusion and the activities stated in the Bible that led to God’s curse even then, now here again. Please just be careful that you are not actually fighting “Against God Himself” as you decide to fight against Trump. If you are right in all that you are doing, or at least if your intentions are well intended, please come out and dialog/reason openly. I am not your enemy and still Pray for you daily, so please just be very careful. A Kingdom divided can not and will not stand.

  • egalicki says:

    So they’re afraid to reveal who their member are? I can’t help but wonder why that would be the case.

  • Chuck says:

    As a strong supporter of both President Trump and the Freedom Caucus, I would ask Trump to back off. I would also ask the Freedom Caucus to prepare and submit, for public scrutiny and debate, its version of a health care act that would take the place of unaffordable Obamacare. We need to get together. The Dimwitocrats are the relentless enemy. President Trump is not the enemy, Freedom Caucus. The Freedom Caucus is not the enemy, President Trump. Work together for America, and don’t let your inflated egos get in the way..

    1. egalicki says:

      All it would take is get the government out of health care and let the free market take over. No restrictions against buying across state lines and no requirements to sell me pregnancy and psychological coverage – I’m male and don’t plan on going crazy unless the government keeps interfering with everything.

    2. truthseeker says:

      Your Idea for the Freedom Caucus to work with Trump, but that is the problem. They had Seven Years to plan and implement some kind of Replacement and we did not hear a word about what Ideas they had. All we hear is them saying No !

  • justinwachin says:

    President Trump needs to think before he acts. The health bill was a bad bill. If this would have been approved it would have put his name on the mediocre replacement for Obamacare. Paul Ryan did not do the president any favors on this issue.

    Someone in the White House needs to tell the president that the Freedom Caucus is not his enemy. The Freedom Caucus spared him from the humiliation of signing a defective replacement to Obamacare. By time primary season 2018 roles around very few will remember the failure of Trump/Ryancare. What the president and the speaker need to do is to listen to the Republicans who were going to vote against this plan. A good bill is possible if the leaders will listen to the House members.

  • Webb says:

    We were Promised Total Repeal of ObamaCare…
    The Freedom caucus was up holding that promise…nothing More!
    Yet, I do feel the Republicans Must get on the same page to pass Legislation that benefits America…
    Trump has kept many Promises and with E/O’s has eliminated many Rules and Regulations…Both Houses must get together…

  • itsfun says:

    Any Republican that votes against President Trump is voting for Nancy.

  • Stephen Porcari says:

    The Freedom Caucus and ,others with similar values, is what stands between the likes of RINO paul ryan and the rest of patriotic America. I like Trump but he has been ill advised on this one

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