Conn. officials tell gun owners to relinquish or destroy banned weapons

HARTFORD, CONN. – Connecticut officials are urging owners of now-illegal assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines to relinquish them to the police or make them permanently inoperable.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection announced Friday it had sent a letter to owners who had failed to register the items by a Jan. 1 deadline, part of last year’s gun control law. Officials offered advice on what to do now with the weapons and magazines.

The letter says gun owners are in compliance with the new state law if their items are no longer in Connecticut or were sold to an authorized gun dealer.

Those who fail to comply face charges of possessing an unregistered assault weapon and/or high capacity magazine.

Commissioner Dora Schriro denied rumors DESPP is confiscating weapons.

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  • geddaklew says:

    Connecticut offcials would like The People to comply with an illegitimate, and unconstitutional law……..People in Hell would like ice-water too. The officials that attempt to wage war on The People, will become very familiar with Hell.

  • Aitor says:

    Happens to be un Constitutional but in Obama world the Constitution no longer exists.

  • Betty4440 says:

    oh yea get rid of your guns so they can and will take over. with all the weapons they have bought on tax payer money. to me they no not belong to the government they belong to WE THE PEOPLE. THE NEW WORD ORDER IS TAKING OVER FASTER AND FASTER. AND OBAMA IS REALLY PUSHING ALL THESE BUTTONS with all the rest of the thieves he hangs with. the muslim brotherhood and the rest. people I am afraid their is going to be world war 3 on the home front before it is over. obama,obama he don’t care AMERICANS BLOOD FLOWING EVERY WHERE.

  • JONDO says:

    Looks lie Connecticut is trying to push thr luck., You know the crooks or what ever are not going to listen to this crap but its always the honest citizens who have to shape up and pay up to please these idiots that dont even know or enforce our laws anymore. They dont bother illegals or the crooks. they always go after the American Citizen.They wont rest till the American Citizens are broke and defenseless and now they have even added doped up.As soon as they get everyone hooked on thr Marijuana binge they will make it illegal again. Look at all the new people they can put in thr books as felons and lock up,money, money money is all it is. Its all another big conspiracy Against the people by the Government. Just one big scam after another. Its no wonder the country is going down the drain.They dont know how to run the country but they sure no how to ruin it.

    1. awegweiser says:

      A little behind the times, Jondo. Marijuana is far less addictive than the tobacco or alcohol you probably use, it has been proven to have several medial benefits, and its legalization is reducing, rather than increasing our already overloaded prison system. The money lies in the ever increasing privatization of prisons as profit centres. Welcome to the 21st century. Even some elements on your side of politics are coming around on the subject of legal or medial “weed”. Stay with your absurd rant about weapons, instead.

      1. JONDO says:

        Say that in a year after your all hooked and the government decides to turn around and make it illegal again, just like they did Alcohol for miners Just another big scam by a crooked government that dont even know how to enforce the law and when they do its against honest American Citizens.Only a pack of idiots would legalize Marijuana now, So you go ahead and stay in your smoking stupor till they arrest you probably again.

        1. awegweiser says:

          They made it legal to miners after the ultimate stupidity of Prohibition, not to minors, then defined as 18 (an age they could join the military).
          I suggest you not buy any stock in our large private prison system, as this atrocity may be slowly phased out as more justice, over profit, returns to our system. And, as ever, I thank you for you good wishes – you clearly have a kind and gentle heart.

  • James Maxwell says:

    “Commissioner Dora Schriro denied rumors that DESPP is confiscating weapons”. Sounds like a lying bitch to me, if it smell like crap then odds
    are it is crap. This is nothing more, nothing less than a blatant attempt to

    violate the 2nd Amendment and its intent to allow the citizens to remain

    free from tyrants. The Socialist Democrats are in full voice to remove any
    and all weapons from the public so they can destroy our Constitution and

    install a dictator in Washington. This has been the goal of the Ultra rich
    Left wing Socialist since FDR and probably before. Our nation has been

    under siege since its founding by various corrupt political parties and their

    members. They have lied to the public and corrupted our schools with

    their corruption of the education that is presented. We see them trying

    to change history and teach a revised edition vs the actual facts of our

    nation from its inception to present. Today we see lies spewing from Washington constantly along with many of the northern Socialist Democrat
    controlled cities. They are restricting the rights of their citizen slowly

    so it doesn’t upset the citizens all as once.

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo? says:

    “When people who have nothing left to lose, lose it — THEY LOSE IT.”

    — Gerald Celente

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