Delegate selection leads to schism in Missouri GOP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When the Missouri Republican Party held their county caucuses across the state April 9, they selected slates of delegates that will go to the state and congressional districts to vote for the final delegates sent to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this summer.

But some Republicans, namely supporters of real estate mogul Donald Trump, are raising their eyebrows at the process and raising their voices to oppose what they see as unfair practices.

Among them is Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul, who attended the Wild Horse township caucus in St. Louis County. At that caucus, Paul said that former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones also attended, despite the fact that he lives in the Meramac township on Wild Horse’s southern border. Paul said Jones brought a slate of candidates that supported second place Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and eventually, Jones’ slate of candidates won.

While Paul recognized that Jones and his supporters followed the rules and procedures, the decision made at the caucus troubles Paul.

“Those things don’t pass the smell test,” he said. “We had a slate that we presented which was more a reflection of the will of the people, and their slate was filled with Cruz supporters.”

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  • AmericanBelle1 says:

    Party officials and their “selected” delegates have been running this scam for years. How else could Trump or Clinton win elections by wide margins, yet forced to split delegates to runners-up, sometimes as many delegates as the winner!? And don’t forget that Iowa caucus where Hillary won delegates by a coin toss! Worse, she won 5 out of 6 tosses, a mathematical impossibility.

    Get out to the primaries and vote for Trump because he is the ONLY person who will make sure there’s election/voting reform before the next election!

  • I Seigel says:

    You gotta wonder why they even bother to hold primaries. My theory is that they’re just a tool (and we’re tools) just to raise money. The party, the paid campaign workers, and the media outlets airing the ads are the ones benefitting. The “will of the people” is meaningless propaganda. The party isn’t required to follow any primary results, and they’re going to do what their mega-rich string-pullers and button-pushers tell them to do.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Or GIVE “SUPER”o DELEGATES to Hacked Canckles before Primaries are conducted??
      Is this “DEMOCRACY” as Redifined y the POH?
      Party of HIPOCRITES as rum by DERANGED DEBBIE W-S the MEDEA of FLORIDA???
      Both parties are in need to be DEPOSED and We The PEOPLE unless balls- free need to GET SOMETHING ELSE PUT IN EFFECT like THE CONSTITUTION???

    2. AmericanBelle1 says:

      It’s all been an illusion by the party officials to make people believe that their vote counts when, in fact, nothing is farther from the truth! They have control and want to maintain that control, so they wheel and deal in the backrooms while voters think they’re doing something important in another room, i.e., voting! The entire process is a sham and the parties have gotten away with it because no one any better. Now we ALL do! And it’s pissing everyone off. I think we’re going to see election/voting reform before the next election, especially if Trump is president!

      1. I Seigel says:

        I agree with everything you said except the last sentence. Unless the next president stages a coup and declares himself or herself dictator, there is very small chance for any kind of voting or election reform.

        We’ve tried term limits. Candidates have promised to limit themselves to 2 terms, but once they get into office, it just starts feeling a little too cushy. And the money just pours in.

        We’ve tried campaign finance reform – a bipartisan effort, don’t forget. But there are enough powerful politicians too cozied up to the big lobbyists, and they don’t want that spigot of money to dry up. So no campaign finance reform. And the money just keeps pouring in.

        And now people have sued, because they couldn’t give ENOUGH money. They claimed their free speech was being violated because they couldn’t simply BUY a congressman. And now the money is like the Houston flooding – unstoppable and overwhelming.

        So I say, NO, Trump isn’t going to fix it. No one will, it looks like. What’s the incentive? The first step would be in the Supreme Court, to rescind their horrible Citizens United decision. That would be a big start.

  • Steve Gifford says:

    I see the caucus system as a way to keep politics as usual. The Government believes we are stupid and need them to do our thinking for us. But we see through them we know it is all about keeping the same people in office so they can continue making behind the scenes money like the Clintons have and how Obama has and will. We need to let these politicians know we know how corrupt they are and won’t stand by and let them steal the election.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      SO LET THEM HEAR ABOUT IT AT THE POLLS….VOTE EM ALL OUT and ELECT NEW BLOOD!!! and as for me I VOTE FOR CLYDE!!! He of “Every which way but lose” movie fame…

  • Devasahayam says:

    Currently, the “process” that RINO-estab is following is that of the famous proverb “cutting off the nose to spite face”, their “ideal” candidate Jebshrub (basically a male clone of Hitlery) dropped out a bit late (a clone of his, k-sick is still there), they now wish to put up the worst available against Hitlery.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      and the DUMMIE C RAYTS award Coronations to Cankle the Hacked SOW via “SUPER DELEGATES” before the Process begins…

  • Johnny Roy md says:

    Who is Mona Charen? What right she has to voice her opinion..
    The establishment is corrupt.THEIR MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO OPPOSE MR TRUMP……………I BELIEVE THE RNC NEED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON IN ETIQUETTE .I think the head of the RNC needs to step down

  • Seedman says:

    The key line in this article is, Paul recognized that Jones and his supporters followed the rules and procedures. Congratulations to Senator Ted Cruz on making headway toward securing the party nomination. Mona Charen is right in her articles that Donald Trump does not deserve the party nomination.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

      It’s good to know that you fully support political corruption.

      We’ll keep it in mind.

    2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      and what would you say if it was the other way around?

      1. AmericanBelle1 says:

        It is the other way around. The democrats are as corrupt as the GOP. How did she win 5 out of 6 coin tosses at the Iowa caucus. The mathematical probability of that happening is nil.

        As for Cruz, since he’s been “legally stealing” delegates, he’s moved up to 40% of the people who would NOT vote for Cruz if he was the nominee. He gained more than 20 points where Trump lost as many! Even Kasich’s percentile is close to bottom…he and Cruz are about even as to people not wanting to vote for them if they’re the nominee.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


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