Whites Set To Become A Racial Minority In United States

by The Economist
March 17, 2015

America is a country built by immigration, but nothing in its history compares to the rise in its Hispanic population. Changes to immigration law in the 1960s triggered a decades-long surge in arrivals, taking the Hispanic population from just 7m in 1970 to 57m today, a number that is set to double by mid-century.

At that point one in four Americans will be of Latino descent. In relation to the population of the day, there have been proportionally larger surges in the past, notably involving European migrations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Two factors make the rise of Hispanic America different. Never before has such a large group of new arrivals lived so close to their ancestral homelands, linked to grandparents in the same time zone by cheap flights and Skype. Secondly, America is entering an era of white decline.

For almost two centuries, from the time of George Washington’s presidency to the election of Ronald Reagan, whites of European descent made up at least 80% of the population. That share is below two-thirds now, and the white majority is set to become a minority by 2044.

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  • Dee says:

    obummer is going to ruin this country further by granting amnesty to these illegals. In 1986, I believe it was, the government said NO MORE AMNESTY. They lied.

  • Laura Love says:

    It is NOT “Immigration” that is doing this (the word “Immigration” means when people come through the “Immigration System”. It is the “Illegal Invasion” of our nation that is causing this. “Illegal Aliens” (the correct immigration term in the United States Code which means anyone who is in our nation illegally) are not supposed to be here and are all foreign criminals – in reality they are ALL felons because every one of them chooses to buy and use phony documents which in criminal law is known as “fraud” which is a felony. If you sneak into Mexico – it is automatically a felony and they send you to prison for up to 2 yrs., give you a big fine and then throw you out of the nation and tons of their illegals are murdered, raped &/or robbed, also! Illegals need to be made to leave. Mexico has an agenda to take over the U.S. starting with the 7 SW U.S. states they owned for only 24 years (the least of everyone). Google the name of their agenda “Aztlan” or “La Reconquista”.

  • LaRae Bailey says:

    I can not believe the educated people in politics doing this destruction to our own country, what in the hell is wrong with them? There is no excuse for this but sheer greed and power of control. Nobody in their right minds would do this, obama is nuts but how about the thousands of politicians who are not even attempting to stop him? What is wrong with them? Millions of americans have fought and died to gain and keep our freedoms and in 200 years a few lousy ,greedy men are all set to throw it away. There is no way now to stop it from happening , the mexicans and muslims are here to stay uness they are shot in the civil uprising I pray is coming from we the people. That is the only possible hope of keeping our freedom and our country as the founding fathers had trusted us to do. There should never have been a lawyer or a rich elite allowed to take over the govt. that is where the beginning was made to destroy us, they only seek the easy corrupt wy of doing things. I am so ashamed of what they are doing to our nation and that we are not organizing the people to take them down. I am a disabled old woman but I do know right from wrong and this is wrong but I am no threat or help.

  • 2004done says:

    I’ll be looking forward to Affirmative Action, English translators, Reparations for Hispanic Oppression, and Mexican, Guatemalan, Columbian, Middle Eastern, African welfare subsidies [et al. NWO gov’t]; while learning that I can never be given enough to make me happy, instead of having to work and create my own desired level of happiness. I am also looking forward to not having to swear allegiance to NWO while still benefitting from being a citizen of the World.

  • Helen Spingola says:

    Does anyone else believe we are already into the End=Zone??

    1. Do not worry. No human being will be here way before 2044 Follow Prophecy.

    2. LaRae Bailey says:

      sadly, yes we are. I just can not believe educated people did this to our country with no reguard for those who have died giving us the freedoms they are now giving away

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