Seven Refugees With Active TB Sent to Idaho

Seven refugees with active tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed shortly after their resettlement in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
This makes Idaho the seventh state to confirm to Breitbart News that recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB.

The other states in which recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB include: Louisiana (twenty-one), Florida (eleven), Colorado, (ten), Indiana (four), Kentucky (where nine were diagnosed in one county), and North Dakota (where four refugees who resided in the United States for less than five years were diagnosed in one county).

Idaho is one of fourteen states that have withdrawn from the federal refugee resettlement program where the federal government has hired a voluntary agency (VOLAG) to resettle refugees under the statutorily questionable Wilson Fish alternative program.

In Idaho, the federal government has contracted the Idaho Office for Refugees (IOR), a division of the large non-profit known as Janus, to run the program. Janus is one of the largest organizations within the lucrative and politically connected refugee resettlement industry, which is paid more than $1 billion per year by the federal government.

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  • SCSOCAL says:

    What, these companies are being given $1 billion per year to resettle these refugees??? Plus they are coming in with diseases? Just like the ones coming over the border from Mexico. Check out the healthcare workers and CDC who are taking care of these people. They are seeing all kinds of diseases and exposing us to some that had been wiped out here. Thanks Obama!

    1. reggie says:

      I’m sure 0b0 is smiling that big smile of hers. SHe linked up with alinsky, soros, ayers. Just desserts would be that the muslims do to s/him what they do to other gays who profess to be muslim, once his usefulness to them is over.

  • Kitty says:

    Truly tragic what is going on in this country under BHO and his administration. (Most of whom are Muslims.) It is obviously destroying this country just as he planned. AND the GOP congress is doing NOTHING to stop him. Americans you had better wake up. This election is for real, do you want this to continue and even get worse? HC wants to INCREASE the Muslim refugees to 500,000 more than BHO. Don’t you see what is happening? Not only increased terror attacks, but also diseases the US had eradicated centuries ago are back!

  • Tiger says:

    You ought to see the amount of money they get. And if you think this is something look up all the diseases the 55,000 children brought in along with the men and their STD’s.

    O’s plans I say put them in the WH.

    This is why the UK left the EU, refugees take a look at what they were putting up with from Muslims. The Muslim Mayor of London even threatened Donald Trump and told him to accept Muslims or there would be violence. He made a few more threats to our candidate. Be good to see him taken out and Muslims all over the UK put on trains, planes and bused out.

    Only way to rid a country of this burden is borders and no more immigration for about 5 years as we clean out the mess.

  • ONTIME says:

    B’Ob and his thugs broke down the borders, screwed up the medical system in this country and import unvetted muslims with all kinds of health probs we got under control and will use these non assimilators to steal votes, plan for them to create problems and they will go after the homosexuals as a matter of course and B’Ob and Soros will have done this with malice with intent……..

    1. Retired says:

      They can start with the elected Gays in WDC.

    2. SCSOCAL says:

      CAIR is already registering these Muslims to vote. The Dems know that if you get enough people on entitlements, the will continue to vote for you. That is how they will control our country and any other party will be done.

  • Dan says:

    Welcome to the U.S. we’ve officially become a 3rd world country, just the way BHO had planned. We’re finally paying for our sins and exceptionalism, we’re finally being punished and feeling how the rest of the world has been feeling for all of those years we’ve all been so privileged. This is what you get when you elect an amateur to the WH. If you elect Hillary Clinton, you’re going to get more of the same if not worse!….Build the Wall! Donald Trump for President!

    1. Retired says:

      Don’t forget Bill Clinton starred in some of this mess we are in today. It’s just people were not paying attention to what he did.

  • helm20558 says:

    The states AG & Health Dept. need to file suite and deport to DC the infected.

    1. Cleverfun says:

      or… put’em in a FEMA Camp and proceed with the extermination process. It’ll be good practice!

    2. reggie says:

      I hope the s**t that comes out of pigs, who are in DC, get what they deserve here or later. My apologies to pig manure.

  • kbfallon says:

    Oh… they really are screening these people well now. This is beyond comprehension….to bring these so called refuges here with diseases…its happening all over–from the Central Americans/Mexicans to the refuges. Help them where they are-not here! Unbelievable.

    1. Retired says:

      The Illegals have done the same thing , then the Tax Payer supports them through Medicaid..

      1. Josephine Woods says:


    2. 7papa7 says:

      They should immediately be sent back to there country of origin. This is just another reason of a myriad of reasons NOT to let them in the country. We the people should NOT be responsible to take care of them. HeII, they get better care than our vets and Americans who have fallen on hard times.

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