Businessman David Perdue defeats Rep. Jack Kingston in runoff to win Georgia GOP Senate nomination

July 23, 2014

Businessman David Perdue narrowly defeated 11-term Rep. Jack Kingston Tuesday in a Republican runoff election for Georgia’s U.S. Senate nomination, setting up a general election race against Democrat Michelle Nunn with national implications.

With all precincts reporting, Perdue led Kingston by approximately 8,500 votes out of over 480,000 cast.

Perdue’s victory validates the former corporate CEO’s campaign as an outsider. The former CEO of Reebok, Dollar General and the failed textile firm Pillowtex, Perdue offered his private sector record and tremendous wealth as proof that he can help solve the nation’s ills in a Congress largely devoid of experienced business titans. He spent more than $3 million of his own money blasting Kingston — and other primary rivals before that — as a career politician, including one ad depicting his rivals as crying babies.

“If we want to change Washington, then we’ve got to change the people we send to Washington,” he would say as he met voters.

Perdue also received more votes than Kingston in the initial May primary, but both men fell well shy of the majority necessary to win without a runoff.

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  • guest says:

    for 1 Seigel – In any buisness many hard decisions must be made – anyone can continue in the current status of any company – foresight is not 20/20 – hind sight always is – leaders after weighing the issues are tasked with making hard choices – not all are going to be received in a positive manner – if you check the Mill was in debt and loosing money hand over fist prior to Mr Perdue taking over – one can’t always save every thing but at least he tried – as far as loosing an 11 term Congressman – I’m glad for the change – it is evident with the shape we are in presently he wasn’t affective – should Nunn get elected the people in Georgia deserve what they get as you will reap wha you sow – THERE ISN’T A BUISNESS OUT THERE, WHEN IN A DECLINING ECONOMY DOESN’T CUT BACK IN ORDER TO STAY IN BUISNESS – bottom line in any buisness is the profit line – no profit – closed company – there are capitalists that are strictly in buisness to buy – pillage and reduce until they can sell a leaner company and move on – but for the most part believe most companies to be fair.

    1. I Seigel says:

      But your claim was that Mr Perdue “has a proven track record and will be much more capable addressing job issues”. So, if the “job issues” that he’s addressing are those that mean many many workers losing their jobs so that the company can make a profit, I guess he’s good at that. But not so good for the people out of work, and the communities – groceries, shops, etc – that depend on those workers spending money. But great for the executives and shareholders. Hmmm, do you sense a pattern here? Once more, the 1% profit on the backs of the 99%.

      Ask the folks in Kanapolis, North Carolina how things went when Pillowtex went out of business. Who profited and who didn’t. Mitt and Bain Capital, Part II.

      1. guest says:

        I am a business owner and have had to reduce employees because if I didn’t would have gone out of business – no business owner wants or intends on reducing employees but being in the existing economy – which the recovery has been sold to the populous by a media that is one sided , a jobs figure that is based on lies – it was to measure full time employment and the current administration has chosen to include part time jobs and ignore the thousands that have used up their unemployment benefits and have given up looking – If a person has represented their constituents honestly – first they would not have rammed bill after bill down our throats , paid for by all tax payers – such as Obama Care – what about the shovel ready jobs and massive loans for green jobs, giving wall street millions only to be given out to the CEO’s as bonus’s or the 60 Billion to GM only to let them go bankrupt 60 days later – lot of that money was given out in bonus’s – we need to change out both sides of the aisle – with people that understand what it takes to build a business and put our fellow Americans back to work with real jobs – whether you like it or not Mr. Perdue has accomplished this effort – you choose to belay a situation that was impossible at best to turn around – he didn’t run from the challenge even though he was unsuccessful – Ms. Nunn is only holding up the issue of her father – if Sam wasn’t her father she wouldn’t even be considered – what will she bring to the table ? You have a right to your own opinion – by the way how many business’s have you started ? my bet is none – until you truly understand what it takes with all the pitfalls your opinion is just that – what would have been gained by keeping open a failing business – sure the employees would get a few more paychecks but then what – do you sir invest in the stock market – if so do you hang onto failing companies – it’s the same principle – you wouldn.t because you have a responsibility to your share holders – specifically your family.

        1. I Seigel says:

          First off, I commend you for owning your own business. I hope you’re successful at it, for the sake of your family, your suppliers and customers, your employees, and, if you have any, your shareholders.

          Secondly, you forget that one of Obama’s main campaign themes was health insurance. This is what a MAJORITY of Americans elected him to accomplish. You can rant all you want, but he WAS representing his constituency, like it or not.

          As for Mr Perdue – I don’t disagree that’s he’s been a successful businessman and I never said otherwise. In fact, I had edited my post earlier to specifically point out that I agreed with you on that point. What I did say, and what you don’t seem to address, is that during his campaign he didn’t run on the basis of being a successful businessman that made his shareholders lots of money. What he campaigned on, and what your earlier post contended, was that he was a “job creator”, and I was simply pointing out all the jobs he had destroyed while increasing shareholder profits. My contention is that he probably didn’t mention during the campaign all the jobs LOST during his tenures at those companies. Whether he increased shareholder equity isn’t and wasn’t the point. Your point – and his – was jobs, and I think his track record on THAT score is very questionable.

  • guest says:

    It is high time we put competent elected officials in Congress – people that can address the issues at hand – Mr.Perdue has a proven track record and will be much more capable addressing Job issues – he also will be much more savy than our present crop of morons when it comes to spending the peoples hard earned tax’s – These are the type of individuals we need to populate Congress with – not run of the mill talking heads that do nothing but photo op themselves trying to look inteligent – it shouldn’t matter which side ogf the Isle they are on if they share a common goal of truly wanting to turn America around – we can’t afford any more fakes like the one in our house presently or minions he has chosen to appoint – if we choose Hillary she will be a continuation of what we are putting up with now – both the Democrates and the Republicans aught to be able to put up candidates that have experience running something – Hillary’s experience in running anything — is her mouth.

    1. I Seigel says:

      A simple Google search indicates that Sara Lee Corp was the first company to give Perdue an executive position. He was involved in a restructuring, closing dozens of plants across the country and laying off thousands of workers. The year he left Sara Lee, they closed 4 plants in Georgia. I could not find figures that that detailed how many jobs were lost.

      He is credited with a turnaround at Reebok in his four years there.

      After leaving Reebok, he was hired by Pillowtek, a textile company in North Carolina. After just 7 months there, the company posted a $27 million loss. Four months later the company closed, and 7500 people lost their jobs. It was the biggest single job loss in North Carolina at the time.

      Now, exactly what kind of a “proven track record” does this guy have that makes him “much more capable addressing job issues”??
      Meanwhile, Georgia has lost an 11-term Congressman with all the seniority and benefits that go with that. And it’s much more likely now that Sam Nunn’s daughter could get elected. Thank you, Mr. Perdue.

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