Unemployment Extension: Republican Gov. Sandoval Joins Democrats’ Call for Action

The governors of the two states with the highest unemployment rates are urging Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio to take up the Senate’s unemployment extension bill.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, a Democrat, wrote to Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. D-Calif., asking that the House take up the Senate-passed bill.

“As you know, long-term unemployment remains unacceptably high despite the fact that our economy has been recovering from the worst recession in generations. When our country has experienced similar rates of long-term unemployment in the past, Congress has consistently acted in a bipartisan fashion to extend emergency unemployment benefits,” the governors wrote.

They also said the states could implement the short-term measure without problems, despite concerns from Republicans that implementation would be difficult because the benefits have already expired.

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  • Myron Mattison says:

    I recommend to all Governers to talk to our Governor of North Carolina,
    Pat McCrory (R) who cut the employment benefits for our state nd has lowered our state unemployment from 9.99 to now 6.99 in less than a year by doing so. GO PAT and GOP!!!

    1. I Seigel says:

      What a crook! I believe he, or members of his administration, are now under a federal investigation for their role in the Duke Energy pollution scandal. What a disaster, on his watch. But that was to be expected, with him as a former employee or lobbyist for Duke.

      1. Myron Mattison says:

        There you go with the name calling when the results are not even published. And given the DOJ is opened the investigation, it is only because he a aRepulican and white and from North Carolina. You don’t even have the facts and you are calling him name. Shame! You must be a lib!

      2. Myron Mattison says:

        Pat will prevail. So drop it.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Ah, so you’re a man of faith. Then believe in Obama and Hilary, too

          1. Myron Mattison says:

            First and foremost those two would be the last I would believe in! They both have let this country down by lying to us. And finally, I believe in on person and that is Jesus Christ.

        2. I Seigel says:

          I’m sure you’re keeping up with your boy, but here’s some current news:


    2. I Seigel says:

      I’m curious why you withdrew your reply to me.

      1. Myron Mattison says:

        Your comments were not even on point. Name calling is pointless. The only reason the DOJ is doing anything is because McCrory is a white Republican.

        I did say more but it would have also been pointless.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well, you’re right! He hasn’t been actually convicted by a jury yet. However, he IS under investigation:


          And, apparently, he’s not very well liked:


          And I bring this up because you brought him up in this discussion about employment benefits.
          And sorry, this is just another of your (conservative’s) conspiracy theories on any investigation of a Republican. “There can’t REALLY be anything wrong – it’s just the Dems targeting white Republicans”. Then you can say the same thing about anything Issa and the Republicans are saying about Obama, the IRS, Benghazi, etc, “It’s just a right-wing conspiracy to undermine the Dems.”
          Give it a rest.

          1. Myron Mattison says:

            Me give it a rest!! The dems including your President are liars!! No contest! They Win! As for My Governor he is liked and respected by many. Obama is a liar about all on these Scandals. He the absolute worst President…….ever.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Yes, your governor is liked and respected by about 40% of North Carolinians, according to the poll I quoted. That’s about the same approval rating as Obama at the moment. So try to be a little consistent.
            McCrory’s 40% is good, while Obama’s 40% is crap?

            And we’ll find out soon enough how much lying McCrory has done, when he or his cronies are put under oath before a grand jury.

    3. I Seigel says:

      What you failed to mention is that North Carolina now ranks 28th in unemployment, as of March 2014. So a LOT of states are doing better.


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