Trump vows to put “America first” in foreign policy

In a rare formal policy speech, Republican front-runner Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to put American security “above all else” if elected president, warning allies they would be left to defend themselves if they don’t “pay their fair share.” He also called for an easing of tensions with Russia “from a position of strength, only.”

“‘America first’ will be the major and overriding theme of my administration,” Trump said.

Fresh off a sweep of five Northeast primaries, Trump sought to expand on foreign policy views that have lacked detail and worried experts in both parties. Still, he left major questions about his proposals unanswered, including his plan for defeating the Islamic State group, casting his sparse details as a strategy for catching America’s enemies off guard.

“We must, as a nation, be more unpredictable,” Trump said during a speech at a Washington hotel. The businessman read his remarks off a teleprompter, a notable change for a candidate who typically speaks off the cuff and has mocked his rivals for giving prepared speeches.

Many elements of Trump’s speech were similar to his typical campaign remarks, but he delivered them in a much more sober, restrained manner. Critics have said repeatedly that he has not shown an ability to act and sound “presidential.”

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  • Lorene B says:

    We certainly should put America first. Charity begins at home. We should clean our own door steps first.

  • Gnowark says:

    (Just received) There are 5 people in the race for the Presidency. 4 of them live off the government. Those same 4 are complaining to you and me about the one guy that doesn’t. THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Pattie says:

    Ppl don’t get it that Trump isn’t going to stand up and shout his plans to defeat ISIS..but at least he has a plan and i believe it is probably a great one..

  • Ray says:

    Trump was GREAT today!!!

  • General "Bull" Krapper says:

    It’s the story of the foxes & the chickens. Right now every communist leader & tin pot dictator are the foxes & Ali Obama is the CHICKEN letting them all into our henhouse. What we need is a great BULLDOG to guard our henhouse. I feel Trump is that BULLDOG! — Stay Well, Safe, Free & Brave

  • bobnstuff says:

    Not to be a wet blanket but I really see not policy here just more empty words. Put America first, sounds nice but that’s how we got into a war to protect our oil interests. Make America strong also sounds nice and if we were weak it might be something to work on but we are the strongest nation in the world. Bring manufacturing jobs back is a great idea, is he going to start to make the products with his name on them here? We are the largest manufacturing nation on earth right now, we are the most productive work force. He likes to say a lot of nice ideas but done fact check him because you might not like what you find. Make America Great Again sounds nice, just what date in history were we greater then today?

    1. Natalie says:

      If you had ‘done’ fact checked anything you would not have posted this nonsense. Perhaps a bit more reading would help, and a lot more research.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Here are the facts and what Trump will do

    . We need to bring back our manudacturing industry back to the U.S.

    • We need to rebuild our military and make America respected again in the world.

    • We need to completely annihilate ISIS.

    • We need to stop illegal immigration.

    • We need to secure our borders and build a wall on our southern border.

    • We need to make English our official language.

    • We need to cut off funding for sanctuary cities.

    • We need to stop coddling criminals and making excuses for bad behavior.

    • We need to stand up to countries, like China, who rip us off.

    • We need to fix the VA and take care of our veterans who fought and served.

    • We need to get back to the traditional values we all cherish.

    • We need to quit wasting taxpayer dollars on things like Planned Parenthood.

    • We need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

    • We need to limit the influence of the special interests that are sucking us dry.

    1. I believe you forgot “We need to outlaw Political Action Committees,” “The Electoral College” and “Common Cause.” Together, these are accelerating the downfall of this once great nation. Bring in the Popular Vote.

    2. this list is pure common sense that anyone should agree with and vote for Trump!!!!!! there is nothing racist or bigoted or hateful here. it is all following the law of the land which we need to get back to and taking a presidential oath seriously.

  • Natalie says:

    He does not act and sound presidential. But obama does? Seriously? Maybe if he was president of another country, one hostile to America and Americans. Donald Trump is something Americans have not seen in more than eight years. A strong, proud, aggressive, successful, white man unafraid to say what has to be said. He continues to tell the truth despite being labeled a racist,a Nazi and just about anything else they can come up with.Because liberals, who have sunk their cloves hooves into everything have made men like him and truth, practically illegal. They have actually made morality,decency and Christianity illegal in some places. They promote the destruction of everything that has made this country the greatest place in the world. One people will die trying to get to.They and their leader currently parading around in the Whitehouse need to be eradicated, erased from our schools, our public consciousness and our country. Donald Trump will help us make that happen.
    He will help us make America great again. VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!!

    1. Robert Early says:

      AMEN !

  • HadEnough says:

    That is exactly what we citizens need. A president who will put America FIRST. I haven’t heard any other candidate say that. It’s No Wonder he is LEADING.!!!

  • Lilly Putney says:

    What has always burned me up is when any of our service men and women they announce it in the newspapers we are sending 250 morE soldiers to syria WHY don’t they keep their damn mouths shut and take the target of the backs of our soldiers.

  • Anthony says:

    cut off all the welfare being passed on to the people that don’t deserve it, and help the one that do, Stop supporting other countries that could not give a rats tail about the America people, we are feeding them today and they turn around and kill the Americans tomorrow. the whole Country needs to take the Welfare in California, and after the second time elected all the State Bills were paid and the left over money went back to the California people that worked for and most people that were on the Welfare ended up getting more then before, why because the moochers, the Sponges were moved out.

    Go Trump

  • joleenworden says:

    Totally agree Robert Early (do I know you?) Trump has broken all the PC rules and just continues to surprise us all. What a shocker last night with that clean sweep of 5 states all above 55%. Trump knows “The Art of The Deal” and I think that, like Reagan, he will be able to convince our allies and enemies to do our bidding while making all of them feel fine. He is much smarter than most people are willing to give him credit for, Trump loves people, but he will not let us be run over, because he also believes in fairness.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    America already puts its interests first. If there’s any let down, it’s not insisting others in Europe, Africa and Asia do the same. But we have only foreign aid to dangle the carrot for it and conservatives want to cut it down or out. That’s what they call treason, except for 47 Senators addressing Iran, or Cruz ‘carpet bombing’ ISIL, or Trump using tactical nukes in the desert. I’ll take current policy before all these war mongers and alpha types any day and so will the majority of voters who backed Obama twice.

    1. Ricky says:

      Obama and his supporters is why our country is failing..

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        The only failure there is for so many Americans hating that a black man was elected and landslide reelected president for the first time in history. Jim Crow laws are coming back in the Deep South by republicans. Hate groups are re-emerging since 2009. Civil and voter rights reductions targeting blacks have passed. Ultra conservatives have grown in number more than during the 1960s John Birch Society days who target government for reduction in size and elimination of good and decent laws insuring citizen equality and safety. (Think fluoridated water they hated that saves teeth). Stonewalling new solutions for American problems makes congress low rated at 13%. Now Republican Senators refuse to fulfill their oaths and Constitutional duty to advise and consent over a Supreme Court appointee. What are you looking at that impacts you and yours?

        1. Robert Early says:

          If you truly believe what you are saying, then you are completely ignorant of fact and the Holy Spirit.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Pointedly you fail to mobilize any facts or arguments to support your false contentions.

          2. Robert Early says:

            You sound exactly like all the non-believers I have ever encountered. By the Holy Spirit, I have brought 43 atheists to Christ. I’ve heard Satan’s “pitch” and “spiel” hundreds of times. Now, I’m hearing it again from you.

            I have no false contentions. You are false. I’ve read all of your self-serving comments I can find. You are either a Son of Satan, or an absolute loon. You are not here to witness for Christ; but to plea for Obama and Hillary; two of the most ungodly creatures on the planet. Go peddle your social gospel in the sewer where it belongs.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m no longer going to cast my pearls on you. You have not the Holy Spirit in you by your condemnation of me, contrary to Christ’s example of the woman at the well and the balance of Gospel. Don’t worry though, as you have lots of company in reprobate and apostasy in the clergy ranks. I’ve been specific about your sins but you blanket condemn this believer. Your education and my edification of you fall on deaf ears, so I expect that telling comment, “I never knew you”. Christ came for the lost children of Israel, clearly you. Christ fellowshipped and worshipped and valued everyone and charged us with doing the same, but not you.

          4. Robert Early says:

            You can keep your pearls. By God’s Grace, I know exactly who and what you are.

    2. "Ain't Afraid of the Dark" 5.5 says:

      You need to have someone correct your comments before you post. Although, even when corrected for poor grammar would be nonsense.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        YOU need to go back to school. I’ve taught English and writing to many important people in their education studies at all levels. Be specific while recognizing a concept called ‘literary license.’ Google it.

    3. Robert Early says:

      May I inquire what kind of Dr. you are?
      I mean no disrespect. It’s just that, as a man who is also highly educated and experienced, I disagree with you. I confess that I do not appreciate the tag
      War Monger, because I believe in peace through strength. Plus, I would remind you that Alpha-types run the world. Poets and dreamers do not.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You can google me and my record.
        Anyone is entitled in this land of free speech to disagree with me.
        If you support Republicans in congress or most recently Bush2, you are a war monger. Senators numbering 47 last year wrote letters of aid and comfort to Iran while diplomats were seeking peace and nuclear disarmament. Add McCain and Graham advising invading Iraq and Syria. Add more wanting to invade Ukraine, and you belong to a warlike party, hardly peace through strength which we have in military spending more than the next 4 nations in line combined. We have peace through strength. BTW a check of Chinese history shows the are most frequently ruled by poets and artists. And what would you call showman Reagan?

        1. Robert Early says:

          I am a retired pastor with over 55 years in the pulpit. I have never used the titles of Dr or Reverend; because I learned many times that those who do so suffer an enormous ego problem, and are hardly Christ-like. One major problem we face in today’s world, Mr. BILL, is that we have far too many Christians, and far too few followers of Christ. To suggest that you are Christian along with being a liberal progressive is counter-intuitive. NO. Let me be more clear. A LIE ! The Holy Spirit gave me certain gifts many years ago. Adding three degrees to the equation did not really add much.
          You, Sir, are a fraud and child of your Father, the Devil. May Christ soon come to judge both of us.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’ve been close with pastors having 55+ years and first year of service; add many associate pastors and visiting clergy at all states of education and experience. None of them dwelled on their titles, including doctor like you apparently have; none of the doctors had an ego problem. If you have followed my posts here and over time, you know I dwell on truth and peace. Christ is the Way, TRUTH, and Life. Christ is the Prince of Peace. You haven’t address any of the issues in the article or my positions. . . .
            Your own ego makes you attack this Christian against your Savior’s explicit teaching of agape love, so you are what you condemn me of being, a Christian reprobate. I don’t know if your gifts are talents, but you don’t even speak of them here. Guess the thinking part of your training was neglected for doctrine. Scripture says to be open to edification, so here goes. Stop condemning others and love them. Worry not about degrees or political ‘liberal progressive’ labels writing as a clergyman. We are all sinners, or in other words subject to influence by the devil; but, your post from my gift of discernment, is you should look to your own training and understanding. I’m ready for judgement.

        2. Natalie says:

          This is a troll. Please ignore it. And it will eventually go away.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

   will show you which of us is the troll.

      2. Natalie says:

        It’s not a doctor of anything. It’s a troll. Their on all conservative sites. I guess they’ve finally found this one. Ignore it, and it’ll go away.

      3. Robert, save your breath with this troll. Any logical thinking person can see which barrel of BS he dredges his information from. The single reason for his online contributions is to sow discontent.

        1. Robert Early says:

          Yes Peter. But the demon must be openly confronted to prevent him from corrupting even one person.

  • beowulf32 says:

    Trump 2016 all the way.

  • Myrtle Linder says:

    With Clinton and Trump running, there is little to choose between, both have the same anti-CHRIST Democrat background. WE are selling out to GOD and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST when we promote this!!!

    1. donemyhomework says:

      You’ve got one vote…use it. If we’ve got anything that is close to an anti Christ…it’s in office right now along with a useless Congress. Selling out ??? As Christians, is it not your duty to pray and put it in the hands of the Lord….or are Christians of “little faith” ?

      1. Myrtle Linder says:

        it is my duty to put it all in the hand so GOD but it is also my duty to tell others, according to HIS WORD, having no faith is, I agree bad, but being ignorant is not excusable, HE tell us in Ezekiel 33:5-33 to speak out,

        HIS WORD, also tells me not to judge unfairly because if I do I will be judged with the judgment that I use. Matthew 7:1-5 Be careful and be sure that you have “doneyourhomeworkcorrectly,” oh, “wise one.”

        1. donemyhomework says:

          GOOD ! Tinker’s damn. You speak out….Great ! So why aren’t your religious leaders speaking out? Zero, zippo…nada. They read the same book you did. Why don’t they practice the example as leaders. Tens of thousands of Christians are being butchered, sold into slavery, forced to convert to Islam or die horrible deaths and your religious leaders stand mute and hide like sheep. They must not have read the same books I have. And their knowledge of Islam and Muslims is zero. America is importing all these “refugees” from Syria, North Africa, and all over the Muslim world….we get 100% Muslims, and any Christian refugees are filtered out and sent back by Obama and the UN. Judging? I’m not interested in Judging, I offer evidence to indicate their pattern of behavior. Sorry woman, as far as I can see, you’re about as far out of the loop as you can get. Yes I have done my homework …extensively. And Donald Trump is definitely the best bet by a long shot, That is a certainty.

          1. Myrtle Linder says:

            You know all of this and do nothing, except criticize others for doing nothing? Typical of a self righteous hypocrite, who accuses everybody else of doing exactly what he is doing!! Did you ever hear about “the one that it takes to know one?”

          2. donemyhomework says:

            I am actively involved. This is just an occasional sideline. I tried to wake them up. I went to a different church every week…I was friendly and kind and I spoke my mind and presented arguments. Some listened, some didn’t….some knew, some didn’t. Many were embroiled in the dogma that is organized religion. I was drenched in that dogma for 14 years. If you want to see hypocrisy, you don’t have to go any further than Church. Self righteous because I speak my mind? My involvement is active, not passive. So, I just happened to read what you said about “anti-Christ” and decided you appeared to be monocular and judgemental. Hillary’s problem is more like a psychosis than anything else. She has a sick mind. Trump often comes off ascetic and a lot of people are taken aback by that, but my research indicates that he has flaws like anyone, but the knowledge and experience he brings to the table far surpasses all the others. Yes I know Real
            Estate, yes I know construction, yes I know business, yes I know sales and negotiating, He is not a Politician just as he is not a monk. But he want’s to do something for America instead of what Obama is doing…tearing America down. I celebrate that.

          3. Myrtle Linder says:

            You are still proving my theory to be true!!! What do you think we as Christians should do, start a war!! Did JESUS CHRIST start a war? We as Christians are not taught to fight, as long as we follow JESUS, we know we are right, when we make mistakes we forget or ignore HIS teachings. Trump is not all bad, Obama, as well as Hillary, is rotten to the core. Trump, I think is like most people, doing the best he can. We are none perfect,we all make mistakes,

            Following JESUS CHRIST and HIS WORD or not following is your choice and and you will be rewarded according to your choice and what you do about it. You may beleive in JESUS CHRIST but end right there allowing others to do what needs to be done, you may not believe in HIM and do nothing or you may take up a fight against HIM.

            It is quite obvious that you are not aware of our duty to GOD and through HIM our duty to you!!!

    2. bobnstuff says:

      You do know Christ was liberal right? Feed the poor, take care of the sick, pay taxes, love and peace, you know all those liberal stuff you hate. Mathew 22: 36-40

      1. Myrtle Linder says:

        You have a very mixed up idea of liberal. Go back and read Matthew 22:36-40 again. Liberals of today are loaded with hatred for anything and everything pertaining to GOD or HIS SON JESUS CHRIST,so now you want to preach JESUS??.

      2. Robert Early says:

        Jesus was and is a teacher of ethics; something that you and all other progressives know absolutely nothing about. How can you discuss any subject about which you are completely ignorant? Your effort to link Jesus with liberals is absurd.
        The Pharisees were the moral authorities of the era. Jesus countered with ethical instruction; and they hated him for it.

    3. bernie says:

      Trump doesn’t have a Democrat background. He has voted Republican for years. Sure he gave to Democrats and Republicans also as a Businessman, so what? Many in business do.He voted for McCain when he ran, and he voted for Romney, and gave him money when he ran. Romney turned around and has been a turncoat on treating Trump like dirt. That’s the kind of man that Romney is. Trump loves this Country and is the only one running who is NOT for OWO. Better take that into consideration. I for one do not want the USA to lose her Sovereignty, so TRUMP is the man !!!!!!!!

      1. Robert Early says:


  • Robert Early says:

    What sane country in the entire world does not put it’s own best interests first. Trump’s position is the sane position. US Leftists are nuts. Also, any sane leader does not give away his plans to the enemy. Even the questions by the media reveal their total insanity.
    There are at least a half dozen ways that Mexico will pay for the “wall”. Trump is not going to let that out of the bag right now.
    By contrast, Obama would say anything; and then later make excuses. “I will shut down Gitmo in my first year.”
    I believe we are going to go from the worse President ever to one of the best.

    1. champion2211 says:

      To change from a terrorist to someone that loves America and Americans. god bless Trump

    2. Vangie Martinez says:

      Your right. I had that question too. What the heck are they doing giving away information and what he is planning to do? “Huh, were going to send 250 troops out to such and such a place”. Loose lips sink ships. Dumb and Dumber are the ones running the White House, it’s just unbelievable.

      1. Robert Early says:

        Yes Vangie. Obama’s way will get some of our people killed; but he doesn’t care about that.
        Hillary has also proven that she does not care about the loss of American lives. Both she and Obama should be hanged for their crimes.

        1. Vangie Martinez says:


      2. seems to me that our big mouth president and vice president have caused the deaths of our military members including the seals by disclosing too much information to the enemy.

        1. Vangie Martinez says:

          Loose lips sink ships.

    3. gf says:

      Bingo, my man! There is much work to be done, to repair the damage done by BO. Donald J. Trump, is the man for our times. HRC, you can forget about it! Mr. Trump, will bury the hag!

    4. HadEnough says:

      I AGREE, of Course he Shouldn’t Give Away His Plans To The Enemy.
      Trump knows what he is doing.

    5. Natalie says:

      That last line was wonderful. Thank you for brightening my day!

    6. Ace Dragon says:


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