Trump would likely win…

by Mark Hensch | The Hill
July 25, 2016

Statistician Nate Silver on Monday said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be favored to win if the general election occurred today.

Trump now leads presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, 57.5 percent to 42.5 percent, in that scenario, according to Silver’s website, FiveThirtyEight.

FiveThirtyEight has Clinton besting Trump this November in two other prediction samples, however.

It has Clinton’s odds at 53.7 percent, to Trump’s 46.2 percent, when it discounts polls taken immediately after last week’s Republican National Convention.

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  • downdraft says:

    PLEASE WATCH THIS AND Be sure to pass IT on.

    Only 19 seconds,

    Sent by a German friend after the YouTube version from the US was pulled.

    If you haven’t heard this you should listen to it. It only takes 19 seconds. It’s unbelievable that Obama actually says this out loud! This Obama speech was given at the Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels, Belgium, on May 23, 2014. Obama’s comments are chilling –

    THIS IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER that has been percolating through a number of American presidencies and other world leaders, and now seems to be coming into fruition

    This is what Hillary and Obama and DEMOCRATS HAVE IN MIND FOR US STUPIDS…we MUST REMOVE them from our lives and send them packing…they are planning TREASON!…where is our military on this?

    PLEASE pass it on to everyone.

  • downdraft says:

    Hillary says “WE should not be afraid…”
    Here are some reasons why WE SHOULD BE AFRAID, friends:
    (This may appear paranoid thinking, but facts are facts)
    1. Benghazi
    2. Orlando
    3. Minneapolis
    4. Denver
    5. Dallas
    6. Open Borders for attracting TERRORISTs and illegal voters
    7. Nice
    8. Munich
    9. Beheaded Priest
    10. BLM
    11. ISISS
    12. Hacked Emails of Hillary’s
    13. Race Riots encouraged, setup, and initiated by Hillary and Obama
    15. Hillary, Obama, Dems Attempting to REMOVE US OF OUR GUNS
    16. Politicians (liars, self-centered, ineffective, afraid to challenge inside criminals and Obama and McConnell, Paul Ryan and his partners Pelosi and Reed, useless Boehner, Over-Spending, NOT SUPPORTING MILITARY AND Immigrations Agents at the border….on, and on)

  • Worried Vet says:

    We need to write call show up and demand his machines not be used. George soros has no business putting voting machines in any election. I am calling Ted Cruz’s office in the morning I suggest everyone do the same and tell everyone you know to do the same. I have heard this from several people now so I’m going to check it out and call in.

  • Shelba Herring says:

    Trump will win if the idiots that are not backing him get off their high horse and get with the program of Trump 2016

  • HDMania says:

    Here in Cali we have the choice of voting by machine or paper ballot..I choose the should too..

  • HDMania says:

    I believe he will win in a landslide..I bet there are so many people not saying they support him and they wont come out until election time and I bet there millions..they just wont say so they wont get harrassed by the liberal demorats supporters..

  • clem says:

    For Trump to win, we will have to have an honest election. Good luck with that.

  • wellilltellya says:

    first thing in office is make VOTING PAPER TRAIL ! no more dead voters ,illegals ,felons !! IT WAS VOTER FRAUD that put barry in office anyone that cannot see that just DON’t want to. or they are as AMERICAN as barry himself

  • Joan Freda says:

    ‘They’ are manipulating the numbers now so that come November and old hag ‘wins’ they’ll be justified in claiming that she was ‘ahead of Trump’ all along. Their game is clear if one chooses to use their brain and understand what’s going on. The ‘fix’ is in and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Doesn’t matter who you think you’re voting for….it’ll be the hag who will win.

    1. 657241 says:

      That is why we have to insist or petition our precincts or counties to use paper ballots only. sign your ballot anywhere you wish.
      Use gentian violet ink to mark you have voted and will not be allowed to vote again in any precinct. One US citizen, only one vote. No illegals. No dead people, no pets.
      Results from voting machines invalidated immediately, because it should not exist.. Count ballots only after California, Oregon or Washington completed their voting.
      Early voting allowed for 10 days before election day. Count Military ballots first. Allow military to vote on “base” or on any military installation. Results forwarded, or delivered ahead on or before election day midnight of Nov 8, 2016.

      1. bychoice says:

        Right you are!

    2. Joan Freda says:

      Looks good on paper but, unfortunately, it’ll never happen. The electoral vote should be trashed as well. California has 55, Texas has 38. 270 are needed to win. Do you realize how many of the smaller states with fewer than 10 votes would have to be won by Trump in order to even come close to California and Texas. And I’m certain those numbers will be rigged as well….

  • jnora says:

    I am for the ink on the finger voting.

    1. 657241 says:

      Iraq used the ink in their first election. Bretain, London in the BREXIT voting used it. The gentian violet ink markings will prevent multiple voting, almost half of the fraud in elections will be prevented. In addition to this ink, arrest protestors who are within 10 feet of the polling place. Keep them in jail or cordoned off for at least 48 hours. Charge: Disrupting the peace.

    2. bychoice says:

      Me, too!!!

  • jnora says:

    I worry so about Hillary and her poll tampering. The Dems always do it. Come on now…more votes for Obama than there are voters and one district having not one Romney vote? Are you kidding me? No one even checking it out. I don’t think that Trump will let something like that go. I’ll bet he will have poll checker after poll checker, especially in the state of Illinois…at least I hope he does. He is a very squeaky wheel to avoid.

    1. bychoice says:

      I still can’t believe that the Republicans never checked into this fraud.
      Romney really let us down, both at the last debate and after the fraudulent victory of Obama.
      I bet Trump won’t stand for it. If there is the slightest hint of irregularities, he’ll have his attorneys going after it.

  • maxx says:

    Most polls are media manipulations of the truth. That’s what they do. They manipulate words and sentences to get the numbers they want. They also select certain groups and areas to conduct their polls. They know the low information masses only get their news from TV so that is where they concentrate their efforts. In my area there is a pollster who is supposed to be very fair and on the up and up. However, he is associated with a college and therefore his polls only include college students. Not a fair sampling of society in my opinion.

    1. jnora says:

      Just like the unemployment numbers. The conveniently forget the masses of people that have given up trying to get a job.

      1. maxx says:

        Yes, the democrats have changed the way unemployment is calculated at least a half dozen times in the past 7 1/2 years. And sadly, very many not looking for work have run out of unemployment benefits after 99 weeks and have been trained by the left in how to apply for SSI. And for some really asinine reason if a person is turned down an arbitrary number of times, they are finally allowed to collect by default. Try to figure the logic in that.

    2. reggie says:

      2013 Thornberry-Smith amendment to NDAA – propaganda allowed, no longer illegal.

  • Juan TwoTree says:

    KILLERY is a lieing scamming, scheming piece of dog fecal matter! So, her DNC henchwoman got CAUGHT red-handed manipulating the Dem-O-Crap-Ilk numbers in Killery’s favor. And, Was-A-Man-Schultz got FIRED as the DNC Chair and guess who immediately hired her on her Dem-O-Crap lieing team?? None other than Killery Clinton!

    1. maxx says:

      Was-A-Man-Schultz tried to give a speech after resigning and was booed off the stage just like Cruz the other day.

      1. Juan TwoTree says:

        HA HA HA HA!!! Killery’s whole convention is a fuking train wreck! Look at the thousands of protestors outside the Well Fargo Arena! They are all carrying sign derogatory about LIAR Killery, LIAR was-A-Man-Schultz, sign blasting Pocohohontos(sp?) Elisabeth LIAR-Indian Warren! And THESE demonstrators were supposed to be FOR Killery!! HA HA HA!!! Right from the ‘get-go’ finally the Dem-O-Craps are maybe waking up to understand how crooked Killery and her clan are, but the top of the Dem-O-Crap DNC chair caught manipulating records and numbers!!?? I just finished reading an article that the FBI may open an investigation into the DNC and absolutely breaking ever Election Committee Policy!
        And, BTW, guess who immediately hired the fuking lieing crook for her team? None other than Crooked Killery!

        1. maxx says:

          Hey, lying crooks have to reward lying crooks to protect themselves. Hildabeaste can’t take a chance that Wassermann-Schultz might turn on her if she is indicted for some criminal actions related to the primaries.

          1. Juan TwoTree says:

            Absolueyel Maxx: Exactly! Killery is a CROON.MURDERER and one LIEING ‘Boar Hog!!: Her ans this Was-A-Man-Schutz transgender flip-flopping American LAIRS should ALL be in prison, if it wasn’t for that wussy FBI Director Comey and the PreZ. Obongoloid set-up with that ‘Wanna-Be” AG of the United States, ‘Knee-Gro-‘ Muslim- winch LIAR, which Killery and ‘Slick Willy’ has financial influence over for years! I think that Obongoloid, Lyncy, Killery, Kerry and the entire Dem-O-Craps who have been involved in this absolute “Cover-Up” from Obongoloid down should be persecuted, arrested and thrown in jail, PEROID!

  • MikeS says:

    Donald Trump is going to be our next President. It is not a big trick or mystery. The voters just need to get out there and vote. Even many Clinton supporters are on board with Trump.

    1. Cleverfun says:

      You are right Sir and all one has to do is look back to the 2012 & 2014 elections in both the Senate & the House…

      Our illustrious leader called it a, “shellack’n” and guess what Mr. President… it’s about to happen again!

    2. maxx says:

      And possibly a lot more now that Wassermann Shultz’s emails were leaked showing Sanders was really shafted by her. Sanders supporters are angry. Hopefully angry enough to support Trump even if only out of spite.

  • American Me says:

    It is beginning to look like Trump really might have a chance to win.Just hope he continues to gain more support over the next 3 + months.If he keeps giving speeches like the one at the convention and pushing the policies that the People want,that should help.

    1. Cleverfun says:

      Not sure if you heard the news today or not but Julian Assange; noted editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks announced that WikiLeaks has hundreds of emails from both the hacked DNC email server & the hacked, “home brew” server; that of Hillary Clinton…

      These email are going to be release at the worst time possible and I am quite certain it will be a few days before November 8th Election.

      She’s toast and I LOVE IT!

      1. jnora says:


        1. Cleverfun says:


    2. jnora says:

      If we can get the uninformed voters informed!

  • pappy450 says:

    He WILL win IF the VOTER FRAUD is STOPPED! Soros’ company-owned machines need to be scrutinized with a FINE TOOTH COMB before the election. AND all, you voters out there pay close attention to those “touch screens” and if there are any of those so-called “glitches” REPORT IT and IF you have your cell phone, take a picture for proof. Actually, like Dan has stated below, SHE should NOT even be running and should be LOCKED UP!
    Along with OSCUMBAG and all of his merry MUSLIMES, and last but certainly not least, the SCUMOCRAT/RINO minions INFESTING our Government.

    1. homegirl says:

      It was the president of Diebold who promised George W. a win, and he delivered!

      1. pappy450 says:

        Soros OWNS the company that makes the machines. THAT is how OSCUMBAG the ILLEGAL deceiver could get over 100% of the votes.
        Welcome to members of the ILUMINATI. ( the Skull and Bones) and lord knows what other “secret societies” WE do not know about YET or put it this way…”political elites”

        1. homegirl says:

          OK -Show me that Soros owns the voting machines.

          Published on
          Thursday, August 28, 2003
          bythe Cleveland Plain Dealer

          Voting Machine Controversy
          by Julie Carr Smyth

          – The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told
          Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is “committed to
          helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.”

          The Aug. 14 letter from Walden O’Dell, chief executive of Diebold
          Inc. – who has become active in the re-election effort of President Bush
          – prompted Democrats this week to question the propriety of allowing
          O’Dell’s company to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential election.

          O’Dell attended a strategy pow-wow with wealthy Bush benefactors –
          known as Rangers and Pioneers – at the president’s Crawford, Texas,
          ranch earlier this month. The next week, he penned invitations to a
          $1,000-a-plate fund-raiser to benefit the Ohio Republican Party’s
          federal campaign fund – partially benefiting Bush – at his mansion in
          the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington.

          1. pappy450 says:

            The man that was caught and PROSECUTED for HACKING the machines admitted in court that he was PAID by Soros to DO SO. This case was posted on the internet and I HAD it saved, but when I tried to go back to that same site it seems it was conveniently SCRUBBED from the internet. (gee I wonder WHY??) AND the People you are talking about here are just LOWER LEVEL employees NOT the OWNER of the company. The pee-ons only do what they are told to do by the “elites”. Bush is long gone…GET OVER IT. (you sound like OSCUMBAG) Typical LIBERAL BS always blame someone else for your screw-ups.

          2. homegirl says:

            Conveniently scrubbed.
            gee, I wonder why.The Aug. 14 letter from Walden

            “O’Dell, chief executive of Diebold
            Inc. – who has become active in the re-election effort of President Bush”

            Gee, you missed the “chief executive” part!

          3. pappy450 says:

            “chief executive” (doesn’t mean POS OSCUMBAG) there is ALWAYS someone that OWNS the company the last time I checked. There is ALWAYS someone higher that can tell you when to take a crap and when not to.

          4. homegirl says:

            ALWAYS someone higher up to tell you what to do. So, O’Dell was doing the bidding of some anonymous conservative “higher up.”

            Gets you blocked “POS OSCUMBAG”

          5. reggie says:

            Google soros voting machine company Scytl.

          6. homegirl says:

            Source: Snopes

            …there’s the fact that there’s “no evidence supporting the common rumor that financier George Soros holds an ownership stake in Scytl.”

            Indeed, Scytl’s investors are Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital, and Spinnaker SCR.

            “Soros doesn’t ‘own’ any of these international venture capital firms
            — and as far as my research shows, he has no involvement whatsoever
            with any of them,” Malkin writes.

            “Moreover, Scytl’s board of directors doesn’t include anyone with
            Soros financial or management ties. Pressed for evidence, one Internet
            conspiracy nut cited an ‘invitation only event’ in Moldova that listed
            both the ‘Soros Foundation Moldova’ and Scytl as attendees,” she adds.

            Okay, let’s recap: We’re supposed to believe that the election is
            being stolen by a Sores-connected company run by a shady Democrat CEO,
            right? Well, aside from the fact that the company has no ties to Soros
            and the CEO has no record of ever contributing money to President Obama
            (as the emails claim), why not?

            Bottom Line: The Soros-Obama vote-counting rumor is
            factually inaccurate on every count and there is literally (as Vice
            President Joe Biden would say) nothing to back up this claim.

            We understand Soros’ influence with the Democrat Party runs
            extraordinarily deep. We get that. But before we start accusing people
            of rigging elections, we need to have at least a shred of evidence.

        2. Anouk says:

          Yes Soros is a despicable traitor and should have been in jail longtime ago.
          His money is corrupted like he is.
          Sad individual indeed.

          1. reggie says:

            he started at 14 selling his own Hungarian Jews to Hitler.

          2. Anouk says:

            He is a monster. And…he is free. Unbelievable.

          3. reggie says:

            And hill is his #1 puppet, ready to do his bidding even more than 0b0. Something is wrong with her, she can’t keep her head still, then the video of where she really lost huge amounts of control. I’ve looked at more than a few videos, and they’re all the same. Old videos, no. If she wins, and has to resign for health issues, her VP is the kind that will be zipper willy’s puppet. It never stops.

        3. reggie says:

          And mitten’s family owns another one. h-art inter civic

        4. jnora says:

          Well, Soros would never help out “W”…not EVER!

    2. American Me says:

      We went back to paper ballots a few years ago in Northern Kentucky.They have one machine for those who want it but I haven’t seen anybody use it when I was there.Not saying they still can’t cheat but I like a ballot better.I agree that the vote needs to be heavily Scrutinized.We cannot have another stolen election.

      1. Pat Faram says:

        They are not foolproof either. Is that a hanging chad or a dimpled chad?

      2. jnora says:

        I would much rather have hanging chads than to have electronic voting machines. Less margins of errors with punchcards. Just tell us oldies to punch HARD!

        1. Doradolsen3 says:

          <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!!br48p:….,…

      3. Cheryl says:

        I am so thankful the State of Minnesota uses paper ballots.FYI I do take a picture of my ballot, don’t care if they like it or not! It is my right my vote.

    3. 657241 says:

      Ban voting machines. Insist on paper ballots only. Sign you ballot anywhere you wish. But sign it showing that it is your ballot. In case of a recount you can verify your signature and your ballot before the recount. Do not use any voting machine. Insist voting places use Gentian violet ink available in any pharmacy or chemical company. Use this ink to mark a voter has voted and cannot be allowed to vote again anywhere. Dip a finger in this ink or mark his/her forehead. This ink will not wash away at least for 48 hours. It is a disinfectant used in hospitals and clinics.
      Purge voter registry. Remove/ delete all names of dead people or pets.
      Remove people’s names who do not reside in the county anymore.
      Accept only the following documentation: (1) Valid US birth certificate,
      (2) Valid and recent US Passport (3) Valid US Naturalization papers. In addition to one of the above US citizen docs, bring also a photo ID like a Driver’s license, valid for at least 6 month, a credit card with your photo on it or a state issued, photo ID. (TX issues this photo ID for free)

      1. pappy450 says:

        Sounds good, BUT that is what the SCUMOCRATS are fighting tooth and nail against in the courts. And boo-hooing that it will “disenfranchise” the “minority voters” I have read that MEXIFORNIA is giving out driver’s licenses to as many illegals as they can, so they can VOTE SCUMOCRAT,More Liberal BS. to cover up MORE “voter fraud”

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

          Maybe we can get officials to vote for a voting day only free issued photo or biometric voter ID. IF biometric- a very small non transferable sample that is entered in a federal database, so you can’t go state to state doing early voting. The 2nd vote doesnt count, the 3rd has you picked up and brought to federal pen on multitudes of felony charges.

          1. pappy450 says:

            Any idea that would stop FRAUD is a good thing, but the SCUMOCRATS and the RINO “elites” do not want a fair and honest election. They are terrified that TRUMP will prevail and all that power, money, and their vision of “one world government” will go the way of the do-do bird and “We the People” will get our Country back.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Yep it’s a fact they don’t want Trump, he might prosecute Hillary and her minions, and any GOP that are corrupt. Wouldn’t that be a great day to see these spineless corrupt politicians in cuffs doing a perp walk on national TV. Even the liberal media could cover that up.

          3. pappy450 says:

            That would be a GREAT day for this Country for sure! I am convinced that TRUMP is the one to bring this Country back together due to the fact the “elites” in BOTH “parties” are trying so hard to STOP him, he MUST be on the right track!

          4. Worried Vet says:

            That’s what brought me around to Trump. I didn’t like him for a few reasons. Now since both parties of the elites are working so hard and the media to being him down I want him to win. He must be doing something to make them nervous where the status quo is going away if he wins. That would be great for this country. This pay for play, pay to make POTUS available, pay to get high positions and pay to keep ripping us off needs to stop. The lobbyists on this country our running it. These politicians shouldn’t be getting richer every year their in office. They should take a pay cut since their only in session around 122 days a year. The rest the time their fund raising and trying to stay in office. I don’t know any other job that pays you to lobby voters so you keep your job.

          5. jnora says:

            Wouldn’t it be fun beyond belief? Don’t worry, they will get their eventually. May have to be God that does it, but remember that He said that “Revenge is mine.” His revenge is worse than anything we could dish out, I am sure.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            Amen. It will happen one day.

        2. NolanR says:

          You show me someone that says that a picture id on a voter registration is an unfair disadvantage to a minority person and I will show you a person that is attempting to steal an election!

          1. pappy450 says:

            You got it! NOW try to convince the “naysayers” that say it will “disenfranchise” them. The way I see it, if you are too damn lazy to take the time to go get a FREE ID then you don’t need to vote. I’ll bet though that they have plenty of ID proof ready for EBT cards obamaphones, and Welfare Checks.

          2. bychoice says:

            Are you sure they have to show any ID for those freebies?

          3. jnora says:

            I know you do for food stamps because I, unfortunately, have so little social security that I have to have food stamps…now a whopping $39/mo. I had to show a picture driver’s license. We also have in our state a FREE ID card that has your picture on it.

          4. pappy450 says:

            You know, thinking about it, probably NOT…The “PC” police wouldn’t allow “profiling”, so they were probably just GIVEN what they wanted and walk out the door. I have to show ID for EVERYTHING (even buying a six-pack of beer) and I am 61! I guess the gray hair and wrinkles are still not enough THESE days.

          5. jnora says:

            In TN, we have to be asked for ID no matter how old we are.

          6. pappy450 says:

            In N.Y. (northern, yes there IS life above Syracuse)
            You have to sign in and We all KNOW one and other up here. (small town) BUT you need to provide ID for Everything else..Even a six-pack of beer. (I am 61) and they STILL ask.

          7. jnora says:

            I truly long for the good old days, and they were good. People love their country and they were a lot more honest. I have no quarrel with the blacks, but rather love for them. I wish everyone had felt like that. They are God’s children, also, and He loves them just like the whites. If that were fixed in the 50s and the Korean War did not exist, that decade would have been near perfect. This world needs more love in it.

          8. Arizona Don says:

            I was stationed in the Army in up state NY. Seneca Ord depot, south of Geneva (actually Romulus), finger lakes area. Nice people and beautiful country but I didn’t like the winters much.

          9. pappy450 says:

            Thank you for your service!
            I am even further up north. (Adirondacks)
            (about 1 hour from Fort Drum.) Actually I have worked on base as a heating/refrigeration installation contractor.

          10. Arizona Don says:

            It was Camp Drum when I was in NY. We had recurrent training there at least three months every year. I was 823 combat MP.

            I do thank you for your kind wishes. When I got out no one liked the Military much and some were spitting on us (although it never happened to me). We could not wear the uniform off base it was so bad. However, the people for the most part in up state NY were mostly good to us.

          11. jnora says:

            You must be my generation…the Viet Nam generation. I am 66 and graduated high school in 1967. I lost so many friends. I heard that the guy I had my first date with totally lost his mind from VN. It was such a senseless war and LBJ just kept it going and going and going at such a huge price and loss of young lives.

          12. Arizona Don says:

            I don’t want to bore you with a detailed story. But yes I am of that era. I graduated high school in 1957, entered the Army in 1958. Many do not know it but we already had troops there when I enlisted. They were “advisors.” So we were told.

            I was a member of the 823 combat MP’s. I was separated March 30, 1961. My unit left for VN the end of April of that year. Discharged February 29, 1964. Many of my best buddies did not come home alive. I felt guilty about not going with them for many years for I nearly reenlisted for helicopter school. I decided against it and got out. If I had not made that decision who knows what could have happened. I may have come home in a box myself. I started flying the next year (civilian) and am now a retired pilot. After over 38 years of flying.

            LBJ got us involved with battle creep. If I told you exactly what I thought of him my post would be banned. I will leave it at that.

            Oh, one more thing my wife and I dated in 1957 we broke up so I joined the Army. That is not the end of the story but I will leave it there in that effort to not bore you.

          13. jnora says:

            Never bored. My sister graduated in 1958. She met her husband while on a date with another guy…one of her husband’s friends. Her husband got Parkinson’s after being married since 1959 and died in 2002. In 2003 or 2004 (we are estranged so I don’t know for sure), she married the guy that she was on the date with the night she met her first husband in 1957. Go figure. No one could fill her first husband’s shoes. He was the most honorable man I have ever known. He deserved better than my sister. She treated him so terribly when he was sick. Me and my parents would just cry and cry about it. Not very Nancy Reaganesque!

          14. jnora says:

            Makes me cold to think of Camp Drum. Isn’t that where the train the military to go into the mountains of Afghanistan? My son was a Captain in the Army. Spent his entire active time at Ft. Hood. Don’t know how that happened, but being of the generation I was, I was relieved. They put a stop loss on and made him stay in 6 months longer. Told them they wouldn’t send him to Iraq if he would handle all the funerals and personal effects. That was even really hard on him. Thousands of people at some of the funerals. He was the only officer in his unit that didn’t have to go and the other officer’s wives would just glare at him every time he would see them. He would have gone gladly, though. He was a great soldier and very committed. He used his clearances to get a job with Northrup Grumman then went up from there with more and more clearances and now he is making tons of money. Very high clearance. He has not spoken to me since calling to tell me my other son committed suicide…didn’t speak or sit with me at the funeral even. I have had to go through this terrible loss all alone. At least I have my church family and my Lord. God has opened up a life of helping others and spreading the word via good works. I do miss my son and the two grandchildren of my local son that died. His wife will NEVER let me see them. That day ruined my life, except the God part. I know that no matter how bad the rest of my life is, I will have a heavenly home because I have done what God has asked in order to achieve that. He has led me through this order and the loss of my entire blood family that is estranged due to a will. It is all so sad, but He eases the pain when it gets to the point of me not being able to bear it. He keeps good on his promises. Without my strong faith, I would not make it. I hope to be an inspiration to others…that is why God is keeping me here living this awful and sad life. I try to think of my reward to keep me going. It will be so grand. Now, I may lose my country that I love so much, too. I am beginning to grieve that.

          15. Arizona Don says:

            Actually I don’t know what training they do there related to Afghanistan I’ve been out since 61. If you graduated in 67 I got out when you were in 6th grade.

          16. jnora says:

            I will tell you this, though. I WAS already political by then! My parents were political and so was I. Due to their great faith in God, they were always conservative and Christians. What is going on now would break their hearts. My father was able to see 9/11, but my mother died (in my arms) in Mar. 2001. My father died in Nov. 2001 and I had a divorce between their deaths while my father was in ICU from a tractor accident in October. Bad year for me.

          17. jnora says:

            Some time I’ll tell you the story of how I had to get to court in Atlanta (from Gainesville, FL) with the help of the police. I am, as I can see, dominating the conversation and I don’t want to do that. I just have so much inside of me that wants to get out. It is an unbelievable story anyway.

          18. Arizona Don says:

            Keep up that faith it is important. To bad more do not realize it!

            I have found there is considerable love of country within our generation. Sadly not all generations.

          19. jnora says:

            I tell people about my life not to tell them “woe is me,” because I don’t mean it that way. I am way past the pity part. I tell them because of the way God has pulled me through it, hoping it will touch the heart of even one person and bring them to the Lord. We need hope in today’s world and God is the greatest hope of all. A friend of mind sends a group of us, maybe 3-4, a Psalm every day via text. Every day, I end up hugging my phone because, usually, it is something that hits home, even though it is the Old Testament and does not have the plan of salvation in it. It is soothing and gives us very good words to live by. In those days, God chose very rough people to lead the israelites to the promise land. Some He destroyed, but He knew the hearts of people like David and Solomon, even though they were great sinners. Odd how people have not changed much really…they are just coming to light. I pray for our country and we all need to do that. God bless America!

          20. Worried Vet says:


          21. Worried Vet says:

            I was blessed coming home at the end and being told not to wear our uniforms. It helped some but there were a couple guys that were spit on even out of uniform. The haircut and duffle bag have them away I guess. The hippies were disgusting for being all about make love and not war and getting high. It was hard to tell who was a pacifist like they claimed to be. A sad time in history.

          22. jnora says:

            I second that about thanking you for your service. I even thanked a cop yesterday in Wendy’s for what they do. He could not even get the smile off his face and put out his hand and shook my hand. He was a black policeman.

          23. Arizona Don says:

            I thank you! I also answered Pappy below which you may wish to read. I’m certain the law enforcement officer also was pleased to get some kind thoughts from civilians. At this time it seems it is scarce.

          24. Worried Vet says:

            In Texas and Florida to get welfare they have to have a picture I.d. to qualify. I have worked with both states. needed to do many things like drive. So are liberals telling me all the poor disenfranchised voters are driving against the law. I know in Houston I see many driving who don’t speak English. They have to have an I.d. to cash a check to pick up money at western union, to fly, to do into a courthouse to get welfare and many other things. So what’s the freaking problem, they can’t vote but one time for a dead person. Come on folks the only reason to not want I.d. when voting is to do something crooked. Even my mother who was disabled and didn’t drive had an I.d. many states will pay for it so cost isn’t a factor, so again what’s the freaking problem?

          25. pappy450 says:

            The ONLY problem is…The “elites” and scumocrats wouldn’t be able to do their Voter fraud thing. THAT is the ONLY way scumocrats can win in “conservative” areas of our country!

          26. Worried Vet says:

            I’m still trying to verify that George soros is the owner of the company that’s putting the voting machines around the country.

          27. pappy450 says:

            Good luck with that idea…That information is now buried further than Hitlery’s “missing” e-mails.
            I HAD the info on a website when the HACKER that Soros hired to do this was caught, tried and convicted, and when I tried to get back on to that site ..It was “conveniently” GONE from the internet. (404 file not found) Check if you typed it correctly and try again. HA!

          28. Worried Vet says:

            Might be why I can’t seem to link it. I have looked because someone said they found it. I will post if I find it.

          29. pappy450 says:

            Sounds good..Good luck, but you are dealing with a “government” and “elites” that DO NOT want us to know the truth and will do anything they can to Hide it and lie to cover it up.

          30. Worried Vet says:

            Yep even murder I’m starting to wonder about.

          31. pappy450 says:

            Right there is WHY Trump needs to watch his back.
            Murder is what the “clintons” are famous for and getting away with by using “surrogates” to do their foul deeds and more than likely pay them dearly to do so. (then if they get too close even the surrogates get whacked so the cover-up will be complete.)

          32. Worried Vet says:

            That’s what worries me. Trump will prosecute Hillary and her minions when elected. So Hillary and these crooked liberals will become very desperate if it shows Trump way ahead say on Halloween. Trump needs to watch his back for sure. I think if Trump win Hillary will take a trip to a non extradition country. Maybe then we never hear from them Clinton’s again.

          33. jnora says:

            Or fingerprints… How safe would that be

          34. jnora says:

            You betcha they do! I despise freeloaders. I had to be on disability because I was REALLY unable to work. It nearly killed me to take it, but it was all I had on which to live. Also, I worked 50 years for my Social Security. These Mexicans can come in at age 62 and just start getting it. Where is the fairness in that? Makes my blood boil. I spend a lot of time getting my HUGE medical bills together for food stamps. Year before last, I spent $13,000 on out-of-pocket medical bills (almost as much as my social security income) and they gave me a whopping $47 in food stamps. Then I see some that get $800 in food stamps. They are willing to lie and I am not. I have so many medical bills. Luckily, the church I attend makes sure I have food and air conditioning. I get about $16,000/yr. in SS and that is all I have to live on and it is very hard. Things keep coming up. I have no family to help, so I eat a terrible diet because I have to get very cheap things that are not good for me. I had to sell my beautiful house on a golf course that I inherited the money for and about everything in it that my dear parents left me and that were sentimental because I pay my medical bills. I have had many surgeries and I didn’t want to stiff the doctors or the hospitals. I sold all my good jewelry, all my gold bars and silver bars from my parents and all the good furniture and china/crystal I had. It was heart-breaking, but I kept my good 800+ credit score through it all. Most people would not go from a fancy house to 1/2 a duplex to pay their bills. I was taught to pay my bills, so I did. I also think that is what God would have me to do. People nowadays do not think that way. That is how America has changed. People just dis creditors and think nothing of it and then try to get a house for nothing down and at a low interest rate. I was a realtor for awhile, until Obama literally put me out of business. Everyone was afraid to buy a home and I was a new realtor, but a good one. I just was not established enough. I am very bitter at what Obama did to our economy and the terrible decisions he made to make it that way. I dearly loved the real estate business. Every single decision he made while in office was a bad one. How can the Democrats go for this? I guess it is just the gimmee people. Makes me ill. I wish I were born a generation earlier and I worry about the world in which my grandkids will have to grow up and work.

          35. reggie says:

            So sorry, that sucks big time. We need Trump desperately, this is not how our citizens should be treated.

          36. homegirl says:

            You inherited enough to buy a house on a fancy golf course. You worked and paid into SS for 50 years, thus meeting the 40 quarters requirement. You worked for 50 years and thought SS would keep you for the rest of your life, evidently you didn’t have any kind of investment or savings plan for your old age. Oh, maybe you lost all your stock market investment as a result of the Bush/Cheney market bust!

            Seems you made some terrible decisions, not Obama.

          37. Dons62 says:

            no home****h, its not the same for everybody. Or shes not the same as most. Shes not selling her stamps for 50 cents on the $. Ive seen it done. We gotta get the maggots off. The Dems are never gonna let you off because it keeps them your vote. Free is not free. Somebodys working and paying for it…Just get smart on ONE subject. Who freed you ? Dems ? No maam’, I think it was Republicans.

          38. jnora says:

            Dons62… Please read my epistle-length reply to homegirl above. It was, indeed, Obama being president that did me in in the real estate business. I did not make unwise decisions. I did what was right in life. Her post hurt me when I have struggled so much to keep my head above water.

          39. homegirl says:

            Who freed me? I was born free, the descendant of people who have not been invaded or occupied since 1066.

          40. jnora says:

            You want to know where all my money went over the years? I’ve had three 401(k)/IRA’s in my lifetime two of them went to attorneys because my ex-husband kept taking me to court to get custody of the kids. He financially broke me. The third one went totally to medical bills, as I have had probably 15 surgeries in the last 15 years. Unlike others I pay my bills. I never squander money. My house and the golf course Community was bought newly built at a very low price. Keep in mind that we are in Tennessee and I paid a very low price… Under $150,000 for one of the best neighborhoods in our city of 125,000 people. While it was a very fancy house,

          41. homegirl says:

            You were the only one who knew your whole story until you replied to my question.

          42. jnora says:

            Even more reason for you to be careful and not say hurtful things like you did without knowing the facts. It makes hurt people hurt even worse and I don’t need more hurt in my life. I forgive you, of course, because you didn’t know and because that is what Christ would do.

          43. Worried Vet says:

            Please research the CRA under Jimmy Carter.

          44. Susan Meyer says:

            Will you stop it already? Bush has been out of office 8 years and Obama campaigned on how a national debt of $8 trillion was unpatriotic. What is it now? I believe around $20 trillion. Obama promised a transparent Presidency. I never saw it. Did you? Plus he said he would right the wrongs the Bushes committed (however, I don’t think they were perfect but a whole lot better than Obama). The war in Iraq has been blamed time and time again on President Bush. A democrat congress approved the war. They all had the same intelligence regarding Iraq that Bush had. So, stop blaming Bush. You Democrats need to learn to take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming everybody else. This country is in very bad shape. If Hillary becomes President, you haven’t seen anything yet. America will be gone, never to return!!!!

          45. homegirl says:

            Ms. Meyer, however ill-informed it may be you are entitled to your opinion.

          46. Susan Meyer says:

            Excuse me, but isn’t social security calculated by your years of work and income from those jobs. At least mine was. So, these illegals must be on Medicaid which I believe has even better benefits than Medicare. Correct me if I’m wrong. And, I agree with the majority of Americans, why are these illegals getting any kind of benefits? Oh yes, I forgot, it’s so they will vote democrat. Talk about sleazy (just one of the sleazy things Democrats do). Nothing but lies, criminal activities, and the highest lust for power I’ve ever seen. How can any person who loves our country even consider voting for Hillary? She started her corruption when she was one of lawyers for Watergate and never stopped once. WAKE UP. HILLARY IS ONE OF THE BADDEST OF BAD NEWS. Our country will be gone never to be seen again if she becomes President. This literally makes me cry.

          47. jnora says:

            Me, too! You are probably right about the Medicade. I have tried to get some help and I am always “too well off” for them. I live on a little over $1,200/mo. That is rich in the eyes of the government. However, these that get very little can get subsidies that I cannot and end up making much more than me in the long run. They get so many food stamps and many more subsidies and other help. Granted, they may have larger families, but still I struggle when I had done everything right. It just isn’t right. Our system is so broken. Illegals should get N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!

          48. jnora says:

            They have stolen the last two.

          49. Worried Vet says:

            Amen. They have to have I.d. to get food stamps, cash a check, pick up certain medicines, to fly, to get into any government facility and to get health care in an emergency room. So what’s the big freaking deal unless it’s to steal an election. We have to stop allowing these freaking crooks from taking everything to court with crooked judges to take away our rights. They have been getting away with this crap way to long.

          50. jnora says:

            I know this sounds trite, but don’t you feel violated?

          51. Worried Vet says:

            Yes I do. I have an I.d. well a d.L. and to me the liberals are saying all poor people are driving without a license, really. That’s a scary thought.

          52. jnora says:

            Amen, amen, amen!

        3. jnora says:

          You would think that they could stop illegals from voting, couldn’t you?

          1. jnora says:

            Heck, you’d think they could stop them from even entering our country. Trump will do that. Lots of people will be angry, but we will be safer and our border states and cities will have balanced budgets will be safer. Perhaps we can push MS13 back to Mexico.

          2. reggie says:

            They have no intention of stopping illeagles from voting. That’s who will keep them in power.

          3. jnora says:

            We have the technology to do it via fingerprints, so why don’t they institute that? You go to register to vote and you put your thumb on a fingerprint pad… No Inc. involved even. Would be cheaper, too.

          4. reggie says:

            If the illegals, dead people, multiple voters are eliminated, Clinton will not win. She will do anything to become the queen of the US. She does not want an honest election.

          5. jnora says:

            If they do the fingerprint thing, there will be lots of skeleton fingerprints…LOL.

          6. reggie says:

            Hmmm… I’m sure the democraps have figured out how to do it. Let’s see, take a bit of leather, use a computerized program to imprint fake prints, all different of course. Maybe I should write a short story. I’ll have to think about it a bit more. When I was a little kid, my parents watched Twilight Zone. I was too small, but remember them still talking about it years later. That would be right up my alley. Not the sic-fi garbage that is available now.

          7. pappy450 says:

            Not as long as they were voting scumocrat!

          8. Worried Vet says:

            It’s sad but it’s a fact. These liberals are doing all they can to win and stealing the election doesn’t bother them one bit. Hell HilaRy committed treason and that don’t bother them. Planned Parenthood sells baby parts and that don’t bother them, so we can expect anything from liberals.

          9. pappy450 says:

            That is how scumocrats roll! Lies, deception, bribes etc..etc.
            You name it…. the “elites” in the “good old boys club” and “secret societies” have done it for all the money and power they can acquire on the backs of “We the People”

          10. Worried Vet says:

            It’s been that way since Carnegie, J.p. Morgan. Rockefeller and the others had monopolies for generations. The big boys club was formed with the bankers in Germany Rothschild’s I think. If what I read they put the idea if NWO on steroids in their lifetimes. Then teddy Roosevelt slowed them down a little

          11. pappy450 says:

            “they” (scumocrats) Don’t WANT them to stop voting as long as they vote SCUMOCRAT.

        4. jnora says:

          What these people don’t understand is that when those illegals get citizenship, they won’t work for those low wages….DUH. YIKES! Paul Simon is so off key, he sounds like he is drunk. I could not believe it! Boy, those Dems can really plan a convention.

          1. pappy450 says:

            Most, if not all, will expect to be “paid” with EBT cards, subsidized housing, obamaphones and hefty welfare checks compliments of the scumocrat party and WE the “taxpayers”

          2. Worried Vet says:


          3. Worried Vet says:

            I am amazed at the people who have an Obama phone and a smart phone also. Seems to me if their needing help paying for a smart phone is a waste of money. They get the Obama phone for free they just don’t get all the bells and whistles.

          4. pappy450 says:

            “Freebies” are how the scumocrats keep “them” on the “plantation” It is just too bad most are too damn STUPID to realize how they are being used to keep the “elites” in money and power with their “stolen” VOTES.

          5. Worried Vet says:

            They have been buying votes for decades. Since LBJ started the war on poverty, we lost that war long ago. It’s got to stop, the facts are liberals have policies that don’t work but they don’t want them to work. The more their policies fail the more people become dependant on government. Then they create a life long democrat voter.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            I live in Texas and they don’t work for that now. They want at least ten bucks an hour and their lunch bought to do yard work. That’s not great money but it’s much better than working for McDonald’s or burger king. They make the money and send it home to Mexico and in around ten years they retire back home. They don’t pay taxes here and get help in food. Stamps and other welfare. In some states they drive with no papers. In California I think I read they elected two illegals to the city council or something. How do they get paid since they can’t fill out the I-9 to prove they can work here? To me that means that city is breaking several laws to hire and pay them even if they pay them cash. If they keep doing things like this and getting away with it, it will be on us for allowing liberals to do what they want even breaking the law.

          7. jnora says:

            We need to de-magnetize our country. Same with drugs. Eliminate the demand. I don’t know how on earth they get food stamps because I have to drop jump through so many hoops and send in so much documentation. Somebody is lying to the food stamp people, have fake documents, or the food stamp people are corrupt. None of those are good. Tennessee is really chinchy with their food stamps and that is probably a good thing. We have so many illegals here,
            at least in our county, because we are growing so fast and there is tons of construction.

          8. Worried Vet says:

            There is tons of fraud. They go apply and get help without the father in the picture. They get somewhere around 750 dollars a month in food stamps for a family of four. The father is working for cash and they don’t report it to welfare. Then if they are illegal they use someone else’s social security number who isn’t working to file taxes, then returning a refund in the thousand using daddy’s earned income. They pass around children to people who don’t have children but work to claim the EIC come tax time. The last year I checked was 2014 and the government had 13 billion in fraud. EIC credits. It’s been a cancer on taxpayers for years. I had a big shot government employee tell me they didn’t press charges for fraud to often because they didn’t want to be sued. This is how the system works. I was told that in 1992 and pretty much the same words in 2012. The corruption is deep and embedded for decades.

          9. jnora says:

            Isn’t it a shame that people like me get penalized for telling the truth and being honest?

          10. Worried Vet says:

            Your not the only one. Working foe the system the fraud is rampant and the people who need it the most suffer. There has been two sets of rules for a long time. It’s worse in areas I have worked in when liberals are running the show. It’s amazing how many believe what these liberals in charge keep saying. They keep telling the poor that things would be worse if their not in charge. When they have been in charge for years. How are they not responsible for things being so bad? They have been running things for so long so there isn’t anyone else to blame. My thoughts are kick them out, with new people in there it couldn’t get any worse. They had their chance to make things better I think after at least 8 years being in charge that’s time enough.

        5. jnora says:

          They manage to buy booze for crying out loud!

          1. pappy450 says:

            And DRUGS!

          2. jnora says:

            Years ago I used to date a detective in St. Petersburg, Florida and he told me that food stamps were being sold to prostitutes for their services. I guess you can get just about anything for food stamps. How sickening!

          3. pappy450 says:

            Before the “EBT” cards, (because NOW you can get CASH from the ATM’s with them,) up here, the people would buy a pack of gum and pay for it with the largest “food stamp” denomination they had, get CASH back and then they could buy their drugs and alcohol with the cash. I Witnessed this standing in the checkout line. I have also seen people selling the “food stamps” for pennies on the dollar to others for the cash so they could BUY their DRUGS and Alcohol.
            I have also had neighbors that had “fuel assistance” programs, after the truck left that filled them up with heating fuel, siphon it into cans and SELL IT for cash and AGAIN get their drugs and alcohol. There is always a WAY for these slobs to get what they want.
            The kids go cold and hungry so the “adults” can buy their “habits” This IS indeed sickening!

          4. jnora says:

            Dear Pappy…on the food stamp card that looks like a credit card, they also use it for welfare. When you use it for food, it asks you if it is for food or cash. If you are only on food stamps and you push cash, it will give you nothing. If you press food at an ATM, you will get nothing. What you probably saw is a welfare recipient getting money, as they, unfortunately, can use for anything, even drugs and alcohol. I know this because I am embarrassed to say I am on food stamps. I wish it weren’t necessary, but it truly is, especially for a conservative like me. I did not lie to get them, but medical bills have overwhelmed me and live only on Social Security.

          5. pappy450 says:

            I know EXACTLY how you feel. I myself am on SSD after an accident left me 100% disabled. I had a pipe that weighed 680# hit me on the back of the head. I FOUGHT with workman’s compensation for 10 LONG years, and 38 “specialists” not trying to HELP me, but fought with me to go back to work (I was a heating/ refrigeration Tech.) even though I was having gran-Mal seizures and could barely walk. I finally got a “settlement”, THEN the twin towers got hit, and NOW SSD is ALL I have. The “brokers” and sleezbags on wall street took it all. I am “eligible” for food stamps, BUT I do not even want to go and FIGHT anymore, even though I went through back surgery, two new hips, and cervical vertebra surgery and had to pay for it Myself. (with SOME help from Medicare). (80%) Please don’t feel alone!

          6. Michael S Smith NJ says:

            Now I am sure what you saw and say is true but you are making generalizations and demonizing an entire group of people you are assuming that everyone that uses food stamps or any form of Government aid does so which is wrong the majority do not sell their food stamps for money to buy drugs and the amount that many states (mostly red) for a week is not even enough to buy food for a day let alone a whole week.

          7. Worried Vet says:

            In some states it’s legal to buy booze and cigarettes. I think it was Maine who just stopped that practice where they can’t buy it anymore. There is still lots of fraud. In my area many small stores/ gas station lost the privilege of taking food stamps. They were caught letting people buy pretty much anything they wanted or they bought food stamps for half of their value for cash. That’s been going on for decades. Where my mom lived 30 years ago the little store they used all the time wound up closed from buying stamps for cash. He did go to jail though, I don’t hear that now days.

          8. jnora says:

            I didn’t mean with food stamps, I meant that they always have a picture ID to buy booze and cigarettes with….no problem!

          9. Worried Vet says:

            Yep I forgot about that. You hit the nail on the head. I have said for years the only reason to fight having an I.D. is be able to commit voter fraud. This is how a bus pulls up to the polling station and it’s empty but that bus casts 30 votes and most of the voters are dead. So I guess ghosts can’t get an I.D. and we sure don’t want to disenfranchise those ghosts.

          10. Worried Vet says:

            N.C. courts just threw out voter I.d. law says it keeps poor blacks from voting, so the law is racist.

        6. Worried Vet says:

          It won’t matter in California anyway. The electorate there goes democrat so it won’t hurt Trump. The states to worry about are red states or toss ups like Florida giving illegals the right to vote. The corruption for voter fraud runs deep, and we will have to help watch to try and prevent as much as possible.

        7. jnora says:

          I am sick to death of this disenfranchise crap. They most certainly can get an ID to buy booze or cigarettes or buy a lottery ticket or whatever. For those they don’t think it’s too hard to get one. Voting is important. I think they should vote via fingerprint anyway.

          1. pappy450 says:

            The fingerprint idea is one of the best I have heard.
            You can’t fake a fingerprint. (but then again HACKERS could steal identities from the databases)
            BUT,THAT WAY no more “dead people” voting, no more getting bused from county to county and voting SEVERAL times. BUT the ACLU would scream at the tops of their lungs as well as the SCUMOCRATS that can’t win unless they have the voter fraud to CHEAT.
            The people that yell the most seem to have ID for all the “freebies” that they can get from taxpayers, Where is their ID for VOTING? “they are either ILLEGALS or trying to vote multiple times in different locations (like in the last 2 “elections”)

          2. jnora says:

            Doesn’t it just make you crazy?

          3. jnora says:

            Mike pence was on Chris want Mike pence was on Chris Wallace’s show today and I like him more and more as time goes by. From the things he said and the way in which he said them, I think Trump really has something up his sleeve that will do Hillary in big-time. Trump is more at war with the media than he is with Hillary. She is just sitting back and letting the media do her job. As long as they are talking about shallow things about Trump, they are not talking about her and the serious things she has done and her policies. That pollster that is on Fox, his name escapes me like many many things these days, stated last night that Trump should go to Milwaukee and actually talk to the blacks there. He said the blacks would listen to Trump. What a genius idea if Trump would only do it. They would know that trump cares about them and I truly believe he does. They say Trump is lowering the taxes on the rich people like himself, then why doesn’t Trump just say that he will exclude himself from any lower taxes. That would blow Hillary out of the water with her argument of him trying to help himself. There are so many things he could do if he just would do them. I hope he was listening to the pollster’s five ideas because they were all great ones. The pollster… I remember his name now… It is Frank Luntz… says that Trump watches the show that he was on last night, so I hope Trump heard it. If Trump is not elected, we can kiss our wonderful country goodbye as well as kiss our butts goodbye!

          4. pappy450 says:

            Sure does. We are quickly turning into a third-world crap-hole, Thanks to the SCUM infesting the so-called “government”.

      2. jnora says:

        I used to work the polls until the last election when they put me with a bunch of very young Bernie supporters that treated this old lady very badly. I will say one thing for our county (BIG county). If every county were as honest as our county, we would have an honest election. I am proud of TN for doing it so well.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

          Now if they can only insist that their poll watchers are civil to each other.

          1. jnora says:

            They will probably send in those Black Panthers for voter intimidation like they did in Philadelphia last election. I imagine Trump has his plans for espionage of his own. We just MUST stop the Democrats from breaking the election laws. It is a felony to tinker with the votes and yet they get away with it every election in some areas of the country where they try (usually the densely populated parts of the country). I am as steamed as the Bernie Sanders supporters, but over a different issue.

          2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            I’m sure he has counter measures being discussed.
            I wouldn’t use the term espionage

          3. jnora says:

            I certainly don’t mean it in an illegal way. I mean just to watch very closely. The Dems surely do it to us. I am not trying to get people to break laws, I am trying to get people to uphold laws. I wouldn’t think of breaking a law!

          4. reggie says:

            And make sure Melowese Richardson never get near a polling station again.

    4. jnora says:

      Better keep GITMO open so we will have a nice place to put them. Then they will see that we treated O’s Muslim friends well! That almost sounds like poetic justice, doesn’t it?

      1. pappy450 says:

        Sounds like a plan. THEN oscumbag won’t have to play “Christian” anymore and can break out his prayer rug for good.

        1. Pforfreedom for all says:

          Made me laugh

        2. jnora says:

          You are a hoot!

        3. jnora says:

          Sure they have a good supply of prayer rugs down there

        4. jnora says:

          I bet you one of the first things Trump does when he gets to the White House is rip down those awful gold Muslim drapes they have behind Obama when he speaks. I get mad every time I see them.

          1. db says:

            yeah if that isn’t telling, I don’t know what is! He is stating to the world that he is staking a claim on our WH for the IState! How much bolder can he get than to come right out and speak it publicly!? He is DEMONSTRATING it. Funny how that DEMON portion comes naturally to those who are of that persuasion when describing them or their actions, huh?!

      2. Pforfreedom for all says:

        For sure, make way for Hillary, is there an open cell or should we feed her to the muslim detainees, and let them ride her around for awhile, but unfortunately she is so friggen ugly they might mistake her as a man, no wonder Bill screws other women

    5. jnora says:

      If the Iraqis can have a honest election with the ink thing, why on earth can we not have one? I rest my case. I think I may just take a picture of my ballot when I vote. That isn’t illegal, is it?

      1. Pforfreedom for all says:

        but how are you going to know if your ballot was rigged, once its in the box, you will never see how it was counted, I think we need to go to individual counts and do away with the electoral vote thats where fraud is happening, lost ballots is easy to do. I know for a fact that the majority of oregonians voted for Trump when he was here, this State will rig it for Hillary because they are losers here. They are called Demofucks

        1. db says:


    6. Pforfreedom for all says:

      right freaken on, we as a poeple should start a petition threw social media to have boxes and votes secured by armed guards and counted by ordinary people, not the rigged yahoos

    7. Cheryl says:

      Agree with you completely all of them and Obama impeached.. In the 62 years I have been on this Earth, I can’t believe the corruption, lies, you name it. Hilary Clinton running is just dead wrong..She shouldn’t be allowed.

      1. jnora says:

        The Dems don’t care about corruption as long as it is on THEIR side. Let the Republicans try it and they would be prosecuted pronto.

        1. Cheryl says:

          Very true

    8. Michael S Smith NJ says:

      Voter fraud what voter fraud Trump the chump will win the same way most if not all Greedy Oligarchical Plutocrats win by Lying cheating and voter suppression Soros companies what about Murdoch

      1. pappy450 says:

        WHAT voter fraud?? I guess your head was up your posterior when oscumbag garnered OVER 100% of the votes in those precincts that didn’t have voter ID, AND those “touch screen machines” that kept changing people’s votes to SCUMOCRAT even when they voted otherwise. AND several had cell phone photos of this and were TOLD by the “poll watchers” it was just a “glitch”. WISE UP!

        1. Michael S Smith NJ says:

          where do you get your information I won’t say facts because I don’t believe them and if Machines were switching votes it was to Republibum not Democratic from what I have heard Democrats don’t need to cheat the Greedy Oligarch Plutocrat part does. I see nothing wrong with having to show ID to be able to vote but I do find fault in how the voter ID laws are applied and written for example In Texas I believe you can use a Gun owners ID card but not a student (College) ID why? Because gun owners are more likely to be Republican but colleges students are more likely to be Democrats. Also if you have to have an ID in which you have to pay for isn’t that the same as paying a pol tax which has been declared unconstitutional. Yes, you may say well it is only like few dollars and I am (meaning you ) that they can afford to pay the fee but, maybe they can’t that they may need that money for food or medicine and, if you say well they are using that money to buy drugs or they just have to work harder then they will have more money just shows the way you conservatives types have no sensitivity to the poor and needy you think that people are poor just because they are just lazy and do not want work when in fact the vast majority of them do work very very hard it is the super rich like Mr Trump who do not do any real work and don’t tell me running a company is work!Yes require to show an ID but make it something that everyone has. Photo ID are not good because your appearance changes over the years so, I suggest using fingerprints which do not change. Now the possibility of voter fraud of the type you are suggesting is very very minute like 1 in several million you can possibly count the actual cases of voter fraud that happens in any election in the country on the fingers of one hand

          1. pappy450 says:

            The “facts” were posted on the nightly news during OSCUMBAGS election. People POSTED their pictures and there was numerous COMPLAINTS of their votes being changed right in front of their EYES. Picture were taken by cell phone at the time this was happening. One BLACK woman BRAGGED on national TV that SHE had voted for OSCUMBAG 13 times in different counties. I guess you don’t read or watch the news or are to enthralled with the SCUMOCRAT/Socialist/ Communist party to see the forest for the trees. YOU and your fellow SCUMOCRATS are why this country is in the shape it is in NOW.

          2. jnora says:

            I can shut you down REAL fast about why they don’t accept college IDs because I worked at the polls up until the last election. It is because the students could be registered to vote in the state where they live also and could double vote. Capish? Running a large business is more work than you could ever imagine. Have you really seen how hard the Trumps work? None of them are just figureheads, including the Donald. He is the one that taught those kids to work so hard! As for the voter machines, it was the Dems that were doing the rigging. I remember seeing it all over the news. It changed to Obama right after you pushed the “VOTE” button so you wouldn’t notice it. The Republicans would not do something like that. We don’t have voter fraud where I live in TN. We are honest and mostly Christian. Sneer if you want, but it makes for a really nice place to live. You sound like a huge vineyard full of sour grapes. If everyone had the same income, just who would you work for, my friend? We NEED rich people. Yes, some rich people have had it dropped in their lap, but somewhere along the line, someone earned it. Most rich people earned it (like Trump made a million dollars turn into multi billion dollars) and they also have to know how to keep it. The government is always after them. Many have lost their riches. Sure, Trump has had some bankruptcies, but I’ll bet you that MOST rich people have. They are rich because they are more willing to take the risks that most people are not willing to take. Also, some people are just more talented (like Bill Gates…a Democrat…for instance?). Look at the good side of life and quit criticizing everyone. There is good life out there for everyone. Trump is trying to keep us from socialism that is only communism without the guns. My Chinese daughter-in-law’s parents are both Chinese physicians. They are both retired and because of the communist way of life, neither of them have squat to retire on and that is sad. All those years of schooling and sacrificing and they have nothing. They got paid the same as everyone else. Is that what you want? The government telling you every move to make? You may want to rethink your viewpoint on life and maybe turn to God to make it complete. There is happiness in God. I’m not preaching…I just know from experience.

        2. jnora says:

          Did those happen to be in black precincts by any chance? I am not stereotyping (give me a reason not to!), but I think I remember that it was. They were voting for him just because he was black and they still did the second time.

          1. pappy450 says:

            The precincts that got the most (over 100%) votes for oscumbag were the ones that didn’t have MANDATORY voter ID rules. (which is something the scumocrats are desperately trying to ban across the U.S.) With no voter ID’s…anyone can vote… legal, illegal, dead, multiple voters, felons etc etc. AND of course, the HACKED “touch screen machines” that voted scumocrat no matter WHAT you wanted. (PROVED….YOU DOUBTERS!) I think you get the drift.

      2. jnora says:

        I early voted in a local and state election here in TN just yesterday. I asked them if it was legal for me to take a picture with my phone of my vote before I pushed the VOTE button. They said NO. I encourage everyone, especially in the high-fraud states like Illinois, to do so. Then if it ever comes back, you can prove it. Make sure you get your other hand in it so you can prove it was you, too. In these precincts where they say the Republican had 0 votes, you could really start up some investigations. That actually happened in a precinct where Obama got all the votes. Do you believe that one? There was someplace where Obama got more votes than registered voters. Was it investigated? Nope. With Trump, it will be investigated, that is for sure.

    9. db says:

      soros needs to be kicked out of this country! He is a subversive in a major way and always has been! Send him back to his Nazi collaborators, the Jesuits! They are the source of all this evil…check out the roll of the Jesuits, how they murdered and tortured Christians and now they have their IS to do it FOR them! THROW THIS BUM OUT! HE IS A MAJOR SOURCE OF TROUBLE!

  • Dan says:

    Lock her up!….Lock her up!….Lock her up!

    1. Anouk says:

      Right, but it is not the Muslim president who is going to lock this witch up.
      He is as rotten than she is.

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