Air Force can’t explain questionable details of Obama’s Tennessee visit

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February 18, 2014

Does Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame have any relatives who are currently serving in the U.S. Air Force?

Given the military branch’s silence on an incident in Tennessee last summer involving President Obama, one might wonder.

“I hear nothing. I see nothing. I know nothing,” Schultz often said.

Taxpayers might never know why people working under Obama decided last July to bypass a privately owned fuel provider for Air Force One at the Chattanooga Airport, even though it had the military contract.

Instead, as Tennessee Watchdog has previously reported, Air Force One went against the contract with that company, TAC Air, and instead refueled with the taxpayer-subsidized Wilson Air, which charged higher prices.

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  • Anita says:

    Tennessee, isn’t that where odumbo’s union was defeated at the VW Plant? Just thinking.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says:

    Wilson Air must be owned by democrats-communists-islamics, duh.

  • truepatriotintx says:

    Chances are that TAC Air is not a supporter of The One or their leadership has spoken out against him. So payback by not using their services. This is the Chicago-way.

  • azbear166 says:

    It’s not his money so why does he care what he gets it for??FPOS impeach now!!!!!!!!

    1. BH says:

      He cares because he has to punish his enemies (unless they are Muslim) and reward his friends. He doesn’t let little things like rules and law get in his way.

  • junkmailbin says:

    the contract holder is sueing I hope.
    the one that pumped the fuel is a bundler

  • Independence_R_US says:

    He had to go down there & brow beat the folks. Otherwise they might feel it’s a free country & that we don’t have to listen to our GOV for everything. You notice he stays away from TX. He’s not welcome here.

    1. I Seigel says:

      But Texas will certainly take the Federal handouts for drought and flood relief, won’t you? And the Federal dollars for schools, highways, NASA, etc. Yes, now THAT’S what I would call “HYPOCRITE”. Please secede already!! You’ll become another Puerto Rico. No disrespect to Puerto Rico intended.

      1. Jimmy the Greek says:

        Well then give Texas there freedom and let us out of the union peacefully !

        1. I Seigel says:

          You’re implying here that Texas has been threatened with military force to stay in the Union? Huh?

          The Border Patrol and the National Guard are being deployed to try to keep illegals out, not Texans in!!
          According to the IRS and Texas Transparency, Texas RECEIVES more federal money then they pay in as taxes. This means that Texans are net TAKERS and a drain on the US economy. So please feel welcome to secede. I know there are a huge number of Democrats and Independents that would love to see you secede. Then you can have Mr Cruz be the President of Texas.

          1. Jimmy the Greek says:

            The reason Texas needs the federal money is because of all the wetbacks the feds well not deport , after we secede they well be no more !

          2. I Seigel says:

            FACT: The feds have deported more illegals during Obama’s presidency than at any other time, W’s administration included. If Congress would vote to do something, maybe more would get done. But all they seem to be worried about is getting elected in November. Abortions and Obamacare ad nauseum. But nothing to REALLY help the country.

          3. Jimmy the Greek says:

            I am no fan of the bushes ! the last good leader was Eisenhower !

          4. JBM4229 says:

            I would agree that Obama HAS deported more illegals than Bush during the same time period of their respective regimes. However, he has been slacking off, starting in mid 2012 (election year, rather important), on deportations, especially of ‘low priority’ illegals who are apparently guilty only of illegal entry. He is pushing quite hard for immigration “reform” (AKA amnesty) so as to legalize a horde of new Democratic voters for 2016.

          5. I Seigel says:

            There were LOTS of Republicans who were FOR immigration reform before they were AGAINST it. And it wasn’t so long ago. You can think all you like it’s some sort of liberal conspiracy, but you’re just simply and plainly wrong.

          6. Jimmy the Greek says:

            In the 50s is when they were really deporting them ! that is how it should be done today .

          7. I Seigel says:

            And while I’m on the subject of the Texas Takers, here are some other facts:
            A list of the top 10 states that receive more Federal money than they pay as taxes (aka TAKERS):
            10. North Dakota – (red state)
            9. Connecticut – (blue state)
            8. West Virginia – (purple state)
            7. Alabama – (red state)
            6. Kentucky – (red state, home of the former Senate Majority Leader)
            5. New Mexico – (blue state)
            4 Hawaii – (blue state)
            3. Maryland – (blue state, but lots of government installations there)
            2. Virginia – (red state, but lots of government installations there, too)
            And the number one TAKER?? Alaska!! (red state)

      2. The Snarf says:

        You sound like one of the sour grapes California or New York liberals that was laid off when your company packed up and moved to the less business hostile climate in the south. Don’t like it, stop whining and finger pointing and get involved with your own state taxes. regulations and greedy union demands that are driving them out.

        1. I Seigel says:

          You make up a story and then go with it. Just like Shill O’Reilly.

          1. The Snarf says:

            And what story did I make up? I merely said you sound like one of them. And there are a lot of them blaming Texas and the south for their own blue states’ failures.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Your premise was that I sound like someone from CA or NY that lost my job. And that I’m whining and finger pointing about it. And then you assume that I’m not involved in my own state taxes, regulations or greedy union demands. NONE of which is true.

            But let me ask you something, since you mentioned unions. I can understand your dislike of unions protecting workers who are paid by taxpayers – teachers, firefighters, police. Yes, we certainly wouldn’t want those lazy donut-eating bums mooching off your tax dollars. But what about unions who protect workers in private enterprise, like WalMart (non-unionized up til now), Boeing, your local grocery store (depending on the state you live in), West Virginia coal mines or the casinos and hotels in Nevada? What do you have against people in those unions who are protected from unfair labor practices, like being forced to work overtime without additional or premium pay, or being guaranteed sick leave? I don’t understand your dislike (hatred?) of these basic worker protections.

            Yes, there are lazy union workers. And there are plenty of lazy non-union workers, too.

            And while I’m on the subject, let me mention a small news article but a BIG headline in my area: Did you read about all the problems with Boeing jets that are being built by non-union labor in Charleston? When they’re shipped to Seattle for final assembly, the union workers there are having to spend many days fixing wiring problems and other mistakes that their non-union, less experienced counterparts are making. It is throwing the whole assembly schedule off. Boeing is not happy about the situation.

          3. The Snarf says:

            Ah, so now Walmart workers are making slightly higher wages, which are going to pay for the now forced union dues. And with the higher costs of the now mandated health insurance, they will still need assistance, along with the headaches they now have to deal with. And, yes, I do live in that right-to-work state that many of those jobs are moving to, you know, the state that, according to the liberal rhetoric, is nothing but “toothless, uneducated hillbillies all living on welfare”, despite the fact that we have surpassed California in tech exports, and are being hailed as the new tech mecca? Employment here is above the national average, with pay equal to union jobs, without having to empty our pockets to pay the high union dues. And with no state income tax, and the lower cost of living, we are doing well, without unions.
            And again, I did not assume anything,, and the only premise I made was that you sound like a whiner. And perhaps you haven’t noticed the shift that has been going on for quite some time now, but your blue states, and their unions, are failing, your cities are stiffing their bondholders and declaring bankruptcy catering to union demands, and the right-to-work red states keep getting better. Get used to it.

          4. I Seigel says:

            I’m glad that you, as a fellow American, have a good job with, I assume, good benefits like health care and retirement/pension. And you are certainly right that many, many people in right-to-work states are doing very well, and that’s great.
            Not to pick on you, but when you said you lived in the “new tech mecca”, I Googled that to get a clue as to where you live. “The new tech mecca” label has been used to describe Tijuana (I’m assuming you don’t live there), Upstate NY and NYC, Louisiana, Boulder, CO, Silicon Valley and Pasadena, CA. I’m guessing you don’t live in any of those places, either. But, if you notice, some of these places are blue states.
            What I’m saying here is that good things are happening in red states and blue states. In a union state like Washington, Boeing is a huge employer of a unionized, educated workforce, and there are many MANY people here that have breathed a sigh of relief after the union agreed to some concessions in order to secure the work on Boeing’s future jet projects.
            Yes, Detroit is falling apart. Yes, partly from the UAW, and partly from corruption and mismanagement – and now the Koch Brothers’ companies are using it as a toxic dumping ground.
            But you make it sound like every city in every in every blue state, and every union (everywhere), is crashing and burning and going bankrupt, which is simply not so. And there are plenty of right-to-work red states that aren’t doing so well either. The lowest ranking states in terms of education (test scores), health (obesity, e.g.), and per capita income are all in the south, and crime and pollution are WAY up in the North Dakota oil fields.

          5. The Snarf says:

            I am referring to central Texas,where many of the former Silcon Valle companies are now and is being hailed as such by publications such as the Wall Street Journal.. And while perhaps some good is happening in a few blue states, states like New York and California are currently caught in a death spiral. People keep leaving, so they keep raising taxes to cover their obligations, which only drives more people out. Yet they continue to do the same things over and over, Einstein’s definition of insanity.
            BTW, I am not entirely against private-sector unions, but I am for workers having the choice of whether or not to join, and basically everywhere unions get a foot in the door, the first thing they do is to make membership mandatory for all, until the people get tired of it and force a change, such as wgat happened in Wisconsin. And once they were given that choice, over half dropped the unions, or the VW plant where the UAW was allowed to hold their ‘card check’ ballot, and proclaimed the votes to pass. Yet when a second, secret ballot washeld, they were voted out, with workers claiming threatsand intimidation on the card check. That is why unions are failing.,

          6. I Seigel says:

            I don’t think the reasons you gave for a few of your arguments are valid.
            1. You say that NY and CA are “caught in a death spiral” and people keep leaving. That is simply not true.
            The US Census states that the population of NY State has increased slowly but steadily, and from 2010-2013, e.g., the population increased about 150,000-200,000 per year. In CA, over the same period, the population increased from 37.25million people to 38.33million people. These are facts that you can easily verify.

            In fact, California in particular has some severe problems, but they don’t have anything to do with taxes, illegal aliens or Obamacare. Government, citizens, and farmers are very concerned with climate change and drought and a severe water shortage affecting Central and Southern California.

            2. You used Wisconsin as an example of people getting tired of mandatory membership in unions and they “forced a change”. And once they were given the chance, “over half dropped the unions”. Now, I might be a few years older than you and so my memory and understanding aren’t nearly as good as yours, but I think you should check your facts. My recollection of that debacle is that the UNION workers wanted to keep the status quo – teachers, workers, first responders – but it was the Republican Governor and Legislature that passed the law and then put it up for a referendum, which won a majority but not before a HUGE amount of outside money – Rove’s PAC and Koch Bros’ PAC included – influenced the vote.

            Yes, the rich and privileged are scared of unions and workers rights and an increase in the minimum wage. But notice they’re NOT scared of illegals, because they’re a source of cheap labor. (But let’s just keep that as a little secret, shall we?)

            3. Same thing in Chattanooga. The REPUBLICAN Senator Corker out and out LIED, saying that VW would expand their plant if the union was voted down. That was proven to be a lie, as VW explicitly said it was, at the time. And who paid for all the billboards that Grover Norquist put up all over the city (13 of them), warning about the evils of the union? PAC money from the right. And these are the same conservatives and tea partiers (Corker, Cruz for 2) who are ON THE RECORD as condemning government interference in private businesses, and yet they poured huge amounts of money into defeating something that the private business (VW) actually wanted.

            So please use actual real facts to back up your arguments. I’m not going to let you get away with a bunch of clichés and Hannity-rants. But I WILL listen to (and double-check) actual facts that you bring to your argument. And I won’t call you names.

          7. I Seigel says:

            And to add to my response below, since you mentioned Wisconsin, here is the lead sentence in a story in today’s (Feb 20th) NY Times, about Wisconsin:

            “A release of 27,000 emails and hundreds
            of court documents portrays Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin as having presided
            over an office where aides concealed that they were mixing government and
            campaign business. ”
            So there might be a little more to that story about that whole anti-union business that was going on there .

          8. Jimmy the Greek says:

            I could not think of a better place the dump Toxic waste good for Koch Brothers ! After Detroit is filled up we can dump it in mexico !

  • Suprsvc01 says:

    Maybe King Obama (like most neurotic, psychotic dictators eventually do) is starting to get suspicious of his own military leaders and wanted to switch up fuel providers (just in case) in order to avoid any possible ‘mishaps’ with the jet fuel.

  • frankenbiker says:

    Money means nothing to this man, especially OUR money. Its there for him to spend, spend, spend. He’s a blithering idiot. left on his own he doesn’t have the mental capacity to tie his shoes.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Hold on just a minute here. Let’s look at the story above, shall we? It says that TAC Air has the military contract and is privately owned. It says that Wilson Air is “taxpayer-subsidized”. So let me ask:

      1. Where do you think the money that TAC Air comes from, in their military contract? I’d place a small wager that it’s taxpayer money. So TAC Air and Wilson Air are BOTH “taxpayer-subsidized”.

      2. The article mentions that TAC Air is privately owned. But so is Wilson Air. Why doesn’t the reporter mention that?

      3. In an online article in the Chattanoogan,com dated Jan 10, 2014 – – there is this quote:

      “”TAC-Air has been in a contentious relationship with the [Chattanooga] airport after it built a competitor – Wilson Air Center. The new facility has lost over $1 million, though airport officials said it was on track for an eventual profit.

      Terry Hart, airport president, said since the opening of Wilson Air Center in 2010 that fuel prices at the airport has been consistently 20 percent lower than similarly-sized airports.””

      So it would APPEAR by this article that the fuel that Air Force One bought from Wilson Air was 20% cheaper than it would have been from TAC Air.

      4. And since when are military contractors the providers of goods and services at the cheapest prices??

      Geez, people! THINK!!! This sounds like a non-story, but once again people will “Drudge” anything up to fire up the base.

      1. Independence_R_US says:

        You may be right. Yet as usual you liberals feel that it’s OK to do bad becasue others do bad. Of course Obama has been known to overspend on vacations, creating web sites, campaigns, etc. But you failed to mention that. No one is saying that our GOV isn’t wasteful, especially Obama. Yet you liberals cry every-time these folks are brought to task for waste. You do know the Tea Party’s platform is for smaller, less wasteful GOV. Yet you folks blame them for everything that goes wrong, just like you blame Bush.

        Maybe you forgot Oblundercare, the billion dollar web site, the huge increases in HC costs, etc. Oh well I guess if you can blame the GOP/Bush/Tea Party/Cruz for wasting a few million then we can turn a blind eye to the trillions wasted by Obama & friends.

        SO i guess the continual race baiting & class warfare from Obama is OK. Try looking up the word HYPOCRITE. You may be surprised to see the meaning of the term. I know most liberals don’t. Obama has never Gened up the base & lied about the facts. Maybe you forgot he got the liar of the year award for Obamacare.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Maybe you forgot that this was a “news story” about AF One refueling. There was no mention in the article about vacations, health care, Ted Cruz, etc. We could discuss those, if you like, but not in this thread. I’d be particularly interested to discuss your “vacations” comment.

          And what does this mean?: “Yet as usual you liberals feel that it’s OK to do bad becasue others do bad.” That makes no sense, at least in the context of this article. Because it hasn’t been shown that any liberal did anything bad here.

          And, by the way, HYPOCRITE is a word to describe people like that anti-drugs Republican Congressman that just resigned after his cocaine use got publicized, or all the gay-bashers who were secretly molesting young boys, or the “family-values” governors who run down to South America to be with their mistresses. Neither party has a lock on the “hypocrite” title.

          1. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says:

            Yes, stay on the subject people. The islamic communist puppet regime “can do anything it wants, any time.”

          2. Independence_R_US says:

            Just answering your rant. Or maybe you don’t want to have analogies of all the bad that Oblamo & liberals have done over the past 5 years. No one ever said the GOV was Lilly white. Yet all I hear from you folks is that it’s OK for Obama to disregard everything he doesn’t like becasue someone else did something bad once. Liberals continually excuse Obam & his antics by saying Bush did worse, etc. Simple concept. But as usual you don’t listen to the rhetoric form the liberal news that pollutes the air waves.

            So give me a for instance where something coming out of liberal DC has been for the folks & not some political propaganda to garner votes?

            Keep on track as we’re talking about the liberals in DC & those that have been worshiping at the alter of Obama for the past 5 years. Or maybe you inconveniently forgot all the fiasco’s from Pelosi, Biden, Holder, IRS, NSA, etc etc etc. Maybe that short term amnesia has set in.

            Do you really want to go to the drug thing. OK no problem. Obama just gave the go ahead for Co to disregard FED law (law of the land) for banks to loan money to businesses that are marketing pot. Or how about Obama suing every state that has done anything to stop border incursions becasue Obama didn’t want them too. Or how about Obama telling ICE not to pick up or prosecute illegals. The list is endless. But we don’t want to cloud the issues with faults.

            Compared to you liberals the GOP has a ton of catching up to over come just Obama, Holder, & Hillary. Or have you forgotten Benghazi, & F&F.

          3. I Seigel says:

            I would think that ANYTHING that comes out of DC during this administration you would consider some sort of political propaganda to garner votes. But, god forbid, you live in a state that suffers a flood, earthquake, hurricane or volcanic eruption, like MANY people have during this administration. Do you think the flood relief victims think that money that they receive is propaganda? Do you think that the governors who declare their states disaster areas and requesting federal help are thinking about political propaganda? Or are they simply asking for a handout? And then they rail about handouts to others?

          4. Independence_R_US says:

            Oh yes we can play back the Hurricane Sandy footage if you like to show how wonderful Oblamo is about taking care of things. Or maybe we can play the footage of Obama telling TX to fend for itself when we had those huge forest fires a year or so ago. So please enough of the faked mock outrage concerning Obozo.

            The GOV’s of the states aren’t thinking about politics when disaster happens, but we can see Oblamo doing it every-time he talks or in his actions. Especially to those states that he hates. How about him & Holder suing the states that tried to prevent illegals. Oops as usual you liberals have convenient amnesia.

            Well lets see. I believe that Cruz would be there in a heart beat. With help & assistance. Instead of a dog & pony show from Obama. Cruz wouldn’t be looking for the best place to play golf; lining up some children for a photo shoot against gun control; or pointing fingers at the other guys because they don’t like his stupid job killing legislation. But I digress. Cruz wouldn’t then fly out ,at his earliest convenience, to a vacation spot at a 5 star hotel, & then call his wife to join him.

            But since we’re talking about liberal leaders & LA how about that Nagel. Another prime example of liberals taking advantage of the situation to line their pockets. Oops!!!! Again you have very little to stand on.

            See your under the impression that I think the GOP is perfect & that I’m a Republican. Sadly you’re as ignorant about your subject as you are about politics. Do you remember Oblamo’s spending billions to sway the independent voters. We guess what? I’m one of those INDEPENDENTS.

            Obama is a cancer & so are his selections to fill posts in DC. Not only is the man a tyrannical narcissist, he’s intentionally stupid as well. All one has to do is look at his antics. Those he suraonds himsef with. HIs tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He was as much responsible for the GOV shut down as the GOP. Yet you folks give him a pass. His role in Benghazi, NSA, IRS, F&F, etc as prime examples of his failures. Using a bad situation & making it worse isn’t a sign of a good leader. HIs pushing of an extremely bad piece of legislation when told it’s bad by both sides, should be a sign. Yet liberals are blinded by a snake oil salesmen, promising HOPE & CHANGE.

            You didn’t answer my question as usual. Name a single piece of legislation, action, etc that has been a help to American. He’s responsible for the bad economy, lack of jobs, increases in taxes, increased size of GOV, intrusions of GOV in our lives, poor leadership, worse foreign policies, putting more folks in the poor house, etc. The list is endless. When will you folks quit treating this guy like a savior & look at reality?

            Yes not a rant. At least you have a sense of humor , even though you have no common sense. List of facts, another good one. You should be a comedian. See that’s liberal’s problems. Your facts aren’t facts. They’re a mixture of fantasy, fallacy, misinformation, very little extremely small bits of facts, & showmanship. You take a small truth & wrape in a huge lie & try to sell it. If you like your HC provider then you can keep your HC provider, NSA will never spy on American’s, There isnt a smiggen of impropriety with the IRS, etc. All lies deviously wrapped in partial truths.

            I’ve presented a ton of facts that can easily be backed up. Yet it would take a blinded person to open their eyes & with an open mind do some due diligence. However, liberal don’t want that. It would pop the balloon of their grandiose fallacy of the first black president. The only reason most voted for him. So whose the most ignorant stupid fool, the fool or the one that followes the fool. Look in the mirror & you will see a big foolish brainwashed soul. SO SAD

          5. I Seigel says:

            Wow!! Are you channeling Rush? Or Hannity? You’ve managed to pull out every cliché in this one post! Congratulations! I do note, however, that you’ve provided NOT ONE actual fact or quote. Benghazi? IRS? Investigated ad nauseum at this point, with no conspiracy found linking to the president. “Footage of Obama telling TX to fend for itself” – could you please provide a link to this, so that I can see for myself? “…fly out ,at his earliest convenience, to a vacation spot at a 5 star hotel, & then call his wife to join him.” Huh? Can you provide a link to a news story containing this info?
            I’d be glad to LISTEN to you and consider your ideas seriously, if you stop with all the FOX/Beck/Rush clichés and provide some solid, veriable info. Please.
            And maybe try a little less with name-calling, the silly and tired nicknames for Obama. In other words, try to act like a grown-up.

          6. Independence_R_US says:

            Really no facts. Of course not. According to all liberals there is no there there. Isn’t that what you folks do anytime there is an inconvenient fact. No impropriety at the IRS even though the IRS leader said there was. Hmm How about Learner taking the 5th. Oops again. In case you don’t realize it the fifth is for those that don’t want to be prosecuted for crimes. But I digress.

            Maybe you forgot the facts stated by the head of the NSA saying that their infiltrating everyone’s privacy was just another overreach. But I digress again.

            Oh again with the typical liberal platitudes. It was a single event, no one knew about it, etc. Talk about Nauseating. Typical of a coward to have cranial rectal insertion when confronted by inconvenient facts.

            Stop with the FOX stuff. Hmm it seems liberal are the only ones that disregard facts when present by a group they don’t like. As usual. Yet I’ve not seen a single factual rebuttal from the liberal Obama-bot.

            Maybe if you did some real research instead of listening to Obama & his investigators then maybe you would see. Wait you’re a liberal they never believe in facts or truth. Only the truths they make up to make their stupid liberal ideas seem plausible. So other than being a typicl lazy liberal ,who can’t see beyond what his leader tells them, what proof have you provided to refute my comments. Wait….CRICKETS… Guess what your opinion has about as much worth as Obama’s promises.

            The old saying if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Your stupidity is only surmounted by your gullibility. But I digress.

          7. I Seigel says:

            My posts in this thread contain many links to facts, lists of facts and other verifiable information. Your posts just contain stereotyping biased name-calling blather. Useless. Thanks but no thanks. I prefer talking to adults. The crickets you are hearing are in the cavern between your ears. Bye now.

          8. Independence_R_US says:

            Like name one. The CBO shows that Obama is full of the brown stuff on Obamacare, minimal wage, etc. There has been a ton of stuff come out about Benghazi showing a coverup. Or do you still believe it was a you-tube video. How about Learner & her vid on stating that the IRS was going after REP’s. But hey let’s not allow you stupid non-facts to cloud the issues. Your buds on MSNBC have all the answers. Good luck with that. Still believe that if you like your HC provider you can keep your HC provider. HA HA HA

      2. Jimmy the Greek says:

        It would have been a good thing it the fuel Wilson Air supplied would have been watered down !

    2. CTH says:

      You credit him with too much intelligence.

  • Jeanne Stotler says:

    Buying votes, we know he was most likely talking up the Unions, they were trying hard to get a foot in Volkswagen plant.

  • Weasel49 says:

    Typical conduct for this administration. We will see just how many Americans are really sick and tired of the corruption come this November. Fire them all!!

  • Graywolf12 says:

    I wonder who Wilson air contributes to. The emperor spoke and another contract broken. When will this end?

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Naturally The Big Zero is trying to break the United States, and the ignorant media [which should be investigating his actions] is oblivious to anything that he does that they should be investigating.

  • PatriotGal says:

    Anything to stick it to the taxpayers – all their trips, vacations, excursions, parties, etc. on our dime which shows exactly how much contempt they have for the USA.

  • reggie says:

    Another one of Michelle’s buddies?

    1. Jimmy the Greek says:

      that’s Mooochelle !

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