Trump’s popularity is slipping in rural America: poll

by Chris Kahn
October 9, 2017

(Reuters) – Outside the Morgan County fair in McConnelsville, in a rural swath of Ohio that fervently backed U.S. President Donald Trump in last year’s election, ticket seller John Wilson quietly counts off a handful of disappointments with the man he helped elect.

The 70-year-old retired banker said he is unhappy with infighting and turnover in the White House. He does not like Trump’s penchant for traveling to his personal golf resorts. He wishes the president would do more to fix the healthcare system, and he worries that Trump might back down from his promise to force illegal immigrants out of the country.

“Every president makes mistakes,” Wilson said. “But if you add one on top of one, on top of another one, on top of another, there’s just a limit.”

Trump, who inspired millions of supporters last year in places like Morgan County, has been losing his grip on rural America.

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  • roboteq says:

    Have we not learned anything about political polls from the last presidential election where literally every poll claimed Hillary Clinton would win the election?

  • Webb says:

    Trumps Popularity Is not slipping in my Rural Area…! !

  • bobnstuff says:

    How long can Trump maintain support without producing anything. He isn’t producing the jobs he promised or the great healthcare for everyone. We still have the ACA in place. The roads aren’t getting fixed and life hasn’t gotten any better for his supporters. All Trump has produced is a bunch of Tweets attacking everyone including member of his own party. People can only take so much and then they re going to go look for a real leader.

    1. Webb says:

      Trump is OK…

    2. chw2000 says:

      Guess you don’t read the fine print. Typical of you, dip shit. Unemployment is down the GDP is up along with record stock market highs. You need to take a look at the Democrats if you want to understand why things aren’t getting done. You paint with a broad brush when you say “life hasn’t gotten any better for his supporters”. Guess you have your finger on everyone that supported him. You’re an ass hole Bob and you don’t know half what you think you know. Now go cry about your poor little bad knee. You’re not only physically disabled, but mentally as well. Bye bye ass hole!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Can you name one thing, one bill, one action that Trump has done that has made life better for the average man. You do know that the democrats haven’t the power to block bills that haven’t been written. Where is the jobs bill? Where is the infrastructure bill? Where is the tax reform bill? Where is the immigration reform bill? Where is the replacement bill for the ACA, remember repeal and replace with a better bill that gives healthcare to everyone that wants it at a lower cost. Name any bill that the republican didn’t get passed because of the democrats.

        The GDP is rising at the same or lower rate then under Obama, the employment rate is growing slower then under Obama, the stock market is going up at the same rate as under Obama. You know why? It’s still all the same rule in the most case as under Obama.

        Once again you are just showing how uninformed you are. Typical low informed Trump supporter.

        1. chw2000 says:

          He beat your queen for starters. The GDP os rising faster than under Obama and the employment rate is legitimate under Trump. Obama/’s “boys” used fake numbers before his second election. You don’t know a damn thing and everyone here agrees with me. It must be really frustrating to have all these people disagree with you. Do you win discussions with your wife or does she call you an ass hole too?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know nothing has change in how we figure employment numbers? If anyone would cook numbers it would be the man how has paid out millions for fraud.

  • barbarakelly says:

    He better realize that those people that are working against Trump needed to get booted. and come 2018, who will know some of others are also going to get the pink slip. Like head of the house. Who is a progressive and a globalist who is not wanting to do what Trump wants. They are working against Trump Like our healthcare agenda. So we all need to help remove the some of those establishment people that is holding up the works for Trump..!! Yes we all have a fight on our hands to win even bigger.

    1. Tar Heel58 says:

      You nailed it. The likes of McCain,Flake, McConnell and on and on. What about that group of young Conservatives who ran Grassroots campaigns in 14 and again in 16? Have heard very little about them since elections.

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