Trump Rejects Notion of Feud With CIA in Day-One Visit

President Donald Trump assured employees at the CIA of his strong support and said he would unleash them to defeat Islamic terrorists after previous presidents had held the intelligence community back during the nation’s 16-year-old war with extremists.

“We have not used the real abilities that we have. We’ve been restrained,” Trump said in a rambling speech that strayed into criticism of the media, his performance during Friday’s inaugural speech and his belief that the U.S. should have “kept the oil” after invading Iraq.

Standing before the CIA Memorial Wall, which is engraved with stars representing employees who lost their lives in service to the country, Trump rejected the notion that he had been in a “feud” with the intelligence community over its investigation of the Russian government’s hacking of the presidential campaign.

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  • Steve Perry says:

    Good story but this is why the Main Media is OUT of the WH and until they decide to tell the whole story, nothing but the whole story they are fried.

    there are some more stories here:

  • Walt says:

    Drain the swamp President Trump and get some new people to run the DOJ & CIA. The regime is full of Obama’s administration and needs to be replaced with smart people that will get the job done.

  • Tiger says:

    Thank God for Twitter and a man who won’t be abused by ANYONE.

    Thank God for the women protesting and all the others, the world is watching and sees what misfits, vulgar, insipid, stupid, vile, ignorant and uniformed people voted for O. Also the wearing of Pu–hats and Vagina hats shows they are disrespecting themselves and Locker room fodder. Also with their wanting the right to drink like a man, F like a man and talk like a drunken sailor thank you for NOT BEING TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      HA, HA, come in there Tiger, tell it like it is! That was great, and those hats do suc$ !!

      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you my friend it is easy to see a horses ass when it is right out front and these people are just that.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          My God, how did these people get so crazy in just 8 years, they look like total idiots, at least they didn’t holler the skies falling!

          1. Tiger says:

            LOLOL well one was carrying a sign that said women wanted the same rights as guns. LOLOLOL what fun was had with that comment I say they already have those rights they are shooting off their mouths daily.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            We’ve got a long road ahead of us, these idiots are going to make everybody’s life as miserable as possible as long as Trump is President! Trump needs to do something with Soros, that would stop a lot of BS, or at least slow things down! Maybe Obama will get his way, if things don’t change there will be people killed before its over! And agin, this could all be a distraction for what is really going on, the muslims are really quiet!!

          3. Tiger says:

            Don’t think they will continue Rodney because they are being seen for what they are and it isn’t really helping them. The blood letting we will see and yes those Muslims are muffled and I am waiting to see what they are up to.

          4. Tiger says:

            Just remember that Trump is putting a boot up their ass this could be his theme song.


          5. Rodney Steward says:

            PURDY, PURDY, PURDY, I love to hear that man, that was great Tiger!! 🙂

    2. I Seigel says:

      Thank God for Twitter. Now we have written proof, in Trump’s own words, of the insults and disrespect he has shown the intelligence community. Remember how he wrote “intelligence” in quotes? Remember he wouldn’t take their daily briefings because he knew so much more than they did? How he used the word Nazi in describing them? These were his own words and actions, not stuff invented by the media.

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      2. Tiger says:

        First off nitwit filled with FAKE news, he was referring to the Obama’s intelligence which we have seen lied to pump up the false narrative concerning ISIS being the JV team. We saw them lie and say that a video caused Benghazi when emails from Hillary’s own phone showed her telling Chelsea it was a Terrorist attack. This is the same intelligence run by Brennan and Comey who tried to carry on the lie about the Russian hacking when there was no proof and finally Clapper had to say that nothing changed the voting machines or the final outcomes. So why should Trump get any briefings from those guys? Also remember that someone leaked the Top Secret documents to NBC before Trump was briefed.

        Secondly they certainly were under Obama, Clapper and Brennan and Comey acting like the Nazi who controlled information to the people.

        Thirdly you don’t know shit from shinola but our military, our people in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and all know that Trump is the man and O is the vermin. They are thrilled to have him. Look what the military did to your O at his ceremony where he gave himself an award. Daily now whistle blowers are coming out and books being written by X CIA and others. Your O was nothing more than a plant for Soros the New World Order and for Muslim terrorists.

        Get used to it, you don’t matter anymore and no more lies will be tolerated from you liars and stupid people.

      3. Tiger says:

        This is why the Main Media is OUT of the WH and until they decide to tell the whole story, nothing but the whole story they are fried. But nobody expects these lying sacks of shit to change you can’t make shit smell like roses no matter how you try.

        “Trump Says He Doesn’t Need Daily Intelligence Briefing Because He’s ‘Smart,’” the Huffington Post headline from the interview reads.

        Business Insider published a similar heading: “TRUMP: I’m a ‘smart person,’ don’t need intelligence briefings every single day.”

        Meanwhile, CBS News took this angle: “Donald Trump on less-frequent intelligence briefings: ‘I get it when I need it.’”

        And the examples could go on and on.

        But if you listen to the context in which Trump made the comment, you
        wouldn’t necessarily come away with the idea that the president-elect
        is somehow making light of national security. Trump said he does receive
        the classified briefings less frequently than other presidents-elects
        or presidents have, but offers what appears to be a perfectly reasonable

        “I get when I need it. First of all, these are very good people that
        are giving me the briefings. And I say if something should change from
        this point, immediately call me. I’m available on one minute’s notice,”
        Trump said.

        “I don’t need to be told … the same thing every day, every morning ―
        same words. ‘Sir, nothing has changed. Let’s go over it again.’ I don’t
        need that,” he added, noting that Vice President-elect Mike Pence and
        others on his team are receiving daily intelligence briefings.

      4. Tiger says:

        Dedicated by me to you and all your ilk
        The stupid and the violent Obama’s milk.
        Take this to heart and know it is true
        You SOPS are out and in with the Red, White and Blue.

        Suck on it.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          YOU GO GIRL!! 🙂

          1. Tiger says:

            Going to be a hot time in the Ole USA.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            You got that right Girl!! 🙂 🙂

        2. I Seigel says:

          What’s next? Oh, I know! How about bumper stickers that say ” America – Love it or Leave it”. Very clever, huh?

          You didn’t see those when Obama was in office, did you?

          1. Tiger says:

            Sure are seeing what you guys are saying are we not? Daily all over you people just won’t shut up about Trump, your representatives are as stupid and evil as the rest of you.

            Yeh you don’t love America then leave it, you want O and Hillary’s America go to Cuba or to N. Korea cause we are a Republic and we are not going to change back nor stand for any of your puke anymore.

            Enjoy the next 4 years.

          2. Tiger says:


            Didn’t see this at O’s inaugural entertainment. Didn’t hear any of this at the DNC did you? Get used to it our time now, you people had yours and you showed us what you were.

          3. Tiger says:

            Let me say to you how very stunning it is to see those like you, who bashed, slashed, laughed at, made fun of and totally showed disdain for all people like me when O in office, now very concerned about being included in this administration.

            Josh Earnest was mean spirited, nasty, vile and very exclusive of all people like me as was O. Slurs about Flag Wavers and mocking our love of freedom pretty much shoving your thoughts and your ways down our throats.

            Now you want fair play. We wanted fair play and we got the shaft so forgive me if I am just giving you what you gave. I am not ready to compromise, you people never compromised, none of your leaders compromised, you still are not compromising.

            Have a good day I sure am.

  • calhar says:

    Here we go again The press twisting the truth to fit their warped way of thinking.They apparently can’t grasp the fact that their B.S is no longer gospel.Especially these assorted parrots and Charley McCarthy at CNN. But the fact still remains that they are chiselers that can only follow you through a revolving door and come out in front.

    1. Tiger says:

      This is why Trump will not stop tweeting and the press conference will not be subject to any questions by this scum. If Trump were not to keep up on this we would be right back into the same sand pit that would cover up and distort everything.

  • Lorraine E says:

    The c.i.a. has not worked FOR our country for a very long time. Under the direction of Barach Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro Sabarkah, secty of state crooked hillary and the appointed head of the c.i.a. muslim john brennan, the c.i.a. has been used to remove moderate leaders in the middle east, to promote the muslim spring and to create, train and finance al qaeda and isis/isil.
    Hopefully the new C.I.A. director will “clean the c.i.a. swamp” and assure that this long standing rouge agency will work for our country and end its policy of creating enemies abroad.

  • rhuland says:

    The MSM’s use of loaded words like “Feud” is getting so monotonous that one wonders if there’s such a thing as unbiased reporting possible in this day and age. When a criticism of one aspect of an agency actions becomes reported as a “feud”, it is nearly impossible to conduct business rationally. I commend President Trump’s measured responses and his ability to continue working sensibly with all the agencies under his auspices.

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