Auto workers union appeals defeat at VW plant in Tennessee

by Associated Press,
February 22, 2014

The United Auto Workers on Friday challenged last week’s close vote by workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., that rejected the UAW’s bid to represent them.

In an appeal filed with the National Labor Relations Board, the union asserted that “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups” had swayed the election.

In particular, the appeal took aim at Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican and former Chattanooga mayor, who suggested that a “no” vote would lead a Volkswagen expansion in the state.

The UAW bid was defeated in a 712-626 vote, even though the German company generally is considered labor-friendly.

“It’s an outrage that politically motivated third parties threatened the economic future of this facility and the opportunity for workers to create a successful operating model that would grow jobs in Tennessee,” UAW President Bob King said.

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  • truepatriotintx says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah! What do you mean we couldn’t buy an election in TN??? Damn unions are insatiable and dinosaurs way past their time.
    Good Job TN!

  • karin zoanelli says:

    VW workers DO NOT WANT the union – auw get used to it. throw them out!!!!

  • CforUS says:

    How does it go??? “The debate is over”

  • James Childress says:

    Last I checked Unions were also a special interest group. Can’t handle the competition UAW? Unions…if they can’t play by the rules, they try to change them.

  • Jenny says:

    Unions GO AWAY! The people at the Chattanooga,TN plant don’t need your bull s**t. And they are not going to pay you for something that you ultimately won’t do. U take your crap and go somewhere else. Happy Dance all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • obiediksit says:

    what irony, the Dems and the Unions are in bed together and don’t fart without the other one knowing it…..hah…for the union to make such a claim is an example of FIRST CLASS IRONY…..

  • junkmailbin says:

    elections have consequences. The NLRB is now packed with the Gay Arabs hand picked socialists. If a unions looses, the board will side with them

  • chock says:

    Why is it that conservatives lose an election or the vote doesn’t go our way that’s it. They tell us we lost and live with it. No do over. But when the radical, socialists lose then they do it over and over until they cheat or buy enough votes to win. VW knew they settled in the south and the UAW lost. Go away. We don’t want you. Of course since Holder is in your pocket and so is Obama you know you can cheat to win.

    1. I Seigel says:

      What are you possibly blathering about? Or are you too young to remember the Florida Recount?

      1. chock says:

        Let’s keep it classy. I was around when the Florida recount came down. Gore had everybody and their brothers and still couldn’t steal it.

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    The workers have spoken, now sod off!

    1. Jenny says:

      You got that right!

  • ray says:

    As obama stacks the NLRB and now the unions appeal to that board, one comes to understand why appointees to the NLRB are so important. Look for another election to be overturned by the govt thru the courts or just by a ruling by the NLRB. Good grief charles brown!

    1. BH says:

      That was my thoughts exactly. Sort of reminds me of the Boeing situation in SC.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Ray, that is a good point about the NLRB, and I’ll be watching this story to see if your fears become true.
        BH – using Boeing to support your argument is not a good idea. Boeing has found many problems with the assemblies that are arriving in Seattle, and the union workers there have to fix lots of mistakes and omissions. Now Boeing is offering bonuses to Charleston workers to do their jobs better.

  • Linda Fink says:

    We don’t need another Detroit, that’s what happens when Union’s and Democrats move in!!

    1. Jenny says:

      So Very Very True!

  • jondarmes says:

    Obama took classes on worker suppression and intimidation from Trumpka and Alinski.

  • Ed Cunningham says:

    The unions, same as the Obama administration, blame, blame, blame, someone else.

  • BH says:

    I guess the UAW conveniently forgot that Obama came out in favor of it.

    1. I Seigel says:

      So did VW come out in favor of it.

  • nbamron says:

    was not the genesis of this that the German auto-workers union wanted to push a union on the US auto plant? So where is the “outside influence” — I’d say Germany rather than a US Senator from the US state in question.

    1. I Seigel says:

      The “outside influence” was the HUGE amount of money spent by people like Grover Norquist and his funders to put up 13 billboards around the city of Chattanooga warning of the dangers of the Union.

      “Outside influence” was the out-and-out lie that Senator Corker (R-TN) told warning that if the vote passed, VW would not expand the plant. This was a blatant lie and VW even said so.

      And all this “outside influence” was from the same people – Corker and Cruz, included – who rail against government interference of small businesses.

      1. nbamron says:

        Voice of Big Labor.

      2. BH says:

        To answer two posts, you are correct, VW had no problem with a union. Second, Corker said that a pro-union vote would dampen the desire for other industry to come to the area. Plus, the NATIONAL union organization spent lots of money on the effort. And who is “blaming” Obama? we are just saying he spoke in favor of a pro-union vote. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He knows that the unions are just a funnel for money from union members to the Democrat Party.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I point out the mention of Obama in these responses because every single story here seems, in some way, to lead back to a criticism of him, no matter what the story and no matter if there is any mention of him in the reporting. It just seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to anything here, whether or not it involves the federal government. As does this story, which clearly does not involve the feds.

          And yes, you’re correct in your reference to Corker. But so am I.

          1. chock says:

            Elections have consequences and you lost.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Oh yes, would you PLEASE let the GOP and Tea Party know that they lost the last election, that Obama was re-elected, and that they should stop trying to overturn Obamacare. The MAJORITY has spoken. Elections have consequences, and in 2012 you lost.

          3. chock says:

            You just said it. I would think you would get off your knees to Obama. What a waste.

          4. truepatriotintx says:

            The majority (75%) did not want the debacle that is Obamacare! The dems decided to shove it down everyone’s throat by voting party line in the middle of the night. The fraud in the white house knows it is completely destructive, which is why he has changed it unconstitutionally 14 times now. Yes, the majority wants it repealed!

          5. I Seigel says:

            As chock said – “Elections have consequences”. Maybe you’ll have better luck this coming November.

        2. truepatriotintx says:

          Corker is right and he knows his state. He also knows that Japanese car makers have big influence in TN and do not accept any form of unionization, so you do the math. This was a good, smart move by TN!

      3. chock says:

        So let them move to a northern state. You love them and their corrupt and vile ways.

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