Why Are Liberals Crying Over the “Muslim Ban”? It Was an OBAMA Policy

As liberals whine about the so called “Trump Muslim ban,” they overlook the fact that the policy had its origins in the Obama administration. Since the policy took hold, a slew of left leaning publications have drudged up minute differences in the two plans, calling them completely different from each other.

The bottom line: President Obama set the stage for using the power of the executive to limit travel of Muslims into the United States.

In 2011, Obama ordered a six month halt on all refugees coming into the US from Iraq. The Presidential action was taken in response to the discovery of two known al Qaeda terrorists finding their way into Kentucky. However, Obama did not limit his travel ban to known terrorists – he, like Trump, took preventive measures that banned others outside of the known networks of al Qaeda and similar terrorists. However, he showed a strategic ineptitude by focusing the ban on Iraqi allies who had actually provided the US with intelligence, according to ABC News.

Liberals are now angry because the ban is being focused on the appropriate parties.

Syria is an unstable war zone that is quickly becoming completely uninhabitable. The refugees from the country come with few skills, if any, and would likely begin to cause fissures in an already overextended social safety net. The same could be said of Libya, a political hot zone in which random killings are now the norm. Iran and Iraq have more than proved their terrorist bona fides, and Sudan, Yemen and Somalia are well known safe havens for terrorists to lay low. What’s more – these 7 countries were individually pointed out by the Obama administration as the terrorist red zones to watch. CNN reports that Obama identified them as “countries of concern.”

If you listen long enough to any of the fake tears that liberals are spilling over Trump’s Presidential actions, you will learn what is really driving their “outrage.” Many of them begin their press conferences talking about disasters, love, a life of hope, unconstitutionality, and the Statue of Liberty, but they end up telling the truth. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee showed his hand in this video around 3:50 in a rant that includes the quote, “This is damaging to the economy of my state, and it is unacceptable.”

Oh, so this is really about money! Thank you for finally letting us know.

What liberals are also failing to realize is that Trump is helping the Washington economy and the national economy: He is following through on his promise to bring jobs back to Americans. The 7 Obama countries of concern all have one thing in common: huge numbers of unskilled workers who come into the US to compete for low wage jobs. Combined with the executive order limiting the ability of crony capitalists to hire H1-B visa holders over hardworking Americans, it would seem that the ban is a masterstroke, not a mistake. However, it may limit the ability of some of Inslee’s friends to save money on labor and provide him kickbacks, but you didn’t hear that from us.