Rick Amato: Trump Set To Unleash Executive Orders: The Breakdown

by Rick Amato | AmatoTalk.com
January 23, 2017

According to sources within the new administration and according to Axios who quotes “one of the best-wired Republican lobbyists in town”, President Trump is set to hit the ground running hard with a flurry of immediate executive orders.  Of course last Friday he issued one on Obamacare which is still vague in the details.  Below is a list of what we should expect to see coming next:

 * Instruct the Defense Secretary to come up with a plan to destroy and eliminate ISIS.
In 2014, a former CIA agent who had served on the front lines in Iraq fighting al Qaeda told me, “we can eliminate ISIS in two to three years if we commit ourselves 100% to doing it”.  It appears we are about to find out if he was right.  We are also about to find out if ISIS is the JV basketball team which former President Obama told us they were, and if having a positive strategic relationship with Russia is such a bad thing after all.  The one thing the American people do not want, of course, is another war which seems to drag on with no concrete end in site.

* Five year lobbying ban on transition and administration officials.

During his Inauguration speech President Trump said the day marked a peaceful transfer of power not only from one president to another but also from the Washington elite to the American people.  Corporate media (especially ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and NBC’s Lester Holt) were outraged saying or implying that the new President was a dangerous populist.  A five year ban on lobbying of transition and administration officials is consistent with Trump’s message that for too long those in Washington have served themselves at the expense of the American people.  It will go over well with his supporters and the American people in general.

* Border / immigration: Something on sanctuary cities, expand E-Verify, an extreme vetting proposal.

Get ready for the you-know-what to hit the fan. The top 10 Sanctuary cities in America according to Politico.com are: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Newark, Denver, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and San Francisco.  It’s safe to say that Mayors De Blasio of New York, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Ed Lee of San Francisco are going politicize and oppose whatever is drawn up no matter how tame and watered down the executive order may be. Not to suggest that it will be.  It’s a polarizing political issue and President Trump’s opponents are going to do their best to pounce and paint him as racist.  The media too will be all over this with lead stories.  Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if his staunchest supporters feel he goes far enough.

Two other actions President Trump is expected to take immediately are:

* Report on readiness, and something cyber security related

Not much I can say here other than #MAGA and it’s safe to say that there shouldn’t be any administration officials “puling a Hillary” and maintaining their government business on a private email server.  Or at least we hope not.

* Mexico City policy, which prevents foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations independent from states and international governmental organizations) from getting U.S. family planning money if they provide abortions with non-U.S. funds.

It looks like those who protested in the funny looking pink hats at the Woman’s March over the weekend will have something to vent their anger at immediately (although it was unclear what exactly they were protesting other than Trump’s election victory).  Remember, for all their talk about tolerance and ‘power to the woman’, pro-life women were not welcome at the ‘Woman’s Day’ protest.  It would appear this Executive Order will be welcome news by pro-life supporters which by default makes it opposed by the “hands off my body” crowd.

This was just a quick down and dirty overview of what to expect immediately from the new administration in terms of Executive Orders as events and news items are quickly moving.  I will update you and have commentary on anything of significance which happens as it occurs.

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  • justinwachin says:

    These executive orders are a good starting point. Once again executive orders can always be reversed. It would be good to see the abortion restrictions turned into law by Congress at some point. That will make it more difficult for a future president to change it.

    Some of these things are appropriate for executive orders, such as request for reports. Other things may handle a problem immediately but they need to be turned into laws for long term purposes. Right now the Republicans control Congress and the White House. Things like lobbying bans should be turned into legislation this year.

  • bobnstuff says:

    I guess if a Republican uses EO’s it’s OK, just don’t let a Democrat do it. How is it that when Obama made changes in the ACA by EO he was breaking the law but when Trump made an even bigger change it’s OK. So much for big changes. How’s this for an idea, let congress pass the laws, let there be public debate before the law is passed. Have we not had enough of an Imperial President.

    1. gvette says:

      Because the ACA was a standing law already.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        It was standing law when Obama changed it plus the President isn’t supposed to change the laws, that’s congresses job. Isn’t this the very thing the right was complaining about?

        1. gvette says:

          The president can’t change a law. From what I see, I don’t see where Trump is changing any.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            He just removed the mandate, I would say that was changing the law.

          2. gvette says:

            A mandate isn’t a law, Bob.

          3. gvette says:

            When they tackle ACA, it will be done through congress. Funny part of the law is, no where in the constitution does it say the government can force you, or I to buy something we don’t want. Trump isn’t
            doing that on his own.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            The SCOTUS says different. Also one of his EO’s was to get rid of the mandate which was part of the ACA law. So lets recap, He used the EO that the conservative hated so much to change a law another things that the right protested when Obama did it. And this is only the beginning.

          5. gvette says:

            In the first part of the article, they said what he is going to do, is vague. So I’m not jumping to conclusions. Funny thing was, not one republican voted for it. Like Nancy said, you have to pass it to see what’s in it. I guess that’s ok with you. If you like the ACA.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            He signed the OE on Friday. He seems to really like EO’s. Is it not interesting that the congress didn’t know what was in a bill they had been working on for 9 months and that every thing in it had to be voted on. It also shows how little the republicans really care about the welfare of the nation when they don’t even support healthcare for all. If you remember the ACA was patterned on Romney Care.

          7. gvette says:

            Bob, most of us know onigger care wasn’t about health care. I ran into this. I’ll share it.

            And now for the shocking truth about who actually wrote Obamacare. After all the secrecy surrounding Obamacare is lifting, we can finally put a name to this cruel lie. The man’s name who wrote a great deal of the scourge that we call Obamacare, is convicted felon, Robert Creamer.

            Creamer is now credited for writing 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison. Creamer is a senior Democratic operative who defrauded banks in order to keep his Marxist/Communist community organization afloat by engaging in 16 counts of bank and tax fraud. Creamer’s book is entitled, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.

            Many left-wingers say that Creamer’s book has inspired them in their progressive fight to turn America into socialist Europe. Creamer’s work has received support and garnered an endorsement from a surprising source. Or, maybe it is not so surprising after all. Former White House Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, described Creamer’s book as a “blueprint” for future progressive victories. Creamer has stated that in order to impose socialist healthcare on an unwilling nation, it is necessary to deceive the people.

            Creamer is the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat who demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system. Creamer’s book calls for the “democratization of wealth”, and the “progressive control of governments around the world”.

            Creamer says that Democrats could win a permanent majority in Congress “by passing a national health care bill, turning more people into wards of government, that works to grow government; and by giving amnesty to all illegals, thereby creating, virtually overnight, a large new constituency of Democratic voters”. With 50% of the country on some form of welfare, Creamer’s plan has progressed at a very rapid pace.

            Creamer counseled Democrats that to win complete control of America, they must “not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust”. He adds, “If the Democrats continue to stand firmly for immigrant rights, the issue will define immigrants’ voting loyalties for a generation. If we’re successful, we’ll have a gigantic block of progressive votes over the next 15 years, a block that could be decisive in the battle for the future.”

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I would ask for foot notes as to were a article is from as a sign of respect for the author. It makes little difference where the idea came from. It has a great deal in common with Romney care and at least 43 parts of it were there because the republicans wanted them there and then didn’t vote for it. As far as why we have the ACA. The healthcare costs were skyrocketing and something needed done. We are the only developed nation were health care isn’t a right instead of a privilege. My point isn’t the bill but the fact that instead of letting congress deal with it Trump used the same tool as Obama did that Trumps supporters damned him for. So far it doesn’t look like Trump plays well with other children.

          9. gvette says:

            LOL…healthcare cost are still high. Now there are people paying ton for coverage, and can’t afford the delectable. The only think the ACA did was give lazy people coverage that others have to pay for.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            So the lady who serves your children their lunch is lazy, the guy who mows your yard is also lazy. This program wasn’t aimed at the poor but at the lower middle class, those people who work but don’t make big bucks. The poor has medicaid. If you think your rates are high now just you wait.

          11. gvette says:

            You’ve missed it Bob. people were paying less before onigger care. Don’t you listen to people?
            Anyway, did you see all the damage in DC your ilk caused?

          12. bobnstuff says:

            Did you notice that all those people showed up but Trump was to stupid to turn things around on them and at least respect the fact that these people are also Americans and their voices should be heard. As a citizen I have the same rights as you do. So much for trying to unite the country.

          13. gvette says:

            LOL..are you referring the the womans march? Tell ya what, remember when people did that when the nigger was in. He didn’t go out and meet them either.
            The other day, a bunch were protesting one of Trumps picks. So, a reporter went over and asked a person if they knew the person they were protesting. They said, no! You assholes just like to protest. Did you see the mess that was left after the women got done? They trashed the place. Typical DemonnRATS, and liberals! Trump did something Moooochelle couldn’t do in 8 years. Got those fat assed liberals to go for a walk!!
            As I’m listing to the news while I type this, it seems that Soros payed, and helped organize that, and other marches. One of your pals!

          14. gvette says:

            Get real Bob. They took a big jump as the ACA unfolds. As you may have read, a lot of insurance companys are now dropping out of it.It’s imploding Bob. Most know it. You, and AK don’t seem to.

          15. bobnstuff says:

            The ACA did a lot of good things but your knowledge of the actual bill is so limited you don’t have a clue what they were. I guess you like being ripped off by insurance companies. You do know that it’s the insurance companies that set the rates. Have you noticed that they are making money, lots and lots of money but they want to make even more. That’s why they spent $660 million to make you believe it should be repealed.

          16. ourzoo10 says:

            The ACA wasn’t written by Congress…it was written by a George Soros funded group in New York headed by the avowed Communist Van Jones.

          17. bobnstuff says:

            Who cares who wrote it. There are some very good parts to this bill, even Prez Trump has said this. The King James Bible was translated by a guy in an asylum, it makes no difference. How many laws out there are written by ALEKS?

          18. ourzoo10 says:

            The bill was never read by anyone that voted on it. It was OKed by SCOTUS b/c it was written under the guise of being a tax…but was sold to the ppl as a h/c bill….Maybe you have found “good” about it, but many of us resent having to pay double what we used to and having deductibles of $6,000 or higher. We also resent being FORCED into buying something we don’t need. When you own a car, you get car ins. to protect you from the other guy. This unACA is not about healthcare, it is about taxing us to help subsidize somebody else’s problems. I’ll grant you there are some good things about it…some say it covers for pre-conditions, but I bought ins. BEFORE the unACA that was a bit more than I was used to paying, but it covered my pre-existing. With the unACA that is no longer possible, since my previous Ins. Co has now left the State.

            Now, you have a good day.

          19. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know that every bill is voted on twice. They vote the first time which is the one you here about and then once the bill is printed and reviewed they vote a second time. As far as being forced to buy something you don’t want, car insurance. If you don’t have medical insurance then the hospitals should have the right to make you pay in advance for services. Also you don’t have to buy the insurance, you can pay the tax instead. It costs less but just don’t get sick or hurt. Because of insurance today most people don’t know just how much a visit to the ER costs. Do you know what your medications cost with out insurance? My grandson just came off one that was $1200 per month. If we didn’t have the ACA if you did get sick you could be unable to get insurance from that point on, My wife had he thyroid removed thirty years ago, not even cancer. Because of that she couldn’t get health insurance unless it was through my employer. The number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the US is medical bills. If it’s your right not to by insurance then it should also be your right to die without getting medical care you can’t pay for.

  • Betty says:

    good for him

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