Trump turns to debate to curb campaign meltdown

by Niall Stanage | The Hill
October 9, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will take the stage for their second debate Sunday evening amid an extraordinary political atmosphere.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has faced calls from prominent members of his own party to drop his White House bid, after a recording emerged on Friday of him using startlingly vulgar and aggressive language about women in 2005.

It is an unprecedented situation for the nominee of a major party.

Trump has been adamant that he will not leave the race, telling the New York Times that he would not do so “in a million years” and insisting he can still win the presidency.

But neither those words, nor the video statement Trump released around midnight Friday, have quelled the sense of crisis that has enveloped his party. Whether he can do anything on the debate stage on Sunday to break the fever remains to be seen.

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  • Rodney Steward says:

    The ONLY melt down of the Trump campaign has is the NEWS MEDIA that wants Hellary, thanks to Soros’s investment in most of it! But this is how you bring down a country, the Media, worked for Hitler!! But nothing about the new released info on Hellary, and the open border BS and the EX-Order on gun control and shutting down the gun dealers and taking the guns from the public! She wants death and destruction, but this is how to achieve the NWO that Soros has spent BILLIONs $$$ on to help bring down this once great!! We’re headed down a very dark and nasty road and so many just can’t see it and don’t realize it’s going to cost them their lives!!

    1. reggie says:

      Very well put. We can thank our indoctrination system that disallows debate, discussions and any thought process outside of the societally correct bs. The babies who want safe spaces until they’re retired are in for a rude awakening. I’ve known enough people who have lived and worked under communism. Bottom line – no work no money. Welfare does not exist. Want to throw a riot, good. Three hots and a cot. Trump is the alternative. He’ll have an uphill battle but he’ll prevail against the ninnies. Now if sorryazz will just go to his great reward, things would get a bit better. I don’t think his sons could compete with his evilness.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Lets hope he can’t, the evilness od the Soros’s and Clinton’s need to be stopped, DEAD in their tracks!!

  • Karll says:

    When asked by the leftist hack moderator about those comments,
    Trump should pivot to Bill clinton’s documented history of sexual
    assault and Hellary’s attacks on his victims. Trump should also mention that the Hellary camp wants to drag things into the gutter
    rather than discuss effective solutions to US problems, because they HAVE NO solutions.
    He could then bring up the leaked dialogue btwn Hellary and her
    Wall Street benefactors, and ask the left stream media in general why
    they are ignoring THAT.

    1. reggie says:

      Excellent. Hope they read your post.

      1. Karll says:

        I guess they read it, because that’s exactly what Donald did! LOL!
        He left the sow standing there with that stupid, frozen grin on her

  • Angelika G says:

    Trump should remind everyone in this debate that Hillary has destroyed a whole country, Libya, gave weapons to terrorists to kill not only many, many innocent Libyans, including our own four guys in Benghazi, but millions of them are displaced now, running for their lives which is all they have left, THEIR LIVES….She has protected her pervert of a husband for decades now who stands accused of RAPE…Her ILLEGAL private email servers who have put all Americans at risk, has taken donations from foreign entities for “Pay to Play”….and there is so much more…So ask yourselves what is more horrific “WORDS” or horrific “ACTIONS”, horrific actions not only against women but children as well, remember these Libyans who are running for their lives include a lot of CHILDREN and she has the nerve to proclaim she stands to HELP CHILDREN…???? REALLY…???? Is she HELPING Libyan’s children or has she helped to destroy them..????

    1. Brendarsharp says:

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  • Quester59 says:

    giving the rest of us a Bad Rep.!
    HAY YOU Hypocrites, remember Our LORD’S WORDS; Let he that is without SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE ……!
    IF you don’t vote for Donald Trump, May The LORD give you all, what you all JUSTLY DESERVE!

    1. Rodney Steward says:


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